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Chapter 71. He threw the ring

How are you doing?

When Xiaonian looked down at his dress, although the long skirt was stained with paint, it was obviously a luxury. Yes, it was called good.

"Because he thought I had a baby secretly three years ago, and he wanted it."

When small read light ground says, did not conceal, this is to her again absurd but mischief.

"I thought you had a baby, so I'm so kind to you?" Tang Yi looks at her in amazement.


When small read a way.

Up to now, she has no idea what Gong Ou's insistence on her comes from

Mingming wanted children at first, then forced her to sign a contract. Up to now, no children have to make a child.

She had no idea what Gong Ou was thinking.

"So it is." Tang Yi suddenly realized what he was thinking after pulling the long hair on his ear.


They went to the door of the hotel. Tang Yichao walked to the door of the hotel and said goodbye to her with a smile

"Good bye."

When Xiaonian nodded, people walked towards the direction of the restaurant, and there was a confused voice from the waiter behind them, "eh, Miss Tang is leaving so soon? Is it not going up? "

"No, no, No."

Tang Yi is eager to get out of the hotel.

When Xiaonian turned around and looked at Tang Yi's back in a hurry, her heart was a little strange. Her eyes turned and she didn't think much. She walked towards the restaurant.

In the well decorated hotel restaurant, the guests are leaving continuously.

When Xiaonian was stopped by a waiter in a white shirt and black vest, the waiter said politely to her, "Miss, this restaurant has been wrapped, please choose another restaurant."

Under the bag?

When Xiaonian didn't speak, he heard a bullying voice saying, "she's my person!"

The voice of arrogance seeping into the bone.

She didn't have to think about who it was. When Xiaonian looked in, she saw Gong Ou sitting by the window in the huge restaurant. His long hands were crossed on his jaw, and his black eyes looked at him from afar. The sun shone on his face, which made him more attractive.

"It turned out to be Mr. Gong's companion, miss. This way, please."

Smell speech, the waiter immediately side let him in.

When Xiaonian went inside, he sat down opposite to Gong ou and said, "you don't need to bag the whole restaurant, do you?"

I just passed by for a snack.

"Dating naturally means that fewer people are better." Gong oudao has his own theory.

"But they are still eating." When Xiaonian looked at several tables nearby, some of the snacks and coffee on the table had not been moved.

"I have money, I will!"

Gong Ou let Shi Xiaonian swallow all the words.

OK, you local tyrant, you will!

When little read no longer speak, sit in the window quietly waiting for the meal, gong'ou across the table will be her hand in the past, put in the palm of the hand to play, will be her soft fingers randomly shape.

When small read very want to take back own hand, but be grasped tightly by him.

She had to give up and let him play. She turned to look out of the window.

"You're missing something."

Gong Ou suddenly said.

"No." When small read looking out of the window of the scenery, absent-minded tunnel.

"I say it's not enough." Gong Ou takes a look at her, holds her hand in one hand, and probes into her pocket in the other.

Out of the window, a painted pink Lamborghini stopped there, especially eye-catching. When Xiaonian couldn't help looking at it more, he suddenly saw a familiar figure walking towards Lamborghini.

When Xiaonian opened his eyes in amazement.

It's the time whistle.

When I saw that the flute was wearing a very low-key, long dress, windbreaker, hat, a beautiful and delicate face with a pair of big sunglasses, she went to the front of the car and looked around, then sat in the car and walked away.

Why is Shidi here?

This is a remote town. Shidi is a big star. How could he come here alone? I don't see a thousand admirers.


When I thought about it, there was something in my mind, but I couldn't say it again.

Suddenly, she felt a chill on her finger. She took back her sight and saw a diamond ring on her ring finger. The diamond was cut into a perfect heart shape. It was very dazzling in the sun and reflected the bright brilliance.

A heart-shaped diamond.

When Xiaonian saw it for the first time, she raised her face and looked at Gong Ou in amazement.

Gong Ou holds her finger and proudly picks up her eyebrow. "You are allowed to shed two tears without affecting my eating."

When a woman receives a diamond, she will be moved.

"This is..."

"Give you a ring." Gong Ou's black eyes watched her expression.

"Why give me the ring?" When small read asked in amazement, a handsome face is not a little moved to the expression.

The reaction of Shi Xiaonian is quite different from that of Gong Ou's imagination.

"Why do you think I gave you the ring?" Gong Ou stared at her displeased. "I have money, I will!"

Why did he send it.

Is she still not a woman?

When Xiaonian looked at the light shining on her ring finger with complicated thoughts, she would not be so stupid that she didn't even know what it meant to send the ring. She felt the cold ring and whispered, "this ring is too valuable."

"Of course, it's precious. It's a heart-shaped diamond cut by a unique process in the world."

Does she think any craft can cut such a perfect heart shape?

"Then I dare not accept it."

Shi Xiaonian immediately takes off the ring when he hears the words, and his hand is pressed by Gong ou.

Gong Ou stared at her coldly, his face was livid, he pressed her hand hard, almost biting his teeth. "Shixiaonian, I have endured you for a day today. I have kept a distance from me while laughing. I have endured sitting in the restaurant with me and staring at the outside. What else do you want?"

To her, he has been so much better tempered.

Is she going to challenge his bottom line?

"But I can't accept rings." When small read insist on tunnel, want to pull out their own hands can not pull out.

"What do you mean?" Gong Ou stares at her.

"The ring is the proof of intimate lovers. You see it is so perfectly cut. It's better to give it to your future wife. It's not convenient for me to wear a painting ring." Shi Xiaonian tries to find a reason to persuade Gong ou to take off the ring.

The ring is proof of being too close.

She can't.

Besides, she is like a woman who has been taken care of. She can't accept more luxury goods.

“……” Gong Ou stared at her in silence.

"By the way, this ring is a little big for me." When small read desperately to find a reason.

“……” Gong Ou's face went blue inch by inch.

"My knuckles don't grow well. I'll fall off if I wear a ring. What can I do if I fall off? Such an expensive ring..."

"Have you finished?" Gong Ou interrupts her coldly.

When Xiaonian looked at his face, it was hard to see the extreme of his face. The outline was tight and stretched on the edge of an outbreak.

She was silent.

Gong Ou holds her hand tightly and stares at her face. The black pupils are cold and sharp. Every word comes out from the lips and teeth, "frankly, you just don't want to wear the ring I sent you, do you? What are so many excuses to do? "


"OK, no more!"

Gong Ou suddenly stood up, his long finger touched the ring from her ring finger, raised his leg and kicked it over the table.


A loud noise.

The table fell to the ground, the glass cup on the table fell down and the water splashed on the ground.

The transparent water flows on the ground until it reaches Xiaonian's feet.

It's a mess.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou in astonishment, he glared at her angrily, and his long hand squeezed the ring hard.

He lost his temper again.

When Xiaonian stood up straight and looked at him at a loss, he just didn't want his ring. Is that necessary.

"Mr. Gong..."

Several waiters came over with their dishes in their hands. They were all shocked to see this scene.

Gong Ou glances at them gloomily, grabs a Gu silver plate and smashes it on the window. The window glass "pops" and breaks.


When Xiaonian looked at him in shock, how hard did he use to break the glass.

Gong Ouyang starts to throw out the diamond ring.

The waiters all cried out when they saw it, looking at the bright light flying out in a parabolic arc.

"Now you are satisfied?"

Gong Ou looks at shixiaonian angrily.


When small read is startled slightly opens the mouth, cannot speak.

He threw the ring.

Are you so angry?

Gong Ou stares at Xiaonian with black eyes and strides to her.

The strong breath of his body suddenly enveloped her, and Xiaonian could not help shrinking. Was he going to beat her?

For a long time, the unexpected fight declined.

Gong Ou stared at her low head. He could see that she was afraid of his anger, but she would never say a word to return the ring again.

A stubborn woman.

Gong Ou glares at her angrily. For a long time, a faint look disappears from his eyes. Gong Ou opens his thin lips and shouts out word by word from his lips and teeth, "when I read you so much! You are the first one who dare to step on Gong Ou's face! "

Finish saying, Gong Ou strides to leave, the head also does not return.

When Xiaonian stood alone, his fingers trembled, and he felt like he had been thrown into the world of glaciers.

She knew that Gong Ou was an irritable and maniacal paranoid, but when he broke out completely in front of her, she still felt afraid.

"Miss, Mr. Gong, he..." When the waiters looked at him, they were all confused.

"I'm sorry, he's in a bad mood." When Xiaonian pretended to be calm and smiled at them lightly, "how much is it for smashing here, and how much is it for packing the restaurant..."

"Mr. Qian Gong has paid for the restaurant. Here..." A few waiter rough estimate, said, "it's about 30000 or 40000, let me ask the manager to come out and estimate again."

"No, I have a card here. Brush it."

Shi Xiaonian takes out the card from the bag and hands it to the waiter. Fortunately, Gong Ou has paid for the package. Otherwise, she can't pay today. She will be detained here.

After swiping the card, Xiao Nian walked out of the hotel with unspeakable fatigue.

Just refuse a ring, Gong Ou is so angry.

If one day she really has to run, she can't imagine Gong Ou's anger.