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Chapter 339 exchange engagement for whereabouts

What is the taste of being disbelieved? Gong Ou has never experienced it.

But he suddenly remembered, because believe and don't believe, when small read just like that little girl, shed a lot of tears.

No matter what she said, he just didn't believe it.

Even if she said the child was his, he didn't believe it and even wanted to kill his own child.

How can he bear such a jerk.

Gong Ou's shoes ran over a plant of grass. His chest was very uncomfortable. The whole person was a little manic, like something blocking his throat and chest. He was almost suffocated, but he couldn't vent.

He stepped hard on the flowers and plants beside him, which was a precious flower specially cultivated by the palace family, and was trampled into a pile of mud by Gong ou.

It's been two months.

He still didn't find her. If he went on like this, he was afraid that when he found her, she would not breathe.

Gong Ou walks all the way back to the palace castle. His shoes are covered with wet mud.

He went into a high arch, where a servant had been waiting for him for a long time. "Master, come back from the winery, in the study, please come over."



His father is a more difficult character than his mother. His mother has the softness of a woman. His father has nothing but the fame and honor of the palace family.

Half an hour later, Gong Ou came out of the study, and there was an extra wound on his face. The blood flowed down from the wound, forming a thin blood stream, which made his handsome face somewhat uninhibited.

Luo Qi, dressed casually at home, is sitting in the hall enjoying afternoon tea.

Seeing Gong Ou coming from a certain direction, his hand shaking with the cup, he quickly put it down and faced up anxiously, "Gong ou, how was he hurt? You challenge your father's authority again. "

At home, Gong Yu listens to her husband's words very much, but he is not happy because of mediocrity; Gong Ou's intelligence is excellent, but he is not obedient enough.

This is probably the biggest headache of her husband's life.


Gong Ou's face is not good-looking. He pushes away Luo Qi and sits down on the heavy green sofa.

"You know exactly where Xiaonian is when your father won't tell you. Why do you have to check it?" Luo Qi sat down beside him and looked at the wound on his face.

"Then tell me."

Gong Ou looks at her with a deep voice.

"Son, why are you so tired? How long haven't you slept?" Asked Luo Qi with concern.

"Three days."

Three days ago, I was still thinking about how to find someone to sleep in order to have enough spirit.

"What?" Luo Qi looks at him in shock, "how can you do this? Your body can't bear it."

I didn't sleep for three days.

"Then you will tell me the whereabouts of Xiaonian. Gong Ou is sitting there. Black eyes look at Luo Qi, and the sharp eyes two months ago are missing." two months, is that enough? "

How long do you want him to look for it.

He's crazy about it. He's desperately looking for it, but he hasn't given any medicine.

"Why do you read so well to Shixiao? Is she so worthy of your nostalgia? " Luo Qi said, "do you know that your father told me yesterday that we should have a good look at Xiao Nian and see what kind of woman makes his excellent son so obsessed?"

Hearing this, Gong Ou's eyes are frozen. "When he wants to check, do you want to read it?"

If you want to check Xiaonian, you will find out her real background and the old story of that year.

He is busy looking for people these days, but he hasn't completely covered up the matter.

"Yes, you know your father is a man. There are not many things that can make him angry, but once he is angry, the consequences are unimaginable." Luo Qi doesn't know what Gong Ou thinks, sighs and says, "can you stop looking for her?"

"Tell me where she is."

Gong Ou's eyes light moved, only this sentence is paranoid.

"We didn't hide it."

Said Rocchi.

"Why do you lie to me about this kind of knowing thing? How many people in the world have this ability that I can't find any trace?" Gong Ou sneers.

Except for his dear parents.

Luo Qi's face changed. She stared at the wound on his face. The more blood flowed from the wound, the more painful she felt. "Well, I'll take care of the wound for you."

She shifted the subject.

Gong Ou's black eyes stared at the concern in her eyes, and asked in a low voice, "mother, do you care about me very much?"

"Of course I care about you. You are my dearest son."

Luo Qi made no secret of her love for him.

"Then tell me where shixiaonian is."

Once again, Gong Ou insisted on the answer.

"Gong ou..."

Luo Qi looks at him helplessly, just about to say something, sees Gong Ou sitting there, black eyes sweeping around.

Luo Qi was wondering what he was going to do when Gong Ou suddenly swept his hands and swept the ground glass lamp on one side to the ground.


The glass lamp broke.

Gong Ou does not hesitate to pick up a piece of glass and point the glass tip at her wound. Luo Qi stands up in surprise, "what are you doing, Gong Ou?"

"I want to see how much my mother loves me."

Gong Ou looked at her with black pupils, and said word by word, the glass point directly into the wound on his face.

There was no hesitation.

The wound was stabbed open. Gong ou could not make a sound and let more blood flow down.

"No!" Luo Qi's beautiful face faded in terror and looked at him in horror. "Gong ou, don't be so paranoid. We can talk slowly if we have something to say."

Gong Ou has been extremely terrible since he was a child.

He even wanted to hurt himself in front of her for shixiaonian. He was crazy.

"I don't seem to be strong enough."

Gong Ou laughs at himself, as if he doesn't feel any pain at all. He holds the glass and continues to pierce the wound.

Try hard and show no mercy.

The wound widened.

Another stream of blood flowed down.

Luo Qi covers her lips in fear and waves her hands. "Gong ou, don't do this. Don't scare me. You know that mother's health is not very good."

She had a headache because of fear and fright. Luo Qi pressed her head with her hand and shook her body.


Gong Ou sits there, black eyes staring at her, without speaking, and holds the glass firmly to continue to row on her face.

Luo Qi is stubborn but he says quickly, "OK, OK, I say."

Gong Ou's hand didn't go down.

"You all go down." Luo Qi opens the servants beside her, then looks at Gong ou and says, "it's Xiaonian when I tied her up. The baby in her belly is really yours. I didn't let anyone round her."

He guessed out the answer.

But now listen to Luo Qi, the culprit, again, Gong Ou's chest is still severely shaken, and he thinks of the tears that every time Xiaonian falls because of his disbelief.

She's right. He's never been gentle with her.


"Where is she."

There was no accident on Gong Ou's face. Half of his face was bleeding, and it was shocking to watch.

"I can't say, Gong ou, I really can't. You don't know your father's character. Besides, you really can't get entangled with shixiaonian anymore."

Luo Qi is very uncomfortable standing there. She puts one hand on Gong Ou's shoulder. The color of the blood on his face is too dark for her eyes.

This reminds her that when Gong Ou died and maimed himself for Gong Gu, he was not even 20 years old.

Now, it's too small to read.


Gong Ou looks at her. He doesn't talk nonsense. He takes the glass and strokes his face.

"Don't......" Luo Qi stood there, a pair of beautiful eyes directly shed tears, looking at Gong Ou sadly, "don't hurt yourself, I have no son, why can't the rest of the sons make me worry?"

This touched Gong ou.

Gong Ou sits on the sofa expressionless, but her black eyes are dim.

When it comes to his brother, his hand shaking with glass.

"Gong ou, don't hurt yourself, OK?"

Luo Qi almost begged for the tunnel.

"Tell me where Xiaonian is!" The bottom line of miyou remains unchanged.

Luo Qi wiped her eyes and tears. "You have to ask her to have an accident sooner or later."

"I don't want her. You will kill her if she has a baby!" Gong Ou stares at her and blurs out.

He must seize the time to save shixiaonian safely.

Luo Qi stood there, staring at the anger in his son's eyes, and then said softly, "are you worried about Xiaonian's safety? I don't have to get involved with her, do I? "

If so, maybe everything can be solved more perfectly.


Gong Ou is silent. He doesn't speak. His lips are thin.

"In this way, I can tell you where Xiaonian is, but I have a condition." Luo Qi woke up from her panic, wiped her tears with her fingers, and sat down beside him.

"I don't listen to the conditions."

Gong Ou said coldly that he didn't like being threatened.

"Engagement with Mona, marriage with the Lancaster family, formal open alliance." Luo Qi looked at him and said.


Said Gong ou, gnashing his teeth.

"You know this is the bottom line of the palace family, and it's the family responsibility you have to take for your brother." Luo Qi says, the voice says softly, "this is also what you admit before, only changed after small read when you met."

Before, Gong Ou had never opposed marriage and assumed the responsibility of consolidating and strengthening the palace family.

"I don't marry Mona. What are you going to do?"

Gong Ou asked coldly, holding the glass with some force.

Do you want to kill me.

"What will happen to your father? You know, your father regards the fame of the palace family above all else. I really don't want to see your parents turn over completely for a woman in the end." Luo Qidao.

She's just a woman. She just wants to keep her beloved.


Gong Ou doesn't speak.

"Since Gong Yu's death, I know that you have always wanted to take the responsibility that he didn't take, and I'm glad that my family is not complete, but it's not fragmented." Luo Qi said in a low voice with a choking voice, "I've been preventing your father from interfering, just in case your father and son don't turn back."


"In that way, my home will be completely broken." Luo Qi said bitterly, "your brother's qualification is mediocre, but he knows to be considerate and respect his parents. Gong ou, I don't expect you to reach your brother at this point, but please don't leave me and your father alone. "