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Chapter 614 the disturbance at the wedding

"Aunt, what are you talking about?" Gong Yao pointed shyly at the book and said in a childish voice, "I like this aunt, and she also has blue eyes."

"Oh." Mona sneers, reaches for the mask on her face and squats in front of Gong Yao. "Do you think your aunt will still believe you?"

There are two untreated scars on her face, and a long scar on her forehead. It looks terrible and aesthetic.

Listen to her words, the expression on Gong Yao's face stagnates, he opens the door and wants to run. She pushes him hard, and the whole person falls to the ground.


Adults and children are physically very different.

Gong Yao falls on the ground, his small hands on the ground, and a pair of black eyes look at her. His voice is tender but calm. "This is Gong's house. You can't run away."

Is that the tone of his voice?

"I've heard that Gong Ou's son is very intelligent. It seems that I despise you." Mona locks the door, sneers and pulls Gong Yao up from the ground and throws him on the soft sofa. "I can't run away. I want to see you."

Gong Yao was thrown into the sofa. He sat down quickly, picked up the pillow to throw her away. Mona took her head out of her waist behind her, and the cold edge crossed Gong Yao's eyes. He took the pillow out of his hand and didn't resist any more.

"You don't look like a child."

Even if she didn't make any noise, Mona looked at him with low eyes. She suddenly thought of seeing Gong Ou's story on the news for the first time. At that moment, she knew that Gong Ou was different from the men who came and went around her.

"I can help you if you want to go out."

Gong Yao said calmly that the kidnapper said that when being kidnapped, he should try to meet all the requirements of the other side and not provoke the other side.

"Who says I want to go out?" Mona asked, "what doctor do you think I was fooled into seeing?"


Gong Yao was sitting there, a flash of accident in his black eyes.

"I just came in to give your parents a wedding present."

Mona cold tunnel, put the head on the side of the small table, swept around, picked up a rolled toy rope to Gong Yao's hands, feet to tie up.

Gong Yao motionless let her do it, a pair of eyes staring at her, "what gift do you want to send?"

"A great gift, of course."

Mona sneered, went to the window and looked out. Now the servants are busy with the wedding. Few people pass by.

Just now Gong Yao, in order to protect his younger sister, his maids who have no power to bind chickens, drive them all out. No one will come in.

Even if she came in, she was holding the trump card of Gong's young master. She could do too many things.

Mona pulls down the curtain, goes to Gong Yao and sits down, pulls up her sleeve and looks at the time. "Don't worry, Auntie will play with you for a while first."


Gong Yao's little hand was tightly strangled and looked at her silently.

Mona waited for the moment before the wedding. She lowered her eyes and saw the gift bag she had just brought in for Gong Yao. She reached out to open it and took out two candy brooches.

One big one small, it is inlaid with diamonds, gorgeous and with a thick childlike interest, the design is not unlike.

"This is a present you want to give to your parents?" Mona asked, holding a candy brooch.


Gong Yao nodded calmly.

"So young to know filial piety?" Mona looked down at his beautiful face. "Tell aunt, why do you want to check my information? To be honest, you can't cheat me. "

Gong Yao looks down at the brooch in her hand.

Mona Yang starts to throw away the brooch. Gong Yao says, "I heard your name in mom's mouth. You should not be a good person."

"So you want to set up a bureau to catch me?" Mona asked, finding it particularly funny. "I'm not a good person? Do you know what your parents did? Do you know how the wound on my face came from? "


Gong Yao listened in silence.

Mona looked down at him. The more he looked at him, the more he felt that he was very similar to Gong Yu. His eyebrows were exactly the same. He said, "you've seen my information, you should know that I was born in a noble aristocrat, and I am more than a star in the noble family of your palace."

Gong Yao sat there quietly, and his little hand was red marked by the rope.

"In my capacity, even if I marry a prince, I can match him. But now? I'm repented by your father and my reputation has fallen. I can only marry one politician. " Mona's voice was bitter. "Now when this politician saw my accident, he ran back to the United States without even asking me why, leaving me alone."


"My family is censured and anxious because of me. I have become a rat in the ditch from a lady with stars in the sky. Aren't your parents just bad people?" Asked Mona.

All her life was ruined by Gong Ouhe and shixiaonian. She was supposed to be high, but now? She can't even go home.

Can she be a bad person?

Gong Yao sits there in silence. Seeing his indifferent attitude, Mona can't help but think of Gong Ou again. Even his attitude is so consistent.

It's like she's never been seen.

"I want you to talk!"

Mona angrily pushes Gong Yao. Gong Yao is pushed down and pulled up. Mona glares at him angrily. "I want you to say, who is the bad guy?"

"Dad, I don't know. My mom is not a bad guy."

Gong Ou said.


Mona slapped Gong Yao's face, holding a brooch in her hand, scratched his face and pulled out a bloodstain. The pain was unbearable, and he gritted his teeth.

"You're just as annoying as your father! What's good about Xi Xiaonian? What else can he do besides painting if he wants background and beauty? Are you all crazy? "

Mona said, grasping Gong Yao excitedly.

One by one, I read the good words when I was talking. Are they all magic? When small read with her comparable qualifications are not, she lost?

"You like my father, too."

Gong Yao was carrying her clothes and had to look up. He looked at her and asked.

"I like him earlier than Xi Xiaonian." Mona stared at him, with a pair of beautiful blue eyes full of strong jealousy. "Do you know how much I have done for Gong Ou? I study paranoid personality disorder for him. If he wants to marry me, he will stay with him. If he wants to cure me, I will keep him for four years! I do much more for him than Xi Xiaonian! But how do they treat me? They want me to die! "

Gong Yao was held tightly by her, and the blood on her little face dripped on Mona's hand.

Looking at the blood on the fingertip, Mona's face showed a touch of cruel pleasure, "little baby, Auntie told you that people like your parents should not be happy, they are not qualified to step on my life, my body to be happy!"

"What are you going to do?"

Gong Yao asked.

"What do I want?" Mona smiled, reached out and gently pulled him into her arms, and stroked his injured face with her fingers. "At first, my engagement ceremony was a farce. Now, I'm going to turn your parents' wedding into a farce, no, a funeral."

Her tone was soft as water, but also cruel.

She came back again and again with her fingernails to scrape the wound on Gong Yao's face. Gong Yao was held in her arms and forced to bite his teeth. A pair of black eyes were full of perseverance.


On the other hand, Xiaonian spent two hours on makeup, which made her not know herself.

With the help of the maid, Shi Xiaonian changed into a white wedding dress. The wedding dress is mainly for self-cultivation, which shows her slim and beautiful figure, slightly long skirt, and many diamonds inlaid to make her feel heavy standing.

"How beautiful the young lady is today."

As soon as Shi Xiaonian came out of the dressing room, he received countless compliments. Charles also stood there and smiled at her.

When small read slowly to the mirror, looking at the mirror a white gauze of their own, the face can not help but emerge a smile.

Finally get married.

Finally there is a home.

"The ceremony will begin in an hour. Let's have a rest." Charles said, and told the others to get ready.

When Xiaonian nodded and sat down on the sofa, the maid squatted down in front of her, picked up her hand carefully and examined her nails. When Xiaonian looked at Charles, "what about twins? Have their dresses been changed? "

"They?" Charles was stunned and looked around. "I haven't seen them this morning. Did my wife take them to change clothes?"

"Is it?"

When Xiaonian had some doubts, just thinking, she heard a rush of footsteps. She looked up and saw Gong Kui rubbing her eyes all the way to this side, as if she had been wronged by Tianda.

"Xiaokui? What's the matter with you? "

Xiaonian looked at her in surprise.

"Whoops." Gong Kui was crying and was about to leave Xiaonian's arms to drill. Charles pulled him away. "Miss Xiaokui can't. The young lady can't get dirty after changing her dress."

There's only one wedding dress. It's specially driven out. There's no substitute.

“mom。” Gong Kui stood there crying and said angrily, "I don't want to play with holly in the future. You have a baby. I want a new brother."

Hearing that it was a dispute between the two children, Xiaonian let go, smiled and said, "what's the matter, holy won't provoke you."

Gong Yao loves her sister so much. How could she provoke her.

"He just annoyed me. He pushed me to the ground. He's a little lascivious. If you don't believe him, ask Alisha!" Said Gong Kui, pointing to her maid.

When Xiaonian looks at Alisha, Alisha nods awkwardly, while Xiaonian looks stunned. "How can it be?"

She didn't believe that Gong Yao would push Gong Kui.

"It's true, mom you don't believe me!" Gong Kui cried and cried, wronged in a mess, "I'm so sad."

"All right, don't cry." When small read coax way, "that so, I go with you to look for holy, ask clear?"