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Chapter 217 what do you think I can do

Xiaonian was shocked.

"what do you think I can do?"

Gong Ou doesn't blame her. She hooks her lips in an evil way, Yanks her into her arms, kisses her lips directly on the stage and sucks her soft lips.


When Xiaonian stood there in a daze, he was allowed to bathe and feel that his heart had stopped beating.

The whole audience was screaming, screaming.

At that moment, all of a sudden, her head was blank, the voice around her could not be heard, and the whole audience could not see it. There was only Gong Ou in front of her eyes.

Only his black eyes, which could almost devour people, were staring at her and easily absorbed her soul.

When Xiaonian was bored, he allowed him to kiss himself.

In front of all the cameras, he kisses with no politeness, touching and warm. Like every time, he doesn't kiss her, causing her to breathe unevenly.

For a long time, Gong Ou just let go of her, black eyes stare at her directly, some eyes dote on her.

He put his arm around her shoulder and looked at everyone. His eyes were cold and haughty. "When you see her, you know her name. All the media write me good words. Otherwise, I will stare at you!"

People who can threaten all the media in their new product preview Conference It's estimated that Gong Ou is the only one.

Next second, Xiaonian is dragged off the stage by Gong ou.

The scene is crazy. Everyone is screaming and shouting.

When Xiaonian's whole head was like a paste, he was dragged by Gong Ou down the stage to enter the backstage.

Backstage standing in a lot of staff, see them come in at the moment, one by one with evil, including Feng De.


Seeing the silly Fengde, Xiaonian realized that no one knew Gong Ou's move, and no one expected it in advance.

"What are you doing Gong Ou stares at Feng De, "where's the car?"

"The car is ready outside."

Feng De, who has always been in trouble, stuttered.

"Let's go."

Gong Ou pulls Xiaonian away, and he looks at her. When he sees Xiaonian, the whole person looks like a wandering soul and is led by him.


On another set, the whole process of the film was delayed again and again.

No one went to appreciate the magnificent palace background and throne. A group of staff in costume or with equipment were all around a TV set, staring at the TV screen in astonishment.

On the screen, Gong Ou reveals her love.

What kind of person is Gong Ou? Is a public love an explosion of news or a public love in his own press conference? What's more, the public object is Xiao Nian.

Everyone slowly turned their heads and looked to one side in shock.

When the flute was sitting there in the heavy Princess Costume, watching the TV incredibly, a delicate and beautiful face then showed anger.

How could it be!

How can Gong ou think of that kind of waste public love when he is young!

"Time whistle." A staff member couldn't help but ask aloud, "don't you say your elder sister ditch leads your husband?"

So who's on this screen?

All the staff could not help nodding, looking at Shidi and waiting for her explanation.

At the conference, Gong said that he got inspiration from shixiaonian a few months ago to make intelligent robots, which means that shixiaonian and Gong ou have been in love for at least several months.

Have gong Ou this kind of boyfriend, still can ditch lead own brother-in-law? Will you be jealous of your sister?

How could it be.


when the flute suddenly stood up, overturned the chair, and glared at the TV screen with a face full of anger. The beautiful features were twisted, "impossible! It's impossible! "

Gong ou can't be open.

When I was young, I thought it was something. Even my parents didn't know where I was. Gong ou, a broken painter, even openly fell in love with her.

Isn't he the first person in science and technology after the eminent nobility? Why should such a person open his love with shixiaonian!

"Shidi, what's the matter with you?"

The people next to them look at Shi Di. Shi Di is always sweet and generous in their eyes. When did they see Shi Di.

When the flute carries the costume skirt, clumsily steps forward, angrily turns off the TV.

No, it won't.

This is absolutely impossible!

When Xiaonian couldn't let Gong Ou admit publicly, she gave Gong Ou what ecstasy soup and mu qianchu what ecstasy soup, why do every man do so much for Xiaonian.

She got nothing.

When I was young, I was just an adopted daughter!

Everyone was frightened by Shidi's action and couldn't help but go to see her agent. She was standing by, and her face was pale.

It's not as angry as the whistle. The broker's face is full of fear.

Gong Ou's open love affair clearly puts Shi Xiaonian on the top, which proves how much he values him. Then she and Shi Di No, it's over?

Mu's manor.

The rwho notice conference came to an end.

Mu qianchu sat on the sofa and watched Gong Oula walk away from the TV screen.

When Xiaonian was the one he knew, but she was not like the one he knew. She was dressed delicately and beautifully. After being pulled onto the stage, her face turned white and her eyes never left gongou.

She has only Gong Ou in her eyes.

"Mr. mu, how can Gong Ou open his love affair?" Alan sat beside mu qianchu in amazement, unbelievable.

In a peaceful way, Shi Xiaonian is a good woman, but she can hardly match the young master of Mu group, let alone Gong ou.

Gong Ou even made it public. What does this mean? When Xiaonian will marry into the palace? Famous palace family?

"No wonder she's going with him."

Mu qianchu sat there with a bitter smile on his lips.

It turns out that Gong ouxu's identity is not that of an outsider, but that of a real girlfriend.

Gong ou can treat her so well. Of course, she will go with Gong ou. What is he? A depressed young master, a weak young master, a blind young master


He is nothing compared to Gong ou.

"Mr. mu, are you ok?" Alan looked at mu qianchu. He saw that mu qianchu was more ugly than when he was drinking. He couldn't help worrying.


He just lost completely, lost, defeated, nothing more.

"Mr. mu..."

Mu qianchu sat there, his eyes numb at the TV screen, and slowly opened his mouth. "I remember my father said two days ago that he had a project plan to go to Europe. He wanted to send someone. You can tell my father, I will go."

"Mr. mu, you want to leave here?"

"Haven't you heard a word? The loser fled in a rout."


Run away in a rout, in a battle of love, run away in a rout.

Alan listened to Mu qianchu's words a little hard, he turned his eyes to the TV screen, when the eldest lady now has the world's first love moistening, where would he think of Mu always.


To summarize the contents of the mrwho preview conference, there are only two key points --

first, mrwho is a fully customizable intelligent robot.

Second, Gong ou, the 28 year old N.E. president, has an open love affair with sister Shidi, a former scandalous actress.

The world's social, financial, scientific and entertainment headlines are all covered by miyou.

All the way back to the imperial castle, Xiaonian's soul has not yet returned to his body.

She sat on the edge of the fountain, with her back to the fountain, her hands on both sides, staring at the ground with dull eyes.

She has a mobile phone on her side, which vibrates constantly.

It's all news clients and video clients that are desperately jumping news, with different headlines --

N.E. president Gong Ou's public love at the conference!

The intelligent robot is made by Gong ou to make his girlfriend happy!

Girlfriend is the inspiration goddess of Gong Ou! The age of intelligent robots is coming!

Gong ou can't help kissing his girlfriend at the press conference!

All the headlines are not vicious, but Shi Xiaonian understood that he didn't know how many people were wondering how Gong Ou found such a woman.

"Pa" - "

a pair of long hands slapped the palm in front of her, and the voice was clear.

"Haven't you come back?"

Gong Ou came out in a more homely uniform. Her fingers, with distinct finger bones, were shaking in front of her eyes. Her voice was magnetic.

When Xiaonian sat on the edge of the fountain pool and looked up at Gong Ou in a daze. His face was handsome and charming in the sun. The light plated a little unreal illusion in his face.

"Gong ou, did you take the wrong medicine before going on stage?"

He murmured.

Gong Ou frowned at once, stared at her displeasantly, clapped his hand on her skull, "do you dare to say that I am? Do you want to die

"When small Niang covers the head that is clapped ache," how are you today, why open I am your girlfriend? "

"Isn't that what you said?"

Gong Ou Dao.

"When did I mention it?" When Xiaonian looked at him with an unidentified face, she didn't mention to let him announce his love at the conference.

"Why didn't you mention it? Didn't you say I gave up marriage so that you could be with me? Have you lost your memory? "

Gong Ou said in a deep voice, his brows tightened tightly.

He did, but the woman said he took the wrong medicine, and she took the wrong medicine.

"I asked you to give up the marriage." When Xiaonian stood up and looked at him with a dull face, "but isn't that to talk with the British palace?"

Who let him say this in front of the world.

"It's impossible for the palace side to promise me to give up the marriage!" Otherwise, how could he choose to be public.

Why is his woman so stupid sometimes.

"What?" When Xiaonian was stunned there, he suddenly realized for a while, "you mean the Palace won't agree, so you choose to make it public directly?"

In this way, the whole world knows that she is his real girlfriend, and he will give up what marriage does not mean.

"I'm finally enlightened."

Gong Ou grabs her hand and puts the ring on her slim and beautiful ring finger. The heart-shaped diamond shines in the sun, reflecting the dazzling light.

Looking at the ring, Xiaonian suddenly felt again.

She took off the ring and threw it on Huazuo overpass. Gong Ou picked it up again.

"Shixiaonian, I warn you that if you dare to take this ring again, I will leave you behind Huazuo overpass! Do you hear me? " Gong Otto warned her sharply with her hand.