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Chapter 795 discharge of Lori


It's really good, so that it's all over.

The next day, Xiao Nian heard about Lori's discharge.

In the hospital, Xiaonian is basking in the sun on the balcony with Gong ou. The warmth of the sun is comfortable and comfortable. Xiaonian is sleepy leaning on Gong Ou's arms.

Gong Ou felt her stomach for a while and was asking if she was uncomfortable. Lori pulled the suitcase to say goodbye to them.

Shi Xiaonian came out of Gong Ou's arms, stood on the balcony and looked at Luo lie. His eyes fell on the suitcase beside him, and he could not help frowning.

Lori stood there, with no expression on his face and a calm voice. "Mr. and Mrs. Gong, I'm out of hospital. I want to say goodbye to you."

"Discharge?" When Xiaonian was shocked, "but how can you leave the hospital before your injury is completely recovered?"

"I'm a doctor. I know my physical condition. Thank you for your concern." Luo lie light tunnel, eyebrows and eyes still have his own aloofness.


When Xiaonian was stunned, was it after she told the story of Xi Yu and Gong Yu yesterday that he made such a decision?

"Mr. and Mrs. Gong, thank you for saving me. Luo didn't think it would be reported. I'll go if I can help you in the future." Lori finished, pulling the trunk and turning around.

"Dr lo."

When Xiaonian frowned and didn't know what to say, she turned her eyes and saw Gong ou still lying on the reclining chair in the sun comfortably. This man is really

No one said goodbye to him.

When Xiaonian clutched his sleeve, Gong Ou looked at her discontentedly. "What are you doing? You can still stop someone from huangquan pass if he wants to die?"


When small read stupefied next, "what?"

Gong Ou squints lazily, holds her hand and kisses her lips. Her voice is low and sexy. "Lancaster has been so insulted this time, how can he give up and leave this hospital? You are dead."

Smell speech, when small read suddenly come to realize, hurriedly call Luo lie, "Luo doctor, then you can't leave here, you still have peace of mind to recuperate."

Lori had already taken several steps. When he heard this, he looked back and said, "thank you for your concern, but I have decided to go."

"There is only one way out for you. It's better to stay in the palace."

Anyway, she also heard that Luo Qi said she could work in the palace without a doctor.

"No more." He can't stay any longer.

Gong Yu used to pretend to be a fool when he didn't know anything. Now, how can he pretend to be a fool when everything is revealed.

"Dr. Luo..."

"When I had nothing, Lancaster gave me a bite to eat. I swore that I would never betray Lancaster. If they wanted to kill me, I would just return my life." Said Lori, in a tone of stubbornness.

"Oh, my brother saved you for half his life, and you are going to die again?" Gong Ou sneers, stands up from the reclining chair, moves his neck, and looks at Luo lie sharply. "It seems that the kindness of my palace family is not worth mentioning."

When Xiao Nian looked at Gong ou, he looked at Luo lie.

Luo lie sniffed the voice and lowered his head. He held the trunk lever tightly. Finally, he lowered his posture and said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Gong. I'm very grateful to the palace family for saving me, but I really don't want to stay at the palace family. Gong Yu won't want to see me either."


It's because of Gong Yu.

When Xiaonian sips her lips, turns her eyes to Gong ou and waits for his plan. Gong Ou says, "Feng de"

As soon as the voice fell, Feng de pushed in the door from the outside, and handed a document to Luo lie with his hand. Luo lie looked at Gong Ou incomprehensibly. Feng de stood there and explained, "doctor Luo, this is the fake identity prepared by the young master for you. We will escort you abroad and live in a new identity to ensure your safety."

Luo lie's eyes couldn't conceal his surprise. "Mr. Gong, here..."

Did the palace do too much for him.

When Xiaonian also looked at Gong Ou in surprise, she didn't expect that Gong Ou had done so many things in silence. Gong Ou walked to Lori's face step by step, his black eyes were cold, he reached out and played the document in his hand, saying, "remember your words, from today on, you don't only owe Lancaster kindness. When our palace needs a doctor, you will roll right away for me Come back! "

He specializes in women's diseases, especially during pregnancy. Gong Ou said he needs a doctor, but he just wants to keep a doctor for Shixiao.

Lori nodded with the document and said, "my life is saved by the palace family. I will wait for the order of Mr. gong at any time. Then I will go."

Lori bowed his head towards Gong ou, and then politely bowed his head towards Xiao Nian. He took the document in one hand and the suitcase in the other.

When Xiaonian stood there, quietly watching Lori's back.

This person is not in their life from the beginning. He should have gone on a journey, gained some insights, and lived a peaceful life. As a result, he was stirred up by them again and again, and in the end, he would like to say a word of gratitude to help.

When he thought of this, Xiaonian felt a little upset. He raised his legs to the door, looked at Lori's back, and said in a loud voice, "Dr. Luo, you are a good doctor. Thank you for your care."

Lori stopped and stood there for a long time. He looked back at shixiaonian and his eyes were deep. "One thing I've never read wrong is that Mr. Gong really dares to do anything for you and can pay anything."

With that, Lori waved the documents in her hand.

Of course, shixiaonian understood what he meant. Gong Ou tried so hard to protect Lori's life. A large part of the reason was because of her, or all of her.

"Please take good care of yourself." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Well." Lori nodded, turned around and looked back. Suddenly, a radian appeared on his lips. "By the way, I'll send you a text message. Remember to check it."

Said, Luo lie head also does not return to leave, when left small read Zheng in place.

SMS? What text message?

Lori went on, and her figure grew farther and farther, so far that she could not see it again, as if it had never appeared before.

No matter what kind of connection, parting is always uncomfortable.


The bird stopped at the windowsill again. Like the other days, it always stayed for a while and then fluttered away.

Gong Yu sat up from the bed and pressed his hand on his back. His back was so sore that he couldn't use any strength. The nurse who replaced him quickly helped him when he saw the situation. He was understanding and said, "it's really tiring to stay in bed all the time."


Gong Yu answered with a light voice, sat up from the bed, pressed his hand on the quilt, and for a moment, his eyes were in a trance, Luo lie.

He has a headache at the thought of Lori.

However, time can bring everything. After a long time, everything will pass.

"Mr. Gong, the gauze on your face has been removed several times. Your face is much better than before." Said the nurse flatteringly.


Gong Yu deserves to be absent-minded.

"Mr. Gong, you are as well recovered as Dr. Luo. I believe that in a while, you will be able to leave the hospital like him." The nurse smiled and said, arranging the quilt for Gong Yu.

It's like one of the strings in the body has been snapped.


Gong Yu thought that he must be a fool now. He stayed.

"Yes." The nurse nodded.

"Can he be discharged? He was injured in the head before, so leave the hospital soon? " Gong Yu raised his eyebrows and asked eagerly, "how can your hospital discharge him! It's irresponsible! "

Seeing that Gong Yu was angry, the nurse was also flustered, and hurriedly said, "Mr. Gong, it's not our hospital that let him leave the hospital, but Dr. Luo who wants to leave the hospital himself. He knows how to take care of himself after he leaves the hospital, and your brother agrees."

It's not their hospital's fault.

"Haven't you heard a word that you can't cure yourself?" Gong Yu asked.

"Ah?" She didn't hear that.

Gong Yu's face was so ugly that he said, "when something happened to him, I'll find your hospital responsible! This is what my palace said! "

The nurse was completely shocked. She looked at Gong Yu stupidly. Her face was white and she said in a flustered way, "then, I'll inform the superior to let them chase Dr. Luo back?"

This palace family's accusation is enough to destroy their hospital hundreds of times. She can't afford it as a little nurse.

"Come back? Has he just left? "

Gong Yu did not find his tone so urgent.

"Yes, I saw him saying goodbye to your brother when I came here." Said the nurse.

Hearing that, Gong Yu's movements were faster than his thoughts. He didn't think about anything. He reached out and lifted the quilt. He stood up and was about to leave. His injuries and weakness made him hurt everywhere. His whole body shook for a while and almost fell down.

"Mr. Gong..."

The nurse hurriedly came up to him and held him. "You still need less floor now."

It's only a few days since we're out of danger.

"I'm fine. I'll go out for a while." Gong Gu clenched his teeth and said, after only standing for a while, his face was already sweating. He looked at the clothes hanger aside and said, "take my clothes."

The nurse did not dare to disobey his wishes. She quickly took down a coat and put it on for Gong Yu, who was going out in slippers.

"Wait, wait." The nurse took out a bag from her pocket, took out a sterilized medical mask from the inside and handed it to him, "it's windy outside, Mr. Gong, please wear it, be careful of the cold, it's not easy to recover from the injury."

According to the situation, Gong Yu should go after Dr. Luo.

These two people usually stay in their respective wards in the hospital. They hardly see each other. How can doctor Luo leave? Gong Yu is so nervous?

"Thank you."

Gong Yu took over the mask and went out. His movement involved the wound. It hurt his heart and lungs. It made him slow and limp.

Gong Yu raised his hand and looked at the time. Lori had just left before the nurse came in. Then this meeting should be about to leave the hospital.