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Chapter 863 Gong Ou's romance

"It's a real couple who can't get away with it." The aunt said, seeing that they are chatting here, several aunts also put down their work, took out a cake from their pocket and handed it to her, "are you hungry? Eat some cakes, and make them at home. "

In the wheat field, shixiaonian is surrounded.


When small read Leng there, I don't know if everyone is like this, when the mood is not good, I always think of my mother.

She looked at the old faces that had been suntanned, and suddenly thought of her mother. When she was in the Baisha islands, her mother would always ask if she was unhappy every time she saw her, was she hungry?

Seeing her stay there, the aunt looked at her hand stained with mud, and said awkwardly, "look at me, I'll give you the cake if it's dirty. I'm sure you don't want the girl dressed so clean. Take the other cakes in the plastic bag. You can take them yourself. It's not dirty."

When small read back to God, hurriedly took the cake and said, "I don't mean that, I'm really a little hungry, thank you."

"Just eat it. You eat it."

Aunts all laughed and chatted with her around her.

When Xiaonian wanted to walk quietly, but she was surrounded by passionate aunts and chatted, so she had to stand there, embarrassed to leave directly.

As soon as we chatted, we talked till the evening.

It's dark now. There are some sparse stars in the sky, but the auntie is more and more excited. For so long, Xiaonian has known the love story of each Auntie's family, knew that the Auntie and her husband had pulled their hair and had a fight, and knew that the Auntie and her husband had slept in separate rooms for three years.

They say every couple is noisy.

They say that couples who have never quarreled are not real couples.

They say that women naturally think much, and that no matter how hard you are here, men won't care. It's better to live a good life without thinking.

Xiaonian smiled to show that he had been taught one by one, but he didn't feel much relieved.

Gong Ou is so important to her that she is the only one in many ways. Any action of him will make her think more and she can't control herself.

The night is getting deeper and deeper, and the wind is cooling. The aunts' children run to the wheat field to call them to go home for dinner. The aunts start to warmly invite Xiao Nian, "Xiao Nian, go to my house, and I'll make cakes for you."

"Go to my house. My place is big. I have a room for you."

"Let's go to my place. I have an N.E computer. My son uses it. It's very advanced. Young people like to play with it. Do you know what N.E is? That's a big company! Look there. It's a base of N.E. all around it are the roads and lamps built by N.E. "

"Eh? Why isn't the street light on today? It's dark. "

When Xiaonian was flattered by their enthusiasm, he quickly said, "no need, I have children in my family, and I have to go back to take care of them."

Just after the voice fell, she felt that the dark night sky was on. When Xiaonian thought it was the street lamp that started to light up, she didn't care, until an aunt's exaggerated cry came to her ear, "look, what is that?"

When Xiaonian looked back, he saw that the research base in the distance was lighted, standing like a huge sphere under the night sky, emitting a huge light.

And the upper part of the sphere slowly shows some images. The night sky becomes the best black back image. The image becomes larger and clearer, like a big movie in the open air, but these movies are particularly three-dimensional.

Gradually, the image becomes complete.

The hero leads the heroine into the auditorium, and all the guests become virtual backs. They recite their vows hand in hand. They promise God a lifetime. They dance a song. They gaze at the highest white step. Behind them is the surging sea water, in which a group of creatures are shining.

It's the scenes of Haidao.

Shixiaonian looks at it in shock. Is it Gong Ou? He made an image of the day they were engaged.

"Wow, look, it's moving!" An aunt's son cried excitedly, "n. e's technology is cool! It's awesome! "

When Xiaonian looked at it, he saw the hero suddenly come out of the image, the complete 3D picture was full of shock, so he came out, 3D three-dimensional, step by step on the night sky.

Every step is very big, just walking in the air step by step, more and more far away from the research base in the age of N.E holography.

With each step of the hero, the street lamp below will light up.

The hero is coming towards them. He is in the air and she is on the ground. She can see how realistic the 3D image of Gong Ou is. If it's not for the exaggeration, she thinks it's a real person.

He came up to her in the air.

The street lamp lit up below, illuminating the wheat field.


When Xiaonian couldn't imagine how Gong Ou did it, she watched the huge three-dimensional image step by step coming to her, his hands behind him, even if it was just a made image, his aura was still powerful, which made people only surrender.

The whole wheat field is on, and Xiao Nian's face when the light is on is as bright as a moon.

All of a sudden, just listen to "bang", a sound similar to fireworks, and then the huge image of Gong Ou in the air exploded, fragmented like a burst of fireworks show, falling, oblivion in the dark.

Mingming is only a 3D image, but Xiaonian's heart is hurt as if she was cut by someone. Countless panics rush into her heart.

"Gong Ou!"

When Xiaonian shouted loudly and looked at him at a loss.

Suddenly, it seemed that he felt something. When Xiaonian suddenly turned around and looked behind him, he saw Gong Ou wearing the suit pants on the image just now, his hands behind him, standing in the wheat field like this. He was tall and straight. The atmosphere was more than 100 times stronger than the image. A handsome face was illuminated by the light, and his short hair was slightly floating by the night wind.

His outline is more profound in such light.

His black eyes stared at her deeply, like the silent night that would devour people

When Xiao Nian stood there in a daze.

Didn't he bother her and go away? Didn't he go on business?

Why is he here? Why are there those 3D images?

Next to her came the exclamations of aunts and children.

Gong Ou walked towards her step by step, staring straight at her with black eyes. His eyes did not deviate. His lips were slightly opened, and he said one word at a time, "Shi Xiaonian, listen to me. I haven't taken you to the sea yet. I haven't registered you yet. Until these two things are completed, I won't feel our life is peaceful."


Xiao Nian's nose is sour.

Does he remember taking her to the sea? So long ago, he remembered.

Did he leave her suddenly today to decorate and say these things?

"Besides, in this life, Gong Ou's heart will only move for you! There will never be a second person! "

Gong Ou went on, his voice was deep, coming out of his throat.

When the words fell, Xiaonian rushed at him, held him firmly, buried his face in his chest, and tried to speak but could not utter a sound.

"Nothing to say to me?"

Asked Gong ou.

When the voice of small read some choking, lifting eyes to see him, "Gong Ou you are not a lot of things to deal with, what do you do?"

Gong Ou stared at her with low eyes. "Feng de said that you have pregnancy syndrome. Before, a psychiatrist said that I was your subconscious hero."


Shixiaonian looks at him.

"Now your hero tells you that no one in the world is more important than you and no job is more important than you!" Gong Ou looks at her, and her tone is very loud.


When Xiaonian's eyes were red, he turned away, afraid that he would cry.

Gong Ou pulls out his hand from behind, and then Xiaonian sees a bunch of roses. She is red and has just about to take them over. Gong Ou suddenly throws the roses into the air.


When Xiaonian was shocked, the rose was thrown into the air for a moment, and suddenly there was a rain of rose petals all over the sky in the night sky, all the way down from the base to this side.

Another image.

Countless red petals in the air, slowly falling, endless, beautiful to breathless.

When Xiaonian stood there, his heart was shaken again and again, and suddenly he was held by Gong ou. He pressed her head, chin against her head, and his voice was dumb. "Maybe my Gong ou will not worry about losing you until he dies."

Xiaonian's heart was immediately shattered. He looked up at him and said with red eyes, "Gong ou, what medicine did you take wrong? How can you say love today?"

"I've been thinking for three hours. Is that ok?"

Asked Gong Ou solemnly.


When Xiaonian didn't know whether to smile or to burst into tears, he bumped his head into his chest and whispered, "there's no need for such a big show, just say it."

"How can my love words of Gong ou not have a big show!" Gong Ou reaches out and circles her.

When Xiaonian closed his eyes, took a deep breath and said, "Gong ou, I will try not to let myself worry about gain or loss in the future."

"Just trying?"

Gong Ou picks his eyebrows.

"I have pregnancy syndrome, I have to work hard." She can't guarantee full control.

“……” Gong Ou stared at her with a helpless tone. "You are getting hotter and hotter now."

More than a paranoid temper.


"It's OK. I'm used to it. I'd like to!"

Gong Ou Dao.

When small read purses a lip, then low smile comes out, forehead hit on his chest bump.

The aunts on one side interposed in, "Oh, it seems that they have made up. That's not good. We're worried that you can't think about it."

When he heard this, Xiaonian suddenly began to cry and laugh. It turned out that aunts kept pestering her when they didn't work because they thought she would not be able to think about it.