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Chapter 105 connection

"It was gong Ou who attacked mu." I admire the way of the beginning.


"Do you think Shizhong can fight against Gong Ou?" Mu qianchu raised his eyes and looked at him expressionless. "If something goes wrong a little more, then Zhong can take the blame and step down."

At that time, it was the time when he wanted to clear up his old account, and when he came back to his old dream.

Alan suddenly realized, "I see But in this way, Murdoch will also hurt a lot. "

It's all about killing a thousand enemies and losing 800 rhythm.

"If you want to remove the cancer, you can't do anything without a strong hand." Moqianchu cold tunnel.

"Mu always said that."

Alan nodded and watched mu qianchu's face. He couldn't help saying, "is there anything bothering Mu these days? Alan is willing to share his worries."

Mu qianchu raised his eyes and asked, "how?"

"I think you were very happy when you just got back to your memory. You were smiling when you did things." Allen said, "but these two days, you don't seem to be in a good mood."

In these two days, Mr. Mu was obviously slack in his work, as if he was not as anxious as before.


Mu qianchu's face is cold again.

When he first regained his memory, he didn't know the relationship between shixiaonian and Gong ou. He didn't know that shixiaonian would swing for another man.

He couldn't be sure if she was still there when he was single.

Mu qianchu suddenly smiled bitterly, stared at the medicine box in his hand, and said in a low voice, "it's too late, I remember it's too late."

Just a little earlier.


Alan looked at his boss's lonely brow and didn't know what to say.

The mobile phone on the desk suddenly vibrated.

At this glance, mu qianchu will sit up straight as a whole --

mu qianchu. I want to ask you to persuade Tang Yi to join in this plan. As long as I can successfully leave Gong ou, I will not pursue what she does.

It's a short message from shixiaonian.

She finally made a decision.

She finally plans to leave Gong ou, which means that her heart is still falling on the man.

Everything It's all in time.

"Ha ha."

Mu qianchu suddenly laughed.

Assistant Alan stood there surprised and stared at mu qianchu, only to see him sitting there smiling at his mobile phone. The smile on his lips was very deep, and a soft face became particularly enchanting.

"Put an end to it." Mu qianchu hooked his lips and held the mobile phone with his long fingers. "I can't wait."


Well, general Mu seems to be in a good mood again.

Alan's face was puzzled.

Mu qianchu has been staring at the SMS on the mobile phone for a long time, pondering over the past word by word, and finally typing a text --


He will agree to whatever she says.


It's a new day, and it's also a day for Gong ou to return home.

Port of heaven, kitchen.

When Xiaonian was busy cooking, two maids helped to put the dishes into the incubator.

There is a mobile phone on the flow management platform, and the mobile phone screen displays the SMS sent by Gong Ou before boarding the plane --

pick up pick up pick up pick up pick up pick up pick up pick up pick up pick up pick up pick up pick up pick up! If I don't see you, you're dead! As soon as I get home, if I can't eat your cooking, you will die!

A tyrannical, savage, smelly man.

Gong Ou's plane is about to arrive in an hour. She is still cooking here and hasn't stopped in the morning.

As soon as Gong Ou comes back, he'll be like the emperor.

"Miss Shi, are you supposed to pick up the plane?" The maid reminded her.

When Xiaonian glanced at the time on his mobile phone, it would take half an hour to get to the airport without traffic jam.

"Well, I'll pick it up and you'll clean up the kitchen."

When Xiaonian said, she took off her apron.

"Miss Shi, do you want to put on some makeup?" Asked the maid.

"No more."

Is she really dressed up like a lover to see Gong ou and please him?

No, she just wants to be free now.

Mu qianchu has convinced Tang Yi for her. She will act according to the plan only when Gong Ou returns home.

When Xiaonian hurried out of the kitchen and went out with a bag, I was afraid that it was not easy to call a car. When Xiaonian drove the car that Gong Ou gave her last time.

When Xiaonian drove steadily on the road, reached for the radio and turned on the radio.

The news is on the air --

the stock market of Mu's group fell to the lowest point this morning, with heavy losses for shareholders. Many people gathered outside Mu's group to ask for a statement. Mu's side said it would immediately make a rescue, please rest assured, and Shi Zhong, the director, would resign.

The stock market fell to its lowest level? Although there are risks in the stock market, it is not likely to suddenly fall to the lowest level.

Foster father resigns?

When Xiaonian opened his eyes in shock and drove on the road, he suddenly remembered what mu qianchu said before.

It's Gong Ou who is attacking mu.

Mu qianchu knew it in the morning, or failed to cope with it? How could he let his adoptive father resign.

Adoptive father is a person who wants to be in the top position. How much effort did he take to enter the board of directors? How willing? The flute will make a lot of noise.

Forget it. It's none of her business.

When Xiaonian shakes her head and doesn't think too much, her mobile phone suddenly vibrates. She turns on the public address key and continues to drive. "Hello?"

"Xiaonian, it's me." Adopted mother min Qiujun's voice came, with a choking voice, like crying.

Foster mother.

"Mom..." As soon as Xiaonian spoke, she realized that she shouldn't scream again, but what can she call her mother? Her lips moved, and her voice was a little difficult. "What can I do for you?"

"Xiaonian, can you come here? I fell down the stairs of the Mu group and couldn't stand up, but no one passed by here." Min Qiujun choked, his voice helpless.


Smell speech, when small read hurriedly to stop the car at the roadside, pick up the mobile phone, "then how do you fall seriously?"

"I don't know. It hurts so much that I can't stand up." Min Qiujun said, very hopeless.

When Xiao Nian bit his lips, "what about dad?"

"Don't you know what happened to Murdoch today? Everyone is in a meeting. I dare not disturb your father or qianchu them." "Can you come?" said minqiu


When Xiaonian hesitated, she didn't want to go to Mu group very much.

Aware of her silence, minqiu Jun said sadly, "forget it, I shouldn't bother you. I'll wait for a while. Someone may pass by."

"You call 120."

"That's not good. There are ambulances going out of Murdoch now, not to give more negative news to the outside world."


I can't stand up because I'm worried about Mu's image.

When Xiao Nian looked at the time, Mu's group was not far from here and should be able to catch up.

She asked decisively as she turned around. "Which floor are you on? I'm coming to see you now."

"Five stairs here." Wen Yan, min Qiujun said happily, "great, Xiaonian, thank you."

"Well, I'll hang up first. I'll be right here. Don't move."

When Xiaonian turned around, he stepped on the accelerator and went to the Mu group building.

She parked her car in front of the Murdoch group, and saw a lot of people standing outside the group building with banners, shouting loudly. The banners were printed with bloody big words -- I also sweated money.

It seems that this time Murdoch was in great crisis.

When Xiaonian ran in, he was stopped by the security guard.

She called min Qiujun by video, and the security guard recognized that it was the president's mother-in-law, so she let go.

As soon as she walked into Mu's mansion, she found that there was really some confusion in it. Everyone was in a hurry, walking with the wind.

The elevator is full all the time, and the staff are all crowded up and down, all looking nervous.

No wonder my adoptive mother doesn't take the elevator. She takes the stairs.

The elevator has been occupied so much that it can't get in at all.

When Xiaonian found the stairs, he ran up to the 5th floor in one breath.

At the rest platform on the 5th floor, min Qiujun sat there, his hands on his calves. His face was full of pain, his eyes were red and helpless.


When Xiaonian walked towards her.

"Xiaonian!" Seeing her, min Qiujun was surprised and seemed to see the benefactor.

When small read carefully to help her up from the ground, "careful, how, can you stand up?"

Min Qiujun frowned deeply. "It hurts, it hurts. Slow down... Xiaonian, they are all busy. I don't know who to call. I can only think of you. "

She was a little embarrassed to say that.

When Xiaonian helped her to stand up, her eyes darkened.

I never thought that she was busy too. I always thought of her father and Shidi first, but I never thought of her.

When small read some bitterly pucker lip, say, "I send you to the hospital."

"No, wait. I want to go up and see your father and them first." Min Qiujun said, "the board of directors wants your father to take the blame and resign. How can a proud man like your father be reconciled? I don't know what's going on above."

"You'd better see a doctor first."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"I'm not sure. Xiaonian, please help me up." Minqiujun looked at her imploringly, "good Xiaonian, I'm really worried about your father."


When Xiaonian stood there and didn't move, he wanted to say no.

Minqiu Jun stood there and looked at her. He lost his sight and didn't force her. He let go of her hand and walked on alone. As soon as he stepped on it, he was so hurt that his body shook and fell to the ground.

When Xiaonian hurriedly helps her.

"I'll help you up." When I think about compromise.

When Xiaonian helped her walk two steps, minqiu Jun cried in pain, tears came down.

Seeing this, Xiaonian frowned, bent down, and carried minqiu Jun directly on his back, biting the strap of his handbag in his mouth.


Minqiu Jun looked at her in amazement.

Minqiu Jun is a little plump. She has some difficulty in carrying it.

"Xiaonian, mom is really sorry for you." Minqiu Jun lies on her back, looking at her struggling look is very guilty, "at the beginning, I should have insisted that your father would not drive you out of the house."

Xiaonian is a good girl. She didn't let them worry much from childhood.

In addition to being demented in college and being obsessed with nothing bad in the past few years, parents should be taught, not expelled.


Listening to min Qiujun's words, Xiao Nian's eyes grew darker.

Yeah, she's not the right person anymore.