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Chapter 564 proposal on shixiaonian Bridge

"Who is for you." Gong Ou turned his eyes and said coldly, "he hurt me so badly four years ago. N.E has not recovered from the past. I will not teach him a lesson. What kind of man am I?"

"I know you're for me."

"You little..."

"Just think I'm being amorous." When Xiaonian interrupts him, he points his finger across his sleeve and holds his hand tightly. The voice line is gentle. "Anyway, I think you are for me. Anyway, I don't want to be separated from you anymore. I don't want to worry about everything. I just need to be with you and twins."


Gong Ou's body was stiff for a few seconds. He looked at her coldly. "Do you want to save mu qianchu from my hands before you say these words?"

Say what love him, say what think of him.

She clearly doesn't love his character.

There was a sour smell in his voice that he could not detect.

When small read holds his hand, a pair of eyes look at his handsome face deeply.

Don't believe her.

If she doesn't believe it, it will be difficult. She doesn't want to miss any more time, or waste another second on these doubts.

Thinking about it, Xiaonian turned her eyes and looked at the surrounding environment. It was a quiet town with a quiet environment. Few people passed by. The scenery was unique. The sun fell on the river. The water was sparkling and the air was fresh.

Very unique environment.

The sun shines on Gong Ou's body, plating his short black hair with a light golden light. Looking at the golden touch on his hair, Xiao Nian suddenly has a bold idea in his heart.

Although she knew that the place and time were not so suitable.

She holds Gong Ou's hand and kneels down abruptly on one knee. Xiaonian raises her face and looks at Gong ou. Her eyes are clear and clean, and there is a sense of calm after sedimentation.

"Gong ou, please marry me."

"I want to marry you right away and never part again," said shixiaonian solemnly

There will be some minor setbacks and disputes between them, but they will not be separated.

In the quiet town, on the long bridge.

A woman proposed to a man.

The sun in the sky rocked in a flash.

The man stood there, staring at her with low eyes. A second later, he shook off her hand. The man stepped back several steps. There was no calmness or calmness on his handsome face. Some of them were just unimaginable.

When Xiaonian knelt there with a little blood on her clothes, she saw Gong Ou's face for the first time, like a ghost.


He would not lose his temper like this even if he saw a ghost.

"You, you..." Gong Ou stood there staring at her, and didn't say a complete word for half a day.


When Xiaonian looks at him quietly, there is some innocence on his white face.

"You, you, you." Gong Ou reaches for his sleeve, stares at her and says, "get up first!"

"You won't let me not get up."

Xiaonian knelt there and said.

"Then you can kneel!" Gong Ou stares at her severely, touches her cufflinks, turns around and leaves, and walks under the bridge step by step.


At that time, Xiaonian was left in the middle of the bridge, speechless.

Does he have such, she is a female, she voluntarily kneels down to beg to marry, he still ran? Didn't it say mature? It's steady, isn't it? How can I still escape.

Did she scare him in such a hurry?

But she really does not want to be like Shidi and mu qianchu, and regret when everything can not be retrieved.

Come on, take your time.

When Xiaonian sighed, he was about to stand up from the ground when he saw Gong Ou suddenly turn back and run back. It was really running.

When he was well, he even walked steadily and slowly, not to mention running like this.

When small read hurriedly kneel good, palace Europe walks back to squat down in front of her, handsome face approaches her, the color of the face seems to be deeper than just now.

"Do you really love me?" Gong Ou stares at her and asks in a cold voice.


Xiao Nian nods with force.

"You swear." Gong Ou said.

Do you want to swear? Is she so untrustworthy.

When small read helplessly put up his hand, looked at him a word a word said, "I swear, I love Gong ou, this life only love you a person."

"Not enough!" Gong Ou said in a cold voice, crouching in front of her and frowning.

An old Italian lady came over from the bridge and looked at them inexplicably with her head askew 90 degrees, slowly passing by them.

Hearing Gong Ou's words, Xiao Nian stared into his dark eyes and continued, "I said I love you because I want to say it, not because of anyone else. Every word I say is true. If I lie, I will be punished by God. "


Gong Ou stared at her, as if she was looking at something, with thin lips and black eyes turning.

"Am I good enough?" When small read to ask a way, lips show a smile, "then you can marry me?"

"Are you in such a hurry?"

Gong Ou snorts.

Smell speech, when small read a wry smile, "Gong ou, I am an ordinary woman, nothing special, I will also ask for trouble, I will also hesitate, but I have an advantage, once I think through, I will be very persistent to do what I want to do, will not twist."

She praised herself.

Gong Ou looked at her coldly and snorted scornfully, "so you have changed your mind now."

"I......" When Xiaonian was about to explain, she suddenly felt this kind of Gong Ou was very funny. Instead of kneeling, she squatted in the middle of the bridge, reached out and scratched his face. "Before, she ate her own vinegar, now she worries about whether I am changing my mind? Gong ou, are you bored or naive? "

"I'm bored? I'm naive? "

Gong Ou stares at her and lowers the voice line displeased.

"If you're not bored, don't say that. I'm stupid. You are so many. I want to understand. Why don't you understand?" When small read said with a smile, soft voice, like the sound of water under the bridge.

Gong Ou squats in front of her, black eyes stare at her, and says, "I warn you, this is a mental disease. Even if it's a common disease, it can't be changed, it's better, or it's worse. Do you understand?"

"What do you mean?"

Asked shixiaonian in bewilderment.

What's better or not?

"It is Forget it. " Gong ou can detect the happiness in Xiaonian's eyes. He stands up from the bridge and says coldly, "aren't you going to buy vegetables?"

Did he go shopping with her?

When Xiaonian's eyes brightened, he immediately stood up, and almost fell down. Gong Ou's eyes were sharp, and he immediately reached out to hold her.

"My feet are numb." Xiaonian said with a smile.

"Feet numb still smile?" Gong Ou looks at her, his brow is wringing, but his hand doesn't let her go.

"Because I figured out one thing, the whole person was relaxed." Xiaonian smiled and said that the weight of the whole person was on him, waiting for the paralysis on his feet to pass.

People, hate is hate, love is love. Why struggle between hate and not hate, love and not love? As Shi Di said, you can only miss the time and regret too late.

"Think you a woman is going to propose to me?"

Gong Ou gave her a cold glance.

"As long as you can promise to get married, I don't care about that. Go and buy vegetables." When Xiaonian pulled him away, one foot was still numb, she simply walked on one foot.

Gong Ou looks at her face in a profound way and turns it around.

He thought that she had said these words to him for the sake of admiring him. He intended to bewitch her, but now it seems that her eyes are full of smiles, as if they are not fake.

"Do you love me?"

Asked Gong Ou suspiciously.

"Why don't you trust me so much? I love you." When Xiaonian walked with one foot, he jumped one by one.

Gong Ou holds hands and has a deep voice. "What about the past Gong Ou

"I love him. I love him all the time."

Without any hesitation, Shi Xiaonian said and jumped forward.

"Oh." Smell speech, palace Europe's heart sinks suddenly, satirical tunnel, "also don't see oneself grow what kind of face, still play flower heart."

"Flower heart?" When Xiaonian looked at him incredulously, "I call this flower heart?"

"It's the heart of flowers."

Gong Ou made a cold decision for her.

I don't know why. Shixiaonian felt that he was making trouble without reason. She was stunned, and then smiled with disapproval, "then consider me a flower heart. I love you even if you become a pig."

"Xi Xiaonian!"

"As long as the pig's name is Gong ou, I love it." When Xiaonian looked at him, his eyes were clear smiles.

She said a lot of love today, and she was almost tired of it.


Gong Ou knew that this was wrong. He knew that her words had become abusive, but strangely, his just sinking heart was floating again.

She jumped forward, the sun fell on her face, no longer sick before, it seemed very energetic.

His eyes fell on her lips and his throat tightened for a moment.

Shixiaonian is very enchanting today.


When they came out of the supermarket, Xiaonian and Gong Ou went back with full things. Gong Ou's arm was hooked by one of her hands. They walked on the road like the most common couple.

"Gong ou, please don't attack mu qianchu any more. He is suffering enough now, whether in tone or violence." When I was young, I still mentioned mu qianchu.

"He deserves his pain." Gong Ou glances at her coldly with sour tone.

Smell speech, when small read chuckle, "you are quite busy."


"You should also eat your own vinegar, and the vinegar that you admire for thousands of years. Do you mind if my current behavior is considered as a waste of money? Are you not busy?" When small read teasing him way.


Gong Ou gave her a cold look.

Clearly so cold a know, when small read unexpectedly saw some charming taste.

When Xiaonian thought that she was hopeless, she looked at him and said, "I have nothing to do with mu qianchu. I believe you also know me. There have been so many things that I can't have anything to do with him again."