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Chapter 271 strange threesomes

To get to know them better, Mona sat in the passenger seat and chatted with them from time to time.

To be exact, it's talking with shixiaonian.

Mona has a lot of flash points. She is not as open in dealing with men and women as ordinary foreigners. Instead of chatting with Gong ou, she talks more with Shi Xiaonian.

When Xiaonian let go of her wariness.

n. E. the headquarters building stands in the most eye-catching position of the science and technology park. When Xiaonian came down from the car, he was hugged by Gong ou.

Mona stood there in her sportswear and looked at the height of the building. She couldn't help feeling, "Wow, this is the empire that developed the N. e system."

Mona's feeling is exactly the same as when he first came.

Too many people have great hopes for Gong Ou's group, whether it is after the aristocracy or a small civilian like her.


Gong Ou doesn't have time to listen to Mona's feeling. When he holds her, Xiao Nian goes inside.

As soon as I went in, the staff all the way said hello to them, "president, Miss Shi."

"How are you, President and Miss Shi?"

Along the way, greetings continued.

Mona follows them and walks with Fengde. Although she is beautiful and well-dressed, there is no lack of blonde foreigners in N.E. no one pays attention to her and thinks she is a guest.

When they arrived at the president's office, two well-dressed secretaries bowed their heads to them

The Secretary opened the door for them and asked, "does Miss Shi need a drink?"

"Give her a glass of milk."

Gong Ou orders in a low voice, and reads it in when holding it.

"Yes, president."

"I'd like to have a drink for this young lady, too. Don't Nana, what are you drinking? " When Xiaonian turned to Mona, she was still not used to it.

Mona was in a trance. She smiled at her voice. "Then give me a cup of black coffee."

"OK. I'll get ready now. "

A secretary replied professionally and turned away.

Another secretary followed them in. Gong Ou let go of Xiaonian's hand and went to his desk to sit down. Then the Secretary began to report the day's itinerary.

As Gong Ou listened, he began to open the documents piled up in front of him. He glanced at them and signed their names.

"Sit down."

When Xiaonian entertained Mona like a hostess.


Mona smiled and nodded, and then Xiao Nian sat down. Her eyes were big and beautiful. After seeing Gong Ou at work, she turned to Xiao Nian. "Xiao Nian, do you often come with Mr. Gong? I think the Secretary directly asks you what you want to drink, not Mr. Gong. "

When small read in the N. e should have been well-known.

"Well, as long as Gong Ou works in the company, I will follow him." When I read the truth.

"All the time? Don't you both have private time? " Mona asked in disbelief, which seemed to her an incomprehensible thing.


When Xiaonian sat on the sofa and looked at her, Mona quickly explained, "don't get me wrong, I just want to know more about Mr. Gong, which will help me to study the treatment plan."

"I didn't get it wrong." When small read light smile, soft voice said, "I and Gong ou are basically 24 hours together, he doesn't like to have private time, and I'm used to it now."

Gong Ou has always been paranoid. From the time she knew him, he seemed to recognize her and never let her go alone easily.

Now, she has accepted.

"So it is."

Mona nodded suddenly, then took out a recording pen to repeat what shixiaonian had just said and recorded it.

Seeing this, Xiaonian asked, "is this also a symptom of paranoia?"

Is it because of his illness?

"It can't be a symptom, it can only be a behavior." Mona put away the recording pen and explained to her endlessly, "I had a patient before. He liked a doll since he was a child. He must have the doll around him to get a sense of stability. But after more than 20 years, the doll broke out of shape. He still had to carry it, regardless of occasion."


What do you mean, is she Gong Ou's doll? Can she give Gong ou a sense of stability?

"But it's the first time I've met someone who is paranoid about their behavior." Mona said, with a touch of novelty on her face, "it's very challenging for me. I'm sure I'll cure Mr. Gong."

Paranoid about one's behavior.

When I was thinking about this sentence, I turned to Gong ou, who was sitting there quickly reviewing the documents. His handsome face was meticulous and his dark eyes were deep.

Behind him is a large French window.

The way he works is the most sexy and charming, he thought secretly.

"Miss Shi, the milk and coffee are here."

The secretary came and brought the milk and coffee to the tea table in front of them.

"Thank you."

When Xiaonian and Mona speak at the same time.

Time passed by little by little, when Xiaonian and Mona gradually chatted and had nothing to talk about.

When Xiaonian stood up bored from the sofa, walked to a row of black bookshelves in the corner, looked at the books inside, opened an English book and looked at it.

"How could there be comics?" Mona's curious voice rang in her ear.

When Xiaonian looked along her line of sight, the bookshelf was not big, except for some financial and technological books, there were only comics on it.

She drew all the cartoons.

Including the comics she drew in some comics magazines, including the comics that she didn't have a sample book for a long time ago were all searched by Gong ou.

Girl comics and other tall books are totally out of place.

When small read smile, "it's all mine, my profession is a painting."

"Mr. Gong put all your works in the office?" Mona looked at her in surprise, and then envied, "Mr. Gong is very kind to you. Some boys I know who have girlfriends are also eager to pretend to be single."

"Is it?"

When small read light tunnel.

Gong Ou did a good job in this. Except at the beginning, he never tried to hide her existence. He took her everywhere he went.

Now, the whole world knows that Gong Ou's girlfriend is called shixiaonian.

"If only my future boyfriend had half of Mr. Gong's." Mona leaned against the bookshelf and said that a simple action is also somewhat handsome, but it does not lose the feminine beauty.

“……” Shixiaonian doesn't know what to respond to.

"My first love is also a very good man, and I love him very much. I will buy this and that for me every day. The happiness of you and Mr. Gong reminds me of that time." Mona talked to her casually.

When small read turn the book in hand, smell speech, answer a word to ask, "then how did you break up?"

Since that time, it means that they have been separated.

"At that time, he was in love on campus. He was a young master of a small family. I couldn't be with him, and the family wouldn't allow him." Mona said bitterly.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have asked that."

When Xiaonian knew that he had asked a bad question.

"Nothing." Mona smiled nonchalantly. "From the beginning, we knew it was impossible. As an aristocrat, we knew what our responsibilities were when we were young. At that time, we also loved each other day by day and agreed to be separated when our family found out."

Mona is full of words, of course.


When small read hand holding a book, some Zheng ran to see her.

Mona seems to be another palace.

But when she talked about family responsibility, she seemed to talk about a sacred sense of mission.

When I was young, I didn't come from a noble family. I really couldn't understand how important that kind of responsibility was.

"I really envy Mr. Gong for breaking the rules." Mona said, with a smile in her sea blue eyes, "does it take a lot of courage to do it?"

"Is there no such precedent among nobles?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"As far as I know, this is probably the first case in nearly a hundred years." Mona said, suddenly looking at her as if she thought of something, she said, "I'm sorry, you won't be sad when I say that?"

Smell speech, when small read smile, "no, I know my own background, background this kind of thing is born, I don't deserve, then I try to match Gong Ou this person is enough. And there's always a precedent, isn't there? "

Mona looked at her, a little surprised, and then smiled, "Xiaonian, you are really great."


"Few common people have the courage and freedom like you. I don't think the best first love is for him. He is still a little noble." Mona said, with appreciation in her eyes, "I really appreciate you more and more."

"Is it?"

When small read a light smile, and then some helpless tunnel, "in fact, the so-called courage and free and easy is because I really can't change, and I feel inferior to give up Gong ou and can't do it."

Then I can only wear my scalp to be free and easy.

"Poop." Mona was amused by her. She reached up and hugged her. "Xiaonian, you are a lovely girl."

"Have you had enough?"

A cold voice came in.

The two women turned around and saw Gong Ou looking at them coldly, with a face of iron blue and a hand of papers smashing on the table, "don't touch my woman!"

Gong Ou stared at Mona and said displeased.

"I'm not gay." Mona felt wronged.

"Who knows if you'll see my woman and become gay!" Gong Ou said, the tone was upright and vigorous. It seems that it's not strange that Xiaonian turns when he sees it.

"Well, it's lunchtime. Shall we go out to eat?"

When I was young, I was a little ashamed. Gong Ou wanted to guard against men, homosexuals, not homosexuals, and whether they would become homosexuals

Isn't he tired like this?

"No, eat in the company, and let Fengde bring the lunch you made in the morning!" Gong Ou said in a low voice, then ordered her, "come here!"

When Xiaonian walked towards him, Gong Ou took her hand, and then looked discontentedly at Mona, warning in a cold voice, "don't be so close to my woman in the future!"

This Mona doesn't look good to him.

"Gong ou..."

When Xiaonian looks at him helplessly, does he want to be so airtight.

Mona is the object of his marriage. Is it her defense?