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Chapter 334 I'sm going to England

Feng de stood outside the door, and when he saw him, he immediately bowed his head. "Young master, how much would you like to eat?"

Knowing that he would be scolded, Feng de said.

Gong Ou stood there, his eyes covered with blood, but his eyes were no longer flustered. His voice was hoarse and steady. "Take it to my study."

"Young master, you can't be so healthy. If you are Ah? "

Feng de prepared for most of the persuasion, then he suddenly froze and looked at Gong Ou in a daze, but he didn't respond.

Agreed to eat?

Gong Ou ignored him and went to his study.

Feng de stood there stupidly, and suddenly listened to Gong Ou's voice. "Let Mona go back to sleep. There's no need to examine her, but look at her and don't let her do anything wrong."

Young master, have you finally figured it out?

"Good, young master."

Feng De is glad to say it, and then he is relieved, young master All of a sudden, it seems normal again.

How long has this been in the bedroom? How can it suddenly become normal?

Gong Ou goes into the study and installs a keyboard for the computer again. His long fingers are tapping on it, and a series of monitoring videos appear.

Including the previous monitoring in the community.

Gong Ou stares at the screen sharply and finds that on that thunderous night, when he holds it, he reads it out, and then a group of people follow him out. His eyes are always on the direction they leave.

It turned out that night, Xiao Nian was stared at.

Gong Ou scans with the software.

They are the same group of people as the kidnappers in the hospital. Several of them are standard foreign faces. They are absolute experts in all aspects of walking. They are indeed not inferior to the black market bodyguards he asked.

Those people are not ordinary kidnappers.

Ordinary kidnappers want to extort his Gong Ou's money. They can't be so meticulous, let alone don't call for blackmail for three days.

These people are hired. Ordinary people can't afford to hire people with such skills.

The background of the other side must not be underestimated.

It's not Mona.

There are only two families that can relate with shixiaonian. One is her family, the other is her family It's the palace family. No one else can reach her.


The door was knocked politely twice.

Feng de came in from the outside with a plate and put the steaming food on the desk.

Gong Ou didn't even look at it. He touched a bowl, picked up his chopsticks and began to deliver rice to his mouth. He continued to stare at the screen. He didn't look at all the dishes in the bowl.


Feng de sees Gong Ou grilling half of the white rice in a row, and finally the big stone in his heart falls. He is willing to eat.

"Young master, we and the police are also checking all the airports, railway stations, bus stations and wharves on that day. It may take a while to make an inventory." Feng de reported to Gong ou.

"When they found out, Xiao Nian died several times." Gong Ou said coldly. He continued to deliver food to his mouth and fill his stomach.

He never believed in the efficiency of others, only in himself.

"Young master, please take your order."

He only eats.

Gong Ou continues to eat, cleans up the white rice in the bowl, puts it back, and directly picks up a dish and puts it in his mouth.

All the dishes are served with rice. Is it salty, young master?

Feng de watched in silence.

Gong Ou seems to have no sense of taste at all. He just solves the dishes, puts down his chopsticks, wipes his thin lips with a tissue, and stares at the screen with black eyes.

Where to start the investigation.

Fengde's mobile phone suddenly vibrated. He took out his mobile phone and said happily, "young master, I found something. There was a private boat at fengjiangkou that day. When they were inspected, the boatman all looked nervous. Maybe the kidnapper was on the boat with her."

A boat?

By boat.

Gong Ou's eyes were deep. He immediately stood up from his desk and walked out with the suit beside him. "Check, ask the boatman strictly, and check the cars of the next generation. They must have left the car."

Maybe there's a clue in the car.

"Yes, sir."

Feng de nodded and followed him.

Looking at Gong Ou's back, Feng de couldn't help smiling happily. After three days of depression, the young master finally came to life. He thought that if the young master was willing to think about it, then the young lady would be OK.

Gong Ou's face was expressionless and cold. The meteor stepped forward and said, "send someone to keep an eye on the two of you."

"Young master, please tell me."

Feng de looks down, everyone? What are you.

"A palace." Gong Ou said coldly.

"British palace?" When you stay at vanderton, you want to watch your own home? What are you thinking about, young master? Feng de was stunned. Suddenly he thought of something and said, "speaking of the palace, I have heard something these two days."


Gong Ou asked in a deep voice. He would go on and ask the boatman himself.

"It's no big deal either. The master and his wife are going to travel, but when it's over, I hear that the lady doesn't want to go." Said van der.

I think it's strange because there are always some social activities among the nobles, and the master also has his own winery, horse farm, mine and other official business to handle.

Because it's not easy to squeeze out travel time, my wife usually dislikes my master's busy life. It's unreasonable that I don't go there when I have time.

The palace Europe that Feng de knows also knows naturally.

He stopped abruptly and looked at him coldly, a little sullen. "Why didn't you say that earlier?"

Even now!

Feng dedun stopped and looked at Gong Ou in a dazed way. "Young master, does this have anything to do with the binding of Miss Shi?"

He also talked about the palace family casually.

Madame is an out of date young lady, but that's when the young lady leaves the young master, isn't it all gone?


Of course it matters.

Gong Ou stood there, his eyes thoughtful, his fingers scratched thin lips, thinking about things, his face heavy.

Feng de stood by and dared not disturb him.

Luo Qi suddenly changed her plan not to travel.

Those kidnappers took Xiaonian by boat, not by faster plane.

"Miss Shi is just a woman. Since she is dirty, you can change it. Why do you get angry with me for a woman? Gong ou, don't forget that I am your mother. "

"This child is yours! Why do you have to kill your own children? "

Memories of the past are turned out like open boxes.

Gong Ou's eyes twinkled. "Feng De, I remember hearing from someone in the hospital that pregnant women are not suitable for flying, is that right?"

"There is a saying." Feng de nodded, "if the baby's month in the belly is long, flying may cause deformity."


Who did it? He knows!

All the past questions have been answered!

Luo Qi, you really played a good game of chess.

Gong Ou's face suddenly sank into a very ugly state.

"Let the private plane be ready. I'll go to England right away." Gong Ou makes a cold decision.

"To England? Don't you want to go to fengjiangkou? "

Feng de looked at him in dismay.

"Keep checking the clues over there. I'll go to England!" Gong Ou said coldly, instead of going out, he went to the dressing room.


Feng De also wants to ask, Gong Ou has left with great strides. Who is the other one in the mouth?

The maid pulls two suitcases. Gong Ou directly opens the suitcase, picks up some women's clothes in the dressing room and roughly folds them and throws them in.

The climate in Britain is no better than that in China, with more clothes.

The woman has never been to England again. I wonder if she can adapt.

"Bring me all the skincare products used by shixiaonian at ordinary times!" Gong Ou orders the maid.

"Yes, sir."

The maid nodded and turned away to get something.

Gong Ou didn't take too much time to pack. When he took them all, Xiao Nian was used to wearing them in the imperial castle. Then he took two suitcases and went out.


White clouds, bright sky clear as wash.

Mona was finally freed from the interrogation. She went to the balcony step by step weakly. Her face was pale and emaciated, and her sea blue eyes were very big.

She leaned against the balcony post, panting painfully.

In order to get Gong ou, she has to pay how much to get the return.

There was a whistling of the plane in the air.

Mona raised her head and saw a plane flying over the imperial castle, dragging a long cloud of airplanes through the blue sky.

So beautiful, so beautiful.

"Miss Mona, why don't you go and have a rest?"

Feng de went behind her and said politely.

"And Gong Ou?" Mona's lips were chapped, her voice weak. "Where is he?"

Why did you let her go.

"The young master has gone to England and told Miss Mona to take a good rest here. I will wait for him to come back." Feng de said with a smile.


To England?

What does he do in England.

Mona stood there, looked up at the plane cloud left in the sky, her body was frail and crumbling, and finally fell down, fell heavily on the ground and passed out.

Britain, the unknown sea is surging.

The tall tower stands on the seashore. The white tower becomes the most remarkable beauty on the seashore. Looking out from the window of the tall tower, except for the boundless sky, there is the boundless sea.

When Xiaonian stood quietly in the window, his eyes were dim and irrelevant, his hands were pressed on the window, and his fingers were curled up little by little.

She's going to get out.

But there is no way.

She tried to persuade Charles to pity himself and let her go, but Charles, like Feng De, was the master's most loyal housekeeper.

She also tried to walk under the tower every day, hoping to meet passers-by for help, but here except for Luo Qi's people, she had never met an outsider.

She didn't know where it was, and she spent every day under endless house arrest.

Every day, her hatred for Gong's wife, gong'ou and Gong's family increases by one point.

"Miss Shi, it's time for tea." Charles' polite voice rang in her room.

When Xiaonian turned around, Charles stood there with a plate, which was lined with delicate cakes and water, plus a cup of fresh milk, and was still steaming.

The fragrance is in the room.