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Chapter 59 finally believe that children don'st exist


It's called Providence. Everyone has evidence. Is she the only one?

When small read back a few steps, she stupidly asked the exit, "so say, I jump into the Yellow River also can't wash?"

She didn't do it.

Now she is the only one who has time. Is God playing with her?

She retreated all the way to the wall and leaned against the cold wall in despair.

How could this happen?

Gong Ou stared at her all the time, and suddenly he winked at Feng De.

"Mr. Lin, Miss Tang, this way, please." Feng de asks Linda to leave.

Lin Da also wants to be close to Gong ou. Being forced out by Feng De, Tang Yi turns white all the way.

Only Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian are left in the huge reception room.

"Shixiaonian, are you dead now? Is your play going to end? "

Gong Ou puts down the champagne and has a deep voice.

When Xiaonian leaned against the wall, he slipped and sat on the ground as if he had no bones. He couldn't lift his strength. "Why didn't you tell me earlier? You know Tangyi can't be my witness, but you don't say anything? "

"Because you are so eager for freedom."

Gongou cold tunnel.


When small read silence.

"Always give you a little hope so that you can stay with me safely." Gong Ou gets up from the sofa, walks to her step by step, looks at her with low eyes, and looks cold and fierce.

He knew that he could not push her too hard since she was dying in his forest.

When Xiaonian didn't look up, he stared at his straight legs and said, "since you know that I want to be free, you should understand that I don't want to stick to you. Then I wouldn't have drugged you three years ago and made you such a big man."

He already knows her character, doesn't he?

You should understand that I don't want to stick to you.

You should understand that I don't want to stick to you.

Her words echoed in his ears, and she told him clearly once again that she didn't want to stick to him.

Gong Ou's face grew green inch by inch, and there was a dangerous and sinister light in his eyes. Suddenly, he sneered, "Oh, maybe, after three years, it's normal for a person to change his mood. Even if you just want to get rid of the relationship with me now, you just offended me! "

"I didn't. If I want to lie to you, I will set up words with Tang Yi first and ask her to help me! "

She repeated it again and again.

But up to now, shixiaonian also understood that she said nothing more.

It's funny that Gong ou, in order to let her stay by his side, let her hold the hope that is not hope.

For a long time, it turned out that she had no chance in front of him.

"There's no point in talking about it again." Gong Ou squats down slowly in front of her, blocking the light, putting his index finger in the center of her eyebrow, and slowly slides down, raising her jaw at last.

She was forced to raise her face to his line of sight.

"Shixiaonian, listen, I don't care why you provoked me three years ago, but since you provoked me, it's not so easy to get rid of it now!" Gong Ou stares at her coldly, "to this day, hand over the child."

He mentioned it again.

"No children." "When small read na na na way," why do you just refuse to believe me

Why don't you believe her.

She didn't do anything. Why should she be charged.

Gong Ou looks at her.

When Xiaonian met his vision, there was no hope in her eyes, but despair. Looking at her, her eyes were red and covered with a layer of water.

"Why don't you believe me?" She murmured and asked again. Tears blurred her vision, and Gong Ou's face twisted in her eyes.

Her tears ran down her cheeks and down his fingers.

Gong Ou looks at the water light with low eyes, and suddenly his chest is twisted into a ball like something. It hurts badly.

"Forget it, whatever." When small read wry smile, push his hand to stand up, despairingly step by step to leave, "is I too naive, how can ask you this paranoid to believe me, how about love?"

Anyway, her hopes are all destroyed.

What else can she do?

There's no way out. That's it. Whatever.

She walked towards the door, trembling step by step. Next second, where could she go? She lost her mind.

"I believe you."

A voice burst out behind her.

Gong Ou is still squatting in that position, and his voice sounds faster than his consciousness in this quiet reception room.

Lie detection chair, hospital examination, tour Baja again, looking for a witness What she has been doing is to get rid of him, which he doesn't believe.

Smell speech, when small read some rigid turn around, look at him dully, "what do you say?"

He said he believed her?


Gong Ou stood up from the ground and looked at her coldly. The light fell into his eyes, still not warm.

For a long time, she heard him say, "I asked a psychiatrist to analyze. There are no three reasons why you denied the facts three years ago."


When small read Zheng under.

"First of all, you want to cling to me and deliberately make an impression on me, but this is not true. Otherwise, you will cling to me when you are in the palace, and I will not let you lose the forest." Gong Ou said, his voice is low.

When small read Zheng ground stands in place.

It turned out that he was not paranoid enough to decide her type completely, but he had thought about it.

Have you been mistrusted for too long? Hearing his analysis, she felt a bit relieved.

"Second, you are an expert at playing with men. When you see that I have some interest in you, you are ready to capture the enemy. What you are trying to figure out is very big, such as the attention of Gong ou. Maybe you want to figure out a little more - the heart of Gong ou. Of course, that's not the reason. "

Gong Ou walks towards her slowly. Her black eyes are deeply fixed on her, and her thumb touches her index finger.

He had tears on his fingers.

It's cold.

"Why don't you think I'm the kind of woman who plays with men?" Asked shixiaonian strangely.

Wen Yan, Gong Ou's eyes are deep. He paused for two seconds and said, "if you are an expert, you can finish now."

Because she has got what she wants.

Because, she has succeeded.

When small read to look at her, eyebrow slightly Cu Cu Cu Cu, do not understand what he means, she did not think deeply, continue to ask, "that third?"

The third is to admit that he made a mistake. She is honest.

"Third, about the memory of that hour three years ago You have selectively forgotten. " Gong Ou said coldly, "according to your performance, this is the most likely."

"I lost an hour three years ago?" When small read stunned, immediately denied, "impossible, I did not lose memory."

She remembers everything clearly.

"Tell me now, what were you doing in that hour?" Asked Gong Ou sternly.

When small read hard to recall the things at that time, "I hide in the bathroom a space to rest, I was very uncomfortable, dizzy, so I slept there for a while."

"Do you believe that?"

Gong Ou turns to the sofa and sits down.

In that hour, however, she had no evidence and fell asleep.

"I......" She could only say, "in a word, I haven't lost memory, and I haven't heard anyone lose memory for an hour."

Like mu qianchu, after the operation on the head, all the previous memories have been lost.

It's not just an hour of memory loss.

"You haven't heard of it, it doesn't mean it hasn't happened." Gongou cold tunnel.

When Xiaonian couldn't find a word to refute. On second thought, she asked, "wait a minute, when you use amnesia to determine me, you believe that I'm honest?"


Gong Ou looks up at her with her eyes raised and her thin lips pursed. There is no expression on Jun's face.

If he doesn't speak, he will acquiesce.

"When small read suddenly a happy, busy way," then we don't care three years ago that an hour in the end is not my amnesia, you should be believe that I didn't have a child for you

Hearing this, Gong Ou's eyes were filled with disappointment.

He had thought about this a long time ago. The evidence proving that she was pregnant was too weak. He should have believed her and let her go after she had been tested and interrogated continuously.

But he didn't want to admit that the child had never appeared in the world before.

That's her and his children.

She was dissatisfied that it never existed.

Seeing that he was acquiescent again, Xiaonian walked up to him and said eagerly, "since you believe that there is no such child, then our ties will be gone, right? The contract will not be counted, right?"

Can she go now?

Can she leave him now? She's free?

Gong Ou sits on the sofa and stares at her coldly without saying a word.

When Xiaonian suddenly had a kind of shudder that she couldn't say. She looked at Gong Olsen's cold eyes, and the eagerness on her face slowly faded away. Some people stepped back stiffly, "why do you look at me like this?"

"What do you say?"

Asked Gong ou, rising from the sofa.

"Am I wrong? The contract between us should be open-ended, shouldn't it? " He said as he retreated.

"What are you doing back? Am I terrible? "

Gong Ou looks at her with a sneer.


When Xiaonian looked at the man in front of her with some fear, she suddenly found that Gong Ou was angry, angry, and even hitting people was not the most terrible.

The most terrible thing is that he looks like this now, which makes people feel fear from his bones.

Gong Ou approaches her and she moves back.

Back to the wall again.

He reached out his hand and pressed it against the wall beside her. Xiaonian was afraid to move.

"When Xiaonian, you are eager to prove that we are OK again and again. My patience is limited!"

Gong Ou shouts out.

"I just want to make things clear, to make words clear." When Xiaonian clings to the wall.

"I thought that if I didn't press you hard, you would be able to settle down. It seems that I was wrong." Gong Ou's face approaches her, breathing evenly on her face.