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Chapter 1125 difficult situation

When Xiaonian was stunned, it was obviously not the voice of Gong ou and Gong Yu. She looked at the two men kneeling on the ground and saw that sister Gong Ou was holding a small player in his hand.

I haven't finished playing.

It's estimated that Gong Ou recorded some words early, but he didn't think about how his level could win Luo Qi's favor, and his tone was still cheerful.

Sure enough, Luo Qi was so angry that she smiled and stared at the table full of vegetables. "You are rewarded? Do you think I should reward you? "

The long dining table, everyone is in danger, no one dares to move chopsticks.

Xia Yu looks over here and finds that Gong Ou is the one kneeling on the ground. He is stunned to hear Luo Qi say coldly, "why, do you think you did a good birthday party?"

The atmosphere is strange.

Xia Yu blinked and looked at shixiaonian again. Seeing that she didn't make a sound, he sat quietly, shut up and watched the storm.

"We made it very special and wanted to give my wife a big surprise!"

Gong Ou's voice is still in high spirits.


When small read can not help but press their own pain head, Gong Ou kneeling on the ground is not able to hear Luo Qi unhappy tone?

"Surprise? What a surprise. " With a sneer, Luo Qi stared at the pink soup in front of her and said, "in that case, I have to thank you very much. Get up and join us."

Gong Ou adjusted the key in the player and made a sound for a while. "We dare not."

This hesitation makes Luo Qi think it's intentional.

Luo Qi's face was ugly. "Are you afraid to join the table or eat your own dishes? You have served the palace family for generations. I have never deliberately criticized you or thought of firing you. You dare to make such a table to fool me with this point? "

At the end of the day, Luo Qi's tone returned to the extreme, even her voice became sharp.

When Xiaonian looked at the two men who were kneeling on the ground, it was estimated that Gong ou could not turn over any prepared words this time.

He didn't expect that his confident table would get such a negative evaluation, did he?

The long silence made Luo Qi feel more humiliated.

The little cook didn't answer. How could she have been treated like this.


Luo Qi said in a cold voice.

"What can I do for you, madam?" Feng de was also sweating.

"Will participate in this birthday feast chef to beat all ten whip, next station let them all go down!" LUOQI cold tunnel.

If we don't set up the Wei family, it will become more and more unruly.


Feng De is stupefied. Give two young masters ten lashes? How does he do it?

"What's the matter with you? Are you really too old to hear? " Luo Qi raised her eyes to Feng De, and her eyes were full of discontent. "This trip has made you all play out of proportion, hasn't it?"

Luo Qi is really angry.

She had said before that she liked the happy atmosphere of boats.

When small read touched his neck, neck hair cold, she wanted to talk but did not know how to open.

Why is this birthday party getting worse?

Luo Qi wants to know that this is her proposal, and she must be dissatisfied in her heart.

"I'm sorry, madam." Feng de looks down.

"Don't pull it down yet?"

Luo Qi gave the order indifferently.


Where does Feng de dare to move? It's not to step in or step back.

The scene is deadlocked.

When Xiaonian frowned, Gong Ou couldn't get up to make it clear. It's the adoptive father who won't receive ten lashes for farce.

She saw Gong Ou kneeling there and touching the player. She was looking for some sentences to play.

Gong Yu took his elbow and hit Gong ou to make him faster.

Gong Ou is not happy, but he bumps back. Gong Yu almost falls down when he is bumped. He turns his eyes to his brother and reaches for the player.


When I read all over the black line.

The atmosphere was so embarrassing that no one dared to move chopsticks, no one dared to laugh, and the two players were very happy.

Are these two people obsessive-compulsive?

It's time to come out and explain why you have to play a perfect trick? It's impossible to be successful. She doesn't believe that there is a sentence in the player that can cope with the situation.

Just listen to "pa", the player fell to the ground between the two people.

"Madam, you don't give much, please give more!"

A voice without joy rings.


I want to go back to my room.

Luo Qi was also stunned, and then the beautiful face showed uncontrollable anger, and the man turned around abruptly, "I don't think ten lashes are enough, right? You want to insult me on my birthday You! "

There is no chef group in front of me.

Only two young men in chef's clothes knelt on the ground, their hands intertwined for a fight. Hearing this, they raised their heads. She could not be more familiar with the two handsome faces.

Maggie looked at them incredulously and put her hand to her mouth.

The two men immediately let go of each other and said to Luo Qi, "Happy Mother's birthday."


Luo Qi sat there, unable to say a word.


Why didn't you respond?

Gong Yu and Gong ou have a look at each other and want to say something more.


Mother, it's a shock. People who have always been elegant and noble can't cope with such scenes. They have to give her some time to buffer.

When Xiao Nian saw this and Feng de winked, Feng de raised his hand to the people.

Everyone got up and shouted, "Happy Birthday to my wife!"

The sound is deafening.

Luo Qi sat there as if this was the reaction. She slowly returned to her body, raised her hand and forced a smile, "thanks..."

Word out, but how can not go on.

When Xiaonian was nearest, she clearly saw that Luo Qi's eyes were red.

"I'm sorry."

I'm sorry. Luo Qi stands up and runs.

It's really running.

The high-heeled shoes make a "click" sound on the ground.

Luo Qi runs all the way with her long skirt, losing her usual temperament.

When Xiaonian quietly sipped his lips, the family of the palace swept away their temperament, which was similar to that of ordinary people. They were all in an unspeakable mess.

Quiet, quiet.

The scene of even Gong Kui not speaking is too quiet to describe with words.

The arrangement is like a 4-D oil painting stage, with flowers blooming quietly.

"Mother's reaction..." Gong Yu slowly turned around to look at his brother, "is it in your plan, too?"


Gong Ou stares at him coldly, stands up from the ground and looks around.

The people bowed their heads with great understanding, pretending that they had not seen anything.

At last, his eyes fell on the table, and almost no dish moved.

It turns out that no one has ever eaten it.

When Xiaonian walked towards Gong ou, he grabbed his chef's sleeve and said, "are you ok?"

Gong Ou's eyes are dim. She looks down at her. "It's hard to eat?"

Such a lost Gong Ou makes Shi Xiaonian impatient. He hasn't slept well for this table and vegetable these days. He is always conceited. How could he think of such a situation

"Of course not." Shixiaonian decided to throw his conscience aside and said seriously, "maybe it's just that the food you cook doesn't meet my mother's appetite. I think it's very delicious, especially fried rice with eggs. It's different from other people's food. You'd better eat it."


Feng de read it silently.

Wen Yan, Gong Ou reaches out and holds her firmly. When he holds

firmly, Xiao Nian gives him a smile.

Gong Ou put her in her arms, looked back to her self-confidence, and said, "I know it's not my problem. How can my cooking not be delicious? It's some people who have lagged behind. Next time, I'll make a table by myself."


Well, did she give Gong Ou any false confidence.

As "some people", Gong Yu is depressed. In cooking, is he not as good as Gong Ou? What a joke!

Come on, he's a brother.

I don't care about my brother.

Gong Yu looked at the dishes at the table and said, "what should I do then? That's what the birthday party is like. "

"Madame, it may be a surprise."

Fengde tunnel in a low voice.

"I'm surprised to see it. I'm glad I didn't see it at all." Gong Yu took off his chef's hat and said, "it's better for me to take two bottles of red wine directly."

It shouldn't be. Luo Qi's eyes are so red before she leaves. It won't be because the food is so bad that she cries.

When small read think, say, "I go to see mother."

"Well, now I guess she would like to see you, too." Gong Yu nodded, turned to Feng de and said, "let's take this table down."

It's been a waste of days.

"Yes, sir."

Fengde replied.

"No." When small read stop, "you don't leave first, all stay here, all wait for me to see mother again."

Gong Ou looks down at Xiao Nian and frowns. "Will she hit you? Hit you and run. I'll take care of it! "

Now Luo Qi is angry. It's hard to say anything.

"I see."

When Xiaonian smiled and let go of his hand.

When leaving from the banquet hall, Xiaonian went directly to Luo Qi's room. The door of the room was ajar. When she was near, she heard a soft sob.

Rocky really cried.


When Xiaonian bit his lips, he stood at the door and looked in.

I saw Luo Qi sitting on the sofa with her back sobbing softly. The voice was very small and small. It seemed that she was trying to endure. A white picture frame was placed in the cupboard beside her hand.

This is a picture of two teenagers, one big and one small.

The little face didn't have a smile, just like others owed him a lot of money.

It's a picture of Gong ou and Gong Yu.

It turns out that Luo Qi brought the pictures of Gong Ou when he was a child.

Xiaonian turns her eyes, takes out her mobile phone and sends out a message, then reaches for the door.

Three soft sounds.

The sobs inside suddenly stopped.

"Mother, may I come in?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Wait." Luo Qi pretends to be calm.

I was probably taking care of myself. A moment later, Luo Qiyang said, "little read, come in."

When Xiaonian pushed the door in, Luo Qi had already sat in front of her, a beautiful face could not see the trace of tears, only the red eyes could not hide.