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Chapter 396 wake up service of shixiaonian

"Something? Why didn't you mention it. "

Mu qianchu asked in bewilderment. When his eyes turned, he suddenly understood something.

"It's a sudden emergency. Take your time and I'll go first." When Xiaonian left the table in a hurry, he picked up his bag and coat and went out.

The breakfast on the table never moved.

Mu qianchu is sitting there, watching Xiaonian leave the empty seat. Since recovering his memory, he has been watching her disappear in his sight.

"How did she go?"

Xu Bingxin, who had been eavesdropping at the door of the room, opened the door and came out, frowning at the direction Xiaonian was leaving. "Qianchu, you never stopped her."

She is also going to create opportunities for shixiaonian and muqianchu. As a result, shixiaonian runs away again, just like the day of photography.

The daughter is a real worry.

Muqianchu stood up from the dining table, walked to Xu Bingxin's side and looked at the empty front, with a bitter smile on the corner of his lips, "some people can't stop something, only her turning back slowly."

"Are you not in a hurry?"

Xu Bingxin looks at Xiangmu qianchu. He loves her daughter very much, doesn't he?

"So what? If her heart doesn't come back, it's no use stopping people." "Mu qianchu light tunnel," aunt, I can wait


Xu Bingxin looks at the young man in front of her with some heartache. Xiaonian doesn't understand why. Such a man can give her happiness, and she doesn't know how to cherish it.

Is it hard not to be prepared to live a lonely life without company?

"I'm fine, aunt."

Mu qianchu said with a smile, the mobile phone shook a bit, he picked up the mobile phone, and there was a message on it --

Mu Shao, the eldest lady went to building a.

Sure enough, I went to gongou again.

Mu qianchu clenched his mobile phone, lowered his eyes, and looked more gloomy with long eyelashes.


Shi Xiaonian walked out of the elevator in building a and watched the time rush all the way.

Gong Ou is the most annoying person to break an appointment, but also the most time-consuming.

This is her last appointment to gong'ou. She must satisfy him and leave no unhappy memory.

When Xiaonian hurried forward, Fengde had been waiting at the door, and saw her bow politely to her, "Shi, Miss Xi, you are here. Look at me. I can't change my mind. "

"It doesn't matter."

When small read a light smile, run a little impatient, breathing faster.

Feng de reached for her bag and coat and hung it up. He said, "young master is still sleeping. Is Miss Xi going to the kitchen first?"

"OK." When small read nods, cannot help but ask again, "does he live here these days all the time, need not go to the hospital?"? Are you well? "

Referring to Gong Ou's illness, Feng de only sighed helplessly, "the young master doesn't take his body as a body at all. He goes in and out of the hospital and wants to leave. He can't persuade anyone to pull out the infusion directly. It's almost as good as a cold. I'm worried about concussion. I'm afraid I'll have sequelae if I don't take a good rest. "

If you have a headache and tinnitus in the future, it will be bad.


When hearing the words, Xiao Nian's face was a little white.

Seeing this, Feng de said, "Miss Xi doesn't have to worry too much. These days, it's settled. The young master doesn't run around anymore, but lives here. It's also a retreat."

He didn't run because he compromised.

When small read to hang down Mou, hold mood, ask subsequently, "he does not return to imperial castle?"

That's his real home.

"The young master said that he would live here before the engagement ceremony. When the engagement ceremony is over, he will seal it up and never come here again." Said Fengde, in a nutshell.


Take it for granted.

In the past, he was married in a real sense. To become Mona's fiance was to connect the two families and develop his own business again.

When I read, I understood everything, but my eyes were astringent.

She no longer said anything, to the direction of the kitchen, a kitchen, when small read stupefied.

There are no dishes in the kitchen, only some steak and other food left in the fridge. Do you use the ingredients in the fridge to cook for him?

When Xiaonian frowned, he soon decided to go to the supermarket to buy fresh ingredients.

She turned and was about to leave when Fengde came in from the outside. He looked at her lovingly and said, "Miss Xi, let's make breakfast later. Master wants you to wake him up first."


When small read stupefied next.

"Just now I went to the young master's room and said that you came, he asked you to wake him up first," said Feng De.

Let you wake him up first. It's strange.

"You mean, he's awake?"


"He woke up, and then asked me to wake him up?" Asked shixiaonian, incredulously.

"Yes, Miss Xi." Feng de nodded.


Well, she hasn't been with Gong ou for a long time, and some of them are not suitable for his strange behavior.

When Xiaonian thought about it, she went to the bedroom. She didn't ask which room Fengde gong'o was sleeping in, but she went inside. Anyway, he would only lie in that bedroom.

Wearing the living room, pulling the crystal bead curtain, stepping on the short steps, Xiaonian walked to the front of the false door.

Knowing that she was awake, she pushed open the door gently and looked inside.

The air in the bedroom is fresh, the heavy curtains are closed tightly, and the light that the sunlight reaches through the curtains is not so strong, only a little light is left.

On the big round bed, Gong Ou lies there, the quilt covers his chest, his hands are on the quilt, his hands are very beautiful, as if they were specially made, with distinct bones, clean and slender.

His short hair is slightly messy because of lying down. His face is very deep, with distinct facial features, thin lips, even breath and long eyelashes. Even with his eyes closed, he is handsome and almost evil.

Are you awake?

Why are you still asleep?

When Xiaonian walked in doubtfully, went to the bedside, looked down at him, "Gong ou, get up, what do you want, can I buy it?"


Gong Ou lay motionless, unmoved.

"You're awake. Get up."

Xiaonian stood by the bed and said.

Let her come and wake him up. He can't. He's not like that.


Gong Ou is still lying still, like sleeping.

Are you asleep again.

When Xiaonian wanted to call him again, his eyes suddenly fell on his ears, and he saw the tear on his earlobe, the color was so deep that it hurt her eyes.

It hurt when she looked at it. How painful it must be when his ears were torn.

When small read slowly bent down, can't help but reach out to touch his ears, fingertips with a tremor.

Like a long distance.

Finally, when Xiaonian's fingertips touched his ears, her breath began to rush.

His ears were warm, her fingernails scratched the thin scar, and her fingers trembled even more.

Is it particularly painful.

How did he take it.

Gong ou, lying on the bed, suddenly opens his eyes. His eyes are dark. He looks at her sharply, and the water in her eyes just falls into his eyes.

"You cry."

Gong Ou's voice is low and dumb.

When Xiaonian was startled by his sudden wake-up, he quickly retracted his hand and stood straight, closed his eyes, hurriedly chose to tunnel in disorder, "no, the wind blew his eyes."

Gong Ou stared at her and said solemnly, "yes, the wind in this bedroom is quite strong."

The windows are closed and there is no wind to get through.

When Xiaonian was embarrassed by his words, "I mean, it's a strong road."

"Well, you've been in for eight minutes. The wind is still in your eyes. It's really big." Gong Ou follows her words and says that her voice is magnetic, and she can't hear any tone.


When small read can't chat with him, hurriedly take this topic, "since wake up, get up quickly."

In response to her silence.

When Xiaonian was about to leave, she saw that there was no movement in her eyes. She couldn't help looking down and saw Gong Ou lying on the bed and closing her eyes again. She was sleeping again.

This time, shixiaonian no longer believes him.

"Gong Ou! Get up quickly, and breakfast is over. "

As Shi Xiaonian said, she went to lift his quilt. Suddenly, her wrist was held by a big hand with some coolness. She opened her eyes in amazement and the whole person fell into Gong Ou's arms.

Gong Ou holds her tightly across the quilt, and one turns over to press her down. When Xiao Nian rolls around passively, everyone is surrounded by the quilt, just like a caterpillar.

Gong Ou bullies her and looks down at her with black pupils. Her eyes are strong and direct, as if to engulf her.

A familiar picture.

When we were together before, how many times she told him to get up was the end. At first, she didn't like it, but now she remembers it with a little bitter sweetness.

Gong Ou held her tightly across the quilt and gazed at her deeply. Her eyes swept every part of her face carefully. She counted her eyelashes carefully. Her eyelashes were very beautiful, quivering like butterfly wings.

"Come on, Gong ou."

Being stared at like this by him, Xiaonian struggles uneasily, and her heart and mouth are jumping wildly.

"Why not?" Gong Ou asked in a domineering way, "today is the last day. Can't I have a good look at you? You came here voluntarily. This time I didn't force you! "

Now that he's here, why can't he watch it.


Last day.

Hearing these four words, Xiaonian's heart softened. He didn't earn any more. He half closed his eyes and didn't face his eyes.

His eyes were so sharp and deep that she was afraid that she would not control her emotions.

"Why did you just cry?" Gong Ou stares at her and asks.

"I didn't cry."

When Xiaonian lies there and answers.

"I hurt you with my ear?" Gong Ou continued to ask, "so, apart from a little gratitude, do you feel a little bit sad for me?"


"Not bad." Gong Ou said that it's better not to love or hate, but to have a little mood towards him, whatever it is.

“……” Shi Xiaonian can't speak.