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Chapter 293 Gong Ou is alienating her

When Xiaonian sat on the bed, with doubts on his face, his eyes turned.

Is Gong Ou OK?

Is there a lot of pressure on treatment and work? She saw that the N.E. staff were crazy about the first sale of the robot. It is said that they have been driving all night for several days in a row.

Is Gong Ou under more pressure as president?

It seems that starting tomorrow, she has to find a way to relieve gong'ou, not to let him either work or treat the disease.

After a long time, Gong Ou came from the bathroom, a pair of black eyes swept to her, saw her standing beside the bed, "how to stand there."

"Shall I play you a tune?"

As he spoke, Xiaonian got up from the bed, walked to the piano, opened the piano cover, and then put up his index fingers and began to play on the piano.

What she plays is not to forget.

She can't play the piano. Gong Ou taught her this piece by hand, so she can only play it with two fingers. The piano sound is intermittent, but it can't stop the sweetness of the piece itself.

When small read happily play, a face is full of happiness.


Gong Ou stood there, a drop of water on his short hair ticking down, flowing over his handsome face, especially sexy.

As he looked at Xiaonian's back, his face began to sink.

"Did I play well?"

After playing a piece of music, Xiaonian stood up from the piano, turned around and smiled at Gong ou, and moved his index finger. "I don't think I have anything to do recently. I'll go to learn the piano. It's so ugly to play two fingers on the piano."

At first, I can't spare time.

Gong Ou looked at her deeply and looked away for a while. "It's late. Go to bed."

"Well, good."

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou's face, he thought that he was under too much pressure recently, so he stopped asking questions all the time, lay down on the bed obediently, and said, "I'll blow your head for you."

"No, I'll see you sleep first. I'll have to deal with an emergency document later." Gong Ou sits on the bed.

"Then I'll be with you."

"No way! You sleep! " Gong Ou spoke domineering.

"Let me be with you."

"When reading! Will you try against me again? " Gong Ou looks at her displeasantly, takes her into his arms and hugs her tightly, letting her lean on his own, "sleep! Do you hear me? "


"Do you dare to tell me that it is?"

It's true that we should not be so domineering and arrogant.

Is it wrong that she wants to accompany him?

When I was reading Nunu's lips, I said, "well, I'm asleep. You can go to sleep soon after you finish processing the documents."


Gong Ou didn't speak, so he hugged her and looked at her with low eyes.

She leaned meekly in his arms, as gentle as a plush puppy.

When Xiaonian closed her eyes, her sleepiness began to flow, and she closed her eyes and fell asleep gradually.

She fell asleep.

She lay on him, fingers on his body at will, white fingers soft, as if there were no bones, soft, his chest slightly pain.

Gong Ou looks at her with low eyes. He stares at her face, her beautiful facial features. Looking at them, he is stiff. His eyes are complex, and his eyes turn away quickly.

Suddenly, his cell phone vibrated.

Gong Ou's eyes are sharp. He reaches out and carefully puts Shi Xiaonian down. He lets her lie on the bed and covers her with a long hand.

Gong Ou reached out and picked up his mobile phone. There was only one message on it -

it has been verified and the situation is true.

A very short message, Gong Ou stared at it for a long time, almost looking back and forth word by word.

His hand is very hard to hold the mobile phone, and finally, Gong Ou closes his eyes, long eyelashes droop slightly, holding down all his emotions.

It's true.

It's true.

Damn it!

What is the truth? Why are these true!

Gong Ou throws his mobile phone on the bed, leans back, and the water drops on the hair end drip down, and then flows across his face and his closed eyes, as if it were a tear.

Why is it true? Why is it true.

Gong Ou turns her eyes to the woman beside her, looking at her unknown sleeping face. There are complex emotions in her eyes, including anger and despair.


R-Series robots caused a sensation all over the world when they gave a preview conference, and the limited sales of R-Series robots attracted worldwide attention.

The news began to report again.

Every move of Gong ou can cause a huge storm.

When Xiaonian thought, Gong ou should be under great pressure for this matter, just unwilling to admit it, just like the last press conference.

The air in the morning is very fresh. When Xiaonian was standing in front of the castle, he walked back slowly.

Usually, Gong Ou would follow her when she came out for a walk, but Gong Ou didn't follow her these days, as if It's getting less and less sticky.

It's too much pressure.

When Xiaonian went to the castle, he walked into the gym and saw Gong Ou jogging on the treadmill alone.

Would you rather run on a machine here than walk with her?

When Xiaonian bit his lips, he felt strange. He walked forward to Gong ou and called her name softly, "Gong ou."

Gong Ou looks at her with low eyes, and a flash of shock passes through her eyes. Her figure of one meter eight fell from the treadmill in a bit of a mess. He held the treadmill control board and didn't fall.

His face is not very nice.

"Are you ok?" When Xiaonian looked at him in shock, "what's the matter with you? Am I so intimidating? Can I intimidate the president of your palace university? "

I fell off the treadmill.

"Who said I was scared!"

Gong Ou grunts and stands firmly on the ground. His eyes cross her face and turn quickly, as if he doesn't want to stay on her face for a second.

"You just looked so clear..."

I'm scared, just like a ghost.

She's pregnant. Her face is a little plump, but it's not scary.

"How is it?"

Gong Ou interrupts her with a foul face.


You have pressure, you are amazing, you have temper, you are amazing.

Shi Xiaonian's stomach Fei is in his heart, his hands are on the treadmill control board, his body is leaning forward, his black and white eyes are clear, and he asks, "what's your activity today? Do you have any special desserts that I want to eat? I've made them for you. "

She is so pure and lovely on the treadmill, with a clean smile.


Gong Ou stood there, looked at her two eyes, picked up a towel and wiped his face. As he wiped, he walked out. "I have several meetings today. You don't have to accompany me."

"It doesn't matter. I have nothing to do. I'll be with you."

When small read to follow his footsteps, the voice is clear soft ground says.

He's under a lot of pressure now. She's going to be with him.

"If you say no, you don't have to!" Gong Ou suddenly snapped, almost growling out, and a pair of black pupils glared at her fiercely. "Do you listen to me or do I listen to you?"


When Xiaonian was stunned by the roar, she stood there for half a day and didn't respond. She didn't wake up until Gong Ou walked out of the fitness room.

Do you want to be so fierce?

He has been able to control his temper a lot recently. How can he still be like this? Does Mona have the intention to cure him.

When small read some depressed to go out, just met with the Feng De, "Feng housekeeper."

"Good morning, Miss Shi."

In the reign of Fengde, Xiaonian bent.

"Do you think Gong Ou has lost a lot of temper recently?" Asked shixiaonian.

Hearing this, Feng de nodded sympathetically, "yes, I heard that the young master scolded a lot of people at the meeting. It may be that the group's business is not so pleasant."

"I guess so." I nodded clearly.

It's just that Gong Ou would not be too angry with her before, let alone leave her at home.

What did Mona do?

But what can Mona do?

When Xiaonian turns around to leave, Fengde hands her a booklet. "Miss Shi, you can see where the wedding place is suitable. This is the ten most beautiful sceneries in the world that I have chosen."

"Wedding?" When small read stupefied next, "isn't say to wait for the baby to be born to do the wedding again?"

"I know the young master. When the baby is born, the young master must be in a hurry to marry the young lady, so I will prepare some things first." Feng de said with a smile.

"Then you won't let Gong Ou choose?"

"As long as Miss Shi is satisfied, young master, I can walk a lot of detours less." Feng de said wisely.

Anyway, the young master only knows Miss Shi. What kind of dishes she cooks, what clothes she wears, and how she walks are 100 times better than others.

Hearing this, Xiao Nian warmed up his heart, bent his eyes and reached for the booklet. "Well, I'll pick it up."

When Xiaonian took the brochure and opened it, he was fascinated by the photos in it. "How beautiful, is this really a scene in the world? It's beautiful. What is this, the aurora? "

Feng de stood beside her and explained patiently.

When I read the brochure, my face was full of smiles. These places were so beautiful that she had never seen them before. It would be unforgettable if I could hold a wedding in these places.

Seeing this booklet, Xiaonian was in a good mood after being roared by Gong ou.

"Manager Feng, please book a restaurant for me. I'll go out for dinner with Gong Ou in the evening." He said as he turned over the booklet.

They haven't dated for a long time.

Dating can relieve stress.

"OK." Feng de nodded.

At night, the moon is bright and the stars are sparse. The whole city is decorated with various lights, which is very prosperous.

When Xiaonian was wearing a sky blue skirt, she was still not pregnant. In another two months, it can be seen that she was sitting alone in a high-end restaurant called Han.

It's full of Korean food.

And the side of the hanging TV is still playing a long time ago Korean drama, the leading actor suffering from terminal illness to leave the heroine, the heroine will not let go.

At the beginning, she also looked at this kind of bridge and cried. Now she thought it was so bloody.

People in TV plays are always very vulnerable.