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Chapter 67 Gong Ou's Revenge

Is it necessary to be so far away from him?

Gong Ou twisted her eyebrows, turned her whole body over, lowered her head and kissed her on the lips. He held her in his arms and felt the temperature on her body. This was enough.

Her lips were bitten by herself, and the blood no longer flowed, but there was still a shallow smell of blood. She breathed slowly and hurriedly, as if she had been frightened in a dream.

What about nightmares?

It reminds him of seeing her in the car today.

Through the French window, he watched her spilling coffee on her body. She cried to the middle-aged woman, and her hand shaking with a pen could not Weak and helpless.

He put his hand into the quilt and touched her hand to hold it.

Her fingers were thin and soft, cold and icy.


Gong Ou covered her hand for a while, turned over the quilt, went into the bathroom for a shower, put on the bathrobe and walked out.

There is no servant in the duplex apartment of tianzhigang. Feng De is playing with a bottle of flowers in the living room, cutting off the extra flowers. Seeing Gong Ou coming out, he immediately bowed his head respectfully, "young master."

"Give me a copy of the information about my family relationship when I was a child. I want it from everyone in my family."

Gong Ou said coldly as he walked to the sofa and sat down.

"Time home?" Feng de was shocked and nodded, "yes, young master."

Gong Ou looks up at the flowers played by Feng De's men with deep black pupils. "When you were investigating, did you find out that she had a bad relationship with her family?"

He didn't pay much attention to his family relationship before.

If he hadn't seen it today, he didn't know that Xiaonian had been expelled by his adoptive parents.

Feng De is cutting the flower branches with scissors. After listening to the words, he thinks for a few seconds, and then slowly says, "when Miss Shi was a adopted daughter, she had a good result since childhood, but she was not as good as her sister everywhere, nor as good as her sister when she grew up. At that time, the psychiatrist had not analyzed it, and Miss Shi was ridiculous to give you medicine because of her perennial inferiority. She wanted to climb the high branch and climb to the sky step by step, but now it seems that Miss Shi is not such a person. "

Three years ago, why did Shi Xiaonian think of giving him medicine? Now he doesn't even know the answer.

"Fengde." Gong Ou leaned back and spoke indifferently.

Feng de looks at him.

"You should set up a department to crack down on the family members in an all-round way. As long as you are close to the family members, you should crack down on them together." Gong Ou said the cruelest order with the lowest voice, "especially when I was reading that sister, I heard she was a star, right? I want her to stay in the entertainment circle!"

Hearing such an order, Feng de looked at Gong Ou in some consternation, with doubts in his heart, but he still obeyed, "I see, young master."

What's the matter?

Why do you want to move suddenly.

Gong Ou sits elegantly, his face is gloomy, and his eyes are floating with a dangerous bloodthirsty luster, like a hunter who smells the blood of his prey.

He stared at a flower which fell on the tea table and asked suddenly, "why do you cut this one?"

Feng de followed his line of sight, raised his old hand and stroked the blooming flowers in the bottle. "Because it hinders the opening of this branch, see how beautiful this branch is."

On the art of flower cutting, Feng de has a lot of experience.

Gong Ou looks at him gloomily, stands up suddenly from the sofa, leans forward, the slender hand directly throws a fresh flower in the bottle to the ground, picks up the cut one and inserts it in Jin, the voice has the high Zhang crazy, "I want this one to bloom in the most dazzling place which nobody can see!"

Finish saying, Gong Ou turns to leave, walk side way, "this matter does not need to let when small read know temporarily."

She should take the fastest time to forget it.

"Yes, sir."

Feng de nodded, a pair of wrinkly eyes around him looked at the flowers in the bottle and fell into deep thought.

It seems that the young master is really moved by this flower this time.

Another part of building a of tianzhigang --

a sharp voice came from the new house set by Prince Mu and Shidi? Sister and Gong Ou together? Mom, are you wrong? "

Shi Di sits in front of the makeup mirror and puts on makeup. At this time, he is shocked to turn to see his visiting parents, Shi Zhong and min Qiujun.

"I also read the news. How can I admit my mistake? What's more, he said he was gong Ou himself."

Min Qiujun said, holding the document in his hand and sitting aside.

"Hum, this girl is not as good as before. She even learned to go to the gold master." Shi Zhongqi doesn't fight for one place. He directly defines Shi Xiaonian as a person who is close to the big money.

Minqiu Jun frowned and said, "I saw that the man was very protective of Xiaonian's words. Maybe it was Xiaonian's boyfriend."

If Xiaonian could have a stable boyfriend, she would be more comfortable.

"Mom, you're not kidding." In the middle of flute make-up, Wen Yan said sarcastically, "who is Gong Ou? I heard that there are many women in the castle with different levels of love Ren. When Xiaonian was his girlfriend? It's just a bed companion. "

Gong Ou's girlfriend? I didn't have that life.

Wen Yan, min Qiujun is also silent, so to speak, when Xiaonian is really in self indulgence?

Shizhong, as the head of the family, put his hands behind his back and thought for a while, saying, "it's better to break the relationship now. Xiaonian is more and more vain now. If one day he is exposed as a rich man, where will our reputation go? It's not good for Xiaodi. This cut-off letter should be sent to the court for entry into force. "

When the flute agreed to repeatedly nodded, then mocked the way, "I said how suddenly she didn't pester qianchu. She didn't think about climbing to a more important person. She didn't know what she was. She was falling asleep because of her reputation. It's ridiculous to be a bed warmer."

"She's your sister anyway. You should pay attention to the wording."

A voice with warm sound quality and indifferent tone came.

The three people in the room looked out at the same time, only to see mu qianchu's suit coming in straight from the outside, looking at them indifferently, and there was no expression on his feminine face.

"Qianchu, you are back." Min Qiujun and Shizhong stand straight at once.

Although he is his son-in-law, mu qianchu is the superior Prince of the Mu family. When they were in front of him, their family always looked down.

When Di stood up from the mirror and looked at mu qianchu excitedly, "what's the matter with you now? When it comes to reading, you have to help her talk. You didn't do that before. "

In the past, mu qianchu was full of disgust for his little thoughts.

In the past, mu qianchu loved her a lot. She didn't want to go into the big family to see her parents-in-law live a regular life. He bought a house in tianzhigang to let her be his only one.

But since she got married, as long as she said it in a small way, mu qianchu made her accumulate some virtues, and no longer cared for her as much as before, which led to the decline of their marriage.

"Then are you normal?" Mu qianchu glanced at them and said indifferently, "three members of the family are here to accuse their daughter of being Gong Ou's love Ren. Can't you ask clearly in person? "

"That's the truth! Can Gong Ou marry her famous media? What is she? " When the flute angry tunnel.

"What is not worthy of being married by famous media?"

Mu qianchu asked lightly.

"You..." When didi watched him maintain like this, he was very angry.

Minqiu Jun pulls her and tells her with his eyes not to argue with mu qianchu. How can we say that Mu's family is too much higher than that of his? There is no point in her quarreling like this.

When the flute Eye Bead turned, the hand covered his stomach, "ah, it hurts..."

"What's the matter, little flute?"

Seeing this, Shi Zhong and min Qiujun immediately supported Shi Di anxiously.

When the flute covered his stomach, looked at Xiangmu qianchu's indifferent face wrongly, and the voice with some baby voice was particularly touching, "qianchu, you have changed, why do you only speak for your sister now? I'm your wife, your baby's Mommy. "

"Yes." Shizhong stood out and said, "qianchu, our family is good to you. I'll fight for you in the company, and Shidi will give birth to your baby. What did you say to shixiaonian when you were still helping her? We've broken off our relationship with her. From now on, we don't have this daughter in our family!"

Break the relationship.

Mu qianchu stood there and glanced at the light of his eyes, only to find that min Qiujun still had a document in his hand. The title on it was very obvious - the book of breaking the relationship between parents and children.

They swept shixiaonian out of the house.



Mu qianchu's face didn't change much. For a while, he came to the clock flute, reached out and took her gently into his arms, and stared at her with low eyes. "I'm sorry, I'm in a bad mood recently, and I don't pay attention to speaking. I'll take you to the hospital."

Seeing mu qianchu's attitude softened, when the flute understood that he would take it as soon as he saw it, the little bird nestled in his arms and said softly, "that's not necessary, as long as you accompany me."

"Of course, I'll be with you all the time."

Mu qianchu hugs her, and her white hand gently taps her back. Her voice is as gentle as before. Her eyes don't look at her, but look at the broken book document in Min Qiujun's hand.

When small read this sleep very heavy, sleep until the next morning.

The sun shines through the window into the gorgeous bedroom. When Xiaonian woke up from the bed in a daze, her legs hurt. As soon as she came back last night, she was tossed away by Gong ou. At last, she was totally tired and fell into his arms.


When Xiaonian looks around, Gong Ou is not in bed.

She sat up, raised her hand and smelled. There was a faint fragrance of bath milk. She didn't remember having taken a bath last night.

When Xiaonian reaches for her hand and knocks her head, in retrospect, when she fell asleep last night, she felt someone holding her in and out.

It's Gong ou.

The man actually bathed her.

When small read some embarrassment, open the quilt to get out of bed, a look at the time, it is actually more than nine o'clock in the morning.

It's so late.

At this time, Gong Ou didn't make her cook breakfast? At other times, she gets up later, and he has to wring his eyebrows for half a day.