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Chapter 918 the world does not let the young master know


Gong Yao stood up straight and stared at Xiao Nian's stomach. It seemed that he saw something strange. It was unbelievable.

"That's right, so the baby likes holy very much, too." When small read rubbed his head and said with a smile.

Gong Yao's face is taut, and his mouth is tight, but it still reveals a smile.

Seeing the two of them stuck together, Gong Kui was not happy. He hurriedly came up and asked, "does the little baby like me a little more, or does he like holy a little more?"

"It's all the same."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"I think the baby likes me better." When Gong Kui is not satisfied, Xiao Nian talks and imagines himself.

When Xiaonian looked at them, he was helpless. "OK, change your clothes and go to see the presents my father and I brought back."


Gong Kui jumped up excitedly.


At dusk, the afterglow falls on the castle like gold pieces, slanting through the window.

When Xiaonian was busy processing the ingredients in the kitchen, she heard Gong Kui's voice getting closer and closer. Today, she came back and chartered two children to have a rest for half a day, which was good. Gong Kui went crazy directly.

"Don't run about."

At the kitchen door, Gong Yao grabs the sunflower.

When Xiaonian looked back at the two of them, she saw Gong Kui holding the mobile phone and frowning, "where did you get the mobile phone? Who did you rob? "

"Seal Grandpa." Gong Kui said without raising his head. He continued to play with his mobile phone. He had a good time playing with his little finger on it.

Feng de came up from behind and looked at the two children kindly. He could not bear any blame.

When small read stern way, "no, now return the cell phone to seal Grandpa."

"All right." Gong Kui reluctantly hands back his mobile phone to Feng de and says, "I'm sorry, Grandpa Feng."

Feng de then stroked her head. "It's not that Grandpa Feng didn't lend it to you. It's better for children to play with their mobile phones less."

"Oh, Xiaokui knows."

Gong Kui left with his head down.

When Xiaonian saw this, he stopped saying anything. Fengde checked his cell phone, and even "tut" several times. "Now children are really amazing. They can use my cell phone to download games and play. What else can she not do?"

“……” When small read smell speech can't help shaking his head, "as expected or let them have a class better, small Kui too Tao."

Before, I was addicted to watching TV dramas. Now I am addicted to playing mobile phones.

"That's smart." Feng de went into the kitchen and looked at the ingredients on the counter. "Can I help you? Secretly, don't let the young master know. "

If you let the young master know about his help, he can't eat this dish.

"No, I can handle it." When small read the meat on the plate to trip material, asked, "Gong Ou probably when to come back?"

Feng de immediately said, "there are about three to four hours left. I haven't had a meeting for a long time. Today's meeting is rather heavy, and I'm sure it will be delayed."

That's right.

When Xiaonian looked at the ingredients on the Liuli platform and silently calculated the time, "it's just the right time to make some desserts for everyone to eat, and then I'll make dinner. Well, it's also secret. Don't let Gong ou know. "

Let Gong ou know that the desserts are eaten by others, and the furniture at home can be reduced by half.

Hearing this, Feng de couldn't help laughing.

n. E group, the closed door is a huge meeting room, the air-conditioned wind blowing, the curtains gently swing.

Countless people in straight suits are sitting around the table, turning over a large number of materials at hand. In the middle of the conference table is a pile of holograms. All kinds of data float in 3D effect.

Gong Ou sits on the chair and leans back uninhibited, but he doesn't show ruffian spirit. He is still noble and elegant. Few people can learn from this bone.

He just sits lazily, a long hand is turning a pen quickly, looking at the floating data, his face is getting colder and colder.

With his face, many of the people below also picked up paper towels to wipe the sweat, the atmosphere is afraid to come out.

All of a sudden, a data in the hologram smashed into a fat high-level, and the high-level immediately stood up tremblingly, his face was full of sweat, "general manager, general manager, President, this is not the problem of our department."


Gong Ou smashes the pen in his hand and says the cold-blooded words from his thin lips, "I'm here to hear you shirk your responsibility? After so long at N.E., are you still thinking with your fat body? "

The senior officer almost spits blood on the spot.

The others who were not named all lowered their heads for fear of being involved in the training.

Gong Ou's black eyes swept their faces and said in a cold voice, "there's something wrong with them. Are you going to tell me one by one that it's not your problem?"? That's ok! As long as you come up with a solution, I admit that it doesn't matter if it's my problem! Who can solve it? Stand up! "


There was a total silence.

"What's the matter, pretend to die one by one?" Gong Ou stares at a circle of people, "OK! From today on, no one is allowed to leave the company without a plan! "

Everyone is stupid.

"Keep pretending to die! I look at you! "

Gong Ou's voice was so gloomy that suddenly his mobile phone vibrated. He took it up and looked at it. Feng de sent him a link advertisement about children's games.

Is Feng de ill?

I don't want to do the housekeeper's duty for him at home. Where can I play games?

Gong Ou slaps his mobile phone on the table and scares everyone. A senior official stands up and looks down and says, "president, this time there is a big trouble in our n. E. I suspect that there is an internal traitor, and he has mastered a lot of our core."

At last, there is such a clear mind.

Lancaster thought about the possibility of stuttering N.E.

Gong Ou's black eyes flashed a touch of wisdom and looked up at him. "How can we solve that?"

"Compared with beautifying the existing problems, I think we should first eliminate the internal affairs and find out the internal traitors." Said the senior manager.

That's what he wants.

The gloom on Gong Ou's face eased a little, and he said coldly, "go on."

Suddenly, the mobile phone at hand vibrated again.

Gong Ou looked down and saw what Feng de had sent him. At this meeting, he received many advertisements from Feng De.


The old man doesn't want to do it?

Let that high-level talk incessantly over there, Gong Ou calmly takes up his mobile phone to prepare to directly enter Fengde into the blacklist, but finds that this time, Fengde is not a game advertisement, but a small video.

In the middle of the still video is Gong Kui's face close to the camera, with black grape like eyes staring at him.


Gong Ou directly points to open the video, and a few tiny voices sound. The whole scene is suddenly silent again, and all people's eyes are instantly cast on Gong ou.

Gong Ou looks at the video unconsciously.

In the video, Gong Kui sits on the sofa carelessly, his small head swings in front of the camera, and the little curly hair on his forehead rolls into two small circles.

After shaking for a while, Gong Kui said happily, "today, the baby in mom's belly moves. Mom said that Xiao Kui was the first one to hear the baby move. The baby must like me very much, and I like you, Muma! Kiss! Mom said not to let dad know that he would be jealous! "

Gong made a kiss towards the camera.

The short video ends.

Gong Ou's face suddenly sinks to the extreme.

Then, one after another, a small video shot at gong'ou, all of them are gong'kui talking to himself in front of the camera, occasionally shooting something else.

In the huge meeting room, there was only a little girl's kiss and all kinds of self talk.


Gong Ou snaps his cell phone back in front of him and looks coldly at the crowd. All of them can't help but feel angry again and are going to be scolded again.

Just now the senior asked, "president, am I going to continue?"

"Everyone is not allowed to leave s city. There is no holiday. I'll let you know the next meeting time!" Gong Ou suddenly stood up and said coldly, "now the meeting is over!"

With that, Gong Ou grabs his cell phone and walks out, leaving a room full of people looking at each other.

Everyone whispered to each other. They were all confused. "What's the situation? n. E now is the time of crisis. The president just said that he doesn't need to leave until this matter is solved. Why does he leave now? "

"You ask me? Who do I ask? "

"Is there something more urgent for the president to deal with? I think we should take the initiative to do something. Don't wait to be sprayed by the president. It's not easy for the president. "

"What is more important now than cleaning up the interior?"

People look at me and I look at you. At last, they are all ignorant and don't understand what the situation is.

When Gong Ou returned to the imperial castle, Xiao Nian was carrying all kinds of sweets to the long table on the lawn with Feng de and his two children. Please eat them.

"Thank you, Mrs. Gong."

"The desserts made by Mrs. Gong are really delicious. No wonder Mr. Gong wants to take them for himself."

"What do I mom do is delicious!"

People talk and laugh, the atmosphere is very harmonious.

At sunset, Xiaonian stood in the middle of a group of people and said with a smile, "recently we have seen that the level of security at home has increased a lot, because I am pregnant now, Gong ou may be nervous."

When Xiaonian admitted that she wanted to invite everyone to eat dessert for a purpose. The bodyguard suddenly increased Gong Yao's sensitivity several times, let alone the rest of the people. She didn't want to make everyone in her family become frightened.

As expected, the words fall, many people's faces are suddenly enlightened.

When Xiaonian said, "however, Gong Ou is a strict person, and there is no room for any mistake, so we must do a good job, do our duty, and make sure there is no mistake. The safety of the family depends on everyone. I'd like to thank you first. "

She bowed her head sincerely, so as to stabilize people's hearts with soft means and not let them relax.

It's not like Gong Ou has to use dismissal to frighten people.

Sometimes it needs to be soft.

"All hurried way," Madame palace is at ease, we swear to protect the palace