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Chapter 739 you think I'sm not good at prenatal education

Can teach bad children.

Gong Ou releases her with a dark face and looks at her with an unhappy face. "What do you mean, do you think I can't do prenatal education well?"

Does she dislike him?

So obvious?

When Xiaonian stood there, looking a little embarrassed, "I mean you can do a lot of things, not..."

"But it's not good for prenatal education?" Gong Ou then said, staring at her coldly with black eyes, "when Xiaonian, don't forget that what I learned is something you haven't touched, and how many people can't create for the world, you say I can't do prenatal education well?"

It's starting to go wild again.

When Xiaonian looked at him, "then what can you teach when you come to prenatal education?"

"The development of computers and technology."

"You teach this to a baby? People play music, and then say cute words to tickle the baby

"Lovely words? "Ah." Gong Ou sneers, "I have seen the materials before. When a child comes to this world, it is pure white as paper. What an adult gives her is what. If an adult wants to say cute words when she is ignorant, she is a fool. If an adult educates her, she can be educated well."

"Have you seen the material?" When small read Zheng under, "when to see?"

"Before your first pregnancy"

"before your first pregnancy?" When small read stupefied a few seconds, the heart beat a little fast, the eyes looked at him deeply, want to say again stop.

Gong Ou sat at her desk and understood what she was thinking, and immediately quibbled, "don't open your brain hole again. I just turned it over by accident, not specifically to check the materials."

Special materials?

He's still looking for materials?

When Xiaonian silently lowered his head, then looked up at him and said, "Gong ou, in fact, you have always wanted us to have a child, so that you can always accompany me and experience the process of father, right?"

For the twins, she understood that Gong Ou loved them, but for him, there was a lack of process.

When he first brought Xiaokui to his side, he couldn't even hold it, just the father and daughter. You stare at me and I stare at you. He and Gong Yao are pitiful, one is too small to put on airs, the other is too silent, and they are not in the normal father son state. She always wondered if the father and son would get along better from the beginning.

It's funny to say. In fact, the picture is very poignant.

Because it's not the father daughter relationship that we get along with from the beginning. There are always regrets. She now confirms that Gong Ou wants this child. He wants to go through this process before the twins.


"I don't have one."

Gong Ou looks over at the disordered bookshelf and grunts.

"But I want to see how well your father can do it." When Xiaonian put his handsome face in her hands and let him look at herself, she said sincerely, "Gong ou, I was full of hate when I was imprisoned in the tower, but I know that I need you so much."


"I hated you as much as I needed you. Do you understand? " When Xiaonian's eyes were a little wet, "this time it's the same, I don't need you to think about killing the child for me, I just need you to accompany me, OK?"

Gong Ou's black eyes fixed on her.

As much as he needs, so much despair, so much hatred.

That's what she thought at that time.

Gong Ou stared at her deeply, and said in a low voice, "when did you become a negotiator

Smell speech, when small read to show a smile, "then ask the second young master of the palace, did I negotiate successfully?"

"Can you not call me second young master?"


"I look stupid."

The servant told the second young master to take a respectful attitude. She told the second young master to take a joking attitude. How can you blame him.


When Xiaonian could not help laughing, he looked at the scattered books and said, "OK, we have reached an agreement. Let's clean up here and go back."

Isn't it paranoia? I can't stand the mess here. I don't classify the books clearly.

"When did we agree? Who agrees with you? "

Gong Ou glared at her.

It's decided that he and she agree. Is he so easy to be persuaded?

When Xiaonian knew that Gong Ou would follow his own direction this time, so he didn't take it seriously with him, only said, "if you don't agree with him, you should clean up here, and see what's going on here."

"It's too late. Go back to bed first!"

Gong Ou looked at the time on his watch and said.

"Why?" When Xiaonian looked at him puzzled.


"Do you want to see that?" When Xiaonian frowned, he was already shaken. Why should he look at it? "Don't look at these. I tell you that many of the things mentioned here are exaggerated. The more you look at them, the more annoying they are."

"I'm not going to see that." Gong Ou gave her a cool look.

"Then what do you want to see?"

Asked shixiaonian.

Gong Ou jumped from his desk, put away a pile of books and snorted, "how can I take care of pregnant women?"

Hearing this, Xiao Nian's eyes brightened, "it seems that we have reached an agreement."


Gong Ou snorts.

"What are you humming about?"

"What are you in a hurry?" Gong Ou stands there and cleans up. Black eyes glare at her fiercely. "I haven't agreed yet. I'll decide after I read the book!"

If he doesn't think it's necessary to take good care of it, he still can't have the child.

"You will certainly agree."

It's all up to this point. She believes he won't go back.

"Not necessarily." Gong Ou hum, humming, and gave her a fierce look. "What decision I make has the final say." It's still the old rule. The position between us is that I'm on top, you're on the bottom! "

When Xiaonian watched him quietly for a long time, dissatisfied with the tunnel, "I am pregnant, you are still so loud?"


Gong Ou stared at her, his eyes were round. For a while, he pulled at the corners of his mouth and smiled reluctantly. "Miss Shi, do you need to go to bed?"


When Xiaonian almost burst into laughter, she held back and said seriously, "I need someone to warm my bed."

"I don't just warm the bed."

Gong Ou's eyes looked up and down at her, with a trace of ambiguity, and there was a trace of evil in her eyes.

When Xiaonian couldn't stand it, he immediately stepped back and said, "OK, go to sleep."

"You don't ask me what else I can do but warm my bed?"

"I don't want to know." With the ring on her ring finger, she wanted to know that it was definitely not a healthy answer.

"You have no desire for knowledge."

Gong Ou shrugs. It's boring.


When Xiaonian moves forward silently, Gong Ou soon catches up with her, reaches out to hold her, and leads her forward.

Ten fingers clasped.

Xiaonian looked down at the ring on her finger and smiled happily.

"Gong ou, shall we register tomorrow?" Shi Xiaonian said, Gong Ou looked down at her and said, "can you walk a long way now?"

"It's not a long way to register."

At least in this city, how far is it.

"You can walk more than 10 meters."


Gong Ou glanced down at her flat stomach and frowned, "should I make a wheelchair for you?"

I remember that there was news that pregnant women ran around and dropped their children, and they were very weak.


When Xiaonian looked at him speechless.

Gong Ou stared at her stomach and thought more and more that he was right. He said in a low voice, "well, I'll send someone to customize the wheelchair tomorrow, and install the highest technology function for the wheelchair, so that you can walk on the ground."

When small read had to stop, way, "Gong ou, I am pregnant is not disabled, I hope you accompany you, but you don't like a frightened bird, not so serious."

"Isn't it serious to have a baby?"

Gong Ou thinks it's more important than anything.

"Pregnant women can't be motionless, so it's not good for the baby and the body. Proper exercise is more beneficial to the baby and pregnant women." When small read helplessly said, really don't know to say Gong Ou is clever or stupid, he is really a bit like a frightened bird.


Gong Ou frowns.

"I was pregnant with twins. Of course, I know better than you. When I was in the tower, Charles would accompany me a little bit." It would be bad for her to put her in a wheelchair every day like a disabled person.


Gong Ou replied with a frown. No way. He really knows too little. He must read more books and ask more people.

The two men went to the room hand in hand.

The next day.

The sun came in through the window.

I don't know if it's because of pregnancy. When Xiaonian is tired more easily than usual, she still doesn't want to get up when the sun shines on her face. She drills into the warm quilt and gets close to the people around her.

She leaned against the emptiness.

When small read stupefied next, dazed ground opens an eye, hand touched to the side, the temperature on the pillow all disappeared, cool.

How about people?

Gong Ou gets up so early?

When Xiaonian rubs his eyes sleepily, sits up from the bed and shouts, "Gong ou, Gong Ou? Are you in the bathroom? "

No one.

Only her.

So early to get up? Is Gong Ou excited because he is going to register today? When he thought about it, Xiaonian couldn't help smiling, and the sleepiness disappeared. He lifted the quilt and got up. As soon as his feet were about to step into the slippers, he saw a pair of blue sticky notes on the slippers.

What's up?

When Xiaonian was shocked, he bent down and picked up the note paper. He saw that it was gong Ou's cursive handwriting.

Wear shoes carefully, and be more worried when walking. Watch the road step by step. Don't slip!

Young master Gong Er, how boring are you? Is she so degraded that she can't even walk in shoes now?

When Xiaonian shook her head, put on her slippers and walked toward the bathroom. The way to the bathroom was not long, but she saw countless notes on the way.

Be careful on the vertical bar at the end of the bed.

The corner of the cabinet is close to the front.

The bathroom door is pasted to be careful of the slippery floor.