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Chapter 115 my only child

When small read can not help but shrink neck, desperately tunnel, "breakfast is really going to cold."

"Don't worry, I'll eat the cold dishes you make." Gong Ou opens her thin lips, bites her ears and grinds at her. "I've put you away for a week. If you don't eat again, you'll be cold."


She's not a dish. She won't be cold.

"Besides, do you have a need?" Gong Ou asked vaguely.

"I didn't."

She denied.

"Is it?"

Gong Ou grabs her hand and kisses it, like electricity hitting her fingertips. When Xiao Nian almost cries, Gong Ou picks up the person again and throws him directly into the huge bed.

Gong Ou soon bullied her and hugged her like a devil.

His kiss fell on her little by little.

When Xiaonian can feel that Yu Wang in his eyes has been cleared up, and he knows how he can't hide. He can't help but feel uncomfortable.

There are so many women in gongou Mingming, but she always dominates her. She can't even fight directly.

The room is full of ambiguities. Gong Ou stands up to hold her moment. When Xiaonian closes her eyes, her eyelashes are wet.


Gong Ou's energy is frightening.

After a week, Xiao Nian was tortured to death again. He walked into the bathroom with his legs sore and numb.

The bathroom is covered with white mist.

The flower sprinkling warm water rushes down, while Xiaonian stands under the water column, letting the water wash his face and body, and brushing the smell of Gong Ou little by little.

She wondered if Gong Ou had been abstinent this week, so the beast's heart broke out as soon as she came back.

But think about it, how could it be.

How can palace Europe abstain? Britain is more open than China. The relationship between men and women is more fast-food system. Where can palace Europe abstain.

I don't know that this week, his lips worshipped several women's bodies.

In this way, when Xiaonian felt that his breath was uncomfortable, he desperately washed his body and tried to dry his breath a little bit.

"Don't let him touch you, don't sleep with him."

The hot bathroom reminds Xiaonian of the sad eyes of Mu qianchu.

My heart is like being stabbed by something sharp. It's bloody with pain.

Regardless of everything, he became the pure and white dream of the past.

But she can't go back to her old days.

In the past, small thoughts and admiration were so beautiful. Now, things have changed for a long time

When Xiaonian washed in the bathroom for a long time, she went out and changed into a skirt.

In the living room, Tang Yi is sitting on a single sofa, teaching Bob to read with a tablet computer. Bob just looks and doesn't speak, and is quiet.

On the big sofa with five seats in the middle, Gong Ou sits alone, wearing a dark shirt and trousers. The buttons on the neckline are loosened as usual. It is sexy at will. A handsome face has excellent and deep facial features.

See her come out, Gong Ou dissatisfied tunnel, "you are elute a layer of skin to come out again?"

He had been washing for nearly an hour before she came out.

“……” When small read farfetched smile smile, "no, have you had breakfast?"


Gong Ou reaches out to her coldly.

When Xiaonian droops his eyes and walks towards him, Gong Ou holds him in his arms. Gong Ou approaches her and sniffs the fragrance of the bath on her body. He hooks his lips with satisfaction.

When Xiaonian turned to look at Tang Yi's mother and son.

Bob doesn't speak, but his hands poke at the tablet. Tang Yi whispers, "you don't understand. Don't Scribble."

"Does Bob like computers?" When small read to see the appearance said, "Uncle Gong is a technology expert, any computer mobile phone will, you let him teach you to play computer."

Wen Yan, Tang Yi and Bob look at them.

"Why should I teach this little wolf?" Gong ouleng snorts. He doesn't like the child at all.

Bob shrank into Tang Yihuai.

Tang Yi smiled awkwardly. "No, Mr. Gong is so busy. How can he teach Bob?"

"You're a little bit self aware."

Gong Ou snorts and holds Shi Xiaonian tightly.

"How can you be so unkind to a child?" When I was young, I asked Gong ou.

Gong Ou encircles her in her arms, picks up a newspaper to read, casually disdains to say, "why should I be friendly to the little wolf?"

"You don't like children?"

"I don't like it." Men like women and children.

"Then you had to go back to the children?" Asked shixiaonian in bewilderment.

"The blood of the palace family can't fall into other people's hands. I didn't say that I like to come back." Gong Ou stared at the newspaper and said, suddenly his eyes changed. He looked deeply at the woman in his arms, "but I must like your baby."


"Better be like you." Gong Ou stares at Xiaonian's face and says, "if it doesn't look like it, it's the most like you."

"You don't lack children."

Said Shi Xiaonian directly.

Tang Yi sat and looked at them, a little nervous.

"What?" Gong Ou looks at her.

When Xiaonian realized that he had said something wrong, he turned his eyes and said calmly, "I mean, you will marry that kind of rich and famous lady in the future, and naturally you will have an heir. It's nothing if I don't have one."


Gong Ou looks at her.


When Xiaonian shook his head.

"When I read it." Gong Ou threw the newspaper aside, grabbed her shoulder with one hand, and squeezed her chin with one hand, forcing her to face her eyes.

He gazed deeply into her black and white eyes, and said, "listen, no matter how many children there are, they are palace children; your children are the only ones in my palace."

This is undoubtedly a commitment.


Xiao Nian looked at him with some consternation.

She understood that he regarded the marriage as a family affair, and she As if he were alone.

He has a clear distinction.

Tang Yi sits next to them and looks at them in shock. Hearing this, Gong Ou is clearly in love with Xiaonian, who can get the heart of Gong ou.

On the sofa, Xiao Nian smiled astringently. What is that.

No matter how clear he gets, she is also one of the lovers who can't see light. What's the use of speaking well.

"Your smile doesn't seem to move."

Gong Ou frowns.

This is the first time he has given such a heavy promise to a woman. She just laughs it off.

"No." When small read light smile, no explanation.

She knew, and she explained that he didn't understand.

He is a high-ranking Gong ou, of course, there is nothing strange about women. It's OK to give her a promise. He even thinks that she should be moved by his words.

"Are you moved?"

Gong Ou asks.

"Don't you go to the company today?" When I was young, I didn't answer questions.

"Not today." Gong Ou hugged her and said that he came back ahead of time just to spend more time with her.

When small read to turn a Mou, say in his bosom, "that happens to be, the weather is so sunny today, let's go picnic."

"Picnic? OK. "

Tang Yi answers.

"Who is going to take you?" Gong Ou immediately glared at Tang Yi. "I want to go to the African refugee camp!"

Is this mother and son going to be their light bulb?


Tang Yi was so excited that he couldn't speak. He was stupid there.

"I'm going to invite them." When Xiao Nian brought it up.

Before he finished speaking, Gong Ou glared at him fiercely. "Shi Xiaonian, you are specially responsible for fighting me when I come back this time, aren't you?"


She's ready to leave.

"Of course, the picnic is more lively with more people." Xiaonian tries to squeeze out a sincere expression to look at him.

"I don't need a light bulb."

"Then you usually have bodyguards and butler to follow you. Don't you need to this time?" When small read ask.

"Then you are not allowed to take the wolf." Gong Ou Dao.

"He's just a child."

"It's a coyote."

"He is not."

"He is."

"Gong Ou!"

When Xiaonian was excited again, she came down from his leg and looked at him angrily. "Do you know that it's immoral to say that about a three-year-old

This is an opportunity to provoke miyou.

"How dare you call me immoral?" Gong Ou looked at her displeased, and his face sank suddenly. "You talk back to me again? What, want to shout at me again? "

When she was in England, she roared at him once and dared to roar when she came back.

When Xiaonian stares at him and prepares to add another fire, Tang Yi stands up and exhorts, "Xiaonian, don't argue with Mr. Gong. Mr. Gong just cares about you. Don't do that."

A good playful hand.

Gong Ou glanced at Tang Yi and said in a cold voice, "you know better than you."

Finish saying, Gong Ou stands up from sofa, cold face leaves.


When Xiaonian stood in place, there was no expression on a plain face.

It seems that the plan goes better than she imagined. Gong Ou starts to look at Tang Yi in a different way, so what he likes is this one, which is not specific.

That's good.

It's easier for her to leave.

I thought about it.

"Hello!" Gong Ou suddenly looks back and stares at her.

“……” Shixiaonian looks at him.

"Isn't it a picnic? Don't change yet? Get in here! " Gong Ou shouts at her, leans. Every time Xiao Nian gets angry at her, he has to find a step by himself.

It's rare that she offered to travel. He didn't want to miss the chance.


When small read stunned.

Going on a picnic?

She thought he was too angry with her to go out again.

At last, Tang Yi's mother and son accompanied the group on a grand picnic.

When I came out of the duplex apartment, Xiao Nian deliberately walked in front of Bob by the hand, telling him to talk about the East and West, and let Gong ou and Tang Yi walk together in the back.

When the elevator door opens, Xiaonian takes Bob's hand and moves forward first.

Tang Yi walks beside Gong ou and keeps a distance. She is a woman who walks among men. She knows how to be measured and doesn't stick too much.

"Mr. Gong, Xiao Nian really likes Bob." Tang Yi said with a smile, "she will love Xiaonian more when she has a baby in the future."

Tang Yi is smart enough to know what to use to open gong Ou's mouth.

Gong Ou is staring at the woman in front with a cold face. Hearing the words, he is full of conceit. "Of course, she dare not hurt!"