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Chapter 1158 let's go diving!

"With me!" Gong Ou opens her mouth and embraces her with strong arms.

"No, you go to bed now. I'll go on shopping here."

She had to think about the proposal.

"You accompany me, I don't touch you." Gong Ou understood the conservative and pretentious energy in her bones, and she resisted it in the daytime if she wanted to make love with her.

Smell speech, when small read helplessly tunnel, "palace Europe."


"We haven't been together for a day or two. Do you think I'll still believe that?" She's also going to get a little bit of insight, OK?

Gong Ou hugs her harder and rubs her face with thin lips, "I don't care, you have to accompany me, you have to accompany me! Otherwise I can't sleep! "


"With me, with me, with me!"


"If you hesitate, I can't guarantee the reliability of that sentence without touching you."


With a threat like this?

When Xiaonian saw him, he wrote two words in his eyes: Rogue.

She had to obey him. When Xiaonian was pulled into the wooden house by Gong Oula, the wooden house was not big, and the wood on the wall was circles of rings.

In the middle of the cabin is a wooden bed.

Well, just a wooden bed.

The quilt on the top exudes the fragrance of the sun.

When I was reading a black line, Sima Zhao's heart was well known.

"How is it? Am I doing a good job?" Gong Ou stood in front of her, with every green stubble on her chin full of pride.

When Xiaonian stood in front of the wooden wall and said, "if you ask me how I built it, I'll say something good. You ask me how I arranged it. Do you want me to praise your strong bed?"

Words fall, Gong Ou's eyes brighten.

When Xiaonian had a bad premonition. Sure enough, Gong Ou picked her up and said, "do you think the bed is strong, too? Try that. "

With that, she was taken to bed by Gong ou, and her eyes turned to the sky.

When Xiaonian fell into his arms, he slapped back his thin lips. "Gong ou, if you don't sleep back your mental state, I will never pay attention to you."

"When I read......" Gong Ou frowns.

"I'm serious!"

When small read a face serious.

Seeing that she's here, Gong Ou is very disappointed. With a low incantation, Gong Ou takes a bite on her hand. "You're becoming more and more unlovable. I've spent a lot of time restoring the original appearance of Shengya bay to you. You should be moved to take off your clothes and jump into my arms."

He can't even touch it.


When Xiaonian was completely speechless, she sat up from the bed, took out a package of wet paper towels from her pocket, and pulled out her head to wipe his face.

Gong Ou is not happy to let her serve.

The paper towel scratched the stubble and made her hands numb.

When Xiaonian carefully wiped his face, gently stroked the dry cracks on his thin lips, and stayed for a long time. Gong Ou's eyes gradually softened as he looked at her, and he grabbed her small hand. "It's OK. If you stay on the island for a long time, you'll be dry. Don't worry."

"Blame me for not being moved, and now blame me for my heartache?"

When Xiaonian stared at him.

He has a lot to ask for.

"I......" Gong oubie turned his head. "How can I blame you? You let me sleep. I'll sleep."

This man

When Xiaonian pulls out another wet towel to clean his face again. She wipes it very slowly. When she wipes it to her ear, Gong Ou is asleep.

His eyes are closed tightly, and his shadow is blue.

A face looks a lot of vicissitudes.

In fact, he was very tired and tired. He had to make fun of her and constantly overdraw his physical strength.

When Xiaonian painfully prints a kiss on his forehead, gets out of bed, stoops to take off her shoes, pats the quilt clean and covers it on him.

Gong Ou sleeps heavily.

Xiao Nian walked out of the room and closed the door.

A sea breeze blew in the face.

She went to the seaside, and the sand went into her shoes. It was itchy. The water here was clear and transparent. Looking from afar, it looked like a piece of gemstone between heaven and earth.

It's really beautiful.

Is this where we can dive?

When Xiaonian looked at the sea, he turned his head and looked forward. The living area of Shengya Bay is a certain distance from here.

If she takes Gong ou to the sea and asks a few intimate people to help her arrange the proposal scene, Gong ou can't see it.

When they just realized their desire to dive into the sea, let Gong ou see her proposal. Should it be a surprise?

The surprise degree of the island is almost nil, so I can only scrape up a passing wind.

When Xiaonian went back to the statue in Shengya Bay, the two pillars were shabby but had a historical taste. They could make a circular flower arch. The shell Road on the ground had been thought of by Gong ou. What else could she do?

She suddenly thought of the fine sand by the sea.

Maybe, she can use shells and fine sand to draw a brand-new shell road. From the beach to here, every picture is their experience.

I'm sorry to say that.

When I was young, I was happy for my inspiration. The more I thought about it, the more active I was.

These stumps are the viewing places for the guests everywhere.

There should be some more pictures of them on both sides of the road. She can draw them and hit Gong Ou's heart. He must be crazy.

When Xiaonian arranged the whole scene in her mind, the scene was so romantic that she wanted to realize it now.

Wait, she didn't even think about the proposal.

She sat on the stump. What should I say? She used to draw caricatures of young girls, but she had written a lot of words about marriage proposal, which was just a little too sarcastic.

However, Gong Ou seems to like meat and hemp. The more meat and hemp, the happier he is.


Until evening, Xiaonian was still studying the words and sentences of the proposal in his mind, studying them, and finally fell asleep in Gong Ou's arms.

In her dream, the scene of proposing was so beautiful that she marveled.

She proposed to Gong ou. Gong Ou cried so loudly that she laughed happily and woke up with a smile.

When Xiaonian opened his eyes, he saw the darkness in the wooden window.

It's late.

If you arrange the proposal site according to her design, it's definitely a big project, especially those paintings, which can't be made in a day or two.

It looks like she has to stay up all night.

When Xiaonian crept into the bed, she suddenly looked back. With a little moonlight, she could see that the big bed was empty, and the quilt where Gong Ou slept was a little wrinkled.

What about Gong Ou?

What did she do when she didn't sleep in the big night?

“mom! Mom! Come out! How beautiful it is outside! "

Gong Kui's excited voice came from outside the wooden house.

Hearing the sound, Xiaonian hurriedly went out and opened the door. "Xiaokui, why don't you sleep so late?"

Gong Kui and Gong Yao were standing at the door of the wooden house. The wind was very strong. The two children put on thick clothes.

Gong Kui, wearing a shining hair band, was shaking his head and holding a forced Gong Yao on his hand. Gong Yao kept dodging.

Seeing her coming out, Gong Kui jumped over happily. "Mom, the seaside is so beautiful. Let's go!"

Gong Kui led her to the seaside. In the distance, she saw a blue sea line. When she was near, she found that all the plankton and luminous creatures had gathered to the seaside, forming a winding landscape.

It's beautiful.

When Xiaonian felt a movement in his heart, he looked down at the glowing creatures near his feet. He did not expect that Shengya Bay could see such a view.

It's really a fascinating place.


There's a voice coming.

When Xiaonian took back his eyes, looked up, and saw Luo Qi sitting in a nearby reclining chair waving to her, not only Luo Qi, but also people on the beach.

We take photos, play, stare at the shining beach and say something excitedly.

When small read to walk past, sit down beside Luo Qi, "everybody came out to play."

Shouldn't you go to bed at this time.

"Yes, I don't know who shouted and all of them came out." Luo Qi sat up lazily and smiled at the seaside. "We haven't seen such a rare sight. The happiest are the children."

Gong Kui pulls Gong Yao and rushes into the middle of a group of children.

Under the moonlight, the children were wearing flash hair hoops, playing happily.

"It's really beautiful."

When I read it, I felt deeply.

Luo Qi gestured to the maid next to him. The maid put a cloak on Xiao Nian's shoulder. When Xiao Nian closed up, she felt a little warm.

She looked at the shiny beach. "The first time I saw the glowing creatures in the sea was a long time ago."

"You've seen it."

Luo Qi is chatting with her.

"Yes, Gong Ou was there. At that time, I felt that he was a terror. He was full of teeth and claws." Said Shi Xiaonian.

Thinking of her son's changes over the years, Luo Qi couldn't help shaking her head Let's not mention it. "

It's better now.

She can often see her son when she is firmly accepted. Nothing is better than this.

When Xiaonian laughed, "but I have a deep memory of that scene. Far away, there is a gleam of light. I didn't expect to see it so close today."

Like a dream with the most surprising ending.

It used to be so far away from her but now it's so close, like happiness.

In the past, she always felt that happiness was too far away from her. Now, happiness is tightly in her hand. No one wants to take it.

When small read looked at the direction of Gong Yao and Gong Kui, the smile on his face was more warm.

With Gong ou and children, she can think of the shape of the future.

We had a good time on the beach. The sea was shining.

Accompanied Luo Qi to chat for a while, when small read will search a circle of eyes back, can't help but ask, "Gong ou, how didn't see him?"

She thought he was here.

"I don't know." Luo Qi shakes her head. "Maybe something else."

I'm still struggling. I've aged myself for several years.

Let him rest and not rest.

When small read frown, just want to find someone again, listen to "bang" a loud bang, a pile of heavy tools hit her side.

She and Luo Qi look over.

It's a sea diving tool.

"Let's go. Let's go diving!"

A bullying voice exploded above her head.