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Chapter 1144 "black" history of self growth of Mr Palace

At that time, Mr palace paid too much for her

The robot's memory is more intuitive than hers, but such feelings can't move it and can't let it change.

This is probably the difference between machines and people.

When Xiaonian sat there, looking at the pictures of one grid, looking at himself in those pictures, the storage of Mr palace is really amazing.

At the back, shixiaonian sees some pictures that have nothing to do with herself. She asks Mr palace to open. She wants to see the details.

There is only one long road in the picture, there is no end.

There is no one in the vast world, only its vast horizon.

Don't you just let it search for memories related to her? What else?

When Xiaonian looked at it strangely, only listening to the weak electronic voice coming, saying some confused code that she could not understand

Is Mr palace wrong?

She took a look at the time. It was the last time after she separated from Mr.

"That's a code called" small reading. "

A magnetic low voice sounded behind her.

When Xiaonian looked back, he saw Gong Ou standing behind her, hands on the back of the sofa, body low, chin slightly raised, black eyes sweeping to the holographic image in front.

"It reads the code directly." He said word for word.

So in the process of searching for memories, this paragraph also came out.

"And what is it talking about?" Asked shixiaonian.

"I don't know." Gong Ou said, "but I can probably guess what will happen next. Xiaonian, can we not watch it?"

He said, Xiaonian, can we not watch it?

He said, his big palm has covered her eyes, blocking her vision.

What does Xiaonian want to ask? The voice from the hologram makes her eyebrow wrinkle. She pulls Gong Ou's hand down to her lips and looks forward.

Only in the memory lattice of Mr palace, three young people with flowing Qi speak to it.

"Artificial intelligence robot? I know that N. e's products, N. e dominates the technology of this era! "

"Wow, it's asking us where there's a signal to call. It's amazing! I'll ask you that. "

"It's said that it's very expensive. How good did we sell it?"

"It makes sense, take it away!"

Young people will take Mr palace away when they go up. Mr palace starts the self-protection mode to knock down several young people on the ground. Due to the safety consideration of people, the fight of self-protection mode is slight.

Soon, the young people found stones and thick trees as weapons and smashed them against Mr palace.

Once again, its vision shook.

They kept smashing and shouting, "turn it off! Mom! It's a broken machine. Turn it off! "

In the chaotic scene, it was soon dark.

When it reappeared, a big man faced the camera. The muscular man sat greedily in front of Mr palace, shaking his legs and the man beside him. "I checked. This is Mr palace, the first robot of N.E. what's the price on the black market?"

"How much?"

"Hey, man, we don't have to do anything else in our life!"

The man's face is full of desire for money, "Mr Palace's value is totally different from other robots! We sent it! Oh, mygod! Look, it's trying to escape. How powerful! It doesn't know that its limbs have been removed by me. What can I do with a motherboard? Yo yo, look, it's crawling like a worm baby, ha ha ha ha

The sound of laughter lingered in the air.

In the shaking vision of Mr palace, she saw the silver limbs in the corner, pulling a long line, and one leg was still controlled to move, but could not move freely according to the command.

When Xiaonian looked at the man in the picture, he was so angry that his body trembled.

How can they treat Mr palace like this? How can they

Gong Ou holds her shoulder from behind.

In the hologram, Mr palace began to say a series of disorderly codes mixed with "time and small thoughts", saying and saying constantly

When it comes to the big man, he picks up the stick and smashes it.

Someone nearby advised, "you should also take those sold on the black market. Don't damage the appearance. It's more expensive to repair this than to repair ten Ferraris!"

"What does it say in a long way? It's so boring!"

"Who knows? Just turn off the power."

Then memory lock, because the power is off.

When Xiaonian couldn't stand it any longer. Let Mr palace fast forward to her at the same time. There is an inexplicable person in each frame. They insult it in front of its face. They pour red wine on it to test its performance. They split it into pieces to see the performance of its self preservation mode

It has been reading a string of code to itself, maybe it's self repairing, maybe it's a real system mess

When it asked people for the countless times where there was a signal and someone said they would take it, Mr palace automatically played a piece of piano music that "never forgets".

Such a happy tune

But again, it fell into the hands of another black market dealer.

It has never been able to contact her.

It was abused, used, and trafficked over and over again in the search for her

The intelligence quotient of a robot can't be compared with that of a man who has done his best.

Looking at it's line of sight again confused, when Xiaonian's line of sight was extremely blurred, he could no longer see the picture clearly, and tears fell from his cheeks.

In the back, there is no memory of her.

She thought, it should be from then on, Mr palace no longer asked where there was a signal, no longer said a lot of confusion about "small time reading".

MR has become smart. He is smart enough to realize that the human beings in front of him just want to control it. His palace European character makes him have the desire to fight back

"He no longer wants to see me." When Xiaonian raised his hand and pointed to the last memory picture, "from this time on."

It's not looking for her.

Gong Ou closed his eyes and pressed his hands tightly on her shoulder, which was why he didn't want her to see.

He guessed that the self-learning process of Mr palace would not be too good.

"I'm not good, Gong ou. I didn't find it. Why didn't we think it would be sold on the black market? Why?" When small read painful tunnel, voice choked, "if we find it earlier, it will not be forced to grow up to now like this..."

It's just the MR palace that belongs to shixiaonian.

"It's my fault, when I read it." Gong Ou stood behind her and said in a deep voice that he had confessed to her.

"It's my fault. I always rely on it for protection, but I never protect it properly." When Xiaonian looked up at Mr palace, his eyes were blurred by tears.

Mr palace stood there, quiet all the time, silent to her tears.

As soon as the words came to an end, the door was knocked, and the housekeeper, who had been subject to the rule of Mr palace, came in, bowed his head respectfully, and took out a stack of thick documents. "Mr palace, all the blackmail letters have been sent out. At present, thirty-six remittances have been received. The total amount is..."

Listening to the alarming figures, Mr Palace's electronic voice is extremely cold, "not enough, if there is money not in place within two hours, throw the cage out of the roof."


When Xiaonian looked at it, his teeth clenched his lips tightly.

It's just a machine. It can't have human's complete emotion. If it changes, it's hard to change back.

She came too late.

She accompanied her when she was in pain, but she was not when she was in pain.

Now, it doesn't need her.

"Enough, Xiaonian, either you go out or we go out together!" Said Gong ou, gnashing his teeth.

As long as she wants, he can let Mr palace go. He doesn't care so much about the life and death of the city.

No matter how she decides, she must leave now.

She can't face Mr palace any more. What she faces is bad enough.


When Xiaonian shivers and caresses Gong Ou's hand, one of his arms is firmly protected by the wrist guard, and her fingers are trying to open along the corner of the wrist guard.

He was injured by Mr.

"I'm fine."

Gong Ou's voice rang above her head.


"No pain." Gong Ou said again.

"Let me work it out, Miyo." When small read low voice way, voice is full of heartache, "you go out to find someone to bandage the wound?"

His hand was so close to her that she could smell the blood.

She had a bad smell.

Gong Ou suddenly understood her decision, with sharp eyes and strong voice. "You said it. You just came to see her again."

Leave the rest to him.

Cruel Come from him.

Mr palace stood in silence and looked at them.

"You'll only get hurt if you get close to it, but it's willing to listen to me for the time being." When small read hold his hand, "Gong ou, you let me solve it, OK?"

Now you can get close to Mr palace. You can destroy it with one click. She is the only one


Gong Ou's tone is absolute and stubborn like a child.

She will be sad and miserable.

"You believe me, Miyo." When Xiaonian sat there quietly, like a teacher, patiently persuading the stubborn child, "would you like to go out? I can do it by myself. "

Destroying Mr palace is a very painful decision for both of them, but at least she will do it She won't get hurt.


Gong Ou's voice was determined. He did not pull her out immediately, which was the limit of his patience.

Shixiaonian takes his hand away.

Gong Ou holds her wrist from the back, and Xiaonian pulls it away again. People get up from the sofa and walk to Mr palace. They raise their hands rigidly. They want to touch his face but shrink.


Mr palace called her.

"Do you hate me?" When small read ask.

"I will always be loyal to my master, and I will be by your side whenever he needs me."

This is another sentence.

Touched her countless words.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Gong. I don't know you've been looking for me. I really don't know." Shi Xiaonian said, his voice went on and on, his eyes red. "I'm here now. Can you follow me? Will you follow me and delete the program that controls this city? "