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Chapter 783 Gong Ou's initiative to propose a meeting

With a wry smile, Gong Yu didn't mind much. "Nothing, Gong Ou has been gifted with intelligence since he was a child. Of course, he is smarter than me. Just how can you initiate a reconciliation meeting? Lancaster Ken promised that the meeting would never be for reconciliation. They wanted to humiliate you. "

"Don't worry about it!"

Gong Ou snorts and takes out a key from his pocket and throws it on the bed.

"I'll meet you and save Lori."

Gong Yu doesn't want his brother to be in that situation. Gong Ou is used to being high and can't stand the humiliation.

"What do you think you are? Mona's parents want my life. Can you make them happy? " Gong Ou said coldly. Seeing what else Gong Yu wanted to say, he cut it off directly. "Do you want to save people? Don't want me to cancel this meeting right away! "

Gong Yu is silent.

Save, how can not save, that is a life, a life he can not owe.

"Gong ou, you don't have to sacrifice so much for me."

Gong Yu picked up the key and opened it. He freed his hand. His arm was numb. He lifted the quilt and walked out of bed for a few steps. People were completely calm.

He didn't expect Gong ou to take the initiative to mention the reconciliation meeting, which is not his usual practice.

"That's all you talk about!"

Gong Oula leaves with Xiaonian and returns to his room opposite him. As soon as he enters, Xiaonian sees that there is a dinner plate on the table, and the food is still steaming.

"You haven't eaten yet?"

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou in amazement.

"Haven't you eaten yet? Bring it to you! " Gong Ou went to the table, picked up the fork and stirred it in a dish. He said, "here is your favorite coconut milk!"

At this time, he also wanted to leave the coconut milk to her.

"Let's eat together."

When Xiaonian sat down and picked up the chopsticks and put a piece of vegetables in her mouth. Coconut milk permeated into the vegetables. The sweet smell of her mouth made her have a big appetite. She couldn't help but say, "eat well, Gong ou, you too."

"I know you like it."

Gong Ou picks the eyebrows, sits down opposite her, gives her the rice bowl, and eats with a fork.

When Xiaonian watched him quietly, there was a little fatigue between his eyebrows, and he didn't sleep for two nights. Last night, after she fell asleep, she found that he got up secretly. I don't know if he hesitated to meet Lancaster.

"Why do we have a meeting to save lorerfield?" Xiaonian asked after swallowing the food in his mouth.

"I put on a gesture to make them feel that if I ask them, they can relax." Gong Ou put down his fork and explained to her in a magnetic voice, "rogue doesn't know where he is now. If my brother can't find him, I can continue to fight with the Lancaster family."

When Xiaonian understood, "that is to say, before you find Dr. Luo, you have to show kindness in front of the Lancaster family."


Gong Ou purses her lips and proudly refuses to say "Er", grabs the chopsticks from her hand, picks up the vegetables and feeds them to her.

When Xiaonian looked at the tired color between his eyebrows, the fragrant coconut milk was tasteless. Since he knew Luo lie, Gong Ou was either desperately trying to cure her or desperately trying to save Luo lie.

And every time at the expense of their own conditions.

When Xiaonian looked at him, he couldn't help saying, "Gong ou, you always seem to be very indifferent to people, but you just want to give everything for others Fool. "

He is such an inescapable person, and he has reconciled with Lancaster. How can Lancaster let go of this opportunity to humiliate people.

Gong Ou blurted out, "this is called giving everything? Do you know that I almost gave it for you... "

In the middle of the conversation he stopped talking and didn't go on.

"Almost what?"

When Xiaonian looked at him blankly.

"Nothing." Gong Ou lowered his eyes and glared at them, "who are you talking about as a fool? Are you exaggerating? "

He didn't think about it for a while.

This woman is really more and more daring!

"You are a fool."

Shi Xiaonian repeated it carefully and didn't intend to swallow it back.

"Can you believe I beat you?"

"I don't believe it."



He doesn't believe it!

He just wants to swear now.

Shixiaonian looked at him and said, "I'll go with you for tomorrow's meeting."

"No way."

"I want to be with you." Shixiaonian understands that the meeting tomorrow will not make Gong ou feel good. Before Gong Ou wants to refute, shixiaonian continues, "and I have a reason to accompany you."


Gong Ou picks his eyebrows.

"You often can't control your emotions. What should you do if the other party says something drastic? Brother has not saved Lori, and the meeting has failed. Isn't that the plan has failed? " When Xiaonian held his chin in his hand, a pair of black and white eyes stared at him deeply, "don't you say that you will be calmer if you have me?"


Gong Ou put down his chopsticks and stared at her with black eyes. His eyes sank, "what if I don't let you go?"

"I'll be worried about you."

"If I let you go, you worry about me too."

"But at least you can stay with me at that time, instead of me thinking about things at home alone."


She is really more and more able to grasp his weakness to negotiate. Obviously, she accompanies him and finally becomes him to accompany her.

Gong Ou sat there for a long time, looked at her and said, "you'd better be prepared mentally. Tomorrow's scene won't look good."

When he heard this, Xiaonian knew that the White House had agreed to him.


She said it with a clear voice.

Tomorrow's meeting, no matter how ugly the scene, she will accompany him to face it together.

"Keep eating." Gong Ou said, picking up chopsticks to pick up the dishes for her again, when Xiaonian looked at his facial features, opened his mouth and ate the dishes, smiled and said, "Gong ou, we are more and more like real couples?"

"Do you always think we are fake?" Gong Ou's eyes are bright and cold. "Or am I not working hard enough in bed?"

"Where do you want to go?" When Xiaonian's face was hot, "I mean that you are willing to face things with me now, rather than being alone. Before, no matter how I say it or how I do it, you will still stick to it."

How could it be so easy.

"Is it?"

Asked Gong ou.

"Yes." Xiaonian nodded and held a spoon of soup to his lips for him to drink.

Gong Ouluo stares at her thoughtfully. "This is the real couple. Do you like it?"

"I like it." Xiaonian nods again.

That's what she wanted.

Facing together, Gong Ou looks up and down at her, but how does her little arm and calf face together with him? At least a few kilograms more.

Dozens of Jin, the best meat and then even a little under the neck, stomach above the part.


When Xiaonian was sitting there, Gong Ou was staring at her. How could she feel that Gong Ou was looking at the price of pigs.


At night.

The palace was silent.

Gong Yu stood in front of the mirror, put on the black leather clothes, zipped up, put on the gloves, bent his fingers and clenched them into fists.

In the mirror, he was dressed in a leather suit, simple and concise. He was noble and elegant with all his hands and feet. Gong Yu looked into the mirror and his face was cold. He reached out to put on the black mask and a tongue pressing cap, showing only sharp eyes.

It's two in the morning.

Gong Yu turned around and walked outside. He stopped and looked down at a painting at his feet. The color on the painting was heavy and warm. It was a slanting sun, as if he was waiting for someone to return late.

"I'll go back."

Gong Yu said to himself as if he were talking to himself. Then he left without any hesitation and reached out and pressed his hat.

All the people who should sleep in the palace have gone to sleep. In front of the gate, there are dense bodyguards, unifying the night clothes, wearing black masks, orderly arranged, standing quietly in the night.

See him go, everyone stand up and wait for instructions.

Seeing Gong Yu coming, a bodyguard headed by Gong Yu ran over. "Big young master, the Lancaster family did have an action. They sent people to the resort three times a day, including the important people of Lancaster. It's a bit unusual. Usually they never go there in almost a year."

So, it's almost certain that Lori was there.

Gong Ou's active appointment and rumors made the Lancaster family eager to confirm, revealing a trace.

"And the map of the villa?"

Gong asked, a bodyguard hurriedly came up and handed in a map. Gong opened the map and frowned instantly.

The resort in Lancaster is not small in scale, covering an area of 60000 square meters. The building structure in the middle is extremely complex. From the drawing, it's seven circles and eight circles. It's a huge maze for them when they arrive at the scene, let alone find people.

"Young master, are we short of people? Why don't you talk to the second young master... "

The bodyguards on one side also realized the problem. The villa is too big, and the people who need help don't know which direction. The difficulty coefficient is too big.

"Don't bother Gong ou with everything. I don't know what I will meet at tomorrow's meeting. He also needs people." Gong Yu unfolded the drawing in his hand and looked deeper and deeper. "I will arrange it."

He's going to get Lori out.

He will never owe another life, Xi Yu. Believe him, he can do it.

"Yes, sir."

The bodyguard bowed his head.

Gong Gu stared at the drawings for a full hour, and then calmly began to arrange the plan, which bodyguard stations to arrange, which positions to arrange, including some emergency measures.

It's about to dawn.

"Everyone is ready for the last equipment check!"

Gong Yu opened his mouth and checked his pistol with both hands flexibly. A sound of footsteps came in a hurry. He turned his eyes and looked over.

Feng de came here with a big backpack and opened it. It was full of invisible communication and shooting equipment.