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Chapter 174 a tour of Huatian before leaving

Is that necessary?

She quickened her pace and left.

In the kitchen, several chefs and the front desk gathered together, took their cell phones and muttered, "is it her, is it her?"

"I think it's her! She is the sister of Shidi! "

Cell phone is a picture. It's in a dark alley. A handsome man presses a woman on the wall and kisses her.

It's very obvious to take photos in secret.

It can be seen from the photos that the man is mu qianchu, the prince of mu, and the woman It's Di's sister when she is a big star.

Exit the photo, the mobile phone is a newly updated news, the news title has a long paragraph -

after the case of drug injury, Shidi bailed out and held a press conference with his parents, crying out the truth of marriage break-up, which was interrupted by his sister.

The cooks were in a state of uproar and disgust in their eyes.

Shi Xiaonian walked out of the small restaurant and put the take out bag on the car. "Go, keep going!"

Mu qianchu sat there and looked at her painfully. "Xiaonian, do you want to have a rest? You've driven so long."

"It's OK. I'll be in Huatian soon."

The flower field they are going to is a flower field not far from home. When she was young, she often took mu qianchu to go there together.

When Xiaonian returned to the driver's seat and fastened his seatbelt, he suddenly heard mu qianchu's voice coming from the back, "Xiaonian, I just took your mobile phone and did something."


Asked shixiaonian.

"I've blacklisted Gong Ou's contacts." Mu qianchu's voice was very light, as if he was afraid of her anger.

When Xiaonian was about to start the car, she grabbed the key, heard that she was stunned, and then reluctantly smiled, "right? He will not contact me again. "

Gong Ou won't want to see her now.

Otherwise, Gong Ou would have been in front of her.


Mu qianchu sat there, answered lightly, turned his head to look out, and said again, "Xiaonian, let's turn off the mobile phone, have fun for two days, OK?"

When small read drooping eyes, thinking for a moment, he said, "OK."

She turned off her cell phone.

Mu qianchu sat behind, turned off his mobile phone, pursed his lips, turned his head to look out of the window, and never said that someone had called her.

Xiaonian, forgive his selfishness.

He didn't want to miss her any more. He didn't want her to have any more involvement with Gong ou.

He can wait for her to figure it out, but he can't stand someone to direct her to his path.

When Xiaonian drove to the flower field not far from his hometown, the endless garden was cut into countless shapes, each with different colors, red, purple, yellow, green, white too beautiful to be absorbed all at once.

There was a faint fragrance of flowers in the air.


When muqianchu gets off the car, Xiaonian asks Mr palace to help him get off the car.

At the first sight of Huatian, moqian expressed his sincere admiration.

Shi Xiaonian takes down the folding tables and chairs from the car and unfolds them in the open space in front of the car. Hearing this, she smiles and says, "yes, there is a crescent shaped lake over there. The water is very clean."

"Is it? Go and have a look at it in the evening. "

Mu qianchu said with a smile, standing straight with crutches, helping to get tables and chairs together.

"It's OK. I'll do it." Shi Xiaonian said, put the take out dishes on the small table together, and said, "hurry up, the dishes will be cold later."

Mu qianchu sat down on the chair and handed the crutch to Mr palace.

The R palace took over and put it aside, then stood beside them and looked down at them eating.

The boundless flower field, the beautiful crescent lake, a white RV, the light of the RV shining on a table of delicious food Every one is in a good mood.

"It's better than eating in a five-star hotel."

Muqianchu picked up chopsticks and looked at the flower field in the night.

"I think so, too." When Xiaonian said with a smile, when she arrived in Huatian, her mood gradually improved. She chewed food in her mouth, and pointed to the distance with her slender white hand holding chopsticks. "You see, at that time, I was riding my car from here to there, just around a circle."

"Did I ask you to buy a bicycle? Don't forget you promised me. "

When mu qianchu looked at him, he asked earnestly.

"Sure. I'll take you for 23 laps at dawn tomorrow." Shi Xiaonian said, eyes bent into the shape of the moon.

"It's 32 laps."

She was wrong again.

"Is it?" Small read when the face, embarrassed smile, "eat, eat quickly."

Night fell.

Shi Xiaonian accompanied mu qianchu to sit by Yueya Lake for a while and then he felt sleepy, so he went back to the RV to rest.

She gives mu qianchu a more spacious bed, and she sleeps opposite him.

Mu qianchu sat on the bed, with a book and turned it over.

Suddenly, he heard a very soft call.

Mu qianchu can't help laughing. He pulls up his lips and turns his head to look at the opposite bed. When he sees Xiaonian lying there, he is asleep. His hands are folded under his face. One face is clean and beautiful under the light.

Mu qianchu put the book down, and a pair of narrow eyes watched her deeply.

It was the first time he saw her sleeping face.

That's good.

Her skin is very white;

her eyelashes are long and long;

her bridge of nose is neither low nor high, and her beauty is just right.

Muqianchu looked at her deeply. For a while, he got up from the bed, walked to her bed, sat down on the car floor, and stared at her face quietly.

For a while, he reached out his fingertips and stroked her forehead, and hooked a strand of her hair behind her ears.

After the flower field trip, he and she went separately.

I don't know when the next reunion will be. She's afraid of all kinds of emotional injuries. She can't accept it anymore. She shrinks like a ostrich.

"Fool, my feelings will never hurt you."

He looked at her sleeping face and said softly. He lowered his head and made a kiss on her lips.

Sitting in front of the MR palace, I felt something and suddenly turned around.

The lips of small thoughts when mu qianchu has left.

The R palace turns its head back.

Mu qianchu sat there, silently staring at Xiao Nian's face, with her elbow against her bed and one hand on her forehead.

This is the whole night.

When Xiaonian woke up in the deep eyes of Mu qianchu, she looked at him stupidly.

"Good morning, Xiao Nian."

Mu qianchu showed her a gentle smile like water.

"Good morning, good morning."

Shi Xiaonian sat up from the bed, looked at him in amazement, and looked at the bed beside him, and said, "you won't stay up all night?"

"I'm afraid you'll be stolen if you fall asleep."

Mu qianchu said with a smile.

“……” When I read the black line, "how can it be?"

"People are always close to their babies."


He regards her as his treasure, but she really can't bear the slightest emotion now. Her adoptive mother drugged Shidi for her, which destroyed her last trust in emotion.

Mu qianchu suddenly reached out to her helplessly and said, "I'm afraid you're going to help me up. I've been sitting for too long and I can't get up."


When Xiaonian got up from the bed, he slowly picked him up.

Muqianchu and so on stand firm, took the crutch to support himself, walked out of the RV.

Shi Xiaonian is preparing breakfast in the car. She has bought some things to prepare. She simply made two sandwiches. She only heard mu qianchu's voice saying, "Xiaonian, come out and watch the sunrise."

When Xiaonian picked up the sandwich and jumped out of the car, handed it to moqianchu and looked up to the sky.

Only a red sun is rising slowly from the East. At the end of the flower field, it lights up a beautiful flower field, and the whole landscape is as beautiful as it is.

When small read to look at, lip Cape hooks a light solitary degree.

Looking forward, she thought of the sunrise by the sea again, her eyes could not help dimming.

The same round of red sun, however, has been a complete non personnel.

"Go, bike me."

Mu qianchu solves the sandwich in his hand and turns to look at her expectantly.

"OK, I see."

When Xiaonian said with a smile, he took the bicycle from the car, sat on it, and then said, "be careful, can you have legs?"

"Of course. Don't look down on me. "

Mu qianchu walked to her side with crutches, sat down in the back seat of the car, and handed the crutches to Mr palace.

When Xiaonian stood on the ground with one foot and waved to Mr palace, "Mr palace, let's play cycling and come back later."

"Well, have a good time, master."

The R palace lowered its head and watched them go away.

When Xiaonian rode her bicycle forward, she felt hard just after riding, and couldn't help saying, "qianchu, you are really much heavier than before."

"We are no longer teenagers, of course, we will gain weight." Mu qianchu said helplessly, "this is also worth your repudiation?"

"You didn't have a lot of time to drive."

Xiaonian said with a smile, riding along the road beside the flower field.

At that time, he

Mu qianchu is sitting behind her, her eyes are dim. In fact, in her heart, she always remembers their childhood.

So even if he recovers his memory now, he is no longer the blind boy in her mind.

"If it's not my leg, I'll take you."

Said Mu qianchu.

"You can't even ride a bicycle." Shi Xiaonian said that she had never seen him ride a bicycle.

"Then you can teach me later."

Mu qianchu answered naturally, and slowly put his hands around her waist.

When Xiaonian's speed slowed down suddenly, he looked down at his waist. Once upon a time, the hand of that skinny boy was so big.

They are all grown up.

When he was young, he put his arms around her waist. She carried him. She never felt anything. Now, she found that she could not find the shadow of the past.

Originally, people will really change.

She didn't pull her hand away from mu qianchu and rode forward more quickly. "Do you feel more fragrant when you ride faster?"

Mu qianchu closed his eyes and breathed deeply.

The fragrance of flowers in the air swept into the tip of his nose layer by layer, which made people happy.

"Then hurry up." I admire the way of the beginning.

"I'm tired."

"Come on, there are 30 laps left."

"I am too old to ride."


Two people talk and laugh, when small read carrying mu qianchu in the flower field edge riding circle after circle.