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Chapter 722 Mr palace magnificent rescue site

"Will Lancaster be afraid of your family?" The emissary smiled, "Gong Jue is dead, who doesn't know that the Gong family is all relying on your support now. When you die, the Gong family becomes the most fragile castle, which falls down with a bang."

This is a rare opportunity.

"Is it?" Gong Ou's black eyes glared at him coldly. "I don't know who will die first, you and me?"

His voice was cold in his bones, and there was a sense of cruelty in his eyes.

He stood there, the wind blowing his short hair.

The wind is rustling.

At that moment, it seemed that it was not he but the messenger who was waiting for execution.

The emissary stood there, awed by Gong Ou's eyes, and stepped back two steps in a row. Then he immediately went to Bergler and said, "please hurry up and execute the sea reclamation on them."

"Well, it's almost time." Bergler said, touching his glass, and then ekla, looking aside, said, "untie all their ropes."

"Isn't that right, in case they can swim?"

Asked the messenger.

"Nothing wrong. The sea is deep. There is only one way to swim out. If you dare to swim on the shore, you can kick me down!" Bogler drank up his glass of red wine and laughed excitedly. "I like to watch people dying and struggling, and death without struggling is not fun."

Bergler has studied death for one hundred years.


When Xiaonian stood there in silence, a guard came up to untie all their ropes. She looked in the direction of ekla.

He was still standing there.

It seems that he won't go against it.

Are they really going to die in this vast sea today? After thinking about it, Xiao Nian holds Gong Ou's hand out and stares at him deeply.

She was born with Gong ou. She has nothing to fear, but there are too many regrets. Really, too many.

A strong line of guards stood behind them, ready to push them into the sea at any time.

Gong Ou suddenly holds Xiaonian's hand tightly, hoping to break her fingers and turn her eyes to Feng De, "are you ok?"

Only he and Feng de can fight here.

This is the last fight. If you die, you will be desperate.

Feng de had been sitting on the ground, smelling the words. He covered his shoulder wound, clenched his teeth and stood up as hard as he could. He looked up at Gong ou and breathed hard. "I can, young master."

Su Yaoyao looked at them blankly, his face full of sadness.

With the sound of Bergler's "throwing into the sea", Gong Ou roared, "fight!"

Gong ou and Feng de rushed to the guards almost at the same time, snatched the sharp weapon from one of the guards and killed each other.

In the glow of the sun, a blood like a splash of ink suddenly turned the sky red.


Everyone was shocked and retreated.

Bergler and the messengers also stepped back and shouted, "push them down to the sea! Push to the sea! Do you hear the sign of tiannv to die in the sea? "

Ekla stood there stupidly.

The sea is red with blood.

Su Yaoyao watched as two men rushed into the crowd. Feng De, covered in blood, stood in front of her.

Gong Ou grabs Shi Xiaonian in one hand and cuts him when he sees someone with a sharp weapon in the other hand, regardless of everything. Shi Xiaonian is taken to the side by him. Several times, those guards come straight to her, and Gong Ou blocks her directly with his body.

When Xiaonian watched the blade stab into Gong Ou's shoulder, she struggled hard to break Gong Ou's hand.

It's not going to work like this. It's not going to work.

She will only become his drag.

"Let go, let go, Gong ou. I can protect myself." The voice of Xiaonian caught a lump.

"You protect a ghost!"


"Not enough!"

Gong Ou doesn't care about his injury at all. He goes on fighting. He shouts loudly in his mouth. When Xiao Nian looks at him confused, Gong Ou slashes people forward and says fiercely, "Shi Xiao Nian, please remember that we've been together a lot in recent years. I don't have enough time for Gong Ou!"

It's not enough.

He would never allow them to have so little time between them.


It's not enough, she knows not enough.

But he took her like this and would die of exhaustion. The island was full of Bogler's people, but he and Fengde were only two.

The guards also saw that Gong Ou was desperately protecting Shi Xiaonian, so they attacked her one after another. Gong Ou waved the weapon in his hand and once again blocked Shi Xiaonian with his body.

The sound of the sharp blade piercing the body is heard by Xiaonian.

When Xiaonian's eyes suddenly got wet, she was blocked by him behind her, even the injury on his body could not be seen, "Gong ou, let go, I beg you, let go."

He took her so that she could not kill her. The guards were still increasing here.

Gong Ou wields the sharp weapon, lifts his leg and kicks it forward. As he cuts, he rushes forward with Xiao Nian. Xiao Nian tries his best to break his hand. Gong Ou's roar bursts on her head. "Why are you always so disobedient? Can you listen to me! Can you? "


In the blood light, Xiaonian's eyes are blurred by tears.

"Listen to me. Even if the whole world is in front of me, my palace wants us to live forever! No one can stop it! " Gong Ou screams and kills Xiaonian.


When Xiaonian's heart was pounded, the struggling movement stopped, followed him with tears, let him block all the injuries for her with his tall body, let the sound of piercing flesh ring in her ear one time.

And she can't do anything.

She can't even stand in front of him bravely. He is so overbearing that he always refuses to let her be brave.

Bad people.

Gong Ou is a bad guy, a bad guy.

The islanders screamed in horror.

There was a wounded man lying on the ground.

Bergler was still shouting, shouting to push them into the sea, and ekla stood there hesitating.

Gong Ou rushes forward with shixiaonian, blood seeps from his body, his eyes turn scarlet, there is no pain, even no feeling.

He has only one idea. No one can stop him from living with shixiaonian!

No one can!

The air was filled with blood. Su Yaoyao looked at everything around her in a panic. She could not help screaming when she saw the fallen man. She covered her ears with her hands.

"Don't be afraid!"

Feng de stood in front of her and stepped on the beach in the sea.

Su Yaoyao is stunned. Looking at the old man with gray hair, he tries his best to guard there. Suddenly, a guard rushes to Su Yaoyao and tells him that it's hard.


Su Yaoyao can't dodge. Her arm is stabbed severely. Her whole body is pushed into the sea. She screams, "help! I can't swim! "

Feng de looked at the past in shock. Without any voice or words, he left his long knife and jumped into the sea.

As a result, ekla jumped into the sea.

This incident made everyone stunned. When Xiaonian was led by Gong ou, he went forward step by step, with more and more guards.

When Xiaonian's hand is clenched by Gong ou.

He rushed forward recklessly, as if he was not afraid of death. Then, when Xiaonian heard the sound of the sharp blade stabbing the flesh and blood again, Gong Ou bent over helplessly.

"Gong Ou!"

When Xiaonian hurriedly helps him.

"I'm fine, stay back!"

Gong Ou soon straightened up his legs, but his strength began to overdraw. Xiaonian watched his legs bend down and straighten up again. He never let himself fall down.

When birds, waves, screams and fights are mixed together, Xiaonian can't be distinguished from each other.

It's like singing a lament.

"Kill me! Push me into the sea! Push into the sea! "

Bergler cried out, heart breaking.

With weapons, the guards pressed them step by step to push them into the sea. There was only one rush in Gong Ou's belief, but they were still forced to step back.

When Xiaonian stepped into the sea.

The sea water didn't get on her shoes, and the splashing sound made Gong Ou's face so cold and fierce that he raised his leg and kicked it hard forward. He also rushed forward with Xiaonian, but almost fell down.

They retreated again.

There are many guards on the beach.

When Xiaonian was in despair, they couldn't rush out. They couldn't rush out at all. She hugged Gong Ou's arm. "Gong ou, don't support any more."

If he continues, he will die in front of her.


Gong Ou roared out, and was about to rush forward when he heard a whine and a fight. They looked up and saw that Mr palace with silver body turned into the guard group like a windmill and knocked down a group of guards.

Mr palace is shining in the setting sun, and his eyes are scanning in their direction, just like the arrival of God.

"Mr palace!"

When Xiaonian cried out in astonishment, unable to say whether he was excited or moved, his eyes were wet again.

"Master!" Mr palace looked at Xiaonian, and the electronic voice sounded in the setting sun. "As long as you need me, I will be by your side!"


When small read a hand to cover the mouth, tears slide down the face, loudly shouted, "save us! Mr palace, help us! "

"Yes! Master! "

Gong yingdao, go towards them. Those weapons cut at him, leaving a scar. He rushed forward with no pain, just following the order, waving his arm away from the guard, and strode to Gong ou.

Seeing Mr palace, Gong Ou's heart finally settles down. Black eyes look at it and say, "kill us a blood way."


In response, the R palace turned to fight against the nearby guards.

These guards step back and look at the robot in front of them with fear. What they have never seen is so powerful that they are afraid to move forward.

The R palace takes them forward. When Xiao Nian holds Gong ou, he looks at him and sees that his clothes are bloodstained. He doesn't know how many wounds there are.

"Can you hold on?"

Asked shixiaonian anxiously.

"Of course! How could I not hold on! " Gong Ou clenched his teeth and frowned. His thin lips were white and there was no trace of blood. He walked forward strongly.