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Chapter 1020. He needs to wake up

If Xiaonian is taken away, there is no chance to touch the Internet.

Hearing this, Gong Ou suddenly turned around, and his black eyes glared at Feng De, grasping his collar. "What do you say? Say it again! "

"Xiaonian's account has been logged in..."

"Go!" Gong Ou turns around and is about to leave. His head begins to faint again. He reaches for the wall beside him, opens his eyes vigorously, and makes himself sober.

"Young master..."

"Go and bring me the tracking computer. Now! Immediately! " Gong Ou holds his head and shouts.

Why are you so sleepy? You can't sleep enough.

"Yes, sir." Feng de hurried out.

Gong Ou leaned back against the wall and bumped his head back. The pain made his head clear a little. He reached out and rubbed his temple for a few times. He couldn't sleep any more.

He wakes up less and less, almost all of them are sleeping, so it's not certain that he will die one day.

Gong Ou turns her eyes to the bedside table.

He went to bed, opened the drawer, and took out a small head from the inside. This was what he put here for Xiaonian's self-defense, but she didn't use it.

Gong Ou takes his head and slowly opens his left hand. Without hesitation, he draws one end of his index finger, blood lines and starts to rush out.

Ten fingers linked to the heart, the feeling of pain really made him feel a lot more comfortable, even his vision became clear.

It's a good way to find out. Gong Ou directly draws two lines on the finger ends of the middle finger and ring finger, letting the blood come out and the right hand follow the same method.

There was no hesitation in the whole process, as if the first cut was not his own finger.


Gong Ou looks down at his injured hands, at the blood oozing from them, and his thin lips bring up a smile that can't be more evil and charming. His eyes are full of pride.

It's been a long time since I woke up.

"Young master!"

Feng de brought in the computer with him. Seeing the blood on Gong Ou's fingers, he opened his eyes in shock. He rushed to take out a clean towel and wrapped it around his hand. "Young master, I'll bandage the wound for you right away."

"Who said I was going to bandage?" Gong Ou coldly pushes him away, his black eyes are sharp. "Go and bring the food in."

Gong Ou knows that he needs to replenish his strength.

This time, he will wake up longer than ever.


Feng de looks at Gong Ou's wound, which is obviously cut by himself. This makes Feng de feel scared. Xiao Nian is not there. The young master will start to hurt himself again. He is so bloodthirsty.

It's just that this time it's a little different. In the past, the young master was passive and desperate, but now he's trying to stay awake for Xiaonian.

Feng de brought up the food. Gong Ou didn't even look at it. He sat in front of the computer and clattered on the keyboard.

Gong Ou's blood was left on the dark keyboard, and the wound on the finger kept rubbing every key. Feng de stood beside him silently and waited.

Gong Ou seems to feel no pain at all. Instead, he is excited. The screen light reflects into his deep pupils, showing cold and sharp light.

The pain gradually disappeared. Gong Ou picked up his head and cut another knife on his index finger without hesitation, as if it was normal to do so. It was like eating hungry and sleeping sleepily, and there was no change in his face.


Feng de couldn't bear to look at it again, and turned away.

Gong Ou quickly taps on the keyboard. When grabbing, he reads all the messages at the moment of login, but the other side enables powerful processing, which makes him unable to figure out.

I'm a little competent.

Gong ou, regardless of how many keys he has stained with blood, is still continuously tapping the keyboard and inputting a program he once designed.

The address hasn't been cracked, but he forcibly enters the state at the moment when the account is logged in. If there is no accident, he at least knows what the other party's whole computer is doing when the account is logged in.

Gong Ou picked up the chopsticks beside him and began to eat. He forgot to eat even a few chopsticks. He didn't care about the blood left on the chopsticks. His black eyes were staring at the screen.

The program started soon, and on the screen were a bunch of professional programs and software. Gong Ou's eyes were more and more gloomy.

Shixiaonian, where are you? How can I run into this computer? Forced or active? It can't be forced. People who don't understand will open a chat software on such a super computer.

Suddenly, the dialog box pops up.

His head looks like him.


Chopsticks fell from Gong Ou's hands. He sat in front of the computer and froze. His black eyes stared at the screen. His blood began to flow backwards.

In the dialog box, the text is typed out one by one -

Gong ou, I don't know where I am, but I'm with bit. This computer has his research data, and you will have a way to deal with it.

This time, the bowl also fell from Gong Ou's hand.

When he sat there, his face began to turn white. Xiaonian was asking for help from him. She expected him to save her remotely, but what was he doing It's sleeping, sleeping endlessly.

He missed her time for help.

He missed her call for help!

Thinking of this, Gong Ou's breathing began to become heavy, and his blood rushed to his head for a time, making him crazy.

All of a sudden, the text on the screen was deleted one by one, and Gong Ou tightened her eyebrows. Why did she delete the text?

No, it's not that she deleted it. It must be that she secretly logged on to the computer and found that the content was deleted. Now Countless bloody pictures flash in front of Gong ou.

"When I read it!" Gong Ou stands up with a roar. His voice is hoarse. His head is in a mess. He suddenly looks like a fool. He doesn't know what to do. He stares at the computer and watches the words being eliminated one by one. His thin lips are shaking. His long fingers are grabbing at the screen. "No, I'll read it when I want to No! "

Don't touch Xiaonian. Kill him if you want, kill him if you want!

His shouting didn't work. The words were deleted.

In front of him, it was dark, and he could not stand any longer. People stood up shakily, and Feng de hurriedly went to help him.

"Go away! Get out of here! "

Gong Ou pushes Feng de away, crazily grabs the bloody keyboard and smashes it. Suddenly, a text appears in the dialog box on the screen.

Gong ou, are you ok? I miss you so much, really


Gong Ou slumps down on the chair, looks at the screen in a daze, and slowly reaches out to touch the line of words. When he wants to feel clearly, he reads the temperature of his fingers when he writes down the line of words.

He couldn't feel it, but his blood was on the two "want" words, and the screen was a little hot.

This line lifted the black fog in front of Gong Ou's eyes.

Like the most dangerous adventure in the world, a heart fell from a cliff, falling on a leaf in a trance.

She hasn't been found out. It's impossible for her to have the chance to send out the second paragraph if she is found out, and she will certainly die to send out the first paragraph with her temper.

Soon, the second paragraph was also eliminated, much slower than the first paragraph, which seemed to be hesitating and reluctant to give up.

It's not like someone else is deleting it.

It was edited by shixiaonian himself, which is the only reasonable explanation.

Why? Why ask him for help and give up? Doesn't she want to come back to him? What was she thinking?

Gong Ou leans back. Suddenly, people are straight. No, shixiaonian doesn't understand these things. She also asks for help from him on a supercomputer. She thinks it's ok if it's deleted, but she's with bith. Unless the other party is not nervous about using the computer at all, it will be revealed.

He must find out where she is at once. He must find out!

In what way? In what way? He has designed a lot of software before. Any address can be broken. There's no reason why he can't break the address that a child handles

Shixiaonian, he will be able to save her!

"Feng De, find out all the program software inside N.E to crack the address, and find it now!" Gong Ou shouted eagerly. His face was ugly and his breathing became heavier.

He can't think of it. Why can't he think of anything at this time? Which way should he use to solve it? What to do?

"I'll go right away." Feng de hurriedly left to contact.

Gong Ou is sitting in front of the computer. He can't think of a good way. The sweat on his forehead keeps coming out. He can't sit here without anything.

He wants to save people. He has to save people. Shi Xiaonian must be very panic and desperate now, but he can't do anything here.

Yes, there are also underground waterways. If shixiaonian was taken out of the underground waterways, at least several directions can be locked. These wastes can't be found after such a long time!

Gong Ou opened a drawer, spread out the drawings of the underground waterways on the bed, studied all the entrances and exits with heavy breath, and studied the range of each exit.

There are palace people all over the outside. There's no reason to disappear so hidden. How did the other side do it?

What's more, since it's in bit's hands, why hasn't Lancaster talked to him yet? He's just waiting for bitt to come out and research results to crush him?

No, the other side's movements are not like this recently. Besides, one hour's reading is enough to destroy him. No need to add N.E.

It must be something he didn't think of. Gong Ou looked at the drawing, turned out the map of No. 13 district and put it on the bed to study. He circled it directly in some possible places. It didn't even use a pen. The blood on his fingertips is the best paint.

Shi Xiaonian said that she was with bit.

Why use the word "and"? Instead of saying she was caught by bith or Lancaster? How can I use this word?

Why did she ask him for help and delete the text?

What's going on.

Shixiaonian, are you safe or not? What are you thinking? You are Is it still alive.

Gong Ou looks at the drawing of the underground waterway with low eyes. The black eyes stare at it, and the thin lips become tighter and tighter without blood.