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Chapter 621 then you go to him!

Gong Ou sits with one hand clenched into a fist.

Feng de looked up and said, "madam, little madam just didn't have time to change clothes. She also went to your room to guard for a long time..."

"Can you speak now?" Luo Qi directly points to Fengde, a beautiful and graceful person with anger. "Fengde, you are also from the palace, but if you choose again, you can't enter the palace with your current qualifications."

It's shameful to stay outside one by one and forget all the manners and rules.


Feng de shut up and stopped talking.

"Look at you, not to mention your adults, but two children. Xiaokui has been very naughty since he followed you to China for a while. He doesn't want to study all day and wants to play." Luo Qi looks down at Xiaonian and criticizes, "Xi Xiaonian, I think I have some tolerance for you, because I know that you are really dedicated to Gong ou, but you have no advantages besides that!"

Luo Qi's tone became more and more heavy, and Gong Kui shrank his shoulders in fear.


When Xiaonian knelt on the ground and looked down at the floor, he said nothing.

"I asked you if you would feel guilty about the decline of the palace?" Luo Qi asked, a pair of eyes staring at small read, "for any noble lady married in, will not make such a joke today!"! I shouldn't have let go of your marriage! "

When Xiaonian teeth to bite lips, a word did not say, she can feel all eyes on her body.

Gong Kui sat there and pulled Gong Yao. When Gong Yao looked at him, he read aloud. He was about to stand up and speak. He heard a voice on the opposite side, which sounded coolly, "what else?"

Everyone looks at Gong ou.

Gong Ou sits there and looks down at a gold ornament on the tea table in front of him. The carving on it is extremely fine. It's of great value. He slowly takes back his eyes and looks at Luo Qi. He hooks his lips in an evil way and says slowly, "what else do you have to say? Let's make it clear at one time tonight."

When Xiaonian looks at Gong ou, it's not bad. She blames him for not breaking out.

In any case, after four years of practice, the restraint still has some effect. When I thought about it, I felt better and less depressed.

She loves Gong ou, but maybe she really can't stand up to the position of aristocratic little lady. Her ability is far from enough.

"I want to say, today I scold a few words, you also don't feel sad, do your woman she can't stand really can't." Luo Qi said, with her chin slightly raised and her eyes looking at her, she said, "Xi Xiaonian, you said, how deficient are your abilities. Do you think I let you learn etiquette at home, that is, let you learn to dance and talk? Do you think that's enough? "

"Learn to dance?" When Gong Ou looked at him, he said, with a smile on his lips and a mute voice, "you have learned to dance, how can I not know? Don't you say you read books and play with your children every day at home? "


When Xiaonian looks at Gong ou, his smile makes her feel dangerous.

Gong Ou put his hands down, put them on his legs at will, leaned forward, stared at her with black eyes, smiled and asked, "what else have you learned?"

"Nothing more."

"Charles!" Gong Ou growls in a low voice, the smile disappears in a flash, and says coldly, "my mother will figure it out tonight, and I will listen to it. "What are you doing in the palace?"

Charles stood there silent and looked subconsciously at Rocchi.

"What do you want, Gong Ou?" Luo Qi sat there and said, "what's wrong with her learning etiquette?"

"What's wrong is that I didn't let her learn."

Gong Ou looks at Luo Qi with black eyes.

"She promised to be the young lady of the palace. If she can't take the responsibility, she can't get married. What's more, she didn't do a good job. She even made today a joke. Now there are still guests staying, waiting to see what else will happen here. " Luo Qi said, "responsibility? What's the responsibility? Today, Xiaonian committed suicide without saying anything. Do you think she did her duty at the wedding Asked Gong ou.

"Any mother would do that." Luo Qi immediately said, two people argue endlessly.

"I saved my son, and none of them need die!"

"But her hesitation has become a source of laughter for the guests."

"Who dares to laugh? Newspaper a list, I sew their mouths one by one, make them laugh for the rest of their lives Gong Ou's tone can't be more blatant.

Originally to reprimand shixiaonian, now it's a dispute between Luo Qi and Gong Ou's mother and son. Shixiaonian looks at them anxiously, neither kneels nor rises.

Luo Qi looks at Gong Ou's arrogance and gets angry. "Gong ou, look what you're talking about. Didn't you cure your disease four years ago? You're talking about crooked ways. Sooner or later, the palace family belongs to you two. How can you keep the reputation of the palace family going? "

"Don't pass it on if you can't pass it on. Isn't it just a noble?" Gong Ou looks at Luo Qi coldly, "just for these two words, are you tired with your father? This woman is mine. I want her to do whatever she wants. No one can restrain her except me! "


The servants were all silent, and their faces were afraid.

Charles and Feng de frowned at each other.

"Gong ou, Gong ou."

When Xiaonian knelt there and called Gong Ou in a low voice, but Gong Ou didn't answer her.

"Gong ou, after four years, I don't think you have changed at all." Luo Qi stood on the sofa and looked at Xiaonian. She didn't want to let the servant see the joke. So she said, "Xi Xiaonian, you kneel here for me to reflect."

"Get up!"

Gong Ou said quickly.

Looking at Gong ou, Luo Qi immediately felt that her son started to make fun again as before. She couldn't help but smile, "OK, Gong ou, don't want to get married."

When her words fell, Xiaonian knelt there, and her stomach gave an untimely cry, sending out the message of hunger.

The message infuriated Gong Ou completely.

"You think I want to get married here?" Gong Ou also stands up from the sofa and stares at her coldly with black eyes, "I've already regretted it! I never want to stay in this haunted house, otherwise I would not have built N.E. in China! "

When small read like personal quality, like throwing here, let Luo Qi knead flat.


Luo Qi slaps Gong Ou's face angrily, "what do you say? What ghost house, this is your home! "

Gong Ou's face turned to the past, leaving a little finger mark on his handsome face. He stared at Luo Qi gloomily, with anger floating in his eyes. "This is the ghost house. All the people living here are ghosts. They are imprisoned by the so-called fame. They can't even see the sun outside! It's time for you and your father to wake up! "

Luo Qi looks at him angrily. "It's your responsibility."

"It's not my responsibility!"

Gong Ou shouts out, hysterical.

The atmosphere has reached a critical point. The twins sit there and look at the adults without saying a word. Gong Kui holds Gong Yao tightly and looks at him with some fear.

Shi Xiaonian got up from the ground and went to LA gong'o to take him away by force.

Luo Qi stood there and smiled bitterly. "Gong ou, you are always like this. You never know what you want to do for your family. If Gong Yu is still alive, how could our family get to this point?"

"Good! Then you go to him! Find him back to inherit what noble reputation, you see he would like to! "

Gong Ou shouts loudly, a pair of eyes stare at Luo Qi dead, "believe it or not, he would rather go to a car accident again than come back to this home! He won't come back! "


Luo Qi looks at Gong ou and listens to him. Suddenly, Qi and blood rush up. Her face is white and her breath is heavier and heavier. Suddenly, her body is soft and the whole person falls back.

Seeing this, Gong Ou's black eyes are in awe. He immediately holds Luo Qi.

When small read to look at this scene in astonishment, hurriedly shout, "adoptive father, adoptive father!"

Gong Ou puts Luo Qi on the sofa. Luo Qi faints in his arms. Her face is pale and her eyes are closed. Feng de goes to check Luo Qi and pulls out her hand to feel her pulse.

"Like today's day, my wife is too excited to faint. Her mood is too volatile. She must take a good rest." Feng de frowned.

"When will she wake up?"

Gong Ou holds Luo Qi in one hand and looks at Feng de with black eyes.

"Let her have a good rest." Feng De road.

A maid said, "my wife has always been calm and in good health. How can I pass out twice today? Let the doctor have a good examination."

It's strange that Madame is not such an inedible person.

"Don't say so much, send mother back to the room first." When small read stands aside to say, willow eyebrow tiny Cu.

Gong Ou takes a look at Xiao Nian, then picks up Luo Qi and walks upstairs.

When Xiaonian asked Fengde to take the twins to dinner first, he followed Gong Ou upstairs and walked all the way to Gong Jue's and Luo Qi's bedroom.

When she pushed the door forward, she saw a huge bedroom, which was comparable to Gong Ou's office. It was too big to see the edge. The layout was all retro, and the color looked very heavy under the light.

When Xiaonian stepped into this bedroom today, he kept watch for a while in the afternoon, which was to send the comatose Luo Qi back to the room.

She pulled the quilt off the bed, Gong Ou took Luo Qi to the bed, raised her hands and fingers and buried them in the hair room. A handsome face was full of restlessness.

"I'll call my father."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Just let the maid inform you." Gong Ou said in a deep voice, his tone was full of dryness.

"Yes, second young master."

The maids who followed retreated.

Gong Ou looks down at Luo Qi on the bed. Luo Qi's face is very pale, and her eyebrows are also slightly frowning. After all, she is old, and Luo Qi's eyes are covered with many fine lines.