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Chapter 725 the people of the palace are here

When Xiaonian glares at him, Gong Ou sips his thin lips, or takes the cup and medicine, eats it, and there is a little water on his lips.

When Xiaonian is about to take the water cup, he unconsciously wipes out the drop of water for him. Gong Ou stares at her and holds her finger in his eyes.

A thrill like an electric current.


When small read hurriedly retracts the hand, the cheek is slightly hot, Jilted to shake the hand way, "are you so interested?"

"Just fine!" Gong Ou handed her the water glass, sat on the bed and said, "are you going to take good care of me next?"

"Next, I don't know if I can get through it." Shi Xiaonian said that he went to the window, opened the window and looked out. From afar, he saw that ekla was lobbying the guards. "I don't know if the guard chief can do it."

"No problem."

Gong Ou said, frowning slightly and holding his hand on his wound.

"I hope the palace family will come earlier." Shi Xiaonian said, turning to walk towards him, sitting down beside him, looking at his frown, "how, or very painful?"

"All right." Gong Ou coughs and says with a strong, painful voice. He opens his hands to her and says, "if you don't hug me, it won't hurt."


When Xiaonian looked at him speechlessly, he finally lowered himself slowly, stretched out his hands and circled Gong ou, without putting his weight on him.

But this posture is bound to make her tired.

Gong Ou noticed that his brow was twisted. He was greedy for the warmth and elegant fragrance on her body. He pushed her away and said calmly, "OK, no more."

She was so tired with a hug.


This man is really

When Xiaonian couldn't find an adjective to describe him, he sat there and said, "my adoptive father's injury is quite serious. I'm a little worried about his injury when I'm so old. He has to go back for good treatment."

"He didn't take such a big turn at first, it was settled."

Gongou cold tunnel.

"The adoptive father just doesn't want to trouble us. He wants to find it by himself." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"I know!"

Gongou cold tunnel.

When Xiaonian took off his shoes and sat down beside him. He folded his legs and stared at him with black and white eyes. "OK, you have a rest. I'll be with you."

Whether it's good or bad, we should get the answer soon.


Gong Ou is really tired and painful. He lies down beside her, with his head directly resting on her leg. When Xiao Nian transfers the quilt to him, let him lie down comfortably for a while.

She sat there quietly, listening to the voice from outside, not knowing what was waiting for them.

All she knew was that Gong Ou couldn't carry on.

"Didn't you have a good honeymoon?"

Gong Ou suddenly asked, closing his eyes and having extremely long eyelashes.

"As long as I'm with you, I'm happy. I just don't want to see you or anyone I'm worried about get hurt." Said Shi Xiaonian.

She thought of Feng De's injury and Gong Ou's injury.

She hopes that all the people she cares about are good and safe. That's enough.

"You take out or the back!"

Gong Ou suddenly opens his eyes.


Hello, is the point or the back?

When small read helplessly looked at him, simply did not speak, quietly listen to the voice from outside, have to say, God still cares for them.

The warden, ikla, incited some of the guards. The two sides were at loggerheads. When Bergler's side was preparing for the threat from his family, the palace's people boarded the island.

The situation reversed at once.

Bergler returned to the Bergers with some loyal guards, surrounded by the palace's people on the sea, and there were rows of yachts on the sea.

Gong Yu personally brings people to the hotel. Surrounded by the crowd, she walks into the hotel in a suit and reads their room when she walks in directly.

When Xiaonian sat on the bed quietly, Gong Ou fell asleep on her legs, and her face was very pale.

"Asleep?" Gong Yu looked at it doubtfully and guessed, "is it hurt?"

Gong Ou looks good when he leaves.

"Well, don't disturb him. He just fell asleep when he heard you coming." When Xiaonian whispered, Gong Ou said he was going to sleep, but he didn't sleep. His eyes would open and close for a while. Gong Ou didn't let go until the landlady said someone had gone to the island.

"Is the injury serious?"

Gong Yu came over, his gray eyes were full of worries. He reached out and lifted the quilt. Seeing the rough bandaging method, he couldn't help saying, "it's not good. Fortunately, I'm well prepared. I brought the doctor here and bandaged again."


When Xiaonian nodded, he gently moved Gong Ou down from his leg. Gong Ou's long fingers tightly grasped the corner of her dress.

Don't let go of any struggle.

When Xiaonian pressed his lips tightly, Gong Yu stood aside and glanced over the scissors, so he took it up and said, "Xiaonian, who has offended, must be treated."

With that, Gong Yu comes forward and cuts off a little of her clothes.

Gong Ou's hand finally fell down, and Xiaonian quickly lifted it, slowly lowered his hand, and said to Gong Yu, "treatment is for treatment, try to make the movement smaller, and don't let him wake up."

She wants Gong to have a rest.

"It must be painful and tired to see that his injury is not light. He may not wake up after any trouble." Gong Yu said, but he went to the doctor close behind him and said, "give him an anaesthetic and let him sleep well."


The doctor nodded.

When Xiaonian stood aside, she watched the doctor come up and take down the cloth she had wrapped again. The cloth was stained with blood. It was so red that she couldn't bear it. Looking at the wound on Gong Ou's body, she felt her body was torn and hurt badly.

"You're not hurt, are you? I don't think you look very well. "

Gong Yu stood there and looked at Xiao Nian.

"I'm ok. Gong Ou is here. How can I get hurt?" When I arrived at the island for just two days, so many things happened. Xiaonian wondered why she was still safe. She looked at Gong Yu and said, "by the way, Gong Ou told me before I went to bed that to make things public on the island, the island is too backward and feudal to exist any more."

In particular, the governance of the borgs should be over.

"This is a family affiliated to Lancaster. Originally, you didn't want to be alarmed. You didn't intend to have a feud with bojiadao. What happened now is beyond the expectation at that time." Gong Yu said, "don't worry, I know what to do."


Small read nodded, "by the way, brother, how many doctors have you brought? My adoptive father was badly hurt. "

"Fengde?" Gong Yu looked at her in amazement, "where is he? I haven't seen him since I came in. "

"Haven't you seen it? How can it be? He's lying outside. "

As Shi Xiaonian said, she went out and saw many palace bodyguards standing outside. The bench was empty and there was no one at all. She turned her eyes and saw the landlord's wife and Su Yaoyao sitting at the entrance of the stairs. Su Yaoyao leaned sadly against the landlord's wife.

"And my adoptive father?"

Asked shixiaonian.

Su Yaoyao looked up and said, "he's not there..."

Her words suddenly stopped.

Because that place is not sealed.

When Xiaonian looked at the empty bench, his eyes jumped a few times, a terrible intuition rushed into her body, "no, my adoptive father must have gone to juelin."

"Execute Lin?"

Gong Yu looked at her puzzledly. What was that place.

"He must have gone to save Angelina, but when Bergler returned, the place must still be under their control." "When small read anxiously said," how is the adoptive father so anxious

The rescuers have arrived. It's easy to save Angelina. Why should he go alone when he is injured.

Hearing this, Gong Yu understood the danger and immediately said in a deep voice, "I'll take someone over."

"You don't know where. I'll take you there."

When Xiaonian looked at the direction of the door, he turned around and left. The scarred Mr palace was right behind her. Gong Gu assigned some people to accompany her to the direction of executing Lin.

There was blood on the ground along the way.

The smell of blood in the air was unbearable for shixiaonian, and she almost vomited. She forced her way forward. When she saw a stubborn guard, the palace's bodyguard rushed up and took it immediately.

At the back, the guards were afraid to move. They were allowed to break in.

Because the palace's bodyguards have shotguns in their hands, which they have never seen before. They just stare at them.

"Cut him down!"

"Cut him down!"

"Take the heavenly daughter away!"

There was a noise from the direction of executing Lin.

When Xiaonian ran to the other side eagerly, Gong Yu came to her side, pulled out a short pistol from her body and fired three shots into the sky.

There are birds flying.

Leaves flew off.

When Xiaonian and Gong Gu ran into the execution forest, they saw that some guards were carrying huge crystals, and Fengde was lying on the ground with blood all over his body. His eyes were full of unwilling to stare at the crystal, his hands were holding a little crystal tightly, and he would not let them take it away. He shouted hoarsely, "give her to me! Give her back to me! "

"Come on, they're coming. Tiannv is our faith. Take it away!"

Behind the guards was Bergler. When I saw them, I thought about their direction and immediately backed away. The head of a family fell down in embarrassment for two times.

Hearing this, several guards stepped on Feng De's body.


Feng De's blood gushed out, but he was still reluctant to let go. He grabbed the crystal with his hands, and his eyes were filled with blood. There was only one inexplicable persistence left on his aged face.

"Give it to me, give it back to me, give it back to me."

Feng de said, and with a little force to hold the crystal, lifting his eyes to see the crystal inside, the woman inside tightly closed her eyes, like sleeping like death.