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Chapter 956 if you'sre mad, I'sm mad


The R palace didn't speak, but apparently acquiesced.

After a long time, she looked up at it and asked seriously, "since you think I'm crazy, why do you promise to fall in love with me?"

"If you're crazy, I'll go with you."

The R Palace said it word by word, as if it had human breath.

It does not use the term "master".

When Xiaonian's face was slightly white, he looked at it and said, "it's unnecessary. If you don't want to do this, I don't ask for it."

"I'm not forced."

"Well, Mr palace, then you tell me that we've been in love for a morning. What's your feeling?" Asked shixiaonian.

The R palace sat there in silence. For a while, it said, "the master will not cook in the future."


"I, eat, no, come!"

“……” When small read to smile, the hand covers the lip to look at it deeply, the eyes are full of gentleness, "are you angry? Well, I won't cook in the future. "

The R palace sat opposite her and looked at her, and asked, "what are we going to do next?"

It takes "falling in love" as a task.

When small read low eyes, began to clean up dishes and chopsticks, "first of all, change the address, call me small read."

"That's not a proper name." Mr Palace said without hesitation, "I don't deserve it."

"Don't want to change the address?"

"I don't want to." It answered without hesitation.

When small read nodded, also did not embarrass it, the hand is tidying up the bowl, the voice is light, soft and soft, "I know you accompany me crazy has not been easy, address is not forced."

In the afternoon, with the help of Mu qianchu, Xiao Nian cremated the body of Min Qiujun.

Shizhong makes trouble again. At last, he is beaten by Mr palace and carried back to his room.

"Save the day."

Some bodyguards put the urn in shixiaonian's hand. Shixiaonian picked it up and felt that her hand sank suddenly, which almost made her unable to stand up.

She held the urn, fingertips slowly across it, very cold touch.

All the old grudges have become cold. When Xiaonian walked out step by step holding the urn, she had dug a piece of land on the edge of the forest. She put the urn down slowly with a white face.

"When we get out, I'll bury my aunt next to the flute and let them get together. Don't worry." Mu qianchu stands there in a black suit, appeasing Xiao Nian.

When small read didn't make a sound, just watching others will be a little bit of earth heap on the urn.

She has no tears.

The eyes are dull.

Lori stands in front of the crowd and looks at it, feeling that Xiaonian is back to the worst state.

Suddenly, Mr palace squats down beside shixiaonian, raises her arm and puts it on her body. Shixiaonian raises her eyes to look at it, and then there is a light in the bottom of her eyes like Gujing.

Unexpectedly, it was a robot that could bring comfort to shixiaonian at this time.


His doctor is getting more and more headache.

In the following days, shixiaonian seems normal but not normal. Her attitude towards all people is flat and light. It seems that she is far away from home, which makes people wonder what is hidden in her heart.

But in the evening, she stayed with Mr palace, sacrificing a lot of sleep time, walking with Mr palace, watching stars and catching fireflies together. The program looks rich, and the two people get along more like lovers.

This makes mu qianchu and Luo lie fall apart at the same time.

In the evening, the chirp of insects came from the woods, shouting the clamour of this summer.

On the white round table of the lawn, Xiaonian was lying on the table with her eyes closed in a pair of lotus root colored silk pajamas. A candle was lit at her head. The little fire reflected her face, making her look much better.

Suddenly, when Xiaonian opened his eyes, he saw Mr palace standing in front of her, quietly.

She sat up smiling. "You're here, full of charge?"

"How can I sit here?" Mr palace didn't answer the questions. He opened the chair like a person and sat down and looked at her quietly.

"It's too comfortable in bed. I'm afraid I'm asleep. You won't wake me up if you come." Shi Xiaonian said, eyes slightly curved, black and white clear, lips light color, let the candle light cover a layer of charming luster, "one day, I miss you very much."

She said so.


The R palace is sitting there with a stiff body.

When Xiaonian didn't need it to respond, he sat quietly. Occasionally he looked up at the sky to see which star was moving and which cloud was floating near the moon.

She felt very comfortable just sitting so quietly.

"What do I need to do tonight?" Asked Mr.

"Catch me another firefly. When you leave, no one will catch me."

When Xiaonian looked at the starry sky and said that the robot around her didn't stand up and act. She looked back at it puzzledly.

R palace is sitting there, raising her hands and watching her unfold slowly. A small fluorescent insect flies out of her hand and dances in her eyes.

When Xiaonian surprised to see those fireflies flying in front of her eyes, she reached out to catch one, but was shuttled by the flexible little insects.

She got up from the table, followed the firefly, reached for it, but could not hold it.

A glowing firefly danced around her. When Xiaonian could not catch it, he was not discouraged. His face always had a faint smile.

The insects fly farther and farther.

When small read finally some chagrin, turn round a way, "Mr palace, all fly away..."

As soon as she turned around, Mr palace stood behind her and looked down at her face. She almost bumped into her arms, which made her swallow half of the words.

When Xiaonian looked up at its blue screen eyes, looked at it carefully, wanted to see all the time, what was hidden behind the blue light.

She looked at it, the wave light of the fundus of her eyes flowed, and a thin hand reached into its face. Before touching it, she was blocked by Mr palace.

"If you like, I'll catch it."

The R palace blocked her hand and said, then walked into the woods without hesitation.

In the evening, Mr palace helped her catch fireflies back and forth. When she caught them, she let them go. When she didn't catch them again, they didn't suggest what to use to trap them. So he went to catch them again and again.

Finally, Xiaonian was tired and rested on a tree.

R palace let go of the firefly in front of her again. Xiaonian smiled and watched the firefly fly fly away in front of her eyes without catching it.


Asked the R palace.

"Well, a little." Xiaonian nodded.

Palace r only has time to accompany her at night, so she hasn't slept well for several consecutive nights, and she has to accompany her children in the daytime, so people are easily tired.

"Then I will accompany you back."


When small read a should come down, but did not leave with it, or stand there, eyes follow those fireflies, all the way to see them fly into the forest.

The forest is their home.

When small read to look at, the face hangs light smile, the ear spreads the electronic tone which does not have any tone, "master, are you happy these days?"

When Xiaonian looks at the robot beside him.

The R palace added, "I'm in love with you Happy? "

It cares about this.

When Xiaonian leaned against the tree, hooked his lips and whispered in the night, "Mr palace, do you know? It's very difficult for me to face others now. I feel uncomfortable talking to anyone more than three sentences. I can't say that feeling. I don't know how to explain it. "

She was afraid that she would say the wrong thing and make the wrong decision for others, which would lead to the consequences that she could not bear. She did not dare, really did not dare.

She knew that she was too cowardly, but she could not change herself. She hated such a self but could not change it.


The R palace stood in the wind for her, listening in silence.

"But facing you is totally different." Shixiaonian looked at it and said seriously, "I'm very comfortable with you. I'm very relaxed. Really, I'm very happy in these days when you are here."

In the face of a cold appearance, she has no scruples, which is the state she needs so much at present.

"That's why you want to fall in love with me. Can't you even face Mr. Gong?" Mr palace stood there and asked.

Smell speech, when small read bitterly to mention the lip angle, then shook his head, no language.

In fact, what she can't face most is Gong ou.

Both of them were silent, and the sound of insects in the woods made the night even quieter.

When Xiaonian looked up at the robot in front of him, "Mr palace, thank you for your presence, really."

Finish saying, when small read stand on tiptoe kiss to its face, robot's face is cold, there is no temperature, kiss up like kiss on a piece of ice.

Time stands still for a moment.

Even breathing is still.

When Xiaonian stood on tiptoe, Mr palace stood still, and the electricity seemed to drop to zero percent in an instant.

The next second, Mr palace suddenly walked forward, only to hear a thump and fell to the ground.

The force was so heavy that a hole was made in the grass.

When Xiaonian hurriedly walked over to squat down and reached for his heavy arm in amazement, "are you ok? Any injuries? Get up. "


The R palace pushed away her hand and slowly stood up from the ground and walked on.

When Xiaonian hurriedly catches up with him, dusts some grass leaves and soil on his body for him, and asks anxiously, "does it hurt to fall?"

"I'm a robot. It doesn't hurt to fall."

R Palace said word by word.

"Oh." When Xiaonian answered, she still looked at it anxiously, reached out to pull it, and was pushed away by it. She couldn't help frowning, "what's the matter with you, you are more and more disobedient."

Hearing this, Mr palace stood at the same place and stopped moving. "What else can I do for you, master?"

This temper Or robots?

"How many days are you going to England?" Shi Xiaonian asked

"Three days."

"Three days..." Shixiaonian calculated the time, three days, a little preparation should be enough, "then go, accompany me back, you are really OK?"