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Chapter 590. It's like a sugar

"That is to say, I will spend a month here?"

When Xiaonian was shocked.

"They will not harm you."

If it matters, there will be opportunities in four years.

"I know." When Xiaonian hooked his neck, his eyes fixed on his slightly uncomfortable face, "but for a month, won't you miss me?"

"It's only a month."

Gong Ou goes to pull her hand, but doesn't pull it down.

Just a month?

Is he really that tolerant? No wonder Dr. Walker said that Gong Ou's restraint is amazing.

No, she can't let him restrain.

"Don't you really miss me?" When Xiaonian asked, the soft voice was a bit aggressive. "A month, one of us is in China, the other is in England. You really don't miss me at all?"

She's going to push his heart out.

Gong Ou's body is completely stretched, "I......"

"If you have anything to say, just think about it when you are happy and say it when you miss it." When Xiaonian interrupts him, his eyes look at him expectantly.

She didn't want him to bear the emotions he missed.

Gong Ou sits on the bed, and people move back. When he moves back a little, Xiao Nian will sit on him a little more. He is very active. This will be the most sensitive part of him.

"Xi Xiaonian, come down first."

Gong Ou frowns.

"You answer me first. For a whole month, won't you miss me?" Shi Xiaonian asked earnestly, pressing his face to his handsome face.


Gong Ou sits there and then falls directly on the bed. He looks at her with thin lips and a deep voice. "The couple may miss each other, but we are adults. It's normal to restrain ourselves."

I don't need to restrain this.

"Then what do I want you to do?"

When small read to open wide eyes to ask a way, hands tightly clasp his neck.

"Xi Xiaonian, you are also an adult."

"But I just miss you. I'll panic if I don't see you. I want to see your face all the time. I want to think of your face when it stinks. I want to think of your cold face and the way you scold me." When small read cross sits on him to say.

"So do you?"

Gong Ou twisted his eyebrows.

"I don't think about it, but I just miss you. I'm afraid I can't control myself if I miss you." Shi Xiaonian swore that she had said all the sour love words she could think of recently.

She was so sour that she couldn't stand it.

Gong Ou's hands are pressed on the bed, staring at her and asking, "what do you want?"

"No matter what you are doing, you should answer my phone; no matter what you are busy with, if I want video, you can accompany me with the video, and you are not allowed to hang up. How are you doing? " Said Shi Xiaonian.

He restrained himself from taking the initiative, so she took the initiative.

"When I was in a meeting..."

"I'll be on the phone at the meeting, too." When small read to say immediately, the eyebrow of Gong Ou immediately screwed tighter, "Xi small read, you become a little strange recently."

She has never been such a stickler.

"Because I can't stand being separated from you any more. If you don't answer my phone again, I will break down." Shi Xiaonian speaks boldly and directly, and his soft lips almost press on his face.

His body became more and more taut and stiff as a stone.

When Xiaonian reaches out to pat him on the chest, Gong Ou doesn't support him and falls on the bed directly. Then Xiaonian immediately pours on him and rubs, "OK? OK or not? OK or not?

"Don't rub!"

Gong Ou clenches his teeth.

The woman has come to tease him in a different way recently.

"We are newly married couples, not old husbands and wives. It's instinct to stick together." When Xiaonian rubbed his face on his chest, "OK, even if we are apart from each other, we need to answer my phone, OK? OK or not? How are you doing? "

Gong Ou lies there, only feeling that her body has been lit by fire.

He knew that if he did not stop her, they would not have to think of the door today.

"I see."

He is like a parent who can't make trouble with children's temper, he said in a deep voice, with no pleasant taste.

When small read immediately sits down, low Mou looks at him, the eye opens greatly, "that and I long-distance telephone what, are you happy?"

"Don't overdo it, Xi Xiaonian."

Seduction is addictive, isn't it?

When hearing this, Xiaonian blinked, lowered his head and went to his arms again to rub. Next second, Gong Ou directly pushed him down. He stared at her, and his voice was dumb. "Xi Xiaonian, you are getting more and more annoying."

Listening to this, Xiaonian lies there and spits out his tongue, wondering if he would do too much.

But soon her thoughts were all in pieces.

Because Gong Ou once again offered to kiss her lips.

How good progress, smile when reading.


After confirming the wedding date, Gong ou will soon return to s city because of business.

When Xiaonian sent Gong Ou out of the palace castle and to the lake, the wind blew leaves all over the ground, and they were rustling around.

It's all right to make a fool of herself. Gong Ou is leaving. She is worried except that she doesn't give up.

The car moved slowly forward.

She is holding Gong Ou's arm and stepping on the fallen leaves step by step.

"Remember what you said, you need to answer my phone at any time, you know? If I don't answer or hang up in advance once, I will be compensated for two hours more calls next time. " Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Xi Xiaonian, are you sugar?"

Gong Ou suddenly asked, with a deep voice and a cold face.


"It won't come down on me." Gong Ou said.

Smell speech, when small read can't help smiling, raise Mou to look at him, "you say I am sugar, then am I very sweet?"

"All right."

"Do you really want to eat me?"

"All right." Palace Europe light tunnel, black Mou leer toward her, Mou son deep, way again, "Oh, want to eat very much."

When Xiaonian smiled more brightly, leaned his head on his shoulder, and walked slowly, "a month is so long. I hope I wake up and a month will pass."


Gong Ou didn't say anything. He walked quietly. For the first time, he didn't push her back.

It's a long way to go. Gong Ou gets on the bus. When Xiaonian looks at the figure of him bending down to get on the bus, his smile suddenly disappears in his eyes and becomes gloomy.

As soon as Gong Ou turned his head, he saw Xiaonian's dim eyes.

When Xiaonian tried to squeeze out a smile, but his eyes were red. "Remember, I married a month later."

She stood there, a gust of wind, blowing her long hair up, leaves floating on her body, make her look weak.

Gong Ou looks at her, his black eyes are very deep, and he's jaw head for a long time.

"Pull hook."

When Xiaonian reaches out his hand, raises his little finger, and takes out a set to play with Xiaokui.

Gong Ou looked down at her hand, hesitated for a long time, stretched out his hand and hooked her finger, and agreed to marry her.

When Xiaonian stood there and looked at him with a smile, his eyes were more and more red.

Their hands slowly released.

Gong Ou's hand unconsciously fished in the air, but he didn't catch the hand that she had dropped. His chest was filled with something strange, like loss, like something else.

"Good bye, good day. I'll call you."

She said that she would call him. She didn't care if he would call her.

"Go back."

Gong Ou said to her.


Words fall, the car slowly drove forward, away from small read more and more far, small read stood there waving, her smile bright and beautiful.

With a smile, her tears came down.

She was really reluctant to be separated from him. She hoped that she would be with him all the time.


Shi Xiaonian and Gong Ou formally began to fall in love with each other and crossed the boundless ocean. In the same way, Shi Xiaonian could feel that Gong Ou's state was getting better and better, and his self-restraint was greatly reduced.

Almost every day, she would call him three times, but she would not disturb his work and asked the secretary about his schedule.

She takes a picture of herself and sends it to Gong Ou every day.

Every day, she tells Gong Ou some interesting stories about her stay in the palace.

She said that she saw a very rare and beautiful bird today. She didn't say that it was your wife with a clan who came to visit with her cage. Luo Qi asked her to sit with her, and she was despised by your wife from head to foot for a time.

Noble people damage people to have a hand, curse people without dirty words, but let you hate to get into the soil.

She said to Gong ou that she had read a very interesting book today. She didn't say that she had mispronounced a word. She heard the maids laughing and talking about her behind her back.

She and Gong Ou said that they went to school with the twins today, but they didn't say that Charles taught her table manners, and her hands were almost broken.

She and Gong Ou said that they rode a handsome jujube horse today, but they didn't say that she fell off the horse.


S City, N.E building.

Coming out of the meeting room, Gong Aosong loosened his tie and took out his mobile phone to have a look. There was no missed call. This action was totally unconscious.

He walked into the office and stood in front of the floor window for a while, overlooking the whole city.

Well, he's just tired. He's not waiting for a phone call.

For a long time, Gong Ou went to his desk and sat down. He turned on the computer and reached for several reports.

As soon as the computer is turned on, there will be a "Ding Ding" message sound.

Gong Ou sat there and didn't lift his head. He continued to look at the report. At the end of the report, he signed. After signing, he looked up at the computer screen.

The communication tool on the screen is set to start up automatically.

So this meeting, when the head of small read is jumping around there.

Gong Ou holds the mouse and clicks twice.

A picture immediately jumped into his sight. In the picture, Xiaonian sat at the table, drank milk in the sunshine, and smiled sweetly in the face of the selfie camera.

It's like a sugar.

He looked down and saw that there was a saying on it --

I found that the milk of the palace was very good to drink. I asked Charles to know that the palace had a way to save the fresh milk. I really want you to drink it.

Boring woman.

Gong Ou looks at the information, and his thin lips make a curve. He doesn't realize it.

Gong Ou didn't reply to the message. He continued to look down at the report. This time, he read the report much faster than before.

When Xiaonian called, the time was fixed.

Every day, Gong Ou doesn't care how many times he looks at time.