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Chapter 315 finally finds the picture on the wall

When I was young, I was able to torture such a man as Gong ou to the point of no one, no ghost.

But her Lancaster Mona didn't even get his deeper favor.

After thinking about it, Mona came up with an idea and said gently, "Mr. Gong, you can't control your entanglement with shixiaonian, and you are only willing to eat the food she made. You can't go on like this. I hope you will consider cooperating with me to treat the disease."

Mona has always believed that Gong Ou's idea of time is not true love.

It's the paranoid personality disorder that's acting up, as long as it's cured.

"I said, I will not cure this disease!"

Gong Ou is cold and forceful. There is no room for bargaining.

"But you can't stand it." Mona said painfully, "Mr. Gong, I told you that I like you, so I'm worried about you. I don't want you to be unhealthy."

"Get out of here!"

After eating a cake, Gong Ou's stomach was not so painful. He looked at Mona coldly.

"Mr. Gong..."

"Go down!" Gong Ou stares at her. "If I don't kick you anymore!"

"Where are you going? Do you want to find Xiaonian? You know you can't get involved anymore. " Mona looked at him and said, admonishing him again and again.

"Don't let me say it again! Get out of here! "

Gong Ou glares at her severely, his eyes are extremely gloomy.

"Well, I'll get out of the car. Don't look for shixiaonian again." Mona pushed the door open and got out of the car.

As soon as she closed the door, the sports car flew out in front of her like an arrow, leaving her where she was.

Mona looked at the vanishing car. She was jealous and hateful on her face. She smashed her bag on the ground. "When I read it!"

Is it really necessary for her to get Gong Ou's feelings except for her small thoughts?

Gong Ou is driving alone on the road. His long fingers are turning the steering wheel. His face is a little pale. His black eyes are glaring at the front, and his thin lips are tight.

"Gong ou, why do you still order me?"

"I tell you, you can't command me any more. You're not up, I'm not down."

"Gong ou, we broke up. I would rather feed the dishes to the garbage can than give you a bite."

When small read cold words in his ear word by word, shaking his ears, shaking his ears pain.

Gong Ou drives aimlessly.

The sports car is driving at top speed on the road.

He desperately stepped on the accelerator, trying to forget the cold voice of shixiaonian, but he couldn't.

She hates him.

He could hear it.

The mobile phone on the other side kept ringing. Gong Ou didn't care. He drove on the road. The scenery on the road backed up wildly, blurring his vision.

Read when you can't get close.

We can't blow up what happened.

When reading It's a woman he shouldn't have.

He knew all this clearly, and then fell into chaos, unable to control himself.

I don't know how long I've been driving. My stomach is aching again. Gong Ou pulls up to the side of the road and holds his long hand on my stomach.

For a while, his lips made a self mocking arc.

Do you hate him like that? I hate not to give him a bite of food.

Gong Ou looks up and finds that he has unconsciously driven his car to tianzhigang.

Tianzhigang, he and shixiaonian have lived here for a lot of time.

Gong Ou looks at the front, suddenly reaches for his hand and turns it over in the car. He takes out a box from the car, which contains all the keys and room cards.

He took out a room card. It's the universal room card of tianzhigang Duplex Suite.

12 / F, block a, tianzhigang.

Gong Ou leaned against the elevator wall, a pair of black eyes watched coldly as the elevator door opened, and walked out from inside, leaving only indifference on one face.

Go to the closed door, Gong Ou takes out the room card and opens the door.

The door opened before his eyes.

At a glance, Gong Ou saw the shoe cabinet at the door. It was clean and almost only his shoes were left, but there was also a pair of women's slippers.

Women's slippers are next to men's slippers.

Gong Ou took off his shoes, put on his slippers and went inside. The inside was cleaned up.

He hasn't stepped here for a long time. He goes to the bedroom and opens the wardrobe. There is only his clothes left inside. There is no women's clothes.

By the way, he once asked Feng De to give back all the things he had read.

It's so inefficient that I leave my slippers here.

Gong Ou closes the closet door and lies down on the big round bed. The curtains cover the light outside. There is no light in the big bedroom.

He lay on his back, picked up a pillow and put it in front of him. He took a deep breath.

There is no smell of the past.

Just like he and Shi Xiaonian said that the past was over. He thought he could break up peacefully, but she would break up cleanly, and even called the police when he saw her.

Gong Ou twisted his eyebrows and threw out the pillow impatiently. The man lay there with his arm across his forehead. His fingers were long and clear.

Time passed quietly by.

Suddenly, his stomach ached again.

When small read a period of time ago his stomach has been raised very well, did not hurt again, she left, his stomach hurt again.

Gong Ou couldn't lie down any longer because of the pain. The whole man got up from the bed and stood up with one hand on his stomach and walked out.

He has been used to finding water to drink when he is hungry in the days without her. Cold water, ice water and hot water are all good. As long as they are poured into his stomach, they won't feel so empty.

Gong Ou walked in the open house according to his stomach and passed the living room.

Suddenly his feet stopped.


Gong Ou turns around abruptly and stares at a wall in the living room. There are countless paintings on the wall. The strokes come from Xiaonian.

When did she draw so many pictures here?

Gong ou, with wide eyes, went to the wall with stomach ache and looked at it.

A picture in the upper left corner shows a cartoon character of a little girl lying on a polygraph chair, next to him is creaking, with a typeset written below.

The beginning of the story is that I hate you very much. You are the most paranoid person I have ever met. You only believe what you are willing to believe and never listen to people's good statements.

I hate it.

The word was too light. At that time, she was disgusted with him.

Gong Ou stood there and looked at the second picture. The ground in the picture was a mess. The little girl was surrounded and crouched on the wall with her head in her arms. A little boy came to her and reached out to her.

There is also a line below.

It's been a long time since no one has protected me like you. I'm shocked by your presence.

The third painting is in the dark, with a few strokes of little boy holding the little girl, with text below.

It's said that the timing of people's appearance is very important. You appear every time I need.

The woman used to know how good he was to her.

Every time she needs it, when she doesn't need him, should he disappear, just like now.

Gong Ou looks at a picture with a smile on his lips. The pictures behind are all about how they get along at ordinary times. He is standing on the bed arguing with her; he is holding her from behind; he is exercising

Each picture is accompanied by a line of text.

Gong Ou stands there, the cold in his eyes is slowly melting. He looks at it one by one and slowly appreciates it. He is afraid that if he appreciates it too fast, there will be nothing to see.

One picture fell into his sight. It was the back of the little girl carrying her suitcase. Below were some lines of beautiful handwriting.

Gong ou, when I draw these pictures, I wonder what kind of existence you are in my heart.

I haven't thought about it for a long time.

We have argued, quarreled and even moved our hands, which is not a good relationship. However, you are a special existence for me. I sincerely hope that everything will be fine for you in the future.

I hope your temper will get better and you will be more gentle. In this way, more people will treat you sincerely.

Here is a date.

Look at the date when Huazuo overpass is ready to leave after throwing away the ring.

He didn't see it until now.

Gong Ou raises his hand and touches the beautiful handwriting. He is more gentle to people. Isn't he gentle enough to her? He hasn't treated anyone like he has treated her in his life.

It's just that there's no whisper.

It's also worth writing when you go.

Who wants more people's sincerity? He is not rare.


Gong Ou stares at the handwriting on it, swims his fingertips, and sees a pink arrow pointing to the right.

There are plenty of comics next to it.

Not over yet?

Gong Ou looked aside and saw that the comics in front of him had been reset. They were all reversed -

the picture of the two people eating together turned into eating with their backs on their backs;

the picture of the two people embracing each other turned into one in the door and one outside the door;

when the little things that had been together before were separated by painting, the two people in the picture were more and more opposite , no intersection.

The last picture shows the little girl growing shorter and standing in a small group in the corner. In the distance, the little boy left with another person in his arm, further and further away from her.

The little girl's figure is tiny, smaller than the garbage can beside her, as if to grow into the earth.

Looking at the painting, Gong Ou's chest was severely trampled, like someone who stepped on it with his feet, desperately trampling on it.

This was painted by shixiaonian after he broke up.

He didn't even know when she came alone. What she drew was a few days after he broke up.

At the bottom of the screen is a line of text -

What about a good home? Don't lie to me.

There are only ten words.

Gong Ou stared at the ten words and the question mark. He could not help leaning against the wall, his posture almost decadent.

He thought of the night of the proposal, when she excitedly announced to everything in the lounge that she had a home.

She is too eager to have a home.

He thought he could afford it, only to find out in the end that he could not afford it at all.

Suddenly, he found a small line in the corner.

Gong ou, I love you so much. Don't let me down, OK? Will you not love others? When we get married, we'll come back here, just the two of us, OK?