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Chapter 849 leaving langhuayu

Not far away, the bedroom door was pushed open from the inside, LAN Xiaoqi came out and leaned against the door to look at them, "Auntie, uncle, Dad, please come in."

So soon?

Lanting don't want to spend more time with her daughter?

When Xiaonian didn't let Gong Ou stand up, he walked towards LAN Xiaoqi. Lanting was lying on the bed, his face was paler than before, and his voice was weaker and weaker. "Mrs. Gong, I told Xiaoqi, let her go with you first, and I'll go to you after I've dealt with the family affairs."

It's hard for Lanting to say such a long sentence.

When small read low eyes looked at LAN Xiaoqi, understand this is to say to children, so Lanting is decided not to let his daughter accompany him to the last second.

"Mr. LAN, in fact, we are not in a hurry to leave."

When small read cannot help but say.

"Take Xiaoqi away. I've been a jerk these years. There are some things I really don't want her to go through it again. " Lanting said.

Shi Xiaonian understood what he meant. He didn't want his daughter to watch his next relative die in front of him. Now he is fully awake and knows how far he has gone these years.

It's a pity that God no longer forgives him.

"Have you decided?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Decided." Lanting said, "thank you, thank you really."

When Xiaonian looked down at lanxiaoqi and said, "then Xiaoqi and dad say goodbye."

LAN Xiaoqi stood beside her, blinked, and then waved to Lanting, "goodbye dad."


Lanting looked at her daughter with gray eyes. Her voice was dry and hard.

No more goodbye.

Only farewell.

When Xiaonian pulls lanxiaoqi around, the voice of Lanting suddenly comes back, "Xiaoqi."

LAN Xiaoqi turns around, and Lanting looks at her, with a glimmer of water in her eyes. "Dad is not a good dad. Dad is sorry for you."

LAN Xiaoqi blinked in ignorance and said nothing.

When small read listen to the heart particularly blocked, but can only let the suffocation four swim, she can't help, she took LAN Xiaoqi's small hand to leave the bedroom.

The LAN family has left very empty.

The rest of the people in the palace are checking the bombs. This workload will take some time, and they will leave directly.

When passing by a room, Xiao Nian saw from the crack of the open door that several men were tied together and sitting on the floor. Butler Charles and some bodyguards stood there to guard them.

These were the killers who killed Lanting's wife. One of them was the servant of Lanting family she had met, the one who was forced by Lanting to act like a dog.

Over the years, they have been following the orders of the Lancaster family to wander around Lanting.

Charles handed a remote control to the bodyguard beside him. "The second young master told me to give the remote control to Lanting. Be careful. The whole house will explode if you press it wrong. We all have to die here."

"Yes, Butler Charles."

The bodyguard nodded.

These murderers knew something at the moment, either writhing excitedly or closing their eyes hopelessly.

"Let's go."

When Xiaonian takes LAN Xiaoqi's hand and walks out, Gong Yao grabs the doll in one hand and looks at her with a lollipop in the other hand, then runs over at once.

"We're gone."

Xiaonian said to him.

"Good." Gong Yao nodded, and then stared at her nervously, for fear that she might fall down, holding the doll's hand very hard.

Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian are injured. In order to make the trip smooth and smooth, Fengde is preparing a cruise ship.

The cherry blossoms in the langhuayu wharf are still blooming well. Just like when they just arrived, the pink petals fluttered all over the ground and paved a light pink Road, which is extremely romantic.

The bodyguards stand in two rows. When Xiaonian is hugged by Gong ou, Gong Yao follows them and keeps an intense eye on him.

Fengde and Charles were walking behind them with their luggage.


Gong Ou hugs Xiaonian and steps on the deck of the cruise ship. Xiaonian worries about his injury and asks him to go on the cruise ship and enter the room immediately for rest.

Gong Ou refused, and he repeatedly asked for it. Finally, Gong Ou gave in when he glared at him angrily.

When Xiaonian pushes open the door of the room and helps Gong ou to walk in, Gong Ou suddenly lies down on the bed, breathing hard, thin lips pursed into a line.

Seeing him like this, Xiaonian felt that it was not good. He stretched out his hand to open the clothes for him. Sure enough, the red color on the gauze was more and more obvious.

"Gong Ou!"

Xiao Nian glared at him angrily.

Gong Ou lies there, takes a look at her, turns his back to her silently and pulls his clothes.

"Gong Ou! What do you mean by turning your back? I saw it all! The gauze is full of blood! "

He's still turning?

When did the wound become like this? I didn't speak. I was still there, telling him to rest and to accompany her to watch the scenery on the deck.

Look at the scenery, look at the scenery of wool!

She'll have enough of his blood!

Listen to her angry voice, Gong Ou turns back in silence on the big bed, eyes fall on her face and quickly retract, curl up the tall body, the voice has no domineering and strong, "what are you fierce? The doctor didn't bandage you."

A woman is fierce.

It's not his fault, right, it's not his fault.

"You didn't listen to the doctor!"

When Xiaonian glares at him angrily. If she just promised to see the scenery, would he be ready to accompany her with blood?

What a disease!


Gong Ou did not contradict her.

"Lie down for me! I'm going to call my adoptive father and the doctor now. Don't move. Do you hear me? " At that time, Xiaonian was extremely angry.


Gong Ou obediently replied, lying motionless on the bed.


This man is really It's like a muffled bug. When Xiaonian turns around and calls for someone, Fengde and the doctor rush to the room and bandage Gong Ou's wound again.

This is a long time ago.

The gauze was dripping with blood. When Xiaonian was sad and angry, he glared at Gong ou for several times. Gong Ou silently turned his back and said, "don't be angry, so you can't see it."


She is not mentally retarded. If he turns around, she will be able to treat him as having no injuries?

When Xiaonian didn't get angry with this kind of Gong ou, she sat down beside the bed and stared at Feng de and the doctor, saying, "Gong ou, I beg you, can you protect your body well?"

It's not like him.

"I can't die."

Gong Ou turns around, sleeps on the pillow and stares at her, humming.

"Why do you always do that." When Xiaonian was a little annoyed, he understood that this paranoid was not something she could say, so he said, "OK, since that's the case, our honeymoon will end here, and we won't go anywhere."

It's not safe to go anywhere. It's better to stay at home.

"No way!" Gong Ou stares at her, "why don't you spend your honeymoon? I haven't even had a good time with you! "

It must not end like this.

"If you are the only one who is happy and painful, I would rather not." When small read coldly said, there is no compromise, "anyway, I will not go to honeymoon with you again, that's it."

"That's all!" Gong oubuyu tunnel, the whole person suddenly from the bed up.


When Xiaonian looked at him anxiously.

Gong Ou sat up straight and stared at her with black eyes. After a long time of thin lips, he finally said, "OK, I won't hurt myself!"

He was always able to compromise very quickly with her.


I can't believe it.

"Nonsense! When did Gong Ou cheat you! "

"It's like you didn't cheat me."


Gong Ou reaches for his chest, turns his eyes and looks at everything in the room. Then he goes to the desk, picks up the pen and paper, and writes down a clause on it, indicating that no more injuries are allowed.

When he finished, Xiaonian took the paper and pen to Gong ou and said with a straight face, "people in the Palace won't sign! Sign! "

Feng de told her that she remembered it very well.


Gong Ou took the paper, looked at her beautiful handwriting on it, and repeatedly noted that no injury, no injury, no injury, no honeymoon after one injury.

Gong ou can't help but wring his eyebrows. "How can you write like a curse!"

"Do you want to sign it?" When Xiaonian stared at him, he wished he could open several holes in his body.

Gong Ou saw that she was really strong, so he sat up from the bed, held the pen in his long hand, and dropped his name on it, then looked at her, and said, "you don't need to hide more than 200 additional terms?"

A simple sentence reminds shixiaonian of the contract he signed with him. At that time, he secretly hid more than 200 pages of terms in the middle, thick enough to kill her.

When I think of the things at that time, Xiaonian can't help laughing, and the anger disappears in a flash. "You're so upset. That's what you can do. I won't do that."

She angrily took the pen and paper from his hand, and was very satisfied with the signing.

Finally laughing?

With her smile, Gong Ou's lips are hooked up, and he stares at her fondly, "what can I do for you?"

Clearly is such a rogue words, when small read but listen to inexplicably sweet, with a paranoid together for a long time, she is also hopeless.

She carefully put away the paper, and the door was pushed open from the outside. Gong Ou was just about to scold him, but he saw Gong Yao come in from the outside, looked at them, and bowed his head politely, "Dad, mom."

"Eh, aren't you playing with Xiaoqi? Why are you here? "

Xiaonian asked with a smile.

"I saw the doctor come in." Gong Yao stood at the door and said, obviously, he was worried about them.

Hearing this, Xiao Nian's heart was warm. What's so happy about this trip to langhuayu is that Gong Yao's heart to her has been dissolved, and she is much more intimate than before.

She likes it.

"Dad's wound is open. The doctor came in and bandaged him again. It's nothing serious. Don't worry." Said Shi Xiaonian.