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Chapter 545. He seems to be softer than before

When Xiaonian's head was blank, "why?"

"You'll still dry your mouth if you just dip it in your lips. Now I don't want to have any unexpected problems." Gong Ou took another sip and pressed her lips again.

When Xiaonian's lips are opened by him, she passively receives the water he feeds.

All of a sudden, his fiery tongue came into her mouth and stirred softly. Xiaonian's heart was throbbing fiercely. He couldn't find any reaction. He just looked at him stupidly and his eyes were distracted.

"Any more?"

Asked Gong ou.

When Xiaonian felt that her body was getting weaker and weaker, she looked at him in a daze. For a long time, she shook her head. "That's enough."


Gong Ou put her back to the side seat, took back her hand, and screwed on the cup cover of the thermos cup.

When Xiaonian was really tired, he sat there to rest.

She glanced out of the window. The sick girl with a bald head had got out of the wheelchair and stood dancing on the wall. She didn't need to look at the expression to know that the little girl was very happy because of the rainbow house she painted.

Her paintings can also bring happiness.

Gong Ou looks at her, while Xiaonian looks out of the window.

Gong Ou suddenly leans towards her, and the whole person presses on her. When Xiaonian is stunned, she looks at him in amazement. Gong Ou reaches out and raises the car seat. When Xiaonian slowly leans back together with the back of the seat.

It's much more comfortable to lie down.

When Xiaonian looks at him by accident, he seems to be gentler than before. Is it her illusion?

As time went by, there was no news from the kidnappers, and the phone didn't ring.

Shi Xiaonian is drowsy again. Her eyelids are put together. She lies on the seat and closes her eyes vaguely. She doesn't know if she is asleep.

It seems that there is a line of sight that has been falling on her.

When Xiaonian opened her eyes bleakly, she saw Gong Ou's dark eyes. She closed her eyes and looked back. Gong Ou sat there and looked at her mobile phone.

She thought, maybe it's just her illusion.

When Xiaonian was lying on the seat, she heard a message ring of "Ding". She opened her eyes half asleep and looked at Gong Ou's mobile phone. There was a video on it.

"The video of the kidnapper?"

When Xiaonian sat up with strong support and looked at Gong ou.

Gong Ou sits there, turns on the video on his mobile phone, and Gong Yao and Gong Kui appear in the picture again.

This time they were trapped in a trunk. The two children were forced to sit there, face to face. Their legs were glued together with adhesive tape. Gong Kui's hands were tied to each other. Gong Yao's little hands were loose, holding a piece of paper.

The kidnapper said all the things to be told by Gong Yao.


When Xiaonian saw the twins tied up, he was so anxious and angry.

Gong Kui was obviously not as calm as before. Her eyes were red. She sat there with a little face and a piece of tape on her mouth.

Gong Yao looked at the paper in his hand and said, "Congratulations, I finished the wall painting on time. Look at these two children. They are harmless. Now you can go to the next place, to the nearest mountain, half of which is a villa. Hurry up, or I can't guarantee anything. "


Xiaonian's anger is also weak.

The video is short.

"Another place." Gong Ou put the mobile phone aside, black eyes cold.

The kidnapper didn't ask for a ransom, he asked them to finish the 9981.


"If it goes on like this, it will be dark. What should I do?" Shixiaonian asked anxiously, not all of them said that there was a golden rescue time after being kidnapped. The longer the time is delayed, the more likely the hostage will be torn.

"Let's see first."

Gong Ou low tunnel, start the car, turn on the heating, drive forward, a pair of black eyes deep.

When Xiaonian sat there.

"Lie down for a while."

Gong Ou said in a deep voice.

"It's OK, I can hold on." This is what shixiaonian said most today.

"The kidnappers we met are not ordinary people. Maybe he can torture you. Are you sure you have energy to deal with them without rest?" Gong Ou said in a cold voice.

"Not ordinary people?"

When I was young, I lost my mind.

"In general kidnapping cases, the kidnappers are thinking about how to use the quickest and safest way to get the ransom and then get away at once. But this time, the other party is obviously playing games with us and is not in a hurry to get the ransom at all." Gong Ou drives the car, and his knuckled fingers bounce on the steering wheel.

"You mean his real purpose is not to take ransom, what does he want?" When small read to beat spirit to ask.

"I don't know."

Gong Ou said that the other side had hidden the real purpose, and could not speculate.


When Xiaonian listened to his words and bit his lips, he lay down slowly.

Do not know the real purpose of the kidnappers, do not know who the kidnappers are, they can only be passively led by the nose in the walk.

As he said, she still needs to be refreshed. She lies on the seat, still wearing his coat, wrapped in several thick layers, and the car is well heated. Xiaonian soon falls into a state of half sleep and half awake.

The car is on the road.

Gong Ou drives alone quietly. The scenery along the road reverses. It's getting dark. He drives up the mountain.

"Gong ou."

A whisper came.

Gong Ou turns her eyes and looks at Xiaonian. She lies there, sleeps uneasily, her eyes are moving under her eyelids, her sick face is haggard and her lips are pale.

Dream talk.

Gong Ou stares at her, with dark eyes.

In her dream, which one is Gong ou, the former or the present?

Listen to her tone of dependence should not be his present.

Gong Ou doesn't understand what he's thinking. He doesn't know whether he wants shixiaonian to fall in love with him. If she falls in love with him like this, is it another kind of betrayal?


The betrayal of Xiaonian.

Thinking of these two words, Gong Ou's chest is stuffy. Maybe, he shouldn't give her this chance to betray.

The car drove to the front of Banshan villa. It was already dark at dusk. The light of the whole world was very dark. Looking down from Banshan, it was full of rocks and bare trees.

The villa is well built. The iron door outside is open. There are many potted plants in the garden. The long green leaves come out from the inside. The windows in the villa are covered with curtains, so you can't see anything in the house.

When Xiaonian woke up in a daze, he saw the outer nerve of the window tensed up

She immediately sat up, coughed a few times and pushed the door down.

The night wind on the mountain is cooler.

Gong Ou comes down from the other side, walks to Xiaonian's side, puts on the mask, looks at the villa in front with black eyes, raises his legs and walks inside, holding his wrist in a catkin.

Gong Ou looks back, and Xiaonian rests all the way, which makes his eyes clear.

"Gong ou, go back."

When Xiaonian looked at him, his voice was hoarse.


Gong asked coldly.

"You don't know the kidnapper's real intention. He let us enter the villa. Who knows what is inside? If it's a trap designed for you, the consequences will be unimaginable." "Small read slowly said," so, you go back to preside over the overall situation, for the kidnapper game I am enough alone

"Don't forget that the kidnapper is named after you. The trap is more likely to be set for you." Gong Ou stood in front of her and said.

"That's why you don't have to be with me." When small read to squeeze out a smile.


Gong Ou is silent.

When Xiaonian looked at his clothes, the night wind came, she reached out and took off his coat, handed him, "you go back, Gong ou, no matter who this bureau is for, if I have an accident, at least you plan for twins."

Gong'ou stood there motionless, letting her thrust her clothes into his hands. He stared at her with deep eyes, unable to see what he was thinking.

But Shi Xiaonian knows that he must agree with her. He is rational and calm, and even marriage can be used with the press conference. He says that if we want to win-win, we should not go together for the risk-taking.

He's been with her till now, enough.

Nobody knows anything in this villa. In case of death, both of them will go in together.

"I'm in."

Seeing that Gong ou never spoke, Xiao Nian turned and walked into the open iron door of the villa. His eyes fell on the closed white door.

Step by step.

When Xiaonian can feel Gong Ou's sight falling on her back all the time, he is watching her leave.

She went on without turning her head. Her foot suddenly tripped over a vine on the ground and almost fell.

When small read Leng Leng Leng, suddenly turned back to run towards Gong ou, exhausted all his strength.


Gong Ou's eyes are deep, and his handsome face is clear.

When Xiaonian rushed to him and threw himself into his arms, he reached out and hugged him. He grabbed the clothes with his hands on his back. His chest was warm, especially warm.

She is greedy for this moment, this second.

When Xiaonian gave him a hug, she didn't let herself stay any longer. She quickly released her hand and didn't look at Gong Ou's face. She turned around and ran to the gate, grabbing the metal ring with both hands and pushing it hard.

The door is unlocked.

The white gate opened in front of her eyes, and the sunlight slanted in and fell into the room. Xiaonian walked in without hesitation.


The gate suddenly closed itself.

A tall figure flashed in at the last moment and stood beside her.



When Xiaonian stared at Gong Ou who rushed in, Gong Ou stood there, staring at her expressionless, thin lips pursed, without any appearance to explain.

Time stops between two people.

When Xiaonian looked at his face, he found his voice for a long time. "Why?"

Why come in? He's been with her long enough.

Wen Yan, Gong Ou's eyes flickered, turned around, stared at the closed door and said coldly, "probably because he didn't take the medicine."


When Xiaonian didn't expect that he would give such an answer.

"Turn on the lights." Gong Ou didn't explain any more, just said in a low voice.