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Chapter 347 goodbye, mu qianchu

Is it her child?

When Xiaonian felt that she was lying in the car, and the car was moving forward, she turned her face difficultly, only to see the crib beside was supported by hands.

The baby is crying.

When Xiaonian had difficulty in sitting up, he looked up at the crib.


When Xiaonian didn't see his baby, his head was heavy, and it was dark before his eyes. He fainted again and fell down heavily.

A figure immediately stood up from the side, stooped to her side, reached out and rubbed her head, with gentle movements.

Day and night alternate.

The stars are shifting.

There is a fresh fragrance floating into the nose, on the huge bed, the sun gently falls on a sleeping face, there is a crisp bird call from outside, which makes people feel comfortable.

I'm used to hearing the sound of waves and seabirds. I haven't heard any other sounds for a long time.

She lies there sleeping, the corner of her lips involuntarily raises a smile, for a long time, when Xiaonian slowly opens his eyes, the sight in front of her eyes is a little fuzzy.

It seems to be covered with a layer of light and shadow. The top of the room in her sight is very high, the area is large, and the style is unique. The furniture in her sight is totally different from what she usually sees.

It's like being in an unfamiliar country.

What is this place?

When Xiaonian was confused in his head, he reached out and sat up from the bed according to his temples. As soon as he sat up, there was a sharp pain under him.


When small read pain straight teeth, hand firmly grasp quilt.

It hurts.

Pain let her immediately clear over, she suddenly remembered that she gave birth to a pair of twins, she didn't even see the baby's appearance, she seems to have seen a thousand.

The memory of giving birth to a baby in pain is clear to her, but the impression of Mu qianchu is vague.

At that time, she was in such pain that she couldn't tell which was real and which was illusion.

She seems to have said a lot to Mu qianchu, but she doesn't seem to have. She can't remember clearly.

When Xiaonian bit his lips, it was hard to remember.

No matter, find the baby first.

When Xiaonian opened the quilt and got out of bed, her body moved and there was severe pain. Her face was pale and she just endured getting out of bed.

As soon as her feet hit the ground, she felt the pain in her legs.

When Xiaonian pushed open the door and walked out for a while, she walked into a hall and was awed by the spectacle in front of her.

The hall in front of us is almost like an art hall, with a very high dome and few decorations. There are exquisite reliefs on the walls, which outline the fascinating atmosphere with every stroke.

It's Rococo style architecture, which is hard to see in China.

When Xiaonian stood there, looking at the hall in front of him, he was shocked for a long time. This building can not be described as magnificent, but as art. Every corner is perfect.

"Miss Shi, you finally wake up."

A voice came.

When Xiaonian turned around, she saw a man in a white coat coming towards her, with a plain face, a kind smile, and a scar trace of stitches on the eyebrow corner.

Eyebrow scar doctor. At

, Xiao Nian suddenly thought that the doctor who also saw in the production was exactly the same scar. But her eyes were different from those in front of him. They were narrow and feminine. Was it her hallucination?

In fact, from the beginning to the end, the eyebrow scar doctor is just the person in front of him?

Has muqianchu ever appeared?

"You're the doctor. Did you really save me?" When Xiaonian just woke up, the memory was a bit confused, the real and the false were not very clear.

"Yes." "Eyebrow scar doctor nodded," when Miss probably is when giving birth too tired result, already drowsy whole 3 days

"I've been sleeping for three days?"

When Xiaonian was shocked.

Three days have passed.

"Yes, why don't Miss Shi go back to bed and have a rest? She has just had three days of production, so she shouldn't get out of bed and walk too much." Said doctor eyebrow scar, with a little respect for her tone.

"I want to see the babies. Where are they? Where are we? I don't think it's British or Chinese architecture. " Xiaonian stood there and said.

"This is a city on the edge of Italy." Said the eyebrow scar doctor.


When Xiaonian was shocked, she was brought to Italy.

She lived for more than 20 years and was forced to leave the country twice in a year.


No wonder the buildings here are full of artistic styles. Many artists were born in this country. She had thought about saving money to travel once before.

I didn't expect that it would be like a dream.

"Yes." "Eyebrow scar doctor nods," the climate here is very suitable for curing disease, also very suitable for baby

"Is it?" When talking about the baby, Xiaonian's face softened. She lowered her eyes and suddenly found that she was wearing a baggy nightgown with transverse lines. She could not help frowning.

When the doctor saw what she was thinking, he smiled, "Miss Shi, the clothes are changed by the maid. You can't always wear the clothes in production."

"Thank you." When Xiaonian bowed to him.

"Miss Shi should be hungry. Do you want something to eat?" Asked the eyebrow scar doctor.

Xiaonian shook his head and said seriously, "I'll meet my baby first. Where are they?"

Smell speech, eyebrow scar doctor's eye flied a strange, very quickly by him not to show a trace to cover up, side body says, "when miss, why don't I take you to see my boss first?"


When small read stupefied.

"Yes, please come with me." Dr. eyebrow scar went up the stairs.

When Xiaonian followed up and stepped on the stairs, her body began to ache again. She forced herself to go forward with pain.

Suddenly, she saw a sketch hanging on the wall. It was her, but not her.

The young girl's face is full of melancholy which is not in line with her age. She is both young and sad. The foundation of this painting is a little immature, but it can not be denied that it is a good work.

When the eyebrow scar doctor saw that she couldn't come up, he turned his eyes and saw that her eyes fell on the painting. He explained, "this is your brother's self portrait."

Self portrait.

She guessed, too.

"This is your brother's house." The eyebrow scar doctor says again.

"My brother is your boss?" Shi Xiaonian takes it for granted that this is her twin brother's house and has his self portrait. The one who saved her must be her brother.

"Come on up."

Doctor eyebrow scar didn't say anything, just let her up.

When Xiaonian insisted on going up a few steps. When she got to the top, she saw the picture on the wall again. It was a big work.

It is the painting of Raphael, one of the three outstanding artists of the Italian Renaissance.

She stood in front of the painting and paused. First, her legs were aching and soft, so she needed a rest. Second, she was attracted by the painting in front of her.

Her face is a little white, not very nice.

The eyebrow scar doctor knew that she walked a little hard now, and did not urge her, only said, "Miss Shi really likes painting."

"This fake is also a masterpiece."

Shi Xiaonian said that she rarely saw a fake painting so full of essence.

"Fakes?" Eyebrow scar doctor low smile, "chair home is impossible to appear fakes."

"But isn't it in any museum?" She read the news.

The eyebrow scar doctor stood there, hands behind him, smiled, "which side is the fake, that is not necessarily."


He means that the paintings in the museum are fakes. The real works are here.

When Xiaonian stood there and listened to him, he suddenly realized something, "Xi family Is it rich? "

Her brother can collect Raphael's paintings at will.

Eyebrow scar doctor toward her a mysterious smile, and then go forward, when small read had to bear body pain to follow him.

The doctor took her to a closed door, then bowed his head to her and said, "my boss is in here. Please come in, Miss Shi."

Finish saying, eyebrow scar doctor turns to leave.


When Xiaonian wanted to stop him, the man had already left, and she stood in front of the door a little bit embarrassed.


She has never met a brother, but she has the same painting hobby, this feeling is very wonderful.

I don't know why. She's a little nervous.

She bit her lip, then reached out and pushed the door carefully.

This is a large office room. From a distance, she can see two masterpieces.

It's very suitable for the study style paintings. The artistic atmosphere is distributed in every corner, making people feel relaxed and happy.

She walked in. There were many books on an irregular desk. A laptop was on it. The light was still on. A gray chair was facing her.

The back of the chair is very high.

She saw only one back brain, with short black hair.

Apparently a man was sitting there.

When Xiaonian stood there, his lips were tight, and suddenly he didn't know what to say.

Time seems to be still.

The curtains in the study fluttered gently in the wind.

When Xiaonian looked at the gray back of the chair and saw that he didn't mean to turn around, she took a deep breath and said, "I'm coming."

Hearing her voice, the back of the chair finally moved slowly and turned slowly.

When Xiaonian didn't know what kind of face he would see, his teeth were grinding his lips, his breath was holding, "I just saw your painting, it was your teenage..."

Before she had finished speaking, the chair in front of the desk turned.

When Xiaonian did not see the face similar to her imagination, but saw a familiar face.

He sat upright in the gray chair, with his long white hands and ten fingers in front of him, and some scars on the back of his hands.

His handsome short black hair is a beautiful face, black eyebrows, long narrow eyes deeply watching her, pale lips with a gentle arc.

It was a feminine male face, but the gentle breath was just like warm water, neither ice nor burning.

That smile, such as spring breeze.

I admire the beginning.

A living dream.

"Long time no see, Xiaonian."

Mu qianchu sits there and looks at her with a smile. His breath is more stable than before.


When Xiaonian stood there stupidly and looked at him incredulously.