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Chapter 617 Mona's death

He is the only person she trusts the most in the world.

"Then stand behind me and let me." Gong Ou said word by word, his eyes fixed on her deeply.

"But holy..."

"Believe me, just stand in the back!"

Gong Ou said, his voice was fierce.

More and more people gathered on the grass, and all looked at this absurd and bloody scene.


When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly, then turned around and looked at the business car. Gong Yao sat at the door of the car, half of his face was full of blood, and his eyes fixed on them without tears.

"Don't be afraid, holy. I made a delicious candy yesterday. I'll take you to eat it later!" Shouts shixiaonian loudly, then stands aside and asks Gong ou to solve it.

My son will be fine.

There's nothing Gong ou can't do, right, that's it.

Gong Ou points his gun at the business car. In many people's eyes, his gun is aimed at Gong Yao and his son. This picture looks particularly breathtaking.

"Let's go, Lancaster!"

Gong Ou's voice is gloomy and cold.

A gust of wind swept over, the flowers were damaged scattered all over the ground, drifting with the wind.

"Gong ou, I didn't plan to go out alive if I dare to enter your palace today." Mona's cruel voice came, "Xi Xiaonian, you'd better hurry up. If you commit suicide before Gong Ou shoots, I'll let your son go."

"Mona, what do you want?"

When small read a pair of eyes anxiously to Gong Yao's small face, don't know how many injuries his son has suffered.

"Very simply, I want your family to be destroyed." Mona smiled and held her head against Gong Yao's neck? Xi Xiaonian, do you want to live, or your son. "

Of course, it's the son.

When Xiaonian almost blurted out, Gong Ou turned his eyes and gave her a fierce look. His eyes were sinister, and he forced shixiaonian back to his mouth.

"Mona, if you let my son go, all the good and bad feelings between us will be eliminated. I can personally help you clarify your negative news." Xiaonian stood there and shouted.

"Clarification? Do you think I washed it white? "

It's ridiculous.

When small read to now still have such a dream, still don't understand her appearance is to blood wash their wedding.

"Mona, you are the eldest lady of Lancaster. You are so high. Why do you have to go this way?" When Xiaonian shouted loudly, tears filled his eyes, but he did not dare to cry out, and his hand hung on his side to tightly grasp.

"Xi Xiaonian, you don't have to talk to me." Mona said coldly, "Gong ou, don't you care about this son's life? Now I count down ten seconds in front of all the people in your palace. Ten seconds later, if I don't see the body of Xi Xiaonian, I will kill your son. "


"Of course, you can kill your son first. Don't let Xi Xiaonian hesitate. "Ah." Mona said with a sneer, feeling that her plan was perfect.

As long as this wedding is baptized by blood, she will end her life at the first time and will not let herself live in pain.

This is her best ending.

Her words fell, and the huge lawn was quiet. The guests all looked at Gong Ouhe and shixiaonian in astonishment. Shixiaonian stood there and listened to Mona count down.

Shi Xiaonian never thought that ten seconds was such a torment.

The wind and the voice of the crane.



Mona begins to count down. When Xiaonian looks at Gong ou, he is still standing there with a shotgun in his hand. The muzzle of the shotgun is in the direction of Gong Yao.

Mona hid so well that she wouldn't even show her hand.

The car glass is all peep proof. It's impossible to judge Mona's posture in the car. She can't shoot easily. If she missed, she won't have a second chance.

If Mona is only hurt, not killed in a single blow, Mona will kill Gong Yao regardless of everything.

Gong Ou's look is still like that. Lunguo is tense, and his eyes are cold. His eyes are red and his whole body is full of the breath of killing.


"Dare you!"

Gong Ou knows what Xiaonian is going to say, and shouts out directly. The look in his eyes is more violent.




With a voice like the countdown of the death call, more and more voices appeared on the quiet lawn. Someone was shouting, "who can help?"

"How can I help you? We are all unarmed. We can only see the new young lady. "

"She won't even refuse to save her son."



Those voices came from all directions, all pouring into her ears. When Xiaonian was in great pain, she wanted to die, but when she saw Gong ou, she didn't dare to die.

She had spent the most terrible seconds of her life, and her heart was shaking uncontrollably.

The craziest of sufferings.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Yao's direction, her son sat there with blood all over his face. He didn't know how long he could last. If she didn't die, his son would die.

The countdown time is too short for people to have any reaction time.

When Xiaonian stood beside Gong ou, his hands around his head, his lips trembling, "Gong ou, I can't stand it."

In this second, she would rather die happily than see the countdown. Gong Yao is pushed down from the car without breath.

She really can't stand that picture.

Gong Yao has been away from her since she was born. She owes her son all the time. She can't stand his death in front of her.


Mona is still counting down.

Gong Ou holds the gun tightly, and the blue tendons stand out on the back of his hand. He aims at the car, holds his breath and waits for Mona to come out.

It's only a second.

Just give him a second.

A drop of sweat came down from the forehead of gongou.

At this time, I don't know who among the guests pulled out a fruit knife from the fruit plate and threw it directly in front of Xiaonian, silently signaling her to die for her son.

When Xiaonian looked at the head, her breath was shaking. She didn't know why. At this moment, she thought about what Gong Ou would do without her.

She has a choice of answers.

"I'm sorry."

When small read bite lips, low body to pick up fruit knife.


Gong Ou shot on the grass with a loud shot.

When Xiaonian heard the tinnitus, Rao is like this, she still heard Gong Ou suddenly point the gun at her, angry, hysterical roar, "when Xiaonian! For the sake of your son, you can't even want me? Well, I'll do it! "

When Xiaonian looks at Gong Ou stupidly, Gong Ou stares at her with red eyes, and has pointed the muzzle of the shotgun at her.


She has no voice.

In the next second, she looks at Gong Ou's eyes and suddenly turns to the shotgun. She shoots at the business car.

There is no hesitation.

Just listen to the "bang" play, the window was shot by the bullet, like a mottled turtle shell pattern split.

The grass is as quiet as a breath of air.

When Xiaonian looked at the other side in a daze, her head was blank, there was nothing. She looked at the head on Gong Yao's neck, which was close to the ground. It was cold.

Gong Yao sat there without a sound, without any fear on his young face, and looked at all the people in front of him.

Feng De, who had already jumped from the woods to the West Pavilion, ran out of the back of the car. Before he could think more, he grabbed Gong Yao's head with his bare hands.

When Xiaonian ran to them recklessly, he took Gong Yao into his arms and held her firmly. The feeling of recovery made her tremble or tremble at this moment.

"It's all right, holy. It's all right."

When Xiaonian held Gong Yao and said again and again, she didn't know whether it was for Gong Yao or herself. She released her hand and untied the rope on Gong Yao's hands and feet.

Gong Yao's wrists and ankles have been bleeding. When Xiao Nian felt heartache, he reached out to wipe the blood from his face and touched it. "Go, I'll take you to the doctor. I'm not afraid. I'll be OK soon."

"I'll hold it!"

Gong Ou's deep voice sounded above Xiaonian's head.

When small read raise Mou to see to Gong ou, look at the sweat of his head way, "I come."

Gong ou, she thought, was no less stressed than she was.

Before leaving, Xiaonian looks at the situation in the car and is covered by Gong Ou's hand. "Don't look."

But when Xiaonian saw it, Mona leaned back in the car, one of her eyes was a blood hole, and she was directly shot through, which was extremely terrifying.

Mona's other eyes were wide open, and her blue eyes were as beautiful as an ocean gem.

Mona is dead.

People around praised Gong Ou's shooting skills, and some even clapped their hands.

Don't want to delay time, when Xiao Nian hurried to the infirmary with Gong Yao in his arms, the doctor had already prepared everything, took Gong Yao to bed and began to clean his wound.

"How is my son? Is the injury serious? Do you want to go to the big hospital? "

Xiaonian asked nervously there.

Gong Ou comes up from behind and embraces Shi Xiaonian in his arms.

Gong Yao sat still on the bed and looked at Gong ou with a pair of eyes. He was kind of frightening. His small face was cold. The doctor washed the blood from his face and showed a wound.

Seeing the wound, the doctor also sighed, "please rest assured, young master and young lady, young master Holly is just suffering from some trauma, not deep, no big problem."

"It's such a long wound, really?"

Asked shixiaonian anxiously.

"It's OK. To avoid scarring, we won't sew the needle." The doctor said, cleaning the wound on Gong Yao's neck.

When Gong Ou hugs Xiaonian, he stands in front of the hospital bed, his eyes fall on his slightly bulging mouth and his voice is deep. "Is there something in your mouth?"

When Xiaonian's attention was all on Gong Yao's injury, he went to see his mouth only after hearing the words. As expected, Gong Yao's small face was slightly bulging, like eating something.

"Holy, what's in your mouth? If Mona asked you to eat, come on, let me see. "

When small read worry tunnel, reach out his small face.