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Chapter 805 Huahai tunnel

Then, a family of four quietly returned to the garage to repair their cars.

This time around, I have not played, and most of the time has passed. In the middle of the trip, I was teaching Gong ou to ride a bicycle on the way to the lake.

This kind of bicycle is obviously designed for women. Gong Ou's long legs and feet are extremely hard to step on, which is easy to turn his sense of direction.

Under the sun, the lake is sparkling, and sunflower yawns in boredom. Xiaonian holds the chair behind the bicycle to teach Gong Ou how to ride.

Gong Ou was not stupid. He soon learned that although he had to step on it hard, he still mastered it.

Gong Ou rode on his car and walked on.

Shi Xiaonian smiled with relief. He rode ten meters away and back again. Gong Ou stopped and got off the car. He stepped on the ground with his long legs. He raised his chin slightly. He looked proud. "It's just a bicycle. How hard can it be! Learn in minutes! "

"Yes, the wisdom of President Gong is unparalleled. How can you be defeated?"

When small read to follow him to say.

Words fell, a small voice came from behind them. When Xiaonian and Gong Ou turned around at the same time, Gong Yao came on a small black bicycle, which was very skillful and fast.


When did Gong Yao learn to ride a bicycle? It's still a kind of children's car without auxiliary wheels. It's exaggerated. She didn't teach it.

Is watching her teach Gong ou to learn by herself?

I can't believe it.

Gong Kui jumped around happily and clapped his hands desperately! Faster than dad! "


Gong Ou sits in the car, his handsome face is so dark.

When small read sees appearance to connect hurriedly way, "not so, his that car just he rides, for you, this car is too small too short, you can ride already very good."

Smell words, Gong Ou's face is not black, it is black and purple.

He stared and said, "so I have to find an excuse to lose to my son, right?"



She stopped talking.

When small read silently lowers the head, only then looks up for a long time to say, "then let's go, set out to play."


Gong Ou snorts, turns his eyes and stares at Gong Yao, "holy! Get on the bus! "

Gong Yao stood in front of his car, looked at his black car, and looked at Gong Ou's feet on the pink car. Finally, he looked at Xiao Nian and bowed his head to her. Politely, he said, "please buy this car for me, thank you."


Once again, Xiao Nian did not dare to see Gong Ou's face.

Gong Yao and Gong Kui are indeed sent by God to torment Gong ou. Less than that day, they have already attacked Gong Ou from both physical and mental aspects.

"I don't care about you little devil!" Gong Ou snorts and turns her eyes to Xiang Gong Kui. "You get on the bus!"

“……” Gong Kui reluctantly walked past, letting Xiaonian carry her to Gong Ou's car, thinking about the appearance of Gong Ou's bicycle just now, her little hand decisively buckled the safety buckle.


Gong Ou looks back and sees this scene. The expression on his face is more abundant.

"Ah, now that Holly can ride on his own, you don't have to be so aggrieved to ride such a small one. Just buy a bigger one, and Xiao Kui and I can ride it."

When small read finally thought of a good way to compromise.

In this way, a family of four and three bicycles rode on the journey. The environmental protection of the langhuayu island is so good that the air seems to be extraordinarily fresh, without the heavy fog.

"The flowers are beautiful."

Gong Kui is their team's language responsibility. Looking at the flowers and grass, Xiao Nian suddenly felt the atmosphere of the trip.

Maybe Gong Kui is the most suitable one to travel with others. To travel is to have fun.

"Where are we going? Are we going to the amusement park? "

Asked Gong Kui loudly.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong OU on the other side, Gong Ou's long legs, which had no place to put them, finally had a place to put them. If it wasn't for Gong Yao's speed, he would have ridden to his destination.

"Huahai tunnel."

Gong Ou glanced at her, not very happily.

This kind of name is suitable for two people to play. As a result, they bring two children with them. It's uncomfortable to think about him.

"It's beautiful at first."

Xiaonian said with a smile.


He chose three nights, can't it be beautiful? He ate it directly!

Huahai tunnel is located in the northeast of langhuayu island. There are almost no people there. There is a vacant lot full of colorful wild flowers.

And a short tunnel is in the middle of the sea of flowers. Countless bright flowers and green leaves fill the tunnel. The petals dance with the wind and blow waves. The fragrance comes along the wind.

That picture is so beautiful.

Even Gong Yao was surprised and looked at the scene.

There are no houses, no cement and steel bars, only a large area of a large piece of flowers. The colors are gorgeous and complex, but not kitsch. They bloom the most dazzling colors in the sun.

That tunnel is more like a treasure hole piled up by countless petals. The end of the treasure hole is the bright sunshine.

That light is a delusion.

As if through this tunnel, we can find happiness.

When small read to see stupefied, for a long time did not return to the mind.

"There are so many flowers, so beautiful!" Gong Kui jumped up excitedly, and his voice made Shixiao think back to her mind.

When Xiaonian turned his head, he saw Gong Ou staring at himself.

Obviously, Gong Ou is very satisfied with her gaping expression, and between her eyebrows and eyes is filled with complacency.

"It's really beautiful. That's what Huahai means. What kind of flowers are they? They are beautiful." Asked shixiaonian plaintively.

"If I want someone to build one at home, why bring you here?" Gong Ou said in a cold voice.


Gong Ou looked at the tunnel covered with flowers not far away, and spoke in a low voice. "Many years ago, the local people planned to build a set of traffic thoroughfare here, and built this tunnel. At last, this tunnel was completely abandoned, and then some people found that wild flowers began to grow between the cracks."

"You say the flowers here are wild flowers?"

Aren't so many flowers planted deliberately? How could it be.

"Then there were local people running to break the broken cement roads, and the wild flowers grew better and better, which formed this situation." "It has been listed as a protected area by the leaders of langhuayu Island, not only because it is a pure natural flower sea, but also grows out of cement," Gong said

When small read to listen quietly, and then look at those layers of the sea of flowers, my heart a little more shocked.


A wild flower grows out of the cement and climbs up the tunnel to form a long cave of flowers. It's so beautiful and inspiring.

"Mom, can I take a picture with you?"

Gong Kui looked up and asked Xiaonian. She was as young as her and knew to leave the best scene.

"Yes." When Xiaonian squatted down to see her, "but if we don't go into that tunnel to take photos, shall we just be outside? Just take those beautiful flowers as the background. "

Palace Kui nodded knowingly, "can't hurt little flowers and grass."

"That's smart."

When Xiaonian touched her little head and praised her gently.

"Can I pick a heavier flower from among them? Grandma said it's not good to cut off some flowers if they are too heavy. I want to take them back and put them in a glass jar. " Asked Gong Kui.

"Yes, I can."

Shi Xiaonian readily agreed to take Gong Kui's hand and walk towards the tunnel, then beckoned Gong Yao, "hply, come and take a picture!"

Gong Yao walked obediently.

Gong Ou stood there, looked left, right, and then looked directly at shixiaonian in front of him. "Shixiaonian, where is the man with the camera?"

Then Xiaonian picked up a backpack from the ground and handed it to him. There was a camera in it.

“……” Gong Ou was silent for three seconds and shouted out, "shixiaonian, are you wrong? I chose this place! You want me to be a photographer? "

He wants to be the one in the picture!

He has been summoned for a day, enough!

When Xiaonian looked at him in a dazed way, her intention was to let Gong Ou take pictures of her and her children first, and then she took pictures for them. Seeing Gong Ou so angry, she had to say, "well I'll take pictures for you first! "

She's a photographer?

"That's not the point!"

Gong Ou tightened his eyebrows.

"Then what is the point?"

I didn't know what to do.

Nonsense! He wants the person in the picture to have him and her at the same time! This fool!

Gong Ou is so angry that his face turns blue again and again. He raises his leg and kicks it hard on the ground, shit! He never missed Feng de as much as he does now!

I really should bring Mr palace here!

When Xiaonian didn't understand what he was suddenly angry about, he was just about to ask. Gong Ou had already taken the bag and stared at the three of them, "OK! Get in shape! I'll do it! "

Gong Kui stood beside Xiaonian and spoke to Gong Ou weakly, "Dad, can you speak softly?"

"You despise me?"

Is he a stranger now?

He doesn't think the two of them are a burden.

"No, No. I love you, Dad. "

Gong Kui shook her head under Gong Ou's quiet eyes.


Hearing this, Gong Ou's face relaxed again.

Well, on the whole, the time for taking photos of Huahai tunnel is very harmonious. Apart from the fact that the photographer has been sleepy, Xiaonian and longfengtai have a very good time, especially gongkui, who has been guiding them to pose like a tutor.

I can't take hundreds of pictures.

At the end of the photo, Xiaonian was tired. Gong Ou sat on his backpack and took photos for them. His handsome face was obviously sleepy.

"I'll get my food on the bike and come for a picnic." When small read press the shoulder of Gong ou to say.

"I'll be with you!"

Gong Ou twisted his eyebrows and said that he would stand up.

When Xiaonian saw that she was so tired, it was estimated that she didn't close her eyes in order to keep a good sleep yesterday. "No, twins are still here. Xiaokui loves to move. You are here to accompany them. I will go back."