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Chapter I know it's wrong

He is timid.

Since he met shixiaonian, he seems to know more and more about fear.

He was afraid that he would go in and see mu qianchu and Shi Xiaonian coming out hand in hand.

How does he face it?

"My daughter has been imprisoned by your palace family for half a year. Because of the news of your engagement, she is anxious to give birth ahead of time. After giving birth, her body will be completely empty. She also thinks about her son's excess. At the worst, she has a high fever and can't even stand stably. I keep this account in mind! "

"If I hadn't gone to England to save my daughter, I'm afraid she would have been tortured to death by your family."


His mother's words echoed in his ears.

No wonder when he was in England, he heard the words of early production. It was because of his engagement that he was in a hurry.

He was engaged to another woman who gave birth early because of him.

When she was in pain and despair, it was mu qianchu who saved her.

When she was weak, she was accompanied by mu qianchu.

What did he do right?


Now think about it, there is none.

At the beginning, he couldn't accept Xi Yu's story, so he forced her to break up. He didn't believe her or that the child was his. He didn't realize until she was imprisoned by the palace family.

He thought he was all for her, but as a result, how many injuries did he inflict on her.

She even kept it to herself.

He didn't take care of her for a day, not a day.

He is still in front of her. He is right about everything. He is for her. She should come back to him. She should look like him. She must think he is particularly funny.

There is no one more ridiculous than him.

What qualification does he have now to question her and what face he has to meet her.

He is responsible for everything she does now.

Gong Ou only now understands how much hatred Xiaonian had for him when he was in a car accident.

She really wanted to die with him because he destroyed her so much.

Gong Ou sits on a bench and leans down slowly, as if he is under a weight of a kilo Jin on his back, holding his head in his hands.

"Gong ou, what have you done?"

The rain washed his handsome face, crossed his thin lips, and flowed down his chin.

He was alone in the heavy rain.

So lonely.

So lonely.

The gauze on his hand was wet, and the blood of the wound oozed out, and the pale blood flowed down.

Gong Ou reaches out to reach for his mobile phone from his pocket, presses the light on the screen, watches the water drop on the screen, and reaches out to wipe off the water on it.

A tip jumps out, it's an entertainment news --

when I read my new work, the sea tower network, let's see it first.

His little thoughts are on the news.

In the rain, Gong Ou wipes off the water drops on the mobile phone screen over and over again, and tunes out the comic content. The strokes on the first page are extremely gray.

Gray sea, black reef, white tower, no hope.

On the first page, the heroine falls into the gray ocean, but she can't splash any water. The sea is calm, and she can't see that she has swallowed a person.

With a line on it, "have you ever tried to fall into the water and drown, but no one saved you, or even heard your voice?"

The suffocation of falling into the water.

Gong Ou stared at the cartoon on the screen of his mobile phone and watched the rain fall on it one by one, blurring the picture.

It rained heavily this night.

When Xiaonian was sitting on the bed alone, his long hair was hanging on his shoulder, his eyes were black and white, very clear and clear, flowing dimly.

She raised her hand and her ring finger moved.

There is nothing on it. It seems that nothing has ever existed.

I don't know why, when Xiaonian suddenly thought of the time after she was honest with Gong ou, at that time, she was able to love Gong ou with no distractions, regardless of everything, firm and brave.

I want to come now. I'm really happy at that time.

Even though there will always be such small problems between them, there will never be such a state of mind.

People, in fact, understand more, more scruples it.

Strong, sometimes just a fake.

When Xiaonian looked at his empty ring finger, he smiled bitterly.

Suddenly, the mobile phone on the quilt vibrated.

When Xiaonian picked up her mobile phone, it was a message from Gong ou -

Xiaonian, I knew it was wrong.


When Xiaonian looked at the line in a daze, his eyes were dull, and he repeatedly recognized the number until he confirmed that it was from Gong ou, and tears immediately flowed down without warning.

He sent such a message to her.

Like a kid who confesses.


Why did he suddenly admit that he was wrong? He never felt that he was wrong.

When Xiaonian closed her eyes, tears crossed her cheeks, she reached out to touch her face, but tears could not be forbidden.

No more sleepiness.

When Xiaonian buckled his cell phone there, lifted the quilt and got out of bed, went to the window and looked out.

She didn't let herself think too much.

She did not turn on the light in the bedroom. Instead, she could see everything out of the window clearly. The heavy rain fell to her, washing the whole world crazily.

The community of tianzhigang is quiet in the rain.

She pushed open the window, looked down the heavy rain, watched the heavy rain rush into the fountain pool, beside the fountain pool, there seemed to be a figure there.


When Xiaonian lived on the 8th floor, he couldn't see clearly at this height.

Her long eyelashes quivered a little, and an idea rushed into her heart, which made her frightened.

No, it's impossible.

When Xiaonian rushed to bed, picked up his cell phone and looked at the message. Bei teeth clenched his lips. It would not, it would not be him.

But in case.

The injury to his forehead is not good.

Looking at the line on the mobile screen for a few seconds, Xiaonian thought about it, then turned around and ran out. She ran out of the house, picked up an umbrella and rushed into the elevator.

Running out of building C, Xiaonian opened his umbrella under the eaves and looked out.

In front of the fountain in the distance, a tall figure was sitting on a bench, leaning over his body, and was drenched in the rain.

Rain curtain across the distance, that figure is not Gong Ou who is.

He's not going to die. He's been in a car accident for only a few days. He's sitting here in the rain.

Send a text message to tell her that he knows he's wrong, and then rain like a fool. What is this, self punishment?


I don't know why, looking at the motionless figure in the rain, Xiao Nian stood there, and his last hatred for Gong Ou disappeared.


No one apologizes like that, no one knows it's wrong.

She stood under the eaves and opened her umbrella. Just before going forward, a light flashed into the rain and fog at night.

I saw a small sports car parked in front of the fountain, the door was pushed open, Mona insisted on a yellow umbrella to get out of the car, walked to Gong Ou step by step, covered the umbrella above Gong Ou's head, stroked Gong Ou's face with one hand, stroked the rain for him.

So close, so warm.

Gong Ou is still sitting still, bending down, with a little light on his hand.

It should be a mobile phone.

See, Mona put her umbrella on Gong Ou even more, and her half body soon got wet.

The yellow of the umbrella becomes the tenderness of the night.

A picture that people dare not destroy.

Shi Xiaonian held on to his umbrella step by step and backed away until he got behind the column, put away his umbrella and looked over there.

When she was far away, Xiao Nian watched Mona say something with her umbrella.

Gong Ou's body moved slightly.

After a while, Fengde and several bodyguards arrived. They all got out of the car with umbrellas. Fengde took a coat and put it on Gong Ou's back.

There was some confusion at the scene.

The rain drowned out all the voices.

I don't know how long it took, when Xiaonian saw Gong Ou get up from the bench and Gong Ou lowered his head, it seemed that he was in a bad state.

They come this way.

When small read can't help but to shrink in the body, don't look at that side.

A group of people's footsteps gradually approached her side. When Xiaonian heard their voices --

"young master, do you still have a headache? The stitches on your head have only been sewn for a few days. You can't get wet, or you will leave a headache in the future. "

"Don't say anything more, housekeeper Feng. Gong Ou needs to be quiet now."

"Then go back and open the door."

When Xiaonian slowly looked out from behind the pillar, a group of people gathered in front of a car close to her, Gong Ou stood in the middle of them, several umbrellas around him at the same time.

This distance, when small read just see the appearance of Qing Gong ou.

He stood there, his body was all wet under his overcoat, his gauze wrapped hands were full of blood, Gong Ou's face was pale and lifeless, his eyes were not as vivid as before, his eyes were half hung, his eyelashes were still stained with raindrops, as if they were tears, and his thin lips moved.

How could he hurt his hand like that?

"What do you say, young master?" Feng de asked nervously. He was still puzzled. "What's wrong, young master? What do you want to say?"

Gong Ou ignored him and went into the car as if he had fallen into it.


When Xiaonian looked at him, tears were in his eyes, and his eyes turned red.

He's saying he's wrong.

He knew he was wrong.

When small read of the heart turned a burst of pain, lingering, wipe it.

Gong ou, you're right. No one is perfect. They can't expect it to happen. They can't expect it to come to this situation.

A group of people got on, cars and sports cars left one after another.

When Xiaonian watched the car go away, she also wanted to go but couldn't move a step. She stood against the pillar, and then found that when she had just peeped, she had left half of her body outside the eaves, which was wet.

Half warm, half cold.

It turns out that the feeling of not being able to love is far worse than hating someone.

At that time, Xiaonian leaned on the pillar and slowly closed his eyes.

Gong ou, I don't blame you. I will never blame you again.

Please live a good life.

Please make sure you get better.

"Step, step."

The sound of high-heeled shoes stepping on the rain came from far and near.