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Chapter 968 sudden gunfire

When Xiaonian turned his head, he couldn't bear to look at mu qianchu's eyes.

The debt and sin of qianchu to her at this moment are deeper than ever.

"Xiaonian, when I beg you to keep this child, you can't bear to lose him any more." Said Mu qianchu.


When small read silence.

Mu qianchu said bitterly, "I really shouldn't promise Gong ou to protect you. If I don't, he won't set up this bureau, and it won't hurt you to become like this."

"It's none of your business."

How could she blame mu qianchu for this.

"How can it have nothing to do with me? When you were young and wanted to become what you are today, I have made great contributions. I can't even make up for it." I admire the way of the beginning.

His guilt is no less than hers.

When Xiaonian sat there, his teeth biting his lips, "qianchu, I really understand your kindness, but I don't know how to go next."

"There is a way." Seeing this, mu qianchu hurriedly and eagerly said, "Dr. Luo doesn't think of any way. It's not wise to stay with Gong Ou in your current state. You can never be your real self again. It's better to leave for a while. You're all calm and together again."

"I don't want to." When small read a way.

"You don't want to or do you know Gong Ou won't let you do that?" "If you have a personality that leads to today's situation, you need to be calm. Even if Gong Ou doesn't understand, I will spare no effort to help you," said Mu

"It's just a matter of me alone. There's no need for anyone to take on it. It can't be you or gong'ou." When small read lightly said, tone with stubborn.

Mu qianchu asked, "should the baby in your stomach bear it?"

"He's not conscious..."

"Do you really think he's just a blood, not a life?" "If so, you swear that you won't be upset by abortion, you won't lose yourself more because of abortion, you won't be unable to persist because of abortion, you say that life is full of hope for you," said Mu

Mu qianchu said a lot.

When Xiaonian sat there in the sun, his pale face was a little red, and the blood in his eyes was more obvious in the sun.

"Xiaonian, I will force you. As long as you make an oath, I will send you back to doctor Luo."

Muqianchu said, pressing her even harder.


When Xiaonian said nothing, she could not make this oath, she could not do it at all.


"It's too late, Chiu." When Xiaonian closed his eyes, his voice was full of despair. "It's too late. I've taken sedatives. I've taken induced labor drugs."

It's too late to say more.


Mu qianchu stood up in shock and asked incredulously. The blue tendons on his face suddenly appeared. He went inside and stumbled.

When Xiaonian sat there and held his head in pain, he suddenly realized what mu qianchu was going to do. He quickly stood up and chased him out. "Qianchu, don't mess around, it's none of Dr Luo's business."

She rushed to the infirmary eagerly, and saw mu qianchu and Luo lie fighting together. Some potions hit the whole tribe to the ground in the collision, and the two fought fiercely.

"Lori, I appreciate your conduct, but I didn't expect you to do so. Did you know that you would kill her?"

"If I don't, she'll die faster!"

"What do you think of yourself? What do you think of yourself like Gong Ou! I know what Xiaonian needs better than you! "

"If you know, Mrs. Gong's attitude towards you will not be like today's, she is much better than you to me!"

"You save the child for me! Come back! "

Both of them were red eyed and attacked each other crazily.

"Stop fighting!"

When small read to look at them way, go up to want to pull a shelf, see Luo lie's glasses to be defeated by mu qianchu suddenly.

The glasses broke and the pieces fell to the ground.

Mu qianchu's arm brushed the ground and was cut by the debris. The bright red blood was gurgling.

When Xiaonian stood there in a daze, his back was cold, a pair of bloodshot eyes showed fear, and countless pictures passed in front of her again.

The gunfight in the field, the blood all over the ground, the scream of Gong Kui, the rigidity of Gong Yao's body after archery, the remains of his adoptive mother hanging there, the pain of swallowing sedatives

All because she was hurt.

Everyone is.

Why is this so? Why is she wrong in every choice? Why does she do nothing wrong? Who does she think abortion is good for? Why is it so or not?


What is the right way for her to do it?

"Don't fight, don't fight..."

He murmured.

In the infirmary, mu qianchu and Luo lie were entangled and fell on the ground, attacking each other to death. All kinds of debris on the ground scratched marks on them, and blood appeared one by one.

When Xiaonian's head was aching violently, she could hardly stand. She held the door with her hands, and the picture in front of her was rotating continuously, which made her dizzy and nauseous.

The head slowly lost consciousness.

When Xiaonian slowly slipped down, Luo lie saw her in the beating, and shouted out, "Mrs. Gong!"


Mu qianchu was shocked. He and Luo lie rushed towards her quickly. Before they met her, they heard a loud bang, such as a cannon shot. The villa was obviously shocked.

When Xiaonian sat on the ground, leaning weakly against the door frame.

"What's that voice?"

Lori asked with a swollen eye.

When Xiaonian leaned weakly there, his consciousness was half lost and half awakened. He vaguely heard mu qianchu say, "maybe something happened, take care of Xiaonian, I'll go out and have a look."

"OK, you go."

Those who had just fought hard to get rid of were united in an instant.


Shi Xiaonian has been lying in bed for a long time. She wakes up for a while and is blank. She has scratched too many pictures vaguely, which she can't bear.

I don't know how long it took for Xiaonian's head to really wake up. She opened her eyes and saw Lori walking around her bed with a bruised face.

"Dr lo." When small read out a voice to find their voice is very weak, she hard to support the bed to sit up, "what's the matter?"

"Are you awake? Just wake up. "

Lori looked at her with a slight sigh of relief. The wound on her face had not been dealt with at all.

"I seem to hear gunfire. What's the matter?" Asked shixiaonian.

"Mr. Mu has gone to deal with it. Don't worry." Lori said, "you are very weak now. Just rest at ease."

"What is it? Please tell me. "

When Xiaonian felt that things were not simple.

Lori frowned, stopped his pacing legs, looked at her and said, "after the gunfire, everything will be quiet again, calm, nothing."

"Isn't that good?"

Shixiaonian asked that the place that Gong Ou arranged for them should be safe.

"We've been here so long, when did we hear gunfire?" "I'm afraid there's a lot of undercurrent under the calm surface," Lori said

"You mean Lancaster has found it?" When small read nervously ask, "impossible, not say they are in a mess now, how to find out here, none of us have been out of the woods."

Gong Ou is so careful that she has to pretend to be Mr palace even when she comes to see her. How can she leak the news.

But if it's really close, what should we do?

Gong Ou is not here.

Hearing this, Lori said, "I hope we are alarmist. I hope Mr. mu can come up with a good idea."

Hearing this, Xiaonian said, "doctor Luo, you don't need to accompany me here to discuss things with qianchu."

She could see that Lori was worried, but he was a doctor and could only stay here with her.

"But you..."

"I don't have any special symptoms right now. I don't need to pay special attention to me." I thought about it.

I don't know if Lori Kai's medicine is not heavy. She has no special feeling until now.

Lori looked at her and said with great relief, "I'll go out and see what's going on. I'll know you as soon as I get the news."

Then Lori ran out hurriedly.

When Xiaonian sat on the bed and looked out of the window at the sunshine, there was a kind of uneasiness, a wave of uneven, a wave of rising.


Because of the gunfire, Gong Kui was frightened again. A lively and lovely little girl was afraid to scream wildly. No one could coax her. She kept quiet all night.

When Xiao Nian and Gong Yao were exhausted.

"Holy, go to sleep." Xiaonian covers the quilt for gongkui and turns to her son.

Gong Yao stood there, obviously sleepy on his face, but still holding on. He rubbed his eyes and said, "are we going to meet bad people?"

"It will be over soon." Shixiaonian can only comfort her like this.


Gong Yao is not a child who keeps asking questions. He nods, turns around and climbs to another bed. Before going to bed, he holds the bow and arrow that Gong Ou gave him firmly in his arms.

"Holly, you're going to hurt yourself. Give mom the bow." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"I won't hurt myself, don't worry." Gong Yao said politely, but he was firm and refused to give up his only weapon.

Even the children have become frightened birds.

At that time, Xiao Nian could not help Gong Yao. He reached out to cover the quilt for him, and then turned off the light and left.

There are some lights in the villa.

When Xiaonian went to his bedroom and was about to enter, he heard the voice of Mu qianchu coming from the room beside him. "As soon as Gong Ou went to England, suddenly there was gunfire here. I don't think it was accidental. Maybe Lancaster has been waiting for this opportunity."

They are discussing.

When small read frowned, toward mu qianchu's room to walk, did not enter, only stood at the door to listen.

"How can Lancaster find it? Unless someone divulges the news. " "Maybe it's not as serious as we think, maybe there's military training, it's not surprising that there's artillery," Lori said