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Chapter 1026 escape from life

There was a long line of cars on the road in the dark. An old gray car suddenly rushed over from the opposite side and slipped the first car, which made the driver unable to reflect.


When Xiaonian opened her eyes in surprise and looked out of the opposite window. After a sudden brake, the head of a gray car came into her sight.

Like the slow down scene in the movie, the window was put down a little bit, when Xiaonian saw a face of daydreaming.

Gong Ou sat in the driver's seat, wearing a cap with a clear face and a deep outline. A pair of dark eyes peered at her through the window. The thin lips raised a sinister arc, without any panic.

He held the steering wheel in one hand and the gun in the other hand and lifted out the window.

It was like the coming of God, unexpected and unprepared.

When Xiaonian looked at that face, her heart beat violently. What she wanted to say, she saw Gong Ou press the trigger with one hand and put it down to adjust the gear. Her fingers moved smoothly.

Next second, Xiaonian hears the scream of the driver. The head of the bodyguard shoots at Gong ou. Gong Ou steps on the accelerator, the car backs away, and the bullet grazes the edge of the car.

The sound of the gun was harsh.

Shi Xiaonian responds from the initial shock. Her eyes turn around and quietly move to the door to lower her body as much as possible.

This movement makes it very difficult for her with a big stomach. Her stomach is squeezed and she frowns hard.

From a slanting angle, she saw Gong Ou outside the opposite window. He sat in the car and looked at her with black eyes. She knew that the smile on her face was deeper.

That smile is especially evil in the night, which makes people feel a sense of panic.

That's right. It's just a panic attack.

“shit! Get out of the car and kill everyone! Quick! " The bodyguard leader was hysterical and shouted. He picked up his cell phone and aimed it at Gong ou. He just moved his hand to the window.

One shot was shot at the window, and the stray bullet flew to the back of his hand and wiped out a piece of blood.

Damn, their RV is too high. The driver can't drive when he is dead. This angle is extremely tricky. He can't see each other, but the other can see clearly where he is.

He suddenly realized something, and quickly retracted, not exposing himself to the other party's goals.

Next second, he looked at it and read.

When Xiaonian's locked hands were already on the door and her body was lowered.

"You want to run?" The head of the bodyguard shouts loudly and pours at Xiaonian. He puts an arm around her neck, quickly blocks her in front of him, points her at the window, and puts the muzzle of the gun on her temple.

"Let go of me!"

When small reads excitedly struggles.

"Give me some safety, or I'll kill you!" The head of the bodyguard is so nervous that his face is blue. He holds the pistol in one hand and will go off at any time.

"My husband is here. If you can't fight him, it's better to surrender." When Xiaonian was choked by him, she couldn't breathe. Her inconvenient body followed him all the time, and her hands were pressed on her stomach all the time.

"Fart! He's alone. I can't beat him to death? "

The bodyguard's saliva sprays on her face, strangles her and yells, "Gong ou, if you have a mother, just shoot. It's up to me or your woman!"

During the struggle between the two men, Xiaonian heard the head of the bodyguard hit the car roof all the time. She looked out of the window, and the man was shaking badly. Gong Ou's face was in her sight.

That pair of dark eyes have been staring at her, that face has no smile.

Gong ou

When Xiaonian struggled even harder, the bodyguards in other cars came down one after another, because the dazzling high beam didn't dare to get close to the old gray car, for fear that he would become a meat shield and only dare to face the gun far away.

"Gong ou, if you know what you're doing, throw away the gun, or I'll kill your woman at once!" When the head of the bodyguard held it, Xiaonian said loudly. He didn't get out of the car either, but he stood up in the car.

"Don't listen to Gong Ou!"

Xiaonian cried out excitedly. As soon as he put down the gun, they were all captured. She struggled harder. For a second, she even wanted the gun on her head to go off fire.

At least, Gong ou can walk away.

"Good." Gong Ou's voice came softly, without any sense of gnashing teeth or any tension. It was as simple as agreeing to invite a meal.

"No --"

when Xiaonian started to move wildly, the head of the bodyguard was knocked around by her in the narrow space, almost unable to hold her back.

"Remember what you said to me at sunrise."

Gong Ou's voice sounded in the night, not anxious or dry. It was extremely magnetic. Every word seemed to be saying close to her heart.

A promise at sunrise.

If one day he is going to die in front of her, she can't let him watch her die.

Smell speech, when small read whole body stiff, no longer move, eyes red to the outside.

"That's what it is." The head of the bodyguard breathed a sigh of relief, steadied his figure and shouted out, "throw the gun away quickly. I count to three."

When Xiaonian almost half knelt and stood on the car, he looked up, only to see Gong Ou driving forward a little, so that they can see themselves more clearly.

It should be said that she can see more clearly. The sight position of the man standing behind her is not good enough, only a part can be seen.

Next, Gong Ou turns the pistol, hands it out of the window and is ready to throw it away.

When Xiaonian knew that when he threw it away, he had either countless holes or countless guns

She could not bear the feeling of watching. When Xiaonian's vision became blurred, she heard the man behind her breathing became nervous. He was concentrating on the gun in Gong Ou's hand. She didn't even have the strength to hold her.

When Xiaonian bit his teeth, he glared at Gong ou and decided to gamble.

Gong Ou's gun is slowly getting out of his hand.

When she was strangled, Xiaonian leaped up and hurt her stomach. The head of the bodyguard was hit by her head on the roof of the car. It hurt so much that she let go of her hand unconsciously that Xiaonian didn't have to fall down.

The head of the bodyguard is about to pull her up when he doesn't care about the pain. His head is lowered.

Gong Ou is sitting in the driver's seat. The pistol has fallen out of his hand. When Xiaonian jumped up in the small window, his eyes were awed. His hand sank rapidly. He picked up the gun and changed his gestures.

At the moment when the head of the bodyguard bowed to pull Xiaonian, Gong Ou did not hesitate to buckle down the trigger.


A shot in the head.

When Xiaonian painfully fell on the car, his hand covered his stomach, and before he could relax, the man next to him fell down, half of his body pressed her, and a pistol fell aside.

Splashed with blood.

When small read body also splashed many, Gong Ou's voice sounded outside, "when small read, come out!"

When he heard his voice, Xiaonian could not care about his discomfort. He pushed the body away with all his strength, rushed to the door recklessly, pushed the door open, and looked out panting.

The high beam blinded her.

I saw that the high beam suddenly rushed forward, and the car almost went through close to her, and Xiaonian watched the tail of the car leave in shock.

She heard someone screaming, as if Gong Ou had run into each other.

Soon, the car began to go back. This time, the back door opened. The car went back a little bit, and there was a gunshot.

When Xiaonian didn't care too much, she rushed into Gong Ou's car in the face of the gunshots. She almost crashed into the car and fell into her seat as soon as she got in.

Before the door was closed, Gong Ou stepped on the accelerator and backed up very quickly.

The roaring windmill and the disorderly gunfire kept ringing outside.

This road is not wide. A car can block the road when it stops horizontally. Gong Ou's car is half on the road, half on the flowers and plants on the side of the road, and the open door scrapes on the side of the RV, making a dazzling spark.

When Xiaonian was hit hard, she changed her direction, rushed to close the door, and a bullet hit the car glass.

The window smashed.

When Xiaonian's body couldn't help but fall back, "they came up from behind by detour!"

Those who dare not move forward in the high beam light, because their sight is not good for them, so they circle around and come up from behind.

"Fasten your seat belt and sit down!"

Gong Ou's voice sounded in front of him, a cold voice.

When Xiaonian's hands were still locked, he could only fasten the seat belt with great effort. As soon as he fastened it, Gong Ou turned the car in the same place and stepped on the accelerator in the face of countless muzzles.

There were four screams of gunfire.

When Xiaonian's stomach was strangled, she was holding her hands tightly together, gritting her teeth and not daring to hum.

Gong Ou's car is still dashing out in the gunfire. Soon, one of Gong's cars goes out in front of him, and the other rushes out to cut off the danger for them.

A brake, Gong ou will park the car in a wide platform, is usually a place for some old people to talk and keep fit.

When small read this just relieved a breath, "you have ambush why return a person to go up?"

Do he know how dangerous it is? He almost died.

Gong Ou pushes the door open and opens the door on her side. A pair of black eyes stare at her deeply. When she is so close, Xiao Nian finds that his eyes are full of fear.

It turned out that he was so afraid.

She thought how determined he was.

"Fighting will only hurt you. They are not so prepared for me alone!" Gong Ou said in a thick voice, stooped to stand outside the car door, lifted his cap and threw it away? How can I be covered in blood? "

His voice shook when it came to blood.

"It's splashed. I'm fine." When Xiaonian shook her head and reached out to open the seat belt, the next second, her neck was pressed and the whole person was pulled out.

Gong Ou half body into the car, cold thin lips pressed up.

When Xiaonian opened her eyes, Gong Ou kissed her lips, plundered her breath like a wild animal devouring, pried her lips open, the tip of her tongue recklessly involved in everything, tasted the warmth in her lips and felt that she was alive.