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Chapter 830. He chose sunflower

Gong Yao turns his eyes, and a servant stands at the door and stares at the two of them. "Come out, all of you!"

Here we are.

Gong Kui immediately shrinks to the bedside and looks at Gong Yao cautiously, "holy......"

"It's OK. They're here to pick you up." Gong Yao said, reaching out to pull her sister off the bed, and put her shoes on.

"Who are they?"

Gong Kui's face is inexplicable.

Gong Yao stood in front of her, slightly taller than her, with a faint voice, "Dad."

"Really?" Gong Kui jumped up excitedly. "That's great. I'm so tired. I want to go home and sleep. I also want to wash my hair."

The hair is sticky and uncomfortable.


Gong Yao pulls Gong Kui out, and his body intentionally blocks his sister's body. The servant stands at the door and looks at him. He thinks the boy is more and more awesome.

The servant led them all the way down. On the way, they saw LAN Xiaoqi.

LAN Xiaoqi stood in the corner holding the doll, with big eyes staring at them. Seeing Gong Yao and Gong Kui looking at her, she immediately straightened herself up and held out her fingers and shouted, "you two thieves dare to come to my house and drown you all in the sea! Drowned by a big shark! Hum! "

"You are a terrible speaker!"

Gong Kui said angrily. She wanted to make a theory before she went. She was pulled back by the servant beside her. She was very hard. She was scared.

Seeing this, LAN Xiaoqi laughed rudely, "ha ha ha ha ha ha, look at you, coward!"

Gong Kui, aggrieved and scared, hides behind Gong Yao. Gong Yao reaches out his hands and embraces her. He says expressionless, "not afraid, you can leave soon."


LAN Xiaoqi looked at them, and the laughter gradually disappeared. She looked at them stupidly.

"You two, follow me! Hurry up! "

The servant impatiently urged them to clap Gong Kui, and Gong Yao immediately blocked them, and then he took Gong Kui and left.

In the hall of the orchid family, the air is clear, with a faint fragrance of flowers.

In the sofa area, Gong ou and Lanting sit on each side, surrounded by LAN family members. Gong Ou sits there alone, with one leg crossed, one hand on his chin, lazy and wanton.

As if it were his territory.

Gong Yao pulls Gong Kui to go over, and listens to Lanting's humble voice. "Mr. Gong is willing to exchange himself for children. I am moved by this father's love. But it is said that Mr. Gong has been practicing martial arts since he was a child. He is omnipotent. Taking children as hostages always makes me feel more at ease. Do you think so?"

"I don't want to hear nonsense."

Gong Ou turns to look at Gong Yao and Gong Kui.

As soon as Gong Kui saw Gong ou, she was so excited that she wanted to run away. She was stopped by her servant. She immediately withdrew to Gong Yao's side, hoping to hide on Gong Yao as a bug, so that she could be safe.

"As I said, I just want to invite people from the palace family to visit here for a few days, without malice. I can let a child go back, and I promise to send people home safely." Lanting said, "Mr. Gong should believe my sincerity. Otherwise, Mr. Gong will come alone, and I don't need any effort."

He can keep all three of them.


Gong Ou looks at Lanting indifferently.

Lanting said with a smile, "I know that it's just a matter of moments for the power of the palace family to surround the island of spray. Mr. Gong is even more capable, but the child is too small to be hurt accidentally. Do you think it's not good?"

"What if I had to change both children today?"

Gong Ou's voice is extremely cold, and his black eyes are sinister.

"Why does Mr. Gong force me?" Lanting looked at the two children standing far away. "They are still so small. It's so easy to hit an arm and hurt a leg."

"So, you must detain a child, and then detain me, so that I can neither command outside nor run away easily with a child."

Gong Ou sneers.

This is the safest way to avoid these days. With his Gong ou and his children, the Gong family dare not make a splash if they want to turn over the sky.

"Mr. Gong is a man who does great things, but I really have no intention of hurting people, otherwise, I can leave you all behind." Lanting said, "please let Mr. Gong understand my pains."

"Do you think the palace will spare you when you have finished your work?"

Asked Gong Ou coldly.

Lanting sat on the sofa and smiled, "at that time, I won't need anyone to spare me."


Gong Ou's eyes are shining.

"Mr. Gong, let's choose. The child is frightened. It's good to go back earlier." Lanting seems more anxious than Gong ou.

Hearing this, Gong Ou looks back once again and looks at the two children.

Gong Yao and Gong Kui stand together, two small hands tightly held together, one unexpectedly calm, one ignorant and confused.


Gong Kui cried weakly.

"How are you, Mr. Gong? Are you ready?"

Lanting asked.

Gong Ou looked at the two children, a pair of black eyes deep, silent for a moment, but there was no hesitation on his face, thin lips slightly raised, "give me the little anemone home."

Gong Yao's face didn't change when he stood there, which was the expected answer.

"Didn't you hear Mr. Gong? Take this little miss Kui back to me, and make sure it's safe. Understand? " Lanting orders the servants.

"If something happens to my daughter, you should know what will happen to you."

Said Gong Ou coldly.

"Mr. Gong, I still say that. I don't want to be against you." Lanting said with a smile, gesturing to his servant, who immediately grabbed the sunflower.

Gong Kui holds Gong Yao tightly, but Gong Yao releases his hand.

She was forcibly pulled away by a servant. At this moment, Gong Kui realized that she was about to leave alone. She couldn't help shouting, "I don't want to be with holly!"


Gong Yao stood still, not even showing a trace of reluctance.

Don't know why, palace Kui suddenly feel very sad, the voice also small down, but still as a dull sentence, "I want to be with holy."

"Come here."

Gong Ou opens his mouth and doesn't seem so indifferent to his daughter's voice any more. Gong Kui walks towards Gong Ou stupidly after hearing the words. Gong Ou reaches over her head and leans down slowly. In her ear, Gong Ou says, "don't be afraid, go home."

"I want to be with holly."

Gong Kui blinked and said, the voice is weak. She and Gong Yao have never been separated. She wants to be with Gong Yao.

"You go first." Gong Ou has a deep voice.

"Why go first?"

"You are not obedient?" Gong Ou pressed her head and asked. Gong Kui stood in front of him. Her little hand grabbed his clothes involuntarily. She shook her head. "Xiao Kui is obedient."

"Then you go first."

Gong Ou said, black eyes deep.

"Will you and holly go home soon?" Palace Kui asked blankly, she really did not know what happened, do not know why she had to go first.

"Yes." Gong Ou looks down at her, "can you do something for me when I get home?"

No matter when the child of this age needs to be affirmed, Gong Kui looks at Gong ou and nods, "Xiao Kui can do it."

"Take care of your mother for me, don't make her cry, don't make her sad." When Gong Ou said this, he stressed the words, as if he told what a sacred thing he was doing. Then he asked, "do you understand?"


Gong Kui nodded in ignorance, silently reading to take care of her mother.


Gong Ou gives Gong Kui a push when he's done talking. Gong Kui mumbles and is led away by his servant. After a while, Gong Kui can't help but look back at them. His beautiful big eyes are full of SNAREs.

Gong ou still sits on the sofa like that, his face is cold, his lips are thin, and he can't see what he's thinking.

Gong Yao is still standing in the same place, with no expression on his face, calm as usual.

It doesn't seem to be terrible at all.

Everyone is the same as usual. It's not terrible at all. Gong Kui thought to himself that his fear had been reduced a lot. He obediently followed his servant away.

Go home.

Take care of mom.

Then Dad and holly went home.

Well, that's it.

After Gong Kui left, the hall was quiet. Lanting sat there and observed for a long time. He smiled and said, "Mr. Gong's children really impress me. At such a young age, I can stand the storm. I will be outstanding in the future."

"That's nature." Gong Ou looks at him contemptuously and sneers at him. "Do you think other people take children like you?"

Smell speech, Lanting Pavilion 's face is a bit embarrassed, turn the eyes to look at Gong Yao, back to satire, "I don' t know how to teach children, but with Mr. Gong 's practice today, I' m afraid your son will not be happy."

“……” Gong Ou turns her eyes to Gong Yao.

From the beginning of his choice, Gong Yao didn't say a word, and the expression on his face didn't change at all. At this moment, Gong Yao was mentioned as calm as if he had never been at the center of the topic.

Gong Ou took his eyes back from his son, then looked at Lanting and said, "what are you going to do? Can you say now?"

"It's just my private business. If I didn't worry that Mr. Gong would deal with me and delay my time, I wouldn't have made such a decision." Lanting got up from the sofa and made a gesture of asking, "Mr. Gong, please go upstairs."


Private business.

Gong Ou's eyes are cold.

Lanting looked at the servant beside him and said, "Mr. Gong is not a good person to deal with. The doors and windows are nailed to death. Do you hear me?"

"Yes, Mr. LAN."

Lanting said so and did so. He was extremely afraid of Gong ou. He could not let anyone destroy what he wanted to do.

Absolutely not!

Soon, Gong ou and Gong Yao were invited into a bedroom. There was a loud noise outside. Someone was nailing the door and window, turning the whole room into a dead room.

He was put under house arrest easily without binding.

It's impossible to escape. After all, there is a little child beside him. It's not wise to run away with him.