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Chapter 1053 husband and wife with brain holes

"She? How could it be? "

When Xiaonian was shocked again, he couldn't get back to God.

A disfigured single woman, an Enid who used to be a maid, would design such a huge and complex underground waterway?

Gong Ou holds her and looks at the star picture on the wall in front of her with black eyes. The light in her eyes flows, "how can it not be? Besides the designer, who can understand such a complex password? Construction workers? "

If you want to split the password into another password and project it to the wall mechanism, this is not what ordinary people can do.

Who can understand?

When Xiaonian thought about it, he did not hesitate to point his hand at him.


Gong Ou looked at her two eyes, wrapped her soft hand in one hand, and stared at her with black eyes. "First, I can understand it. Because I have a brain. Second, do you think I will say love words to George?"


"I think it's terrible that you can crack the code in this code." When small read to look at him almost adoringly, "how to think of?"

Her understanding of the mechanism map can only be seen as a star map.

"Now I know you're a good man?" Gong Ou raises his lips. It's very evil.

Worship is worship, but

When Xiaonian bit his lips, he could not help asking in a low voice under his satisfied expression, "Gong ou, can you break any complicated and difficult password?"

"What do you say?"

Gong Ou asked confidently.

"When small read hesitantly way," that I used to register on the network of some space, private logs and so on, have you seen it

She encrypts and re encrypts.

"I didn't see it."

"Oh, that's good." When Xiaonian patted her chest, she hated Gong Ou at that time. Almost every day, she would draw one or two vicious cartoons of him and send them to the encrypted space. Later, they became less and less.

Yes, Gong Ou fired at her too early.

"I haven't seen it for several days. You haven't updated it for a long time. Now I'm just going to have a look in a week." Gong Ou added another sentence.

“……” When Xiaonian is thundered.



The two stared, and finally Xiaonian lost the battle and said, "that's my private space."

Is it because I want to pry into her privacy at any time that I keep it from me.

"What personal space do you want for me?" Gong Ou doesn't think so. "Besides, aren't you always expressing yourself to me? I didn't see you're not losing. "

"Watch White? "

Which eye did he see? She remembers that at the beginning all she recorded was scolding him.

"I don't have any other cartoon characters except me. What's the expression?" Gong Ouli is straight and strong.

When Xiaonian opened his mouth, he didn't see what his comic character looked like after her? It's a hundred times worse than the comic. She still considers the main character's image in the comic. She doesn't think about it in the private space at all.

His brain circuit is invincible.

It's no wonder that Gong Ou always thought that she was interested in him at the beginning. She couldn't keep up with this strange idea.

"What's the matter? There's something wrong with your face. "

Gong Ou stared at her suspiciously.

"No, no, No." When Xiaonian hurriedly shook his head and pointed to the map on the wall, "let's go back to Enid."

At this time, I'm afraid that I'm going to kill him. Forget it, if I'm being snooped, I'll be snooped. I'll expose it.

"There's nothing to say. Enid designed the underground waterway for some purpose and buried her feelings for George here." "The goal, maybe, is that Enid has something in her hand hidden in the underground waterways, and she has confidence that we can't dig it out," Gong said

Is that it?

When Xiaonian thought it was not like this, he could not say what was wrong.

"Fengde." Cried Gong ou.

Fengde soon appeared in their sight. Gong Ou handed out the rolled up map and said coldly, "as the map shows, open all the hidden doors, carpet search the underground waterways, and immediately inform me of any traces."

"Yes, sir."

Feng de bowed his head, picked up the map and left.

When Xiaonian looked at the figure of Feng De's departure, he asked in bewilderment, "Enid is just a servant of the Lancaster family. Even if she had a chance to read, it would be impossible for her to become such an excellent designer."

How on earth did she design such a complex underground waterway? Even if a genius is a genius, it must have a certain basis for learning. Just like Gong ou and bit, they have also learned. They have a considerable basis, and their talent is extraordinary.

What about Enid?

"That's not the point anymore." Gong Ou said in a deep voice, "the point is that she's really lying. She's not only a cowardly maid, she has a lot of ideas, so it's not unusual to hide George's tricks, just like the orchid family on the island of spray."

To survive, it's necessary to master things by hand.


When Xiaonian is silent, is it true? She's at the point where it doesn't matter. Does Enid's liking for George have anything to do with her handling?

She came down from Gong Ou's leg and paced in front of the wall full of charcoal words.

"What are you doing?"

Gong Ou is in a wheelchair and stares at her.

When Xiaonian put his hands behind him and stared at the stars on the wall, "I can't think of something."

She felt something was wrong.

"Then don't think about it. Let's go up and see the pumpkin." Gong Ou said that she didn't want to waste her mind thinking about other things. She could see him when she was free.

He looks much better than charcoal.

"I'll think about it for a moment, just a moment."

After a few steps, she stopped in front of the row of words written by Gong ou and thought for a moment. She picked up the charcoal pen and wrote down the whole sentence.

George, my love for you can only be buried under the flowers forever.

This sentence is like a running lamp running in her eyes, back and forth, back and forth, stimulating her nerves.

Once lover.

An adulterous lover.

Enid is humble, disfigured, praying, living alone, intelligent and cool.

George, who is superior, bloodline first, puts down his body and takes risks to meet him.

By the way, there is a billion yuan donated to the government, a mysterious gentleman


When Xiaonian stood there, his black eyes turned around in his eyes.

"What else do you want?"

Gong Ou stares at her, and Xiaonian stands there like an old monk, motionless. A pair of beautiful eyes have been staring at the sentences on the wall.

At most, that sentence proves that Enid is a designer, so we can guess that the purpose of building is to hide what she has mastered, so the design is so complicated.

What else does Xiaonian think?


When Xiaonian was still standing there staring at the sentence, there was no expression on his face.

"When Xiaonian, if you don't pay attention to me, I will hit you!"

Gong Ou's dissatisfaction is floating in the bottom of her eyes. Now she can take her eyes off even one typesetting?


When Xiaonian stood, as if he could not hear him at all.

Gong Ou comes to her in a wheelchair and raises his hand to fight her. Xiaonian is still indifferent.

This woman is really No more lessons!

Gong Ou rolled up his sleeve, and the blue tendons on the back of his hand burst out. His fingers were clear, and his whole body was full of rage. Next second, he resolutely put down his hands, and sat there with a black face, shouting, "little thought! Xiao Nian! Xiao Nian! Xiao Nian! Time is small! "

Are you going to ignore him?

Depend on, beat also reluctant, scold also reluctant, this woman can ignore him!

Suddenly, Xiaonian stepped back and stared at the love words on the wall as if he had seen the new world. "I know, Gong ou, I may have guessed everything!"

"What do you know?"

Gong Ou frowns.

When Xiaonian stood there, looking at him excitedly, "I know what Enid has in her hand."

"What is it?" Hearing this, Gong Ou sat up straight and looked at the sentence on the wall with black eyes? Is there a password here? "

He didn't even find out.

As he said that, Gong Ou went to get the charcoal pen and prepared to break the love words.

"There's no code here. What Enid has in her hands, my adoptive father, they can't find even if they turn the whole underground waterway over." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"I believe that, otherwise, she will not hand over the map calmly. Maybe there are many hidden doors here."

"No, if there is any, it will not be a complete sentence." Shi Xiaonian said earnestly.

"What do you want to say?"

Gong Ou suddenly finds that he can't keep up with Xiao Nian's thinking with his IQ, which makes him a little upset.

When Xiaonian went to the wall, he raised his finger to the sentence, and then said, "Gong ou, what Enid has mastered, or the handle, is nothing else, but herself."

As soon as the voice fell, there was silence in the underground waterway, and there was not even a sound of air circulation.

It was so quiet that they were breathing to each other.

Gong Ou is sitting in a wheelchair. When he looks at it, Xiao Nian's eyes are very excited. He frowns and says, "what do you mean?"

Is Enid in control of herself?

What is the value of a disfigured woman to George?

"Enid has feelings for George, but it can only be buried here. I was just thinking, what if George has feelings for Enid? Still very deep feelings. " Said Shi Xiaonian.

Obviously, Gong Ou's imagination is not as rich as her, "so what?"

What does it have to do with what he wants.

"If George loves Enid, it makes sense." When Xiaonian wrote the names of George and Enid on the wall, "because he loves her, they get along with each other day and night in the family. Enid may get more opportunities to read and study than others, so she can become an excellent designer."


"Because he loved her, when Enid fled to area 13, George followed, but I don't know why. Enid didn't go back with him, and he proposed to build an underground waterway, so George allocated money to her to build it." Said Shi Xiaonian.