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Chapter 316 you'sre carrying twins

A very small line, like ants climbing on the wall.

There is no dignity in the words of humble, as in the same pleading.

Gong ou can almost imagine her coming back here alone, standing in front of the wall with tears, and writing such a sentence.

"Er --"

the stomach twitches again with pain. Gong Ou raises his hand and firmly presses the stomach. The man slides down slowly against the wall.

Pain, crazy walk in his body.

He slowly sat on the ground, his long legs stretched out, his back against the wall.

The walls are full of doodles.

He sat on the ground, his head slowly drooping, and he was forced to endure the pain. For a long time, Gong Ou couldn't support him, and the whole man fell to the ground, his tall body curled up.

Sweat kept coming out of his face.

Gong Ou's eyes were half open, his eyes were distracted by pain, and his hands were dead in his stomach.

"Good." A low voice came slowly from his thin lips, "you can say anything."

The living room is empty and quiet.

It's just his voice.

He curled up and fell to the ground, looking embarrassed, sweating, Gong Ou half opened his eyes, and his voice continued to whisper, "everything you say is good, everything is good."

He is the only one who hears his voice.

On the other side, Xiaonian is sitting in the office of gway comics, holding the manuscript in his hand, and suddenly he has a stomachache.


When small read wrinkly tight eyebrow, reach out to press to own stomach.

"What's the matter?" Xia Yu, who was talking to her about business, got up from her chair and looked at her nervously.

When small read reluctantly smile, press the stomach way, "don't know why the stomach suddenly hurt."

"Are you hungry?" Summer rain asked.


When Xiaonian was stunned, he remembered that today, because of Gong Ou's sudden visit, she poured out all the dishes, didn't even eat lunch, and the baby was protesting.

When Xiaonian stood up with some shame, "I'll go to buy something to eat."

"My God, do you dare not eat when you are pregnant?" Xia Yu worships her thoroughly, looks at her acutely, and asks, "are you still thinking about Mr. Gong?"

She's still in the shadow of lovelorn, isn't she?

Summer rain is really don't want her to think again when small read, Gong Ou in the emotional dregs.

"No, I'm just in a hurry. I'll go out and eat." When small read light tunnel.

"I'll have someone buy it for you."

"No, I just went out to eat something and went to the hospital for an examination."

It's time for her to have a normal checkup.

"Production inspection? Do you want me to accompany you? " Summer rain immediately asked.

"I'm only three months old now. I don't need to be with you. I'm not so delicate." When Xiaonian refused her kindness and picked up the bag and left.

Summer rain can not beat her, standing there looking at her back, silently sighed.

What is not so delicate.

Before, Mr. Gong had kept them so pampered that they were all servants, but now they all come by themselves.

At a loss, Xiaonian adjusted the gap well.

When small read a person into the hospital, in front of the gynecology with a list and so on row number.

In the waiting hall, most of the couples around are talking and laughing. She is the only one who is alone like her.

Sometimes loneliness makes people feel inferior.

Especially when waiting outside the gynecology and obstetrics department.

When Xiaonian sat there quietly, with sunglasses on his face, a big cap on his tongue and loose clothes.

No one can recognize it.

This image of her is quite different from Gong Ou's girlfriend, who used to dress up carefully.

I don't know how long I have been waiting for her number.

She still asked the original doctor to carry out the birth examination for her. That doctor is a generation of experts in China, and the cost of asking for her diagnosis is quite high.

Gong Ou didn't care about it before, but now it's a big expense to her.

But in the break-up contract, it was stated that she could only continue to perform the birth examination under the doctor, otherwise, the news of pregnancy would be in violation of the terms of the contract.

After the examination, Xiaonian sat on the sofa in the doctor's office, picked up the cup to drink water, and his fingers shook involuntarily.

"What do you say, Dr. ye?"

When small read stupidly asked, put the cup back.

Dr. Ye is a female doctor in her 50s. She has a gentle face and a list of B ultrasound in her hand. She smiles and says, "Congratulations, Miss Shi, you are pregnant with twins."


Xiaonian looks at her in shock, stands up and walks to her desk.

How can it suddenly be twins? I haven't heard about it before.

"Yes, you see." Dr. Ye patiently explained some professional knowledge to her, and then said, "I was not sure before, so I didn't tell you and Mr. Gong that I was afraid to make you happy. This time it's confirmed that the baby is very healthy. You can rest assured. "

When Xiaonian looked at the B-ultrasound photo in her hand and stroked her belly with one hand, she was pregnant with two lives.

"Isn't it a small chance to have twins?" Asked shixiaonian strangely.

"Yes, it's really difficult for people to conceive twins without drugs, artificial insemination, or genetic twin genes." Dr. Ye sat there and said with a smile, "but that's not to say that it's impossible at all. Didn't miss have it?"

That's a small chance she could run into?

She is so lucky.

When Xiaonian couldn't believe looking at the B-ultrasound picture, twins, she was pregnant with two babies, couldn't help but ask again, "are you sure it's twins? Will there be no photos next time? "

She's still a little hard to believe.

"I'm sure." Doctor ye said with a smile, "Miss Shi, this is a gift from heaven. It's your first prize."

Grand prize.

She actually got a special prize from the old man because she was so pitiful that she asked the baby to comfort her. If one is not enough, two will come.

"Because it's twins, it must be tired for ordinary pregnant women to have two children. When the young lady has miscarriage again, she must take good care of her body and pay special attention." Doctor ye said softly, "well, you'll have a check-up once a week later."

"Well, I see."

Xiaonian nodded.

Dr. Ye smiled and nodded. It was necessary to say something at this time, but shixiaonian broke up with Gong ou, which is well known all over the world. After thinking about it, Dr. ye said, "Miss Shi, you can go back and share this good news with your relatives and friends."



When Xiaonian laughed hard, he left the office and walked out of the hospital building.

It's Dusk outside.

In the whole prosperous city, when Xiaonian stood on the side of the road, she looked very small among the traffic and pedestrians.

She stood there, her face glazed, her eyes staring at the ground.

There are taxis passing by, all of them are preempted by the people next to them.


Her luck always goes in a strange direction. She will meet the big people that other people can't meet, such as Gong ou. She will tangle up the big people that other people can't tangle up, such as Gong ou. She can also meet the twins that ordinary people have a very low probability of bearing

Of course, Xiaonian is still happy to know that she is pregnant with twins. It's amazing that not everyone can meet a double happiness once.


Who can she share it with.

When Xiaonian takes out her mobile phone and swipes across the screen, Gong Ou's contact phone is still in her mobile phone, and her finger almost touches it.

There was a car horn to wake her up.

Her fingers immediately left the screen.

Is she crazy? Is she going to call Gong ou and say, look, we are pregnant with twins. You can't be happy if we have two surprises at a time.

He didn't believe that the baby in her stomach was his, and she said it was no use blushing.

What's more, they found out that the child is his. I'm afraid they want the child not to have a mother. She can't say it. She can't say it.

Let Gong ou think that the child is not his.

After making up his mind, Xiao Nian stopped a taxi and reported the address of the community.

When the car is driving forward, Xiaonian looks at the scenery outside the window, looks at the scenery and backs up little by little, and touches his stomach with his fingers.

It's two babies coming to her. It's a happy event. I should also celebrate for the baby.

Since pregnancy, both babies have absorbed her negative emotions, right?

That's not good. She needs to have good mood for them.

Passing by the supermarket, Xiaonian came out with a few dishes, dialed Xiayu's phone, and tried to make his tone easier. "Xiayu, let brother Li stop cooking today, go to my place to eat?"

Now she can share the good news of twins, only Xiayu and brother Li.

"Ah? Today? " Xia Yu asked doubtfully.

"What's the matter? Aren't you free?"

When Xiaonian walked to the waiting taxi with a bag and a mobile phone.

"Yes, we're going to two people's world today. It's our wedding anniversary." When Xia Yu said this, his tone became sweet. "Xiaonian, what are you doing? If there's something wrong, we won't go out. "

When Xiaonian stood still and said, "no, I have nothing to do, but I have bought too many dishes. You can go."

"It's ok if I have nothing to do. Then I'm going to change my clothes and go out. Haha, my husband said there's a surprise for me." Summer rain said happily.

Across the cell phone, I can feel the happiness and sweetness of summer rain.

She smiled and said, "yes, I know you are happy. Happy woman, go to meet your surprise, I'll hang up

As she said this, Xiaonian hung up the phone, and the smile on her face slowly collapsed. She looked down at the vegetables in her hand.

After buying so much, she finally went back to the small rental house alone to celebrate.

When Xiaonian opened the door and sat in, the driver drove forward.

The car went on for a while, when Xiaonian felt his belly and looked at the scenery outside the window.

This place is close to the port of heaven.

There is not much way.

When small read down eyes, eyes floating, perhaps, she can change a place to go.

"Driver, to the port of heaven." For a while, Xiaonian said and made a decision.