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Chapter 748 who is Lori after

This hotel is a world-class one. It's too expensive. She believes that this hotel can't put anything with sequelae in the room, since it will be OK.


Gong Ou was pulled by her and had to stop, let Mr palace open the window to ventilate, and the two continued to watch TV and eat steak.

When Xiaonian took the chopsticks and put them into his mouth, then looked at the candlelight, how did she feel weird? She looked at Gong ou, who didn't eat a bite.

"No appetite?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"You have?" Asked Gong ou.

"All right."

In fact, after just making such a noise, Xiaonian has no appetite. There seems to be a fire in her body that can't be dispelled, but she has no choice.

She looks at Gong ou.

Gong Ou looks at her.

The two finally finished their steaks in silence. Mr palace took the things away, and Xiao Nian and Gong Ou sat side by side watching TV.

Out of the window is a gorgeous view of little Chinatown.

They can't enjoy it at close range. They just stay in front of the TV and watch it.

Little by little time passed, and the sky outside the window grew dark.

The smell in the air hasn't completely dissipated.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, Gong Ou also looked at her. She had been looking at him and he had been looking at her. The embarrassment factor in the air was about to explode.

Finally, when Xiaonian heard Gong Ou's helplessness, "let's go to the ball."


When Xiaonian didn't respond, he didn't say he couldn't go.

"Stay here again, I can't promise I can hold back from doing nothing!" Gong Ou said coldly, "isn't your endurance amazing long ago?"

"It's been a long time."

Gong Ou gives her a vicious look.

How can he bear it? He has endured it until he has finished eating the steak. The fragrance is not going all the time. How can he bear it?


When Xiaonian shut up.

"Go, let's pick out the clothes and go to the ball!" You can't stay here any more.

"Oh, all right."

When small read obediently stand up, follow Gong ou to leave.

Before leaving, Xiao Nian mended her make-up and checked Gong Ou's dress. They chose to go to the party in terms of sex appeal and elegance.

She picked out a dark purple evening dress, small dew fragrant shoulder, and revealed the enchanting Blue Princess.

Gong Ou comes out of the room with a handsome body. He looks very soft with low eyes, like a very modest gentleman. Of course, as long as he doesn't stare at people.

Along the way, no one recognized them.

Their cross dressing is still very successful.

Later, they learned that the dance was held on the top floor of the hotel they stayed in. With the taste of Chinese, the top floor of the hotel is called the star picking tower, which is full of the ancient flavor of China.

When the elevator arrived at the building, she heard the sound of a dance. When Xiaonian walked out with Gong Ou's arm in his hand, a waiter immediately bowed to them and welcomed them in.

No one here recognizes them, and no one will welcome them up to gong'ou's compliment.

Compared with the previous dances, this one is so clear.

In this way, no one will disturb them, she will not be pushed aside, and Gong ou will not be angry.

"You follow me all the time, don't run around!" Gong Ou stood there, looked down at her, and began domineering, "if Dr. naluo comes to you in private again, you refuse all of them."

"That doctor Luo is really uninteresting to me."

When small read cannot help but way, she really does not have a bit of this kind of illusion.

Is it because Gong Ou has paranoid personality disorder? She is paranoid enough to think that she is good at everything. Who will like her?

"Can you listen to me? If you want to touch another finger, I can't bear it! "

Gong ou gnashes his teeth.

He has endured it once in the image design shop. If it wasn't for her to plead for love, or for fear that she would not be suitable to see his means of revenge, he would not have endured it for a long time.

Words fall, a voice toward them, is Luo lie, five features do not raise ordinary, but a proud temperament makes him appear particularly eye-catching.

"Here you are." Lori came to them with a polite voice, but it was very cold. "I couldn't come to the dance today, because I can still see the stars and the moon in the star picking tower."

It's really cold.

When Xiaonian's hand was immediately clenched by Gong ou, she knew that his heart must be roaring again. She looked up at Gong ou.

I saw Gong Ou standing there with his face taut, and suddenly he had a hook on his lips. He laughed happily, and the sound quality changed. "Dr. Luo is really a benevolent doctor, and good people will have good results. Like Dr. Luo, who sacrifices his time to cure and save people, the good news will continue."


When small read again by the palace Europe seamless switching character to thunder.

She didn't speak, she stood silently, yes, she didn't want to say anything, she really didn't want to say what it was like to watch a lion turn into a poodle.

Lori stood there, looking at the two of them, lowered his eyes, and was silent for a while.

For a while, Lori looked at Gong ou and said frankly, "what I said is to complain that you don't understand?"

"I'm sorry we disturbed Dr. lo."

Gong Ou smiles.

"Is your character always so good?" Asked Lori.

"My wife always says I have a good character."

Gong Ou smiles.


She didn't say it.

When Lori looked at it, he was obviously dissatisfied with it. He said, "well, you can help yourself. The food is self-help. There are all kinds of water and wine. There is a special Chinese food area. The chef here is very good at cooking."

Then Lori turned and left.

Shi Xiaonian was hugged by Gong ou and stood in a quiet place. He picked up a glass and watched it carefully. Then he poured a glass of water for her and said, "don't eat any ordinary food. We'll stay here for a while, and then we'll see if the doctor has a diagnosis plan when the dance is over. "


When Xiaonian nodded and turned to look at the crowd, most of them were Chinese, which gave her the illusion that they were dancing with the rhythm in China.

"You're not going to jump?" When Xiaonian looks at Gong ou, she is pregnant and can't jump. He can.

"I'll take care of you here." Gong Ou looks at the past along her line of vision, glances at her, disdains the tunnel, "cut, it's all a group of ugly women, jumping with them is dirty my hands."


When small read silent, helplessly shake head, want to say what suddenly hear music rhythm change, become fast up, light also began to change, flash to flash.

When they looked at the crowd, they saw that Lori was dancing in the center of the crowd. He was very handsome. His face was cold and proud, but the dance was full of strength and explosive force. He was so handsome that he attracted everyone's attention.

Gong Yu also stood not far away watching.

"I didn't expect a doctor to have such a side. The contrast is so big. Is it a popular contrast now?" Xiaonian said with a smile, turning her eyes to look at Gong ou, looking up and down.

"What do you think I'm doing? My contrast is not as great as his. "


Your contrast is bigger than anyone else. A big president has paranoid personality disorder. He is irritable and irritable. He is angry and throws furniture when he is not moving. As a result, he is weak when he is killed. He has strong m-attribute and is sticky.

Oh, right. Now we need to add one. You can change your personality automatically as soon as you change clothes. You don't need to think about time.

"It's too noisy! What's the difference between playing this music and violence? I'll find him! "

Gong Ou said displeased. He raised his legs and walked forward. The crowd around him was amazed by Luo lie's strong dance. Everyone shouted. The scene was too hot.

When Xiaonian wants to hold Gong ou, it's too late. He can only watch him go to sweep others' interest.

She turned around and looked at the sky outside the large glass window, which is indeed called the star picking tower. Standing here, the stars and the moon seem to be at the place where you can touch them with your hands. It's so close that she can even see the osmanthus tree in the moon.

"It's beautiful." Gong Yu came to stand beside her and looked into the night sky with gray eyes. "When Lori first brought me here, I was also amazed by the scenery. The same moon is totally different when I stand on the star picking tower."

"Yes, it's really good."

Xiaonian looked up and said with a smile.

"Gong Ou doesn't take you to play?" Gong Yu said, "he is so nervous that he is suffering from persecution delusion. I told Lori that he said he would make the diagnosis plan as soon as possible, leaving us for a week at most."

"Well." "When small read nods," actually I think I have nothing, is Gong Ou too nervous

"I can see that he did everything for you. When have I seen him say so many things with a smile?" Gong Gu looked back at the crowd and said, "in order to let Lori cure you, he can give anything. Uh huh? What about people?

At this point, the music has slowed down.

When Xiaonian also looked back, he saw that the crowd began to dance slowly and gracefully again, and Gong ou, who was going to stop Lori's vigorous dance, was gone.

She looked around, and suddenly saw Luo lie and Gong Ou standing beside the aquarium talking. Luo lie was shorter than Gong ou, and behind them were small fish of various colors swimming around. The light slowly fell on them.

Gong Ou smiles all the time. He doesn't look like him.

"They are over there."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Maybe it's about your illness. Let's go and have a look." Gong Yu said, take a glass of red wine and walk to the other side.

When small read also carries the water cup to walk.

Just in the past, Xiaonian heard Lori's deep and cold voice saying, "do you love your wife very much? You can do anything for her? "

"She's my wife, and I can do anything for her."

Gong Ou said with a smile. His voice was not as soft as he was.

When Xiaonian hears the warmth in her heart, Gong Yu turns her eyes to look at her and picks up her eyebrows. Xiaonian is a little astringent. She lowers her head and drinks water to cover up her mood.

"Then." Luo lie stood in front of Gong ou and looked at him proudly with two eyes. "If you promise me a request, I will treat your wife."