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Chapter 1112: Xiaonian's counterattack

"Lively?" When Xiaonian thought that these two words were both funny and ironic. Gong Ou's idea was to make everyone busy. It was clearly a chicken flying and a dog jumping.

Is she still popular when she goes out now?

Who dare to chat with her?

See when small read so, Luo Qi smile deeper, continue to cut flowers, beautiful eyes are full of smile, "small read, you think, if Gong Ou does not make such a scene, now what will the ship look like?"

When Xiaonian was asked, what would it look like if he didn't?

What else can it be? It's nothing more than

"We just changed places to continue to live in the palace. We should keep silent and do things carefully. Will you still see the bustle?" Asked Luo Qi.

When Xiaonian's heart seemed to be hit by something, she turned around and saw two maids standing not far away muttering, listening carefully to all the resentment against Gong ou.

Plainly is the resentment, two people say say but pull to line up when the interesting thing, then laughed.

Gong Ou's arrangement makes everyone have more non work contacts and more interesting materials.

It's impossible to see this before. The palace family has always been very strict.

When Xiaonian looked at Luo Qi, "do you mind?"

She could not tolerate such behavior because she saw the high dignity in her family's bones.

"A breath." Luo Qidao.

When I was wondering.

Luo Qi put down her scissors and turned her eyes to look at her. "I find that I like this kind of breath more and more. It has nothing to do with class and shackles. It's very comfortable and interesting to watch young people fight and make noise. It seems that I'm also young."


"Do you think I have changed a lot?" Luo Qi said with a smile, "I don't know when to start. I care about it casually. I was nervous before, and the whole person became very relaxed."

When small read quietly looked at Luo Qi's beautiful face, the corner of the lips involuntarily flashed a light smile.

"Of course, they have to obey the rules when they go back, but in this ship Don't be restrained. " Luo Qidun, said again, "this should be the meaning of Gong ou."

It is better to know a son than a mother.

When Xiaonian found out that she had guessed Gong Ou wrong, she thought the mischief was a deliberate arrangement of Gong ou.

Since it's a journey, everyone should take out the mood of vacation, relax, wanton, just don't waste this journey.

When she thought about it, Xiaonian felt a lot better. She took the scissors and went on with Luo Qi's unfinished work. She said, "I see, mother, since we are going to make a fool of ourselves, let's make a fool of ourselves."

Smell speech, Luo Qi smiles to nod, "Gong Ou this person does not have discretion, you pay attention to point."

"I see."

When Xiaonian smiled at her cunningly.

Gong Ou has made her so popular that she has to face him alone all day. She can only be tired of him. He plays so much. She will accompany her to the end!


The rising of the sun from the sea marks the new beginning of a bright day.

The long hand felt in the quilt, only to feel an empty.

Gong Ou's closed eyes immediately opened, staring straight at the side of the position, eyes also with a bleary, thin lips dissatisfied Chui up, "small read, small read?"

There was only one quiet response.

Gong Ou frowned, quickly lifted the quilt, picked up his bathrobe and put it on as he got out of bed, and spread his straight legs, "shixiaonian, who allows me to get up early?"

He stopped at the bathroom door.

There is no imaginary gentle figure to wash and wash. Gong Ou goes to the sink, only to see the toothbrush cup and water drops. Obviously, he has already brushed his teeth.

Did you make breakfast for him?

Is it a big meal to get up so early? Must be, spend honeymoon, when small read certainly racked one's brains to think how to make sweet.

Gong Ou pulls up his lips and goes into the shower for a shower.

From the bathroom, Gong Ou walked briskly to the clothes rack. There were always two sets of clothes on this side, one for Feng de and the other for Shi Xiaonian occasionally.

But now there is not a set of noodles.

Fengde, an old man, has become more and more unruly since he was accompanied by his daughter's boat. I don't remember what I should do. It's not important!

It doesn't matter.

Today, he is in a good mood for breakfast.

Gong Ou opens the wardrobe and finds a suit of clothes to wear. She goes out and walks directly to the kitchen nearest to their room.

What's unexpected is that the water in the kitchen is colder, and the pots inside are bright and reflective, without any trace of cooking.

This next Gong Ou's face is completely heavy. In a moment of rage, he swims all over his body, turns around and goes out, "Feng de! Feng de! Feng de! "

Three times in a row, even the resplendent echo in the ornate place.

He stares at a servant nearest him. "Come here!"


The servant stood there with a frightened expression, his eyes wide open, his mouth labored and he wanted to speak.

"Are you deaf? I want you to come! " Gong Ou snapped.

"Yes, I'm sorry..." The servant apologized and turned to run.

"You..." Gong Ou's firepower was rising. Just as he was about to lose his temper, he saw a small round figure rolling by. He immediately shouted, "Gong - Kui!"

Gong Kui hurriedly stops, turns her lovely little head and looks at Gong ou with round eyes. She is very clever.

"And your mother?" Gong Ou looks for his wife.

"Er..." Gong Kui turned her eyes to think about it. Suddenly she opened her mouth and spit at him. She made a funny face and ran away.


Gong Ou was stunned at the scene, his handsome face shocked.

Palace anemone skin has not been like this, she actually made faces at him, is to revolt?

OK, when he finds it, Xiaonian will clean it up one by one!

Gong Ou goes forward and looks around for Xiao Nian's figure. From afar, Gong Yao looks like a noble little old man, standing upright and walking towards the outside.

"Gong Yao!" Gong Ou calls out his son's name.

Just listen to the "thumping" sound, Gong Yao sits cross legged directly to the ground, closes his eyes, and enters the meditative state.


Gong Ou is stunned by his son again. He moves on a few seconds later. He squats down in front of Gong Yao and asks in a cold voice, "what about your mother?"

Gong Yao sat there in silence, his face expressionless and deaf to his words.

"You like to meditate. I'm not against it. Answer my question first. Have you met your mother?" Asked Gong Ou patiently.

“……” Gong Yao meditates.

"Can you believe me to cancel your meditation course?"

“……” Gong Yao meditates and then meditates.

"Gong Yao, who taught you to treat your father like this? Do you believe me to beat you? " Gong Ou Qi rises to the extreme.

“……” Gong Yao is as immovable as a mountain. At a young age, he is just like entering into a settlement. Meditation is still meditation.

Gong Ou crouches there, his anger is worth max, but his raised hand can't make him fall to the face that looks like him.

"Yes, you are good." Gong Ou sneers, "Feng De, little young master can meditate on giving him this sutra. I will recite it tomorrow!"

Finish saying, Gong Ou stands up and goes.

Gong Yao sat there, his eyelashes quivering so much that he could not hear any sound for a long time. Gong Yao opened his eyes slowly, and the calm villain let out a long sigh of relief.

Or A little nervous.

Gong Yao looked around. The Chamberlain was not there. What did his father just shout? Gong Yao suddenly thought of a new idiom he had learned recently -- affectation.

Gong Ou strode on the boat to continue his journey of finding his wife. All the way he asked Xiao Nian, everyone ran fast.

I'm hungry.

Gong Ou presses his stomach and looks at the watch. When he looks for it, Xiao Nian has been looking for it for an hour. All around him are people who are hiding from him like the plague.

He's not in that mood now. When he finds out, Xiaonian's group will die!

Gong Ou secretly thought, walking towards the bar, near, only to see Gong Yu, dressed in casual clothes, sitting at the bar and holding a glass of wine, his eyes suddenly, I don't know what he was thinking.

Gong Ou glanced at the wall beside him, took the samurai sword as decoration from the surface, walked forward coldly, and crossed it to his neck.

Gong Yu's body is stiff. She turns her eyes to Gong ou.

"You dare to try it. It's sealed." Gong Ou's eyes are cruel, and there is no sense of joking.

This morning, he has had enough. Everyone dodges him. He can't find Xiaonian!

"Gong ou, I'm your brother." Gong Gu frowned and was very dissatisfied. "How old are you? Haven't you had enough nonsense these days?"

"It's hard to see that you're an open-minded person." Gong Ou sneers and moves his knife. "Have you ever seen Xiaonian?"

"Find Xiaonian and use his knife to me? You really have no rules. "

Gong Yu's face was not afraid at all. He shook the glass of wine.

"I don't care what the people of this ship have hit. Now I want to know the whereabouts of shixiaonian." Gong Ou said word by word, word as cold as frost.

Gong Gu took another sip of wine and was silent.

"Say it!" Gong Ou's face is calm. He puts the samurai sword to his neck. It's like cutting it down.

"You really cut it?"

"You can try!" Gong Ou clenched his teeth and said aggressively, "where is shixiaonian?"

Gong Yu saw the ruthlessness in Gong Ou's eyes. He shrugged helplessly and picked up a plate of medicine from his pocket. "Do you know what this is?"

Alas, I have to force him to make a unique move.

"Are you incurable?" Gong Ou's face is expressionless.

“……” Gong Yu was almost spitting blood from his brother's anger. "I can't sleep well recently. Lori said that this kind of medicine is very strong when it's put in the wine. I can sleep at once."

After that, Gong Gu peeled two pills and threw them into the wine. The liquor immediately started to bubble. He took the glass and took a drink with dignity. He fell down on the bar with a thud and fell asleep.


Gong Ou's hand holding the samurai sword is frozen in the air, and junpang rarely has a dull expression.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Gong, but I'll help him back to his room." Luo lie, wearing a white gown, suddenly emerged from nowhere and bowed his head respectfully to Gong ou.