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Chapter 171 let's go

Then, minqiu Jun was forcibly seized by the police.

When small read or stand there, a face indifferent.

When the flute was also pulled by the police over there, she said loudly to Mu qianchu, "qianchu, help me. If you don't save me today, you will regret it! "

"I regret so much that I don't care about one more thing."

Mu qianchu is indifferent and has no feelings on his face.

He regrets being controlled by Shidi and Shizhong for six years; he regrets not being able to remember everything at the first time.

"You will regret it!"

When the whistle shouted loudly, the man was dragged out by the police.

When the ward calmed down, Xiaonian was still standing like a puppet. Mu qianchu sat on the bed and looked at her tenderly with narrow eyes. "Xiaonian, come here, come here."


When Xiaonian didn't move, his eyes were numb, and his clothes were stained with blood stains on his adoptive mother's hands.

"Come here."

Muqianchu called her again, saw her motionless, frowned, stretched out his hand to open the quilt to get out of bed.

Seeing this, Xiaonian suddenly came to him and walked towards him. He asked lightly, "what's the matter?"

"Sit down."

Muqianchu patted the position on the edge of the hospital bed.

When Xiaonian sat down, mu qianchu put his hand on her shoulder, and one hand was still receiving a bit of beating.

His fingers are warm.

Moqian stared at her deeply, looking at her impassioned face, with a gentle voice. "It's OK, Xiaonian. There are many tomorrow in life. Yesterday will only be farther and farther away from us."

When small read Zheng Zheng, looked at his eyes, farfetched smile, "I'm ok, in fact, I'm not strong by men, I'm just cheating my mother My foster mother. "

Mu qianchu thought she was forced last night.

"Really? That's good. " Mu qianchu smiled and looked at her anxiously. "What's wrong with you?"

"I feel so cold."


"Is it true that there is so much difference between living and non living?" "When small read a face wooden ran way," I have been ignored, when the flute to do wrong again and again to be forgiven, but now, to my best foster mother also for when the flute to me medicine

Even if the adoptive mother thinks it's OK to take sleeping pills, isn't it not afraid that she might fall down in any place suddenly?

Now, she says that she has been raised in vain.


"In fact, I wish I hadn't been raised before." When Xiaonian's eyes were gray, "maybe I would grow up better in the abandoned baby Island, at least it's all my own kind."

No one discriminated against her.

No one will say who she owes, no one will say who she should pay back.

"Xiaonian." Muqianchu reached out his hand and stroked her face like a puppet. His black eyes stared at her deeply. "You and me, I am your kind."

His voice is low and dumb.

Smell speech, when small read to sit there, long eyelash light quiver next.

"When I get well, let's leave this place and start again." Muqianchu said that the tenderness in the voice is particularly attractive, like the spring breeze.

When small read's eyes stagnated.

He even thought of leaving.

But what she thought was Leave alone.

Shixiaonian slowly took his hand and said, "qianchu, you and I are different. Now Gong ou will not deal with us any more. You can prove yourself again in Mu group."

"Are you leaving me?" Mu qianchu smiled bitterly.


"Although I'm a young master, I've been taken care of since I was a child, but I'll learn, and I promise I won't bother you."


"You don't see that I can't fight back when I'm hit by Gong Ou this time. I still have a little ability, and I will gradually become stronger. I promise, I will let you live the life you want." Mu qianchu said with a smile.


When Xiaonian sat there and listened to him, he couldn't get in at all.

Mu qianchu's face is still sick, but his eyes are bright. He is constantly constructing their future. "In the future, we will find a house, not in the center of the city, but in the suburbs, with a flower field beside it."


"Then, when the house is painted white, you can doodle freely. Painting is our unique style."


"Keep two more cats, one black and one white, not alone. Let them go to the flower field every day."


Not alone.

Every word of Mu qianchu is hitting the most vulnerable place in her heart, which she has been yearning for but can not reach.

She listened, listened, her eyes were wet.

"How about another pond? Put some fish and shrimps in it. If you have nothing to do, you can catch some and cook by yourself... "

"The first thousand." When small read interrupts his words, dye the eyes of water light to see to admire thousand early.

"What's the matter?"

Mu qianchu sat on the hospital bed and looked at her with a smile.

"Let's go to our hometown to see the flower fields." Shi Xiaonian said, his eyes are too astringent.

"Well, we'll go when I can get my foot down." Mu qianchu promised to come down with a doting smile on his face.

"Then let's go."

When small read slowly say, nose acerbity.

“……” Mu qianchu's smile froze on his face and looked at her stupidly. "What is this? Am I rejected again? Why? "

"I want to go alone." When small read low head, can't bear to look at his eyes, "I am so tired, don't want to involve any feelings."

"I know your heart may still be with Gong ou. It doesn't matter. We can be playmates or family members." Said Mu qianchu.

His voice was almost humble.

As long as she doesn't leave him, he'll be fine.

"No way." When Xiaonian shook her head and choked her throat, it was difficult to speak, because every word she uttered was hurting mu qianchu. "Qianchu, I can't bear any emotion now, it's pressure for me."

No matter what feelings, family or love, she was afraid.

Her adoptive mother is the best person in her family, but at last she was given medicine by the flute;

Gong Ou was also very good to her, but she was tortured completely;

mu qianchu was very good to her, and once treated her so coldly, and now because of her injury.

"Xiaonian, how about I don't pressure you?"

"All feelings come at a price." "I don't want to need anyone anymore. I want to be quiet for a while," he said


Mu qianchu gazed at her with faded eyes. For a long time, he asked, "what can I do?"

For her sake, he tried to return to his previous dream.

For her, he had nothing.

If she wants to be quiet, does he have to give it?

Listening to Mu qianchu's words, Xiao Nian buried her head lower. She knew that she owed mu qianchu a long time.

He was so good to her after he recovered his memory, so good

For a while, Xiaonian raised his head and pulled out a smile with difficulty. "Maybe I'll come back when I've figured it out one day."

"Then what shall I do?"

He only asked, his eyes dim.


When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly.

"What shall I do if you leave?" Moqianchu asked. His voice was bitter. He sat there like an abandoned child, a helpless child.


Xiaonian's heart seems to be grasped by something.

Is she really too desperate?

He was hurt like this for her. Would he be hurt again by her?

When Xiaonian's eyes dimmed, his heart was finally hard, his lips moved, and the words "go together" rolled on his lips, but mu qianchu suddenly said, "do you think you will come back?"


When small read a Zheng, raise Mou to look at his Yin soft face deeply.

"What to do?" Mu qianchu said with a wry smile, "I still can't see you embarrassed. Go, as long as you remember to come back."


Shi Xiaonian looks at him with emotion.

He will always respect any of her choices.

"But I have two requirements." "Can you promise me?" said Mu

"Well, you say." When small read nods, the tear drips down.

"Don't promise so fast, you don't have to do it." Mu qianchu said in a low voice, "first, before you leave, accompany me to my hometown to see Huatian once."

When small read a way, "good."

This was their wish when they were young, not only for him, but also for her.

"Second, in this period of time when you need to be quiet, you can't have gong Ou without me." Mu qianchu says the second request, and her eyes stare at her deeply.

When hearing this request, Xiao Nian was surprised and was stunned.

"Is it hard to do it?" Mu qianchu asked, "I just hope you won't be left or right again, otherwise, I will be left completely by you."


When small read Zheng ground looks at him.

In fact, up to now, she has been afraid to think about all kinds of things with Gong ou.

Gong ouneng's freedom is the best result. He will have a married wife, and someone will willingly give birth to a baby for him.

They were on the overpass. The moment she took off her ring was over.

"I promise you." Said Shi Xiaonian.

Smell speech, mu qianchu's face shows a smile, radian is very deep, "well."

That's good.

He still has a chance, doesn't he? He can't turn the tables at all.


The magnificent imperial castle, a special studio on the third floor, is decorated with a sense of technology.

All kinds of computers hang on the wall, and rows of data float on them.

A tall figure sits on a white space capsule massage, with a keyboard on his knee and a pair of slender hands pounding on it.

He was dressed in a black shirt, with a deep outline, handsome features, a little mixed blood breath, thin and hard chin, tight thin lips, handsome bridge of nose, a few bloodshot in one eye, now blue and heavy.

In the quiet studio, there was only the sound of his typing.

Feng de pushed the door in from the outside, holding a fruit soup on his hand and frowning, "young master, you have been here for 29 hours in a row. Take a rest."

Gong Ou sits on the massage chair, puts ruoyuan on it, pushes away one keyboard on his hand, picks up another keyboard and starts to knock again.

With his fast input, a certain computer on the wall is rapidly flipping through a series of data.