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Chapter 682 where was he seven years ago?

With that, Gong Ou reached out and took a drink of water in front of him.

When Xiaonian didn't care, he continued to look at the folder in his hand and listened to the sound of "poof". Gong Ou's saliva was all gushing out, without any grace. His face was instantly ugly, as if someone owed him how much, and his eyes were staring at the front.

"Say it again!"

Gong Ou shouts at the end of the phone.


When Xiaonian and Fengde look at each other, they are all puzzled. They don't understand what happened to Gong ou. She takes out a tissue and wipes Gong Ou's lips.

Gong Ou takes her hand and shouts at her cell phone, "you say it again!"

When Xiaonian sat there and looked at him puzzledly, he didn't know what Gong Yu said there. Gong Ou's face suddenly became worse and worse, and his hand became tighter and tighter as if he were pinching it.

When small read pain shallow frown.

"Where was he seven years ago? Is it in China? " Gong Ou gnashed his teeth and roared. The next second his eyes flashed and said, "no, you don't have to say it! Shut up! "

Then Gong Ou smashes his cell phone on the sofa and stands up and leaves.

"Gong Ou? What's the matter? "

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou's figure in astonishment, he ran up as he walked, recklessly running inside, as if someone was after him.

"What's the matter, young master?" Feng de stands up from the sofa.

"I don't know."

Just now, I had a good chat. What's the wind?

When Xiaonian looked at the mobile phone on the sofa doubtfully, she was still talking. She immediately picked up the mobile phone and gave it a gentle "hello". Gong Yu also heard a completely confused voice, "Xiaonian? What's the matter with Gong Ou? There's no rule for him to get angry when he's talking well. "

"What did you just talk about?"

She also wanted to know what happened.

"Just now, it's nothing. I just asked when your wedding would be held. I was bored at home." Gong Yu said on the other end of the phone, "Oh, yes, just now I heard you say a name. If you feel familiar, just say two more words."

He didn't do anything.


When Xiaonian repeated the name he just heard, is there anything strange about this name.

"Yes, I haven't heard the name for a long time." Gong Yu said, "your brother used to tease strangers with that name."


When Xiaonian was shocked, his eyes suddenly widened, "you say my brother's name?"

What thought had hit her heart and shattered her soul.

"Of course, such a feminine name is not his, it's a childhood friend. When Xi Yu was younger, he always liked to use the name to advertise. According to him, I was the first stranger who asked him to name Xi Yu as soon as he met." Gong Yu said.


When Xiaonian was stunned, she was a little unstable. Suddenly she understood that Gong Ou had just asked what that sentence meant seven years ago.

Super cruise seven years ago.

Guests and waiters.

Ling Feng's goddess of the moon is exactly the same as her.

No way.

It's too much exaggeration to be able to.

Cecilia Rossi, the name is just as common as Gong Ou said. It's nothing special. Even if it's right, maybe Miss Rossi went there herself.

"Righteousness, righteousness, righteous father." Shi Xiaonian thought so, but he was totally confused. He turned his eyes to Feng de and swallowed, "where is Miss Rossi? How can I be invited to a cruise? "

"Let me see."

Feng de picked up the folder and turned it over a few pages. He looked it up carefully. Then he said, "she was an Italian. Her father was invited that year. Her father was a dignitary. At that time, he just took her to visit China. Without time to come out, he asked her to play with the invitation. At that time, she was on board alone."


Xiaonian's face turned white and he asked with the last impossible expectation, "brother, that friend of Xi Yu is not Italian."

Gong Yu there was speechless for a few seconds and said, "Xi Yu grew up in Italy. Can he be an Italian or not

The last expectation was strangled by Miyo.

"What do you say to get on board?" The radio effect of the mobile phone is very good. Gong Gu hears Feng De's voice and says, "I guess I'm talking about Rossi and you are talking about one person."

Stop it.

No, have to say, have to make clear, when small read steady mind asked, "elder brother, you said you in Xi Yu last few years have been secretly staring at him, he should not have been to s city?"

"Yes." Gong Yu said in a deep voice.


When small read suddenly silly.

"That's the time he lost his life." Gong Yu said in a gloomy tone.

It was originally said that at that time, Xiao Nian's heart and mouth would be smothering and painful when mentioning Xi Yu's death. She bit her lips. "Besides, he hasn't been to s City, has he?"

The cruise party seven years ago was supposed to be the rossisg himself.

That's good.

This matter can't be more complicated, or she and Gong ou will go mad.

"It's OK, brother. Let's do that first." Shi Xiaonian said that he was about to hang up. Gong Yu suddenly said, "yes, almost forgot. There was another time in the middle. He suddenly flew from Italy to s city. It was more than seven years ago."


Without such a big turn.

When Xiaonian felt that his heart was about to collapse, "what is he doing in China?"

"What? I can't remember. Oh, yes, I had some other private affairs at that time, so I didn't go to s city secretly. " Gong Yu said, "what's the matter with you? Do you need me to check for you? "

"Do you have a call for Miss Rossi?"

When small read to ask naively.

"Telephone? There should be a time when Xi Yu was cheated by a swindler. I recorded the contact information of the people Xi Yu contacted. " Gong Yu said over there, "well, I don't have anything to do anyway. Tell me what to check, and I'll help you check."

"Was it miss Rossi who boarded the cruise ship at the cruise feast seven years ago?"

When Xiaonian said what he wanted to ask.

"OK, I'll find the contact information and wait for my news."

Gong Yu hangs up the phone.

When Xiaonian stood there in a daze, people were already shocked out of their wits. It must be fake. It can't be true. How can things get more and more strange.

"Xiaonian, what's the matter, like the young master, like you, I'm worried." Feng de stood aside and asked.

, when he had a small headache, he didn't know how to speak. "Ling Ling said he had seen a man who was exactly the same as me. He was dressed up and had my hairpin."


"Gong Ou has been adamant that I was in his room that night since he knew the existence of the hairpin." When Xiaonian looked at Fengde, "if it wasn't me that night that Ling always saw, but my brother..."


Feng De's face was opened to the door of the new world in a moment, and his lips trembled twice. "No, no, it's ridiculous, it's impossible. Many things can't be explained. The young master is a man, and your brother is a man. The young master is dizzy, so dizzy that he can't even see clearly, but it's impossible."

If that is the case, it is not to wait for the young master to give Xiaonian's younger brother, or Xiaonian's younger brother to

Feng de felt that he could not think any more.

"I don't know." When Xiaonian was confused, "let's wait for brother's news. He asked. As long as it was Miss Rossi who boarded the boat, it was just our guess."

"Yes, yes."

Feng de felt that he was tired to receive this kind of thing when he was old.

When small read sighed, suddenly realized a matter, "palace Europe?"

"Young master has gone inside."

"Bad." At the time of

, when he was very anxious, he ran away, and Gong Yu insisted that the hairpin fell in his room, proving that he had spent an hour with him. Now she knows that the hairpin may fall on a man who is exactly the same as her. The man is still her twin brother.

Gong ou can't imagine what she will do.

"Gong Ou? Gong Ou? "

When Xiaonian and Fengde rush to the inside, they run into the servant all the way and ask. The palace anemone who is in class immediately sneaks to the door to look.

"Young master seems to be going upstairs."

When Xiaonian didn't take the elevator, he ran up the stairs and shouted anxiously, "Gong ou, are you there?"


No one responded to her.

If you ask the servant again, he doesn't know.

Feng de immediately launched everyone to look for people together. When Xiao Nian was anxious and worried, he looked around. Every room was opened for a look. Even the wardrobe was opened one by one. Even under the bed, he bent down to look.


She knew where he might be.

"Father, look for the balcony."

Shi Xiaonian rushed out of the room and called to Fengde.

Finally, she and Feng de are sitting on a balcony on the third floor. The whole person is leaning on the handrail and leaning against the column. There is no love for her face. There is a clear blue sky like crystal in the distance.

Seeing that he was all right, Xiaonian took a sigh of relief, reached out wearily to wipe the sweat on his face, and walked toward him. "Gong ou, you come down."

"Don't come here!"

Gong Ou turns her eyes and stares at her.

"It's dangerous for you to sit there. Come down."

Shixiaonian continues to walk towards him.

"I said don't come!"

Gong Ou shouted angrily at her, and then Xiaonian frowned. "You said I have a big brain hole. I think you have a big brain hole. Now nothing has been confirmed. Don't think about it."

Hearing this, Gong Ou's face was a little slow.

Indeed, nothing has been confirmed yet.

Feng de stood there trying to persuade him. His cell phone suddenly rang. He said excitedly, "young master, it's the phone from the old master. He must have found the result."