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Chapter 1054 breaking through Enid


"After the gunfight, with the character of George Jain, he would fight back against us even if he was seriously injured, but he didn't. He chose to shut down because he was in the way of Enid, afraid that we might hurt his favorite woman."


"So George, knowing the danger here, especially came to see her to find out what the situation was." Shixiaonian said, "everything works. Enid lies and conceals because she knows that she is very important to George. She is the most important trump card."


When small read a breath all finish saying, then drew a circle on two names.

That's what she can see.

There's never been anything Enid has mastered. If there is, it's a person. It's Enid.

Gong Ou felt his chin in his wheelchair and read this long speech. His eyes were black and bright, and his thin lips were slowly raised.

When Xiaonian looked at him, "I think that's it. What do you think?"

"You have a beautiful speech."

Gong Ou looks at her admiringly.

“……” When the small read speechless, frustrated tunnel, "you are not listening to me at all?"

She said so much.

She's got such a big hole in her head. Give her a little response.

"Listen." Gong Ou gave her a little comfort, "but I didn't see much."


When Xiaonian surrendered to him.

Seeing her frustrated face, Gong Ou smiled, went to the wall in a wheelchair, grabbed the charcoal from her hand, drew an arrow on the two names on the wall, and then wrote down bit's name.

After writing, Gong Ou throws the pen away, turns his eyes to look at her, "how to explain this?"

When Xiaonian suddenly froze there, of course, she knew what Gong Ou meant. If George loved a maid deeply, he would be better to bit for the sake of loving Wu and Wu.

But in fact, bit has been released and looked down upon by him for years, becoming the most unpopular little son in the family, and even being used by George to fight against Gong Ou when his talent is revealed.

"I......" When small read moved lips, completely vented gas, "I can't explain."

If George loved Enid, he couldn't have done that.

Even if you are paranoid like Gong ou, you won't be so ruthless to your children. Generally, men have fatherhood. George still likes Mona so much. He is willing to fight with Gong Ou until today.

Gong Ou looks at her like this, and feels sad. "OK, you usually draw too many caricatures. Your mind is full of the plot of love and affection. It's ok if you think the direction is wrong."

When small read bite lips.

"Stop thinking. Let's go up and see pumpkin son."

Gong Ou said again.

"But I really think that's the only way to make sense." Shi Xiaonian said that this time, she was a lot weaker. She didn't know how to explain bit's story.

"When they find out about Fengde, let's go."

Gong Oula took her out of the underpass.

"Maybe George has a reason to be so mean to bit." When small read still don't want to give up their own guess, she also looked at the information of the day, how can we completely want to go in the wrong direction.

"When I read......"

"Well, I won't say it." When Xiaonian shut up and pushed Gong Ou out, "are you tired from sitting so long? Go up and lie down

"Where to lie?"

"In bed."

"I'll lie down if I have you in bed." Gong Ou turns his head and stares at her.


If you don't agree with each other, you will take advantage. It's too much.

When Xiaonian poked him on the shoulder, Gong Ou clenched his lips and smiled. He seemed to be in a good mood. Maybe he thought he was in the right direction. Soon, what Enid mastered will come to the surface.

Is it ridiculous that she thinks too far?

Xiaonian sighs and pushes Gong Ou away.


But in a few days, Gong Ou's face darkened again, for nothing else, just because Feng de turned over the underground waterway several times, there was still no trace of any trace.

Gong Ou is not a patient person, and his temper begins to develop towards grumpiness. He is more stubborn in breaking up the code love words and trying to find another code from inside.

When Xiaonian tried to distract him again, Gong Ou refused. He was completely paranoid and went into the world of finding answers.

At this time, the little pumpkin can also be taken out of the incubator under the care of the doctor. When Xiaonian first picked up the little pumpkin, she was reluctant to let go. The little lump in her arms made her whole person warm.

When Xiaonian sat under the tree holding the little pumpkin, the little pumpkin was sleeping soundly, his eyes were closed tightly, his mouth was slightly open, and he was a little naive.

"You still hold it when you are asleep, aren't you tired?"

The voice of a teenager rang in her ear.

When Xiaonian turned his head, he saw bit coming towards her with a smile, and he took a chair and sat down beside her. His clear blue eyes watched her attentively.

"I'm not tired. I've just had a hug for a while." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"How about a meeting? It's been two hours." Bit said, "your hands will be sour like this."

"Has it been two hours?" When small read some surprised, "I feel just a few minutes, do you see the baby is not lovely?"

"Lovely, like you."

Bit said with a smile, reaching out and pulling the cuddle on the pumpkin.

Smell speech, the eyes of small read is suffused with soft light, smile to say, "I pour to think he is more like palace Europe, like palace Europe is good, looks better than me, also is cleverer than me."

At this, bit's eyes darkened. "You can think of him for anything. He is a maniac."

Thanks to her pride.

"Isn't it normal to think of children and think of their fathers?" Shi Xiaonian said that the little pumpkin moved suddenly in her arms and was so lovely that it was in a mess.

"No, my mother wouldn't look at me and think of my father. She brought me up alone." Bit retorted that there was a hatred of George in the words.

Before, bit had a last hope for George. He hoped that George would pay attention to him. Now he and Enid have met each other. He is more and more full of hatred for George.

When Xiaonian held the pumpkin, her eyes moved, and she asked casually, "did your mother tell you about your father?"

"No, she only talked about my childhood." When Peter mentioned Enid, he couldn't help but feel happy, like a homeless child who finally found a home. "You know, I was very naughty when I was a child. I jumped up and down everywhere. She couldn't hold me."

"Is it true that you were so naughty when you were a child, so you should not teach my little pumpkin bad, or stay away from it." Xiaonian said with a smile.

"I can't teach badly. I can only teach well." Bit is in a hurry. "My mother said that I was very smart since I was a child. At the age of three, I didn't like to stare at picture books, like to read some complicated knowledge books, but I still couldn't read enough. She said that she was exhausted just looking for books for me."

"I can't tell you're still a prodigy."

"So I'm excellent." "I can read family history when I'm 3 years old. How can I teach your child bad?" bit said proudly

"Family history?" When small read stupefied, "this kind of book you can see casually?"

Bit looked at her and became confused. "Yes, it's always in my father's study or in the vault. How can I see it when I'm 3 years old?"


When Xiaonian looked at him in tears, did he find out the problem now.

Bit thought about it, reached for his hair, and finally couldn't understand, "that must be my mother's mistake. How could she show me her family history?"

He didn't remember a lot when he was 3 years old. Enid told him.

When small read can not help but think of their own brain holes, whispered, "maybe she did not remember wrong."

If George falls in love with Enid in his marriage, it's OK for Enid to be loved and show his family history to his children.


Bit said something when he didn't hear it clearly.

"Bit, I baked a cake in the kitchen. You can eat it." A cold voice suddenly broke into their conversation.

"Mother." Bit stood up, bowed his head at the visitor, and ran happily to the kitchen.

When Xiaonian didn't look back, she saw Enid still wearing a very old cloth robe coming towards her, and Enid nodded to her, "madam."

With that, Enid pulled the big hat on her head and stood there quietly.

When small read to hold small pumpkin light to answer, Enid is very polite to her, "the baby is very beautiful, madam you are really happy."

When Xiaonian sat there and didn't answer, a flower fell from the tree and she reached for it.

There was some silence in the air.

After a while, Xiaonian called the doctor and gave the pumpkin to the doctor.

"Madam, I'll go down first."

When I saw Xiaonian, I didn't mean to talk to myself. Enid was ready to leave. As soon as she turned around, Xiaonian got up from her chair and looked at her with black and white eyes. "Are you afraid that bit would tell me too much? I'm in such a hurry to get him out. "

Enid's back was thin in the wind.

She slowly looked back and calmly read, "I don't understand what you're talking about."

"I know you've been standing behind us, listening to our conversation, but you came out to interrupt bith when he was talking about family history." When small read light smile, "do you know there is a saying that there is no silver here three hundred liang?"

Enid's actions will only make her more certain of her brain hole.

"Family history may be my fault for a moment." Said Enid calmly, with no sign of a guilty face.

"I admire you for remembering correctly."

Said Shi Xiaonian, with deep meaning in his words.

"What do you mean?"

"I admire the fact that you can let the man you love abuse your children so much, and you can ignore it for as long as 13 years." "When small read a way," for contrast, his father is not a good man, his mother may not be deeply in love with him