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Chapter 521 I love him so much that I can'st

"You have a fever." Gong Yao took back his little hand and said coldly, "I need to take some antipyretics."

As he spoke, he looked again at the medicine boxes and bottles in the drawer.

When Xiaonian was lying there weakly, he looked at Gong Yao's small face and his pale lips opened, "are you going to take care of me?"

Gong Yao and she have never been close, cold and light, just like the miniature version of Gong Ou now.

I didn't expect him to care about her.

"I'm sorry, I'm too young to take care of you." Gong Yao said it in a straight way, with indifferent eyes.

Smell speech, when small read smile, eyes have moved.

He cares about her, that's enough.

Gong Yao took out two bottles of medicine under the guidance of Shi Xiaonian, then went to the door and shouted, "Mr palace, please pour a glass of water in."

R palace was very efficient, and soon came to her bedside with a water glass. A hard arm lifted her up from the bed and fed her water.

When Xiaonian drank the medicine, he turned his eyes and saw Gong Yaoguang standing on her bed with small feet, stepping on the quilt, his hands behind him, and his mature appearance.

He has a very similar face to Gong ou.

When small read stupefied next, before palace Europe also likes barefoot to step on the bed to talk with her very much.

"You have something to say to me, don't you?"

Asked shixiaonian.


Gong Yao nods.

"Mr palace, help me to sit down." Shi Xiaonian said, let the robot support her and sit on the head of the bed. She looked at Gong Yao and her voice was slightly hoarse. "What do you want to say?"

"I read the news. You're going to have a lawsuit with him."

Gong Yao said, a pair of eyes fixed to look at her, he is not the fool of Gong Kui. When he saw it, Xiao Nian appeared on the TV and just jumped around happily.

"Can you sit down and say it?"

His appearance reminds her of Gong ou, and her heart hurts when she thinks of that man.

Gong Yao knelt down in front of her with a "thumping" sound, startling shixiaonian. He knelt calmly, his black eyes looking at shixiaonian, his eyes serious and dignified.

Looking at him like this, Xiaonian always couldn't take him as a real child. She coughed twice and asked softly, "what do you think?"

"You are not married?"

Gong Yao asked, with a serious face.

"No more." When Xiaonian shook his head, "in fact, for you, I should compromise, get married, go back to the palace and take care of you. Well, I can't


Asked Gong Yao.

"Because I love Gong ou. I love him so much that I can't. " She knows that she can't make everyone happy even if she has done it.

Gong Yao kneels down in front of her, and for the first time, she looks like she doesn't understand.

"Holy, when you are old, the judge will ask you what you want. You are a child with your own ideas. Can you tell me in advance who you will choose?" When small read soft voice ask.

"The palace family is more conducive to my development." Gong Yao didn't think much about it, "Xiao Kui is too childish. She said she wanted to be with you because she was free with you. She has been used to the life of Gong family, and she can't give up easily."

Gong Yaozhen is not like a child. He understands everything wisely.

I didn't expect that she would discuss this topic with her son so seriously.

"Well." Xiaonian nodded with a wry smile and coughed, "Xiaokui has not determined her character yet, and her will is easily reversed."

She also loves her grandparents.

Gong Yao knelt down on the quilt and asked her, "then do you want to fight a lawsuit?"

"You heard that just now, because I want to live for myself once." Shixiaonian stared at his little face and said, "I have never won over you. No matter what you think, I only know that I am a very derelict mother. Even if I fail, I will do everything I can. I want to live with you. "

"You can't afford the palace life." Gong Yao said indifferently, with little expression on his small face.


"You can't find a lot of people to wait on Xiao Kui alone."


"You are doing a waste of time." Gong Yao said her seriously.

When Xiaonian quietly stares at Gong Yao, she knows who Gong Yao's temperament is all day long, or Gong ou, who has no paranoid personality disorder.

They are equally concerned about results.

They are calm, introverted and mature beyond ordinary people.

"Well." She nodded.

"You won't change your mind?" Gong Yao asked.


When small read firm tunnel, she persisted is also very terrible.

"Whatever." Gong Yao said indifferently, and bowed his head to her, "rest."

With that, Gong Yao slides down from the bed, puts on his shoes and orders Mr Gong to go out with him.

When the door closed, Gong Yao gave her a deep look.


When Xiaonian sits quietly on the bed and looks at the closed door, Gong Yao and Gong ou have the same amazing fighting power index. Both of them turn around and say that she can't help herself. Gong Yao tells her that she can't get them.

Holly, mom has compromised so many times that she doesn't look like herself.

So, she's going to do her best this time.

She lowered her eyes and slowly raised her hand. The place of her ring finger was empty, nothing.

After Gong Ou's return, she knew that the way he tied his tie was different from before, but he never found out that her ring had been lost.

He said he didn't change his mind. Was he cheating or was he cheating himself.

If you change your mind, find a more suitable one. She can't miss him all her life, and then live in a lie every day.

The drug began to take off slowly.

When small read dizzy, lie down in bed slowly sleep, fingers involuntarily touch to ring finger.


n. E building, such a large conference room, full of seats.

Holographic image is projected on the wall. A man in a suit stands in front of the image with his hands in the air, and the high-tech image is opened. He stands there and says to the microphone, "holographic technology industry is scrambling to do. I think we should push online early, catch up with other industries, and open a new situation. Mr. Gong, what do you think? "

Words fall, everyone looks to a certain position.

Gong Ou sits there, his body tilts back, his thin lips are pursed, his black eyes are staring at the table top of the conference table, there is no focal length, and his long fingers are turning a pen.

"Gong ou, don't you understand? No wedding, no wedding, nothing. "

"Gong ou, please don't fake it. Yesterday I was standing outside your room and calling you! I waited all night in front of the hotel last night! "

"You don't understand what I want. I can't afford what you want. We really can't get together."

He doesn't understand what she wants?

He didn't understand enough. What else did he give? Didn't he do so much for her?

She had to hold on to the former Gong ou. That person even hurt her. Does her constitution love to be abused by nature?

"Mr. Gong?"

Someone shouted and Gong Ou sat expressionless.

The meeting room suddenly became quite awkward, and they accompanied Gong Ou in a daze and watched carefully.

Since Gong Ou came back, he has been holding meetings every minute and every second to discuss major issues. Only when he is dissatisfied with other people's stupidity in meetings, now he is stupefied by himself.

Everyone looked at each other.

Gong Ou turns the pen in his hand. The thin lips become tighter and tighter. The position of his chest is very uncomfortable.

It's like anger, it's like it's not.

This kind of feeling makes him very anxious. It's clear that he hasn't had this kind of mood for a long time. He's clearly calm.


Gong Ou suddenly stands up from the chair, ignores the crowd, turns around and walks out to the office.

"Young master."

Feng De is cleaning the table.

Gong Ou goes over, pulls out the drawer, takes out the medicine bottle from the inside, pours two medicines into his mouth, picks up the water and swallows them, frowns tightly.

"Young master, are you ok?"

Feng de looked at her anxiously.

Gong Ou glanced at him coldly and suddenly thought of something. He hurried out of the office and walked to the meeting room.

Dozens of people in the meeting room stared at him in a daze, so silent that they could not make a sound.

"You go on with the meeting and send the results to my office."

With that, Gong Ou shut the door and left a room full of people.

He walked in the corridor, reached for his tie and pulled it off. He was uncomfortable.

No way.

He can't do that.

He casually found a sofa to sit down, reached out and held his forehead, his teeth were closed tightly.

"How are you, young master?" Feng de came forward and looked at him with some worry. He had a glass of water in his hand. "Do you want water?"

Gong Ou grabs the water cup directly and pours it down with his head up.

After drinking, he reached out to smash the cup, and then he put the cup aside on the coffee table.

"You go back to me and ask Xi Xiaonian to take back what she said and let her go back to the imperial castle." Gong Ou said coldly.

He must arrange the table properly, or he will be totally out of place. He doesn't like this feeling.

Xi Xiaonian is so ungrateful, he also wants to pull down directly, but when he thinks of separation, he is more uncomfortable, his body is like being bitten by insects.

She was the first reason for his treatment.

He can't give up easily.

"I'm afraid I can't do this, young master."

Feng de stood in good order and said with his head bowed.

"You can't do it? She makes you her father. " Gong Ou is cold and cold, breathing slightly.

"Once miss Xi has made a decision, it will be difficult to change it. I think if you want to take Miss Xi back, you may still need to go out in person." Feng de starts to assist.

Smell speech, Gong Ou sneers, stands up from sofa, black eyes stare at him coldly, "do you know how busy I am now? She wants to rob the custody right openly to the public. Even if she takes the whole responsibility on her, my image will be affected. She has created a lot of troubles that I have to deal with; the company's affairs are waiting for me to deal with; how can I have so much time to save her? "

Women's business is more.

Feng de frowned. "Then why did it exist before?"


Gong Ou turned cold as ice.

"The young master had time to get along with Miss Xi no matter how busy he was. But how much time did you spend with Miss Xi when you came back this time?" Fengde light tunnel.