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Chapter 264 make a kennel out of there

While supporting him, shixiaonian is worried about herself. She can't knock and bump now, or what can she do if the child really doesn't have one.

Seeing a pool of water, Gong Ou directly raised his feet and sat in. He didn't even take off his clothes. He just leaned back comfortably and bathed comfortably. His handsome face looked satisfied.


When small read simply for him to break the heart, "you don't like this, first off the clothes."

"Don't take it off."

Gong Ou lies in the water with his head back. He has a handsome face and a carved outline. His black eyes stare at her deeply.

Looking at it, his eyes are like water.

Looking at it, Gong Ou holds a bottle of bath milk on the bathtub and stares at it carefully and says, "when Xiaonian was pregnant, you can't dive into the sea. I hate you! You'll be happy with my appointment! "


When Xiaonian squatted on the edge of the bathtub, silently supporting his forehead.

Oh, my God.

Which immortal has come to collect Gong Ou? How can he be called the king of science and technology.


This evening, Gong Ou was very noisy. He was totally like a 5-year-old child. He had no elegance, no bullying, no strength, only nonsense.

He's been messing around all night.

All night, shixiaonian was driven mad by him.

When Xiaonian really didn't know how much he had drunk, he watched him talking to the wall, the piano and the toothbrush cup.

And my mouth is full of chanting.

She doesn't understand. She is similar to Mr palace in human shape at least. It's only when she's drunk. How can she even recognize the wall as her?

The next day.

Curtain did not pull, sunlight from the large landing window projected in, illuminating the whole gorgeous bedroom.

When Xiaonian sat in front of the piano, put his hand on his head, yawned repeatedly, his head lit down again and again, his eyes closed.

"When I read it!"

A low voice burst out.

When Xiaonian's head fell down heavily, he woke up with a start and hurriedly stood up from the piano and turned to look at the big bed.

The quilt on the big bed was lifted.

On the other side of the ground, Gong Ou is standing there, barefoot on the quilt, naked, chest solid and sexy. His eyes are looking at her with a black face.

"Are you awake? Drunk? "

When small read to ask a way, hand covered lip to hit again yawn, she is tired again sleepy.

"Shixiaonian, are you too much to let me sleep on the ground?" Gong Ou stared at her displeased, then slowly raised his hand, a long hand holding a bottle of bath milk.

Xiaonian couldn't help laughing when she saw the bottle of bath milk.

"How dare you laugh?" Gong Ou is even more angry, and a handsome face is iron green, staring at her with hatred.

"It's not that I'm going to let you sleep on the ground, it's that you're arguing with me to sleep on the ground. It's more romantic." Said Xiao Nian, leaning on the piano.

He is Gong Ou who is superior. How dare she ask him.

"I want to sleep?" Gong Ou growls displeased, "then why didn't you sleep on the ground?"

Isn't she standing there nicely?

"It's not that I don't sleep, it's that you hold the bath milk and say that's your little thought."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

She was still fighting him. She didn't beat him.


Hearing this, Gong Ou's face suddenly turned black. He smashed the bath cream on the ground, and his eyes flashed over with embarrassment. But soon, he said in a cold voice, "do you think I will believe you? When Xiaonian, I found a woman and you are upset, right? In this way, are you bored? "

Is she bored?

When Xiaonian worshipped him, he turned right and wrong. "Did you drink fragments?"

She should have videotaped him all about last night to show him what she looked like when he was drunk.

"Break something!"

Gong Ou said coldly, with black eyes squinting at her and thin lips pursing, "I still remember how jealous you were when you dragged me out of her woman's room!"


When Xiaonian looked at him in shock, he could not see that he would make up stories.

She knows what a dead duck is.

Gong Ou snorted, then raised his legs and walked forward. He frowned at the pain on his legs. He stared at Shi Xiaonian, "Shi Xiaonian, do you dare to hit me?"

"Yeah, yeah, I dragged you down from sherlin's bed, all the way here, and then beat you up. You should be glad you didn't have a dog, or I'll let you sleep in the kennel."

When small read with him to make up random.


Gong Ou looks at her, her black eyes are cold, her thin lips are tight, and her face is not good-looking.

When I read it, I didn't speak.

Gong Ou looks at her like this, when Xiaonian says, "is there anything else to add?"

Gong Ou looks at her, his eyes are fierce. After a long time, he forces a few words out of his thin lips, "who is Xie Linlin?"


When small read speechless ground to look at him, do not bother to pay attention to him, turn round to go out.

She didn't know if Gong Ou had a fragment, but he didn't talk about killing the child with her again, but he didn't say that he was absurd last night.

Come on, he doesn't want to say it.

And see what he can do.

When Xiaonian took the elevator downstairs, she heard a burst of charming laughter as soon as she went out. Her heart sank. The women had not left.

When Xiaonian walked by, he saw a dozen young women who could wear to go dancing sitting on the sofa talking and laughing, eating fruits, cakes and red wine while watching TV.

If a woman is 500 ducks, there are at least thousands of ducks in this hall.

"It's better for Mr. Gong. I didn't expect that our sisters could return to the imperial castle."

"I thought Mr. Gong was going to get married when I drove us away, so I had to take heart. I didn't expect that he would turn Xiao Nian over."

"What do you think Xiao Nian used? It's a blessing that Mr. Gong should be able to make her public. "

"Feng Shui turns around in turn. Do you think you can stay with Mr. Gong for a long time?" Sheileen sat in the middle of the room, shaking a glass of red wine in her hand and sneering scornfully.

"It's also true that Mr. Gong came back to us, indicating that he was still thinking about us."


A group of people chatted happily.

When Xiaonian stood there, he would like to rush upstairs and fight with Gong Ou now.

He can really stimulate her. He hasn't driven these people away yet. Does he want to continue now after drinking fragments?

"Early, Miss Shi."

Feng de came and bowed his head politely to Shi Xiaonian.


When small read bow.

As soon as there was a sound on their side, all the women in the hall looked over. They were quiet for a moment, and they didn't speak any more. Xie Linlin stood up from the middle, her face was beautifully made up, her fingers were flicking a glass of red wine, and came forward.

"Manager Feng, are we still in the previous room?" When Xie Linlin stood in front of Xiaonian, she asked Feng De, but her eyes were defiant.


Feng de took a hard look and read it.

The young master hasn't made a decision yet, and he's not easy to make up his mind.


When Xiaonian stood in front of her, motionless, her face indifferent, did not reveal that she was angry.

"If it's a former room, I'll take the suitcase up." She continued defiantly, with her chin slightly up and her makeup on her face particularly charming.

When Feng de looked at it, Xiao Nian and Xie Linlin were embarrassed.

On the spiral stairs not far away, Gong Ou stood on the stairs in a delicate manner, saw this scene, stopped, and looked at the confrontation between the two women with black eyes.

His eyes fell on shixiaonian.

He wants to see Xiaonian's reaction.

Think of it, Gong Ou hasn't seen it before. Xiao Nian is jealous of him.

When Xiaonian stood there, a plain face was not as delicate as Xie Linlin's make-up. She was silent for a long time. Just when Xie Linlin called for someone to help her luggage, she said, "manager Feng, where was Miss Xie Linlin's previous room?"

"On the sixth floor." Replied Feng de in an all-round way.

"Are their rooms there?" When Xiaonian looked at sheilinlin and said.


"Make it a kennel." "When small read suddenly said, voice light," I suddenly think it's good to have a dog

"What do you mean when I read it?" When she heard this, she got excited, looked at shixiaonian angrily, and squeezed her finger on the glass. "What are you, trying to drive us all out? This is Mr. Gong's master. "

"We" by sherlin.

She brought in a group of women in the back, and they all came over at once. They looked at him angrily with beautiful faces. "That's right, Mr. Gong didn't let us go. Why are you?"

"When I was young, I should pay attention to coming first and then. Which of our sisters is not earlier than when you came to the palace?"

"You didn't know where you were when everyone was in favor."


I'll start to talk without a word.

When Xiaonian sipped her lips, her eyes were all cold. She looked at them, and the corners of her lips slowly drew up a radian, and said coldly, "yes, I didn't know where I was when you were favored, but I came here. Do you have a place?"

Not far away, Gong Ou stood on the stairs, his body bent down, his hands pressed on the handrail, his black eyes looked at this scene, and thin Chen held up a smug loneliness.

The woman used to be jealous.

Look, Xiaonian is jealous. Why is he so happy!

"You..." Sheilinlin was angry, then she suppressed her anger and said sarcastically, "really, Shi Xiaonian, you think you are the only one now, so why are we here again?"


When small read stands there to this one sentence cannot refute, the Mou son was gloomy.

The rules of the palace are strict. They can't come in without the permission of Gong ou. This sentence pokes her weakness.

"I have nothing to say? Don't carry a set of heroine's airs, just say the life experience, who is not better than you here? " Xie Linlin looked at her contemptuously, then said to Feng De, "manager Feng, take our luggage up. Mr. Gong may come to us when he wakes up."

"Here..." Feng de looks at Shi Xiaonian in embarrassment, "Miss Shi here..."