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Chapter 873 missing Gong ou


Gong Ou looks at him in disgust.

"Yes! Passed! Secretary at that time! We passed! Ah ah! " The staff couldn't restrain their mood and jumped up excitedly in front of Gong ou.

"Yes, that's great."

When small read also deeply affected, through, this tense working atmosphere can be relaxed finally.

"Great! Yes! "

The staff was so excited that they all burst into tears. They raised their hands to clap with shixiaonian. Shixiaonian just raised their hands. Gong Ou quickly pulled shixiaonian to his side and said with a foul face, "if you want to continue working in N.E, get out of here."

"Ah? Yes! Yes! "

The staff was scared from excitement to panic, stooped back and ran out stumbling.

When Xiaonian watched him leave, he turned his eyes to Gong ou. His eyes were bent into the moon. Gong Ou looked at her coldly, stood up from his desk, and looked at the plan. "There are more and more irregularities in N. e!"

Words fall, when small read on his body, happy tunnel, "great, Gong ou, the problem is finally solved!"

So happy?

"It's not a problem at all for me."

Gong Ou snorts scornfully.

When Xiaonian looked at him, she didn't know who didn't sleep at night before. She stood on tiptoe and put her hands around his neck. "Be happy."

As soon as she raised her hand, the button on her chest opened again, and Gong Ou's eyes immediately deepened.

When Xiaonian was embarrassed, she quickly reached out and buttoned up the button. There was a cheering sound outside. She immediately led Gong ou to the glass and looked down. After receiving the news, everyone gathered below for a cheering while others were excited to perform in public and then somersault.

"You see, how happy everyone is."

When Xiaonian was thoroughly affected by this joyful atmosphere.

Gong Ou glanced coldly, "if you don't give the user a trial experience, it means you haven't finished the last step. It's too early for you to be happy!"

Smell speech, when small read cannot help but whisper a way, "that is everybody knows you are more difficult than the user."

"What do you say?"

Gong Ou stares at her.

"No, no, No." When small read to deny, then said, "I promised you, tonight we will do a party celebration, let everyone relaxed, and reward some prizes, you think?"

"Not so much."

Gong Ou splashes cold water.


"The idea of anti-virus software is what I think, the basic framework is my own hands-on work, and I will pay for rewards as a result?" Gongou cold tunnel.

"I'll give you your reward."

When Xiaonian pulled the white shirt on her body, the expression on her face was subtle when she said this.

"What reward?"

"You'll know when you get home in the evening."

When small read to bow to say, the temperature on the face rises again and again.

Into the night.

The moon in the night sky is bright and the stars are high.

The party was held in an open space beside the lake full of reeds. The long table was filled with self-service food, rich and diverse drinks. There were professional chefs cooking there, which smelled delicious.

Seafood and barbecue areas are particularly popular.

Everyone is playing workplace games in groups. Please close your eyes and play from dark to playing drums and flowers, eating and playing.

When Xiaonian and Gong Ou arrived, we had a bit of fun. This party is for everyone to relax, so we are required to wear comfortable home clothes or pajamas, which looks like a field Pajama in the distance.

When Xiaonian and Gong Ou didn't wear pajamas, they only wore comfortable household clothes, white and black, and Jane's color matched just right.

"Grandpa Feng said that everyone helped dad and mom solve the problem, so they have more time to accompany us, so I want to dance thank you."

Sweet and tender voice.

When Xiaonian fixed his eyes, he saw Gong Kui standing in front of the crowd, made a deep bow to everyone, looked at the expressionless Gong Yao beside him, and sighed, "ah, I wanted my brother to jump, but he was too stiff to see, so I jumped alone."

"Ha ha."

The whole audience burst into laughter.

Gong Yao took a silent look at his sister. He just didn't want to jump.

Gong Kui began to dance with the music. People were totally unable to resist such a beautiful little girl. They clapped their hands and beat her.

It seems that the dance teacher taught well, and Gong Kui danced like a model.

When Xiaonian and Gong Ou look at each other, they sit down on two small chairs beside the crowd and watch their daughter dance. When someone sees Gong ou, they hurry to get up and say hello. Gong Ou stares coldly, "sit down and don't disturb my daughter's dance."

"Yes, president."

The man sat down, and no one dared to say hello.

When Xiaonian sits beside Gong ou, embraces his arm with both hands, and quietly appreciates Gong Kui's dance. No wonder Gong Kui asked her to make a beautiful and lovely braid today, which was originally for dancing.

"What is the reward?"

Gong Ou's quiet voice sounded above her head.

"Go back and you will know."

"Let's go back now!"

Gong Ou wants to know what kind of gift she is preparing. Just after returning, he has turned over the whole room. He has not found anything that can be used as a gift.

"We have just arrived. What can we do?" When small read to smile hatefully hit him a record, the eyebrow of palace Europe suddenly frowns, she looks at him a bit worried, "how, the wound still hurts?"

He was seriously injured on the langhuayu island. He was going to lie in bed for several months, but he never lay down properly. Gong Ou always said that the wound was healed.

"What's wrong with you? It's the slowest wound for me to recover." Gong Ou glances at her. It's a quiet tunnel.

Smell speech, when small read nervous, "then how to do? I'll accompany you back to apply the medicine? "

"OK, take the present."

Gong Ou immediately moves to leave. Seeing this, Xiao Nian knows that he is not uncomfortable, so he pulls him down. "Don't be such a wet blanket. The gift will be given to you. You have to say a few words, and then take the prize before you leave?"

She prepared a lot of gifts.


Gong Ou responds with a cold face, continues to watch Gong Kui dance, and suddenly asks, "what is the nature of the gift?"


When small nianmo, he really can't put down the gift. He can't wait a moment.

"Big or small? Eat or wear? "

"You'll know when you go back."

When Xiaonian's cheeks were hot, he could only say so in a low voice.

After the dance, someone suggested playing games together. When Xiao Nian took Gong ou and two children to join in, playing drums and flowers.

The first time the staff played games with Gong ou, they were both nervous and excited.

But play with play, everyone is black line.

Because Gong ou and Gong Yao are probably the most unsettled players in the world, Gong Yao receives Hua Leng's little face and says, "I'm not comfortable. I can't perform."

Then Gong Kui performed for him.

Gong Ou is even more ruthless. When Minghua comes to his hand, he doesn't perform either. He stares at the clerk who plays the music and plays the dishes. He stares at the clerk's hair. He plays several beats on the broken music again, and Gong Ou "naturally" passes the ball on.


When Xiaonian could only think of these two words, she wanted to see what Gong ou could show when she joined the game.

The game of drumming and flower passing pushed the atmosphere of the party to Gao Dynasty. When Xiao Nian found out that the staff of N.E. were really proficient in all kinds of martial arts.

When someone was singing, Xiaonian helped to clap. Gong Ou was annoyed. A male staff member with a mole in the middle of his eyebrow came up and bent over to say something to Gong ou.

When Xiaonian claps his hands and turns his eyes, he sees Gong Ou's eyebrows frown and looks at her and says, "I'll go there and listen to the user experience."

"Antivirus software?"


"Good." When Xiaonian nods and lets Gong Ou leave, Gong Kui immediately sits beside her, claps hands with her and laughs, "Mom, am I good at dancing?"

"Well, it's very beautiful, like a fairy."

When small read to daughter not stingy praise, fondly touched her head.

When someone handed out the fruit tray to her, Xiaonian smiled and thanked her. He got along well with the staff in the base.

Shi Xiaonian accompanies everyone to play games, watch everyone perform, eat fruit with twins, take care of them, and time passes by little by little.

With the end of a hot dance, Xiaonian clapped and turned her eyes to the distance. In the distance, there was a night, and the reeds on the lake swayed with the wind.

The smile on her face faded away.

When Xiaonian looked around, how come Gong Ou hasn't come back so long? It's almost time for him to speak and draw prizes.

As soon as she wanted to find it, someone said to her with a strong drink, "secretary, no, this is not the base. Madam President, I really admire you. How do you get a man like President in jail?"

"Right, right, I feel my legs are weak when the president stares at me. I can't think of what it would be like to live with him and die of mental breakdown, can I?" There are some people who are drunk with

"but the president is really handsome, and he is really good at it! I feel like I can't catch up with him with 17 or 18 brains. "

"No, come to our brave president's wife! To her for accepting our president! To her fearlessness! "

Someone put a glass of juice into Xiaonian's hand. She looked at a drunk face with tears and smiles. She thought it was to fight in the enemy area alone.

That's all.

When Xiaonian laughs and drinks juice, and chats with everyone for a while, the time is getting later and later, and the air by the lake is getting colder and colder. She finally gets away and decides to call Gong ou.


There was a rush of footsteps.

When Xiaonian turns around with her mobile phone, Fengde frowns and comes to her. "Xiaonian, I can't find the young master anywhere, and nobody answers when I call him."