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Chapter 173 leaving

Every place has their voice.

Every place has their shadow.

When Xiaonian looked at a corner, in the night of the blackout, she was so afraid that Gong Ou rushed back and held her tightly there.

Remember, that happened a long time ago.

What would she and Gong ou have become if it wasn't for the love affair? At that resort, what would be the answer to her question?

She will never know the answer.

"Have you left? Master?

The R palace followed her silently and asked.

When Xiaonian looked at the wall of the living room, it was a whole piece of white, with some light dark lines.


When Xiaonian thought about it, he went into the study, took out a box of thick colored pens from the drawer, walked to the wall, and began to draw.

Her thin fingers are holding the pen and running on the wall. The curve is beautiful and the lines are in place.

R palace has been standing quietly beside her, her silver body guarding her silently.

After the painting, Xiaonian looks at the graffiti on the whole wall. His lips are bitterly hooked, and his eyes are stained with a thin layer of water.

"Let's go, Mr palace."

Shi Xiaonian said that when he left the duplex apartment with Mr palace and closed the door, he looked in again, and his ear seemed to ring Gong Ou's high voice - "br >

" as long as I am satisfied with the gift, I will let you go before I pick up the plane today, otherwise I will not finish it. "

"Don't tell me, this watermelon is a gift from you!"

Think of it, and Gong ou know so long, she has never prepared a sincere gift for him.

There is no chance to prepare.

"Gong ou, take care of it."

Xiaonian said a word to the empty apartment, then slowly closed the door and left with Mr palace.

According to Mu qianchu's order, Xiao Nian uses his card to buy a luxury RV.

She drove the car to the hospital, holding mu qianchu carefully to the car, "be careful. In fact, it's the same thing to go back in a few days. "

"I also hope you can accompany me for a long time."

Mu qianchu people's spirit is long, a soft face in the sun is particularly handsome, long and narrow eyes gently looking at her, "because I want to see that field of flowers so much."

Go to Huatian and they will be separated.

He doesn't want her to stay a little longer, so they can get along a little longer, maybe her heart will turn back.

But I can't do it in the hospital. Every day, someone will pass by. She doesn't want to hear about the medicine given by the flute.

Shi Zhong ran to the hospital once again and slapped her twice when he didn't know. Some patients saw that the messages in the hospital were noisy.

In order to take care of him, shixiaonian came to the hospital every day despite rumors, but how could he bear it.

"OK, here it is. It's bought according to the configuration you said."

When Xiaonian helped mu qianchu to the side of the RV and carefully pulled the door.

Mu qianchu looked inside and saw a silver robot sitting inside, with eyes scanning him up and down.

When Xiaonian was about to explain, the robot suddenly knelt on the car and slid to the door of the car. He punched at mu qianchu.

It took a long time to slide. When Xiaonian quickly pulled back mu qianchu, she didn't let the robot hit her. She frowned and said, "Mr palace, no way! What are you doing? "

"Mr palace?" Mu qianchu is shocked.

The R palace doesn't know which nerve is wrong. It wants to attack mu qianchu again. When he moves forward, he stops mu qianchu.


R palace eyes flash scanning data, slowly back.

"Why did you hit?" Asked shixiaonian unhappily.

"The master's hand cannot hold a man other than Mr. Gong, and the master's lips cannot touch a man or a woman other than Mr. Gong." The electronic sound of Mr palace sounded in her ear.


When Xiaonian was stunned, she forgot that there was such a setting in Mr palace.

Miyo also puts the settings of the jealous into the body of the robot.

"Xiaonian, what's the matter?" Mu qianchu stood aside and looked at the robot doubtfully with a crutch in one hand.

"I'll explain later." Shi Xiaonian said, looking at Mr palace with some headache, he said, "I want to cancel your setting."

R palace shook his head rigidly, "no, you need to go back to the original factory to modify n005 setting."


And go back to the factory.

When small read turned to turn eyes, teeth bite lips.

Mu qianchu is injured. She must help her on the next road. Mr palace treats people like this. Mu qianchu will go back to the hospital again.

"This is my friend. He is a patient. You can't hit him." Said Shi Xiaonian.

Words fall, Mr Palace once again scan mu qianchu, mu qianchu coldly looking at it.

"Patients? Not a man? Men, women, patients? I don't have the function of recognizing the contour of the patient's facial features. The patient is a sick person. "

R palace is obviously confused by her.

"Do you know better now? He's a patient, he's a dreamer. Remember this face, you can't move any more. " When small read a way.

The R palace reacts quickly and repairs itself automatically, scanning mu qianchu's eyes and nodding, "yes, master."



In the end, robot is controlled by a set of rigid programs.

"Come on, get in the car." When Xiaonian helped mu qianchu to get on the car, Mr palace stared at mu qianchu up and down, his head was shaking, and he didn't do anything.

"Then I drove."

Shi Xiaonian said, sit in the driver's seat and drive away from the hospital.

All the way, be quiet.

When Xiaonian looked back occasionally, he saw that Mr palace and mu qianchu were sitting side by side. Mr palace had been scanning mu qianchu, probably analyzing the differences between patients and men intelligently.

"This is a new product coming out of N.E.?"

Moqian Chu asked from the back.

When Xiaonian drove on the road, he said, "well, this is the first finished product."


Mu qianchu sat in silence behind, turned his eyes to look at the appearance of Mr palace, and the expression on his face was complex.

With a little knowledge of the robot, we can see that there are too many advanced technologies, and Gong ou can design them.

Gong ou.

In any way, it's a strong and formidable opponent.

He raised his eyes and looked at Xiaonian as he drove in front of him. His eyes were dimmed. In contrast, he was indeed inferior to Gong Ou everywhere.

However, this is only temporary.

He was beaten by Gong Ou this time, which doesn't mean he will be beaten all his life.

When Xiaonian drove out of S City, he could not help but slow down his speed and look out of the window.

This time, she won't come back.

Gong ou, as you wish, she will not appear in front of his eyes again.

When small read looking out of the window, a fresh and clean face has lonely.

When the wheel passes the edge of S City, the mobile phone will send a message to remind her that she has left s city

When I was driving, my heart was heavy, as if I was blocked by something, and I felt uncomfortable.

She drove all night to her hometown. Along the way, she had no voice, and mu qianchu was quiet. Mr palace was quieter.

My hometown is no more prosperous than s city.

My hometown is the capital of flower fields. When I enter the suburbs, I can see a large area of gardens with beautiful colors, like endless color blankets.

"The flower field is so big..."

Mu qianchu sat at the window and saw the colorful flower fields for the first time. There were few houses where he could see them. They were all flower fields.

"Huatian has different beauty at different times. It's evening now, and tomorrow morning is the most fragrant time."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Let's watch the sunrise in the flower field tomorrow."

Mu qianchu proposed to open the window and lean his head against the window and look out at a field of flowers in the night, like colorful ribbons, which makes people feel refreshed.


When Xiaonian's eyes stagnated, the last time she saw the sunrise was at the seaside resort, she was lying on Gong Ou's back.

Gong Ou stepped on her footprints all night.

When Xiaonian shook his head to stop thinking, he looked out of the window and said, "there's a small restaurant here. I'll pack some vegetables and eat them in Huatian."

"OK. It's hard for you. "

Mu qianchu's legs and feet are inconvenient. He can only rely on her.

He seems to have been dependent on her since he was a teenager.

"Nothing. What would you like to eat?" Asked shixiaonian.

"I don't care. Look what you like." I admire the beginning of a thousand times.


When Xiaonian stops at the side of the road, then pushes the door to get off the car and walks to the small hotel.

As soon as she entered the small restaurant, the mobile phone in front of her vibrated and rang a bell.

The R palace recognized the bell and stood up. Mu qianchu said, "I'll come."


The R palace turned to look at him, and then sat back.

Muqianchu stood up with crutches, stooped, walked along with difficulty, and picked up the mobile phone that was put there.

The mobile phone shows the incoming contact - manager Feng.


Only Gong ou can have a housekeeper around him.

The ring continues to ring, mu qianchu looks at the words on the screen of the mobile phone.

Ring to the end, automatically hang up.

Mu qianchu's eyes sank slightly. He turned to look out of the car window, while Xiaonian was still in the small restaurant.

There was a flash of hesitation in his eyes. Two seconds later, his fingertips slid gently, reached out to delete the call record, pulled "manager Feng" into the blacklist, and again, Gong Ou's contacts into the blacklist.

After that, mu qianchu put his cell phone back and went back to his original seat on crutches.

When Xiaonian stood in the small restaurant, ordered several dishes to take out and handed the money to the front desk.

Thank you for your change

The front desk, looking for her money, stared at her as if she had seen some rare antiques, and ran into the kitchen.


When Xiaonian stood there and looked at it in amazement.

Is it because of the case that she was injured by medicine? Now many people in the country should know her.

It's not glamorous.

When Xiaonian stood there, from time to time someone came out of the kitchen to look at her, just like watching a clown, when Xiaonian could only pretend not to see.

Take out is finally done.

When Xiaonian was relieved, she walked out with a heavy shopping bag, but she could clearly feel them pointing behind her.