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Chapter 553 unknown express packages

When she heard such absolute words, Xiaonian didn't know what to say. She looked at Gong ou and sipped her lips. Every time she talked about this topic, she felt very heavy.

She looked at Gong ou. "What kind of lady do you want me to be?"

"Very simple." Gong Ou took another bite of the apple and said naturally, "love me, I'm the only one in your eyes, but don't stick to me. I hate this kind of behavior. You just need to stay at home, don't need any public behavior, take care of the two children, and don't interfere in all my actions and time. That's enough."


When small read silence, turn around to look out of the window at the sky, dim eyes.

A person who used to be the most clingy now tells her that he hates clingy behavior the most.

"What do you think?" Asked Gong ou.

"Isn't it just a few days before the press conference?"

When Xiaonian admitted that she didn't think well, she didn't know if she could do everything he said. She felt so difficult.

Gong Ou bites the apple clear and stares at her face. "I always have to prepare in advance. You will never let me tell you the answer before I stand on the stage of the conference?"

So she had to make a choice, didn't she?

"What is noninterference?" When Xiaonian turned his eyes to Gong ou and stared at his dark eyes, "if there are things beyond my bottom line, can't I care?"

"What bottom line?"

Gong Ou has bitten off half of the apple.

"Let people sit on your thighs, for example, some wine will make a noise." Shi Xiaonian said in a serious tone.

Since Mona's house opening incident, Shi Xiaonian also understood that today's Gong Ou is far less clear in this respect than before. Before, he wanted her, and as long as she was, he would not touch anyone else's hands.

Smell speech, Gong Ou seems to hear a joke, hook up the lip, look at her way, "that's a trick."

Is she jealous?

"So you think it's normal?" Shixiaonian asked, "will you allow this to happen to yourself?"

She asked that there was already something aggressive about it.

Gong Ou's chewing of the apple slowed down, and his black eyes stared at her deeply. "So you mean that you will interfere with me for this kind of thing. If there is a woman around me at a wine party, you will question me?"

"Shouldn't it? I can't be generous. " "And I really want to take care of you, including your three meals a day. I want to send you to the company when I've finished it."

She is so honest that Gong ou can't say anything. He looks into her eyes and doesn't say anything for a long time. He takes the apple and takes a strong bite. Then he raises his hand and throws it away. The small half of the apple is thrown into the garbage can accurately.

Gong Ou stood there, pale.

For a while.

He said, "Xi Xiaonian, maybe you are right. You and I really are not so suitable after we are cured."


When Xiaonian stood there and looked at him, he didn't understand what he meant.

"Let me know the answer the day before the conference. You compromise, or I compromise." Gong Ou opened his mouth in a low voice, raised his legs and walked out of the door of the ward directly without returning his head.

When Xiaonian was standing at that time, Bei toothed his lips, fingered his long hair and sighed low.


Gong Ou's people didn't catch up with Mr. y, but Mr. y went abroad. When there was something about him, Xiao Nian couldn't know.

Gong Ou is tracking down Mr. Y's details, but according to Feng De, the man is so hidden that he almost sees the other party's fake identity once.

On the day when Xiaonian left hospital, Gong Ou did not come.

Gong ou never came to see her again. She had her insistence and he had his insistence. Every time they mentioned marriage, they seemed to break up unhappily.

Feng de said, "how long have you been in love, how long have you been in engagement, and how much longer have you been in marriage? I'm looking at you all in a hurry."

Time goes by day by day.

Every day, shixiaonian thought about what she should do.

There is only a quiet road between the gallery and N.E building. On the second floor of N.E building, Gong Ou is having a meeting.

The subordinates at the bottom report with documents.

Gong Ou sat for too long. He got up from his chair and walked to the big window while listening. He turned around with a pen in his hand. His lips were thin and his eyes were dark.

He stood at the window and looked down. At the door of the opposite Gallery, Xiaonian was carrying a ladder to the door. He was shaking and Gong Ou frowned.

The disease just happened to move some ladders.

Why does she always like to do so many boring things?

When he saw it, Xiaonian steadied the ladder. Then a man stepped on the ladder and climbed up. Gong Ou's body stood straight at once. He didn't listen to what his subordinates said.

When Xiaonian steps on the ladder and climbs up all the time, it seems that he doesn't know how to be afraid.

Then, when Gong Ou saw it, Xiao Nian took down the sign of the gallery. She was taking down the word "home".


Gong Ou's chest is stabbed. What does that mean? She took the word "home" apart?

It was a sign that she had been waiting for him for four years.

If she does, she won't wait?

Sure enough, she won't compromise.

Gong Ou guessed that she would not compromise. So he stopped taking the medicine early. If she didn't compromise, he would compromise.

It's just that she makes him live like a joke. He seems to be a person who doesn't need to show up at all. He clearly bears her expectation and finally lets her down.

"President, I'm done."

His subordinates' words fell into his ears.

Gong Ou turned around and looked coldly at every face on the conference table. Then he went to the conference table and said, "OK, today's meeting will be here and the meeting will be over."


There was an uproar.

When it's done? That's not half the story.

"Get out of here." Gong Ou said coldly, gently patting the pen in his hand on the table, black eyes wandering.

"Yes, president."

They all looked at Gong Ou in fog and water, and took up the documents in their hands and left the conference room one after another.

Gong Ou sat there, staring at the pen on the table, with deep eyes.

Let him do something before he disappears.

Always prove the meaning of your existence.

Gong Ou picked up his mobile phone, dialed a number, and said indifferently to each other, "how is that going? Close as soon as possible. "


When Xiaonian removed the sign of "home" to the gallery and put everything away, the gallery could not see the appearance of being open at all.

When Xiaonian squatted on the ground and wiped the sign.

"Xiaonian." When Feng de came in with the food he bought, Xiao Nian squatted there and said, "you still say you've been hesitating, but you already have the answer in mind."

She decided to close the gallery, didn't she?

This is the most direct compromise.

When small read a wry smile, the day after tomorrow is the holographic era conference, tomorrow, she must give Gong Ou an answer.

Feng de put the dishes in the kitchen, came out and stood beside her, saying, "I don't know if I should tell you something."

When Xiaonian looks up at Fengde in confusion.

Feng de hesitated for a few seconds and said, "I've heard some news about Italy. It's said that it's been a mess there recently."

Hearing this, Xiaonian was stunned and stood up with a rag. "Yifu, do you want to talk about the news of Mu qianchu?"

She hasn't thought of the name for a long time.

At the beginning, her knife has been cut off from mu qianchu's, and they don't owe each other.

"I don't know specifically. I only know that there has been a lot of violence in this area in Italy recently. It seems that muqianchu's forces are also involved in it. But according to the Old Testament of the Xi family, he is always low-key and mysterious, so he can't find out more." Said van der.

"Is it?"

When small read light tunnel, calm response.

"After all, he is holding the power and money of your Xi family. Don't you care?" Feng de stood in front of her and said, "I'd like to see his downfall as a retribution."

The Xi family and his wife died unjustly.

"I have nothing to do with him, whether he is good or bad has nothing to do with me."

When Xiaonian squatted down and continued to wipe the signboard, she had deliberately forgotten this person in the past four years. There were too many sorrows between them. She couldn't figure out which was right or wrong, and she didn't want to figure out any more.

Every year, she goes to Baisha islands to pay homage to her parents. She vaguely knows that moqianchu looks at her from afar.

But every time she didn't feel it.

She really doesn't care about him anymore.

"Well, I won't talk about him again." Feng de nodded and turned away.

When Xiaonian squatted there and wiped the signboard again and again. He wiped the word "home". It was brand new and shiny.


Her home has been destroyed one by one. She doesn't know if she has the courage to do well in a new home and make it perfect.

The next day.

When Xiaonian closed the gallery, she decided to give Gong ou a reply.

I hope it won't be a bad time again.

When Xiaonian stood at the door and slowly pulled up the glass door, looking at everything in the gallery, here carries her four years of waiting, four years of memories.

Now, it's all over.

When Xiaonian closed the glass door, the four years will also be closed, locked, dusty.

She turned around and looked at the towering N.E building opposite, clenched her bag with her fingers, then raised her feet and walked forward. A car horn sounded in her ear.

When Xiaonian turned around, he saw a van parked there.

The window was pressed down, showing a strange face, "Miss Xi Xiaonian, you have your express delivery."

Express delivery?

When small read stupefied next, she did not buy thing on the net, where come express delivery? Did the adoptive father buy it?

Express brother jumped out of the car and handed her a heavy package. "Please sign it."

"Oh, yes."

When Xiaonian didn't think too much, he signed the package, looked at the package in confusion, took out his mobile phone and called Fengde, "Hello, adoptive father, have you got any express delivery recently?"